Pagan Pastoral Counseling

Upcoming Faerie Shamanism Course:

Learn Shamanic Counseling

Pastoral Counseling—Pagan Style
Lessons on Witchy Counseling Techniques

This seven-week teleseminar begins October 19, 2021.

Enroll by October 13.

Though I use the word client below for simplicity’s sake, the course is equally useful to professionals and non-professionals. Examples of the latter: someone who wants to increase the solid, down-to earth advice they give, co-counsels in their coven, and/or receives intuitive guidance for friends and family.

What is Shamanic Counseling?

Valid definitions vary widely. Some gifted practitioners supplement a psychologically-based treatment mode with shamanic techniques, while I prefer a shamanically-based treatment mode. Here’s what that consists of, for me:

Shamanic culture and techniques, well-rooted in the shamanic training of the counselor, are the core of my counseling (as opposed to shamanism being an adjunct to other approaches). The upcoming course will reveal the details of my process. But for now:

A client is guided into an experientially mystic session (as opposed to being led solely toward a left-brain understanding of their issues). Mysteries come alive in the sessions. In this experience, the client is blessed by the cosmos’s otherworldly healing powers, and connectivity to Divine love and guidance infuses the moment.

The client’s experience of wholeness, connectivity, and peace re-patterns their cells, nervous system, and DNA, creating miraculous shifts in themselves and their lives. The counselor, as a channel of these benefits, also receives them, including:
* ecstatic wholeness
* a sense of empowerment
* increase of magical, spiritual, and worldly strengths
* worldly success in many areas of life
* respite from life’s sorrows
* immersion in Divine Love
* trust in one’s deep self.

The counselor’s Fey Witch mysticism combines with a down-to-earth, practical wisdom, the combination of which addresses and solves real-life problems and otherwise helps clients create amazing lives on the spiritual and material planes. Head in the sky, feet on the ground.

Inherent is a worldview and system that supports a Pagan ecstatic spirituality, instead of intentionally or accidentally suppressing it. However, a traditional shamanic counselor forgoes Pagan sensibilities, if the client’s beliefs are otherwise.

While this definition skims the surface, it suits our purposes in this post.

Alternative Definitions of Shamanic Counseling

Some psychologists treat clients through a psychologically-based modality supplemented by shamanic rites, as opposed to a modality that is shamanically-based. The psychological focus is legitimate and effective, though I cannot speak to its specific results since it is not my approach.

Other guides base their work on Christian pastoral counseling, supplementing it with witch rites. These folks may not recognize their approach as Christian because Christianity is such a dominant paradigm that many of its aspects are society’s default spiritual positions. Even if you strip the dominant pastoral counseling model of overt Christian beliefs and practices, they’re so ingrained in the model that they inevitably convey Christian beliefs and influence a session’s outcome. There’s nothing wrong with that unless the counselor or client dislike it.

There are yet more definitions. Some guides prefer shamanism that works on an intellectual, instead of experiential, level. Someone else told me she saw shamanic counseling as synonymous with the peer-counseling that happens in 12 step groups. And there are other definitions, but the important thing is:

Whatever shamanic counseling means to you, this course supports and strengthens your approach.

This is not training in psychic-reading. It is far beyond. You learn universal principles that anyone can use to counsel.

This course suits a variety of seekers who want to strengthen what they already know and do:
* People confide in you and, without any training, you know exactly what to say to help. You have no desire to become a professional, but everyone turns to you with their problems, and you want to do your best to support them.
* Or you’re trained in psychology and want to involve spirit more in your work.
* Or you read tarot—with or without training in it—professionally or for free.
* Or you priest(ess) a coven.
* Or you’re a healer of body and/or spirit, using physical, psychic, and/or spiritual means.
* Or you have other reasons this class is relevant.

Come join me. As a professional spiritual counselor, raised by a Sicilian witch who trained me in shamanism from birth, I’ll share what I’ve learned, including techniques only spoken of among pros.

Learn the techniques, strengths, and limits of the witch as spiritual advisor, as well as rituals and meditations to heal friends and clients, and help them follow their star.

We’ll discuss shamanic counseling methods to guide people through life’s everyday challenges, as well as secrets witches use to heal alcoholism, heartbreak, and trauma.

You’ll discover how to:

* Practice traditional shamanic counseling.

* Gain confidence in your innate wisdom and ability to counsel, comfort, and inspire.

* Be the high caliber spiritual guide that people seek out.

* Express your inner Goddess or God.

