This post provides an extensive overview of the Fairy Witchcraft I teach, not details for each course or a schedule of classes.

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Here’s the overview:

The Third Road:
Exceptional Shamanism
for Exceptional You


Faerie shamanism for innovators and other original thinkers—people who soar past limiting definitions

Want to live fully, in your truth, but not feel out on a limb, without camaraderie or guidance?

Third Road lessons help you embody your unique values and goals.

I address challenges that independent thinkers face.

Wild-hearted seekers like you and me join us in a magical journey.


Support for the whole you,
building all your magical and mundane strengths:

Learn basic and advanced magical techniques.

Study Fey rituals and worldviews that improve all areas of your life spiritually and materially.

Find and refine your magical and mundane strengths.


Multilayered and Wide Reaching

Most classes are multilayered, suitable for both beginners and adepts.

Third Road teachings cover a variety of topics, from magical herbalism to traditional spiritual healing to shamanic gender identities to Pagan pastoral counseling to sacred sexuality to evolving our DNA.

Each course stands on its own. Those who desire only the material and empowerment available in a particular class are welcome.

When you take several classes, they add up to a greater whole, a major enchantment that shifts our cells, making us more powerful magicians and more effective in mundane endeavors.


All curriculums have down-to-earth results, helping you achieve:

1) Self-fulfillment. By fulfillment, I don’t mean the “I’m so holy” fakery, but the good food, good sex, good income, “I love my feet and the way I spend my time” rendition.

Issues like inner peace, romance, career, trauma, and social change are too big to be addressed by glib answers. Curriculums squarely face personal and societal problems, providing viable solutions.

2) Effectiveness in making the world a better place. As a spiritual mentor, I help you implement your beautiful visions, clear inner blocks to service, and strengthen both your magical and “worldly” skills. You get to live your dreams, fulfilling not only yourself but obligations to family, friends, community, planet, and Gods.


Your Full Power

Whatever specific topic a curriculum focuses on, and even when basic magical techniques are being taught, every course nurtures all your powers and honors all your emotions, ideas, and other facets. This engenders happy fullness of being.

Even a well-rounded, integrated individual who studies with me discovers new levels of embracing their inner diversity of thoughts, emotions, and talents—both magical and mundane talents.

Together, we more and more recognize and draw on our innate powers, and break through inner restraints to total self-expression and effectiveness in achieving goals.

Each course, despite its possible focus on one aspect of life, inevitably improves many aspects of one’s life. To substantially better any part of one’s life or self, we can’t only address that single part.

The more wholeness you achieve, the more your Fey cells come alive and evoke the magic that flows through all things. So you can draw on it to achieve your heart’s desires, as well as enjoy magic’s beauty and wonder.

The World Tree Takes Care of Me, Francesca De Grandis, 2012

The World Tree Takes Care of Me, Francesca De Grandis, 2012

Shamanic Healing

Walking The Third Road reveals and heals many problems that destroy happiness. Examples: fear, lack of confidence, inability to take action, people who sabotage you.

Let’s discuss one example: inner blocks that suppress potential. Intelligent individuals who celebrate their uniqueness, refute hurtful mainstream beliefs, and follow their dreams still may not be able to achieve heartfelt goals or full happiness. The Third Road curriculums explains why and offers solutions.

Life’s challenges never stop. There are always Third Road curriculums to reveal unseen options that help you achieve further spiritual growth and exceptional success.


Fey Mysticism

All courses:

* Foster ecstatic union with the Divine in all Its manifestations. This is Nature Spirituality without any bounds.

* Nourish your inner guide and inner god(dess).

* Help you combine your common sense and your own spirit-sustaining ideas.

* Celebrate the moment. The Third Road is an ecstatic path.


Classes Are Teleseminars

Lessons are group meetings by phone. Individuals around the world participate simply by dialing the phone. No other equipment required.

Limited enrollment allows focused, personal sessions. Ask all the questions you need. I directly address your current goals and challenges.


Between the Worlds

A class is not me talking at you for an hour. Lessons are interactive.

In sacred communion, we enter Fey realms, where ancient shamanism was taught experientially. We can travel to mystic places on the phone—I guide you.


Third Road Classes Are Oral Tradition

The written word cannot explain oral tradition. You have to experience it. But I’ll explain best I can:

Oral tradition is often misunderstood because it has few modern counterparts. It is not a discussion group, support group, or process based in written material. Though oral transmissions engender meaningful dialogues and amazingly supportive fellowship, oral transmissions are something unto themselves.

