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I regret that I can’t answer mail unless it’s in keeping with the guidelines below.

See Gaia’s Stewards for your gardening questions. It’s a handy-dandy free service from your bunny-with-delusions-of grandeur-who’s-out-to-save-the-entire-world-and-loves-watching-old-Robin-Hood-movies.

Click here for info about my counseling services, and how to reach me for them.

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Do not email me asking for free gardening, political, spiritual, or other personal advice. I truly apologize that you can’t be an exception even though you’re clever, in crisis, or unusual. I’m already swamped with gratis work for the clever, in crisis, and unusual.

In the same vein, look for your answers – – about my services – – on the site before emailing me for them. Otherwise, I’ll think you’re wasting my time. Then, I won’t write back. I’m here to serve you – – really want to – – and need your thoughtful cooperation to do so. Thank you bunches.

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