* Better apply your existing tools to help friends/clients.

* Reap self-fulfillment, joy, spiritual growth, and self-healing by serving others.

* Use shamanic counseling modalities to augment your own counseling approach, whether you work in a shamanically-, psychologically-, or Christian-based mode, or another modality.

Suited to all levels of experience: accessible to newbies, yet adepts experience depth.

This course serves as one of the electives needed before advanced Third Road training.

The class meets by phone. Just dial your phone to attend.

You receive spiritual transmissions in every meeting, which increases the lesson’s power and your ability as a counselor.

Enrollment is limited to 16 participants so we can perform ceremonies that can only happen in a small group, allowing old-style oral tradition in which immense headway happens quickly. A small group also allows each participant to receive individualized attention, should they want that support. This tailors a lesson to you.

I commit to my students. You can phone me, should you have a concern that’d take too long to address during class or that you prefer to discuss privately.

Starting October 19, we meet Tuesdays 6:00 to 7:00 pm EST, for seven consecutive Tuesday, with the exception of Tuesday Nov 23 (Thanksgiving week), which we’ll skip over. Reserve Tuesday Dec 14, same time, for a makeup session in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned dates.

Full cost—for seven classes, direct spiritual transmissions, and one-on-one private support should you desire—is $200 a month for two months. Your carrier might charge you for the phone calls into the meetings.

Pay securely with PayPal. Choose one of two options:

1) Use the Pay Now button below to pay tuition all at once one, and you’re taken care of! Half price if you’ve attended this class before. The drop-down menu has a half-price option.


2) Or use the Subscribe button to make two payments of $200, one now and a second one automatically a month later. Easy!

If you do not receive an email confirming your payment within a few days, please check your spam filter and spam mailbox. If the email isn’t there, or you want to discuss a payment plan, trade, or scholarship, or you need additional info about the course, please call me. Upon payment, your place is reserved. Refunds unavailable. A few days before the first meeting, you receive event phone number and other details by email.

Wee witchling Francesca De Grandis,   1961

Wee witchling Francesca De Grandis, 1961

Francesca De Grandis is the best-selling author of “Be a Goddess!” Her work couples Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. Raised in a traditional Strega family tradition that has Celtic shamanism in its heritage—the family is originally from France—she practices an ancient European witchcraft that is a form of Fairy shamanism. She has worked professionally as a community shaman for four decades.

Lynn Andrews, author of Medicine Woman: “Francesca De Grandis has given us an inspirational bridge between ancient wisdom and our current life.”

Patricia Sullivan, Director of Clinical Services for U.C.S.F. AIDS Health Project: “Training with Francesca has had a significant impact on my work as a therapist, teacher, and administrator working within the HIV epidemic.”

Francesca De Grandis, 2013

Francesca De Grandis, 2013

Cathy: “Francesca, Thanks for the spiritual counseling and support. I’ve gone to many different “spiritual advisors” and gotten lots of junk. Everything I got from you was pure quality and I truly appreciate it. Looking forward to another session, Cathy”

It’s been six years since I’ve taught this, and it may be that long before I teach it again. Take advantage of this opportunity.

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Upcoming Shamanic Event

I have your back: receive blessings for your life, body, and spirit for three months.

A Three-Month Direct Spiritual Transmission,
starting October 11, 2021

Have constant shamanic support tailored to you.

A direct spiritual transmission is a ritual I perform to give you powerful blessings:

I was born a good luck charm, generating a beneficial field of energy that adapts itself to fulfill your specific physical, spiritual, and emotional needs, even when they change from moment to moment. Perhaps you need
* more money
* spiritual strength to get back up after life’s knocked you down
* creativity
* safety
* a soul healing
* other blessings
* or numerous blessings all at once.

You don’t have to attend an event or do any work. Just sign up, and I do the work for you! Receiving this transmission is easy. I have spent decades honing my natural-born gift. Serving you is my privilege, joy, and sacred profession.

Even if you’re a shaman yourself, you deserve a constant ally who has your back.

No experience needed. But adepts are deeply impacted.

I send you this spiritual transmission five days a week, every week for three months. That’s a lot!

Most people feel improvements immediately. And they tend to be cumulative and continue to snowball after the three months have ended. Whether you’ve already made significant changes for the better, are only beginning to improve your life, feel completely stuck, or are on top of the world, major shifts can happen at any moment.