Oral tradition is an experiential process.

Since it cannot be described, I’ll state some of its benefits to give you the flavor:

You imbibe lessons on a cellular level. Guidance received becomes easier to act on. The World Tree surrounds you with blessings. Fey power fills you. Otherworldly beauty transforms you. Inner transformations reach to your depths and your heights.


The Third Road tradition has a touch of sacred madness

Expect support and tools for your fabulously wild soul.

Sacred madness is often misrepresented as irresponsibility. We can be wild and ethical.

Trickster energy is often misrepresented as cruelty perpetrated “for your own good in the long run.” I’m a trickster working for benevolent chaos Gods, so I don’t play mean tricks.

Instead, I provide good-natured humor and warm-hearted fun. They open us to greater possibility and profound enchantment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which class should I take first?

Classes can be taken in any order, unless otherwise noted in a class’s description.

What class do I take if I’m a complete novice?

Classes are totally accessible to beginners, unless a class’s description says otherwise.

If I’m an old-hand at Witchcraft or other psychic work, where do I start?

Enjoy being a beginner. My material meets you where you live: adepts usually find my beginner material hits them in an advanced way, offering substantial challenges and pivotal benefits.

Do you offer advanced training?

Yes. Advanced training is a yearlong shamanic journey, after which there are options for master work.

When I post an online notice about an upcoming class, its description will state if it’s a prerequisite for advanced training.

What if I’m not Pagan or not a theist?

Third Road classes are open to all. My Goddess wants to serve, not convert. Anyone can apply Her tools.

How do I know if The Third Road is right for me?

Your intuition might guide you. Feel free to phone me to discuss your particular goals and needs.

How can I find class schedules, costs, and details about specific classes?

Click here to subscribe to my free newsletter and stay abreast of upcoming classes, with each one’s topic, price, and other details.

Can I ask you questions?

Yes, phone me. I’m happy to talk as long as you need. I am print-disabled, so prefer to discuss my events by phone instead of email, if possible.

What if I can’t afford tuition?

When a class you want to attend is scheduled, phone me to discuss scholarship, partial scholarship, trade, or payment plan.


My Process

My process creating The Third Road material, and how I came by that process, reveals more about The Third Road:

My mother was a Sicilian witch from a long line of Italian witches. Otherworldly realities were never foreign to me. They were an innate part of life. That made me a down-to-earth spellcaster. As a guide, I strive for head-in-the-clouds, feet-on-the-ground.

The Third Road is a body of mystical teachings and tools I channeled. It is also a special manner of teaching that material. (My published material constitutes a written branch of Third Road. The following is about the orally transmitted branch:) Without this way of teaching, the lessons are incomplete—not fully powerful or safe.

Some of the way I teach is based in a trait I was born with: even by phone, my presence is a good luck charm that helps the lesson I’m giving.

I develop innovative shamanic modalities and understandings. I’ve produced a massive amount of material. Third Road is a comprehensive system of practices coupled with a cosmology, all carefully woven together. Longterm students receive a well-rounded, comprehensive training.

The Gods give me more material when an individual student needs it, or when new classes might be helpful.

My channeling includes past life memories of the ancient Faerie Faith.

I channel a transformative poetry: a lot of what Goddess gives me to communicate can only be conveyed through lyric. Dry lecture alone results in dry spirituality. An earthy, sexy, life-changing mysticism can demand poetry.

By poetry, I don’t mean hard to understand language, but accessible beauty and power, like you find in song lyrics.


You are a divine channel, a multifaceted gift to all

My linear, logical process functions simultaneously with my channeling. The Muse may give me words to convey lessons, but the ability to analyze and rewrite is just as divinely bestowed. My point is: when tuned in, we’re all Divine channels, whether using right or left-brain.

Computer-code creation, cooking, parenting, quilt-making, singing, marketing, and sports can all be expressions of love, wisdom, healing, and more.

You were born to express yourself many ways as a Divine channel. The multifaceted individual is not rare. But our society convinces many people that their inner assets are few and unimportant.

Every Third Road class is an enchantment helping you recognize, strengthen, and apply all your talents. To support the whole you, I apply all my assets—mysticism, ritual creation, analytical thinking, humor, self-discipline, etc.

Given this support, an individual has the immense power of combining their many abilities to achieve their dreams.


Know your beauty, be free,
savor Fey magic,
and serve all.

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