Amazing People, Amazing Work


This post celebrates wonderful individuals. My long-term students, past and present, are some of the best people in the world.

Let me introduce you to three of them from over the years, in honor of all the awesome individuals who’ve been longtime fellow seekers with me in the shamanic classes I teach.

The following three ladies do remarkable work, each in their respective fields. Along with getting to celebrate them, I’m really happy to have a chance to introduce you to their work.

Jenn Campus—see above photo—has been studying with me eight or nine years now. She had a best-selling cookbook this year, called Love in Every Bite. I’m so proud of my sister writer and just thrilled for her.

What a powerful, important message Jenn has in her book—love. I listened to her on a recent radio show, and she delivered that message so well I actually felt her caring around me, uplifting me.

Yep, I have the best students ever, because they’re making a better world for everyone.

Jenn says, “Through practicing “Whole-istic Eating,” which combines preparing and eating whole foods, healing herbs and spices, I’m convinced we can all individually take greater charge of our health; physically, mentally, and spiritually while becoming culinary wizards at the same time.”

Check out Jenn—the Yum Queen—at

I also want to introduce you to the painter Jenelle Leigh Campion. Jenelle has studied with me five years so far and is another of my students who’s a profoundly loving person. After getting off the phone with her recently, I realized being in the presence of her gentle love allowed me to be enveloped by the Goddess’ love and grace. I am grateful.

She’s retained childhood belief in love’s power. That’s a gift to everyone who encounters her and her art. Her paintings are filled with love and whimsy, you have to see them. This free spirit sells her art as a street vendor in New Orleans, or you can go to

Yes, I’m gushing with praise. I mean every word of it. I’m very lucky the Gods send me the calibre of people who enroll in my classes, they give me a lot of joy.

Here’s one of Jenelle’s paintings:unicorn2

Jenelle says, “Making art is my ritual practice in which I cast magic onto a canvas to invoke the spirit of my heart. My creativity draws from my life as a healer and spiritual seeker … I document my investigation into the body as a sacred object and healing force.”

My dear friend Kathleen Marshall was one of my first initiates. I’ve known her since the 80s, and she’s one of the most gifted artists I personally know. There’s nothing she cannot do creatively. Needed a fairytale to heal me, she wrote it. Needed a logo for Faerie Nation, she drew it. Needed a ritual outfit for Parliament of World Religions, she designed and made it.

Kathleen, and I have fun trading her art for mine. … Hm, she is another remarkably loving woman. Wow, the Gods have surrounded me with loving people. Am blessed!

When conceiving of this post, I thought I’d only include folks with a currently active blog. Then I looked at Kathleen’s site and didn’t care whether she’d updated it recently, because its artwork is lovely and imbued with her spiritual beauty. You have to go see it!

I’ll feature more of my wonderful students in another post soon.


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4 Responses to Amazing People, Amazing Work

  1. Kathy Crabbe says:

    Awesome post Francesca; i just shared it on FB! Also, love this pic of you Jenn – where is that?

  2. Jenn says:

    Thank you Francesca for featuring me in the post. You have really fostered a community of loving, talented people who I feel equally as lucky to know and work with. Thank you!

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