The magic I do helps you whether you’re using all your power or feel you’re not using it at all:
* Even if you have enormous power, you still profit greatly from my services. The transmission builds on your achievements, goals, and dreams, helping you soar even higher than the possibly huge flights you’ve already had. And if your magnificent flights hit stormy challenges, I help keep you aloft.
* If you feel you are not powerful, the transmission helps you see—and use—your enormous powers. You have them even when you don’t know it. The transmission also furthers your goals and dreams, helping you survive and soar, flying higher and higher.

Click the subscribe button to pay securely with PayPal: three easy, automatic monthly payments of $150. You receive mega-support each month for that amount. Total cost: $450. Payments appear on the credit card associated with your PayPal account.

If you do not receive an email confirming your payment within a few days, please check your spam filter and spam mailbox. If the email is not there, or you can’t afford payment, need reduced payment, or want additional info, please call me. No refunds, but you may cancel your subscription any time.

Abundance, power, serenity, love, and compassion permeate every atom of existence—for you to receive. Imagine what it would be like to have constant, loving shamanic support tailored to you for three months. Whether you need help with romance, career, health, or anything else, I have your back.

A direct spiritual transmission does not substitute for medical care by a physician, psychiatric counseling, or other therapeutic treatment. Participants are responsible for the consequences of their participation. This spiritual treatment is extraordinarily effective, but it might not work for some individuals.

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Mother Bear California Is a Home in Eternity

Mother Bear California
Is a Home in Eternity

Sept 10, 2021

In the cab of a 26-foot truck.
The closer to California,
the closer to home,
my bones know this.

Cross the state line,
see California’s flag,
Mother Bear, I’m home.

She takes me to Her bosom
immediately and immeasurably.
I’m home.
I’m whole.

Moving to Pennsylvania 17 years ago,
I thought it’d be permanent.
But not a day passed that I didn’t miss S.F.

I couldn’t admit, even to myself,
till I was back in the City by the Bay,
that when I’d first entered the Pennsylvania house I’d purchased,
I felt rootless, bereft, in exile.
An outsider.

I could never lay down roots in Pennsylvania soil.
No matter how much I tended the land,
how much I healed the land,
how many rituals I did to heal my refugee heart,
my roots remained in California—
for 17 years, I felt like my legs had been torn off,
left in the earth of the West coast.

Years of insomnia.
Then, my first night on the bedrock of Nob Hill,
I fall asleep within 15 minutes.
I know it was 15 because
my audiobook shuts off after 15,
and usually I turn it on for another 15, another 15,
another … but I didn’t hear the audio stop
my first night here.

Three days in my new apartment, I feel at home,
was never at home in Pennsylvania,
but now Mama Bear California holds me
holds me holds me holds me.

The town is filled with gorgeous, young
Hispanic and East Indian men,
their heartfelt eyes smiling at me
above their KN95 masks.

Other youth, artfully shabby
and loose-limbed after their yoga classes,
stalk past like professional predators, each after another.

But Mother Bear fuels the humans
whose hearts are moored to this sandy stretch.
Kush, one of many refugees from S.F.,
phones from New York
to tell me I’m “in eternity. Nob Hill is sacred.”

He adds that my living here “intensifies the sacredness.”
Decades back in S.F., I told him of my sorrow,
sad that, as a shaman,
I did not have a piece of land to tend.
He responded, “The place you used to live on Ellis Street
burned down after you left.”
Oh, I tended it without knowing.

He adds in his recent phone call that “S.F. needs healing.
This is Dreamtime Beach.
San Francisco has the vision, those who have it have it.”

He also explains I am “destined to be in San Francisco.
Think Communitas. Constellation. Ecosystem.
Be attentive to all and weave.”

My friends near and far weave the dream with me.

I do not reject the predators but wrap my heart around them.
There is only we. That is part of the dream,
a piece of eternity. So mote it be!

A mystical rendition of the California flag by Francesca De Grandis

Dear reader, the first recorded image of a Madonna with child was a bear with Her cubs.

She is the primal Goddess, Mother of all Who manifests as mighty currents sweeping throughout the universe to carry us to our dearest goals.

She also reveals Herself as a living, loving presence in every rock, blade of grass, and human heart.

She is Eternity in every rock, blade of grass, and human heart.

I feel Her no matter where I am but find it much more challenging to nestle into Her love and Living Eternity in some places and circumstances.

Always journeying with Her, running toward Her, running away from Her—even when I’m stationary—life is a travel adventure.

For freebies, classes, and rituals that support your special path, click the banner below:

Click here for my newsletter. Fairy freebies, upcoming events, and stardust.

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People Like Us, Demons Like Them

Soon-to-Be-Released Fantasy Novel

Book cover titled People Like Us, Demons Like Them, Francesca De Grandis

My fantasy novel will be released soon. Eek! I’m a little scared but am mostly happy, excited, and smiling. This is fun.

Above is the cover’s final version hopefully.

2004 and the few years immediately following were difficult for me. During that time, I wrote this book for sheer escapism, running from my problems to play in a fantasy realm.

The book’s ceremonies, spirits, and other portrayals of otherworldly matters aren’t meant as authentic depictions. This is a work of imagination, written to entertain me. Use a ritual in this book, and your head might explode. For authoritative otherworldly information, see my non-fiction work.

I’m grateful the Muse brought me the book’s characters during one of the hardest periods of my life. I moved on to happy days, partially because working with these characters to create their personalities, motivations, and stories entertained me so much that I did not get utterly lost in my problems.

The manuscript languished on my computer all these years, for a variety of reasons. Now, the book’s characters want to be out in the world. It’s their time. So mote it be!

I’m reading the manuscript again, after years. It’s lovely to visit with these characters once more. Both heroes and villains are like friends to me, I love them all, and they entertain me even now, after all our time apart. I soooo want to introduce them to you.

People Like Us, Demons Like Them will be available only from the author.

More to follow, soon. Don’t miss the release announcement. Subscribe to my newsletter by clicking this banner:

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Fairy Magic Lunar-Year Ceremony

A Year with the Trees
Shamanic Power Quest

This year-long ceremony begins in July, 2021.

Enroll by July 7, 2021.

We’ll gather via teleseminars—group meetings by telephone. Just dial your phone to attend.

This will be the fairy witch’s ancient magics—both enchanted and down-to-earth, with rituals to reach spiritual, worldly, and mystical goals.

We’ll do practical spells for abundance, wisdom, serenity, joy, pleasure, ease, and more, using the ways of our ancestors. We’ll also enliven and celebrate our Fey nature.

Like the ancient Druid, we’ll draw on the various powers of the year:

Monthly Moon Rites * The Old Lunar Tree Calendar * Sacred Trees Rituals * Eight Sacred Fairy Holidays * Life Based in the Annual Solar and Vegetative Cycles * Healing from Gaia * Healing for Gaia *

Here are explanations of the above fairy witchcraft powers, all of which are part of every year’s passage:

1) Monthly Moon Rites
Based in the Lunar Tree Calendar

The ancient lunar tree calendar has thirteen months instead of our modern twelve. The ancient calendar month is measured by the moon’s cycles–its waxing and waning.

Each moon cycle holds a special power: lore tells us the moon’s magic is different every month of the year. We’ll use the special magical power of each month’s moon.

2) The Druids’ Sacred Trees Rituals

Every tree offers us particular enchantments. E.g., birch has different magics than oak or rowan. In the lunar calendar, each month has a corresponding tree, whose powers come forth especially during that moon cycle. Our yearlong mystical journey will be empowered by the specific enchantments of each month’s sacred tree.

The Welsh expression, dod yn ôl at fy nghoed, which means “to return to a balanced state of mind,” translates literally as “to return to my trees.” The trees will bless us with their wisdom, peace, healing, beauty, and magics, to help us reach our life goals and fulfill our spirits.

3) The Eight Sacred Sabbats (Pagan Seasonal Holidays)

We’ll perform rituals for the eight Sabbats of the year—eight Pagan holidays that are sacred to the Fey Folk.

Each of these days is a crux of magical power—a spectacular moment of power we can draw on to cast strong spells.

4) Life Based in the Annual Solar and Vegetative Cycles

We’ll honor the seasons—as opposed to only the Sabbats—drawing on the year’s solar and vegetative cycles, both ritually and on the earthly plane.

These cycles are alive in our own beings. By harmonizing with the seasons, your cells will harmonize with each other, creating spiritual and physical health, strengthening intuition and other magical powers, and letting Gaia enchant your life to bring your deepest wishes into being.

Solar magic, the magic of the annual vegetative cycles, and Sabbats rituals go deep into the Mysteries of our relationship with the old fairy Gods.

The yearwheel magics I’ve discussed can be woven together as a whole, which we will do. In that weave, these Fey enchantments come together into an astoundingly effective journey into prosperity, peace of mind, and other spiritual, mystical, and worldly needs.

How We’ll Weave Year Wheel Magics Together

I had visions of the cosmos, in which the various year-wheel magics—lunar, tree, solar, vegetative, sabbats—weave together as a whole, instead of being held as distinctly separate parts, which is the more common understanding. The visions showed how this weaving had been designed by the Old Gods, and how I might use Their design when I channel rituals.

Our rituals throughout the year will be this weaving of the lunar, tree, solar, vegetative, sabbats—to create a whole far greater than the sum of its parts. It’ll be the truly Pagan experience our ancestors lived; we can really be of the earth, be with the earth, and live with the Old Gods by our sides.

This weaving will also provide an opportunity for powerful healings of—and from—Gaia.

More benefits from weaving the year-wheel magics together:

Our Heritage as Children of the Old Gods

We are fey-touched. Starlight runs in our veins. The fairy Gods are our ancestors Who still want to walk with us today.

Our heritage as Their children is abundance, wisdom, pleasure, and ease. Our heritage is the fulfillment of our life goals and strength in our magic, bodies, and spirits.

The year-wheel’s natural patterns are the living presence of the Gods’ magic and love for us. My careful integration of the various year-wheel powers will help you live in tune with and enjoy the year-wheel. Thus, you live more fully in the Gods’ care that They may empower you to reclaim your heritage. In other words:

Oppressors have tried to rob us of our divine legacy. In our twelve-month quest, we’ll reclaim our inheritance by living in the old calendar. We’ll embrace the powers of the Old Ways that our Gods want for us. So mote it be! 

To be in harmony with the year’s turning, we’ll not only use the aforementioned yearwheel magics, but also a sprinkling of
* Herbal Enchantments
* Kitchen Magic
* Animal Totems

Using herbal, hearth, and totemic rites according to seasonal cycles will help integrate the yearwheel’s power and its rituals even more deeply into our lives.

My shamanic approach helps you honor your whole self, so you, for example, don’t have to choose between being an artist or a psychic, a logical thinker or an intuitive, a responsible family member or a mystic, but can be both.

You’ll find that our year with the trees, by weaving different styles of magics together, will help you live in the weave that is the entire cosmos, an experience that in turn will unite your many aspects and help you fully express them. This year-wheel rite nurtures all your powers and honors all your emotions, ideas, and other facets. Imagine such happy fullness of being!

I am a fairy Druid, refusing to let my spirit be subdued. This journey will uphold me and my fellow travelers. It can deliver everything this post promises because my ceremonies are carefully constructed and well-rooted: our shamanic journey will use material I channeled over decades. The year-long rite will draw on a lifetime of developing shamanic theories, techniques, and liturgy.

In the ‘80s, I taught that the yearwheel is more than the eight Sabbats. I believed in going beyond the Sabbats to honor each, entire season and live according to that season. My students and I celebrated both the Sabbats and the whole year’s wonders, as will happen in the upcoming yearwheel group.

In the ‘80s, the term year wheel was mostly used to refer to the Sabbats exclusively. That felt so wrong to me, when the whole year’s wheel offered such special blessings as part of its turning. My year-wheel ideas, practically unheard of in modern Paganism, were met with resistance, not by my students but by the larger Pagan community.

I am 70 years old. This event is one of the culminations of all my years of teaching and of living as a Pagan. I have so many innovative yearwheel magics and theories to weave together into A Year with the Trees.

I’ve wanted to offer A Year with the Trees for decades, but the time never seemed right. Special thanks to three of my dear initiates who told me what would be helpful to them in their shamanic journey right now. They and another of my fellow travelers illuminated my mind and heart; I knew the time had come.

A bell rang out from faery, and I knew I must lead this yearlong rite—oh, to thus live in the love of the Old Gods made manifest is pure joy.

This yearwheel journey has three powerful parts:

1) Our Circle Meetings. The group meets via teleseminars—group phone-calls. To participate, just dial your phone.

Beginners will be taught what they need to take this journey, but the material will be rich enough for the most advanced practitioners.

We’ll work in old-style oral tradition, allowing immense headway quickly. Enrollment is limited to 16 people, so we can perform ceremonies that can only happen in a small group, and so each participant can receive individualized attention, should they want that support.

A shamanic journey is personal. Traditional shamanic circles include the chance for individualized attention, which tailors the journey to you.

2) You receive spiritual transmissions, in every meeting.

Spiritual transmissions are an ancient Faery Faith method that deepens the experiential nature of the lessons, increases the serenity, power, and safety of your shamanic journey, fosters personal growth, and adds good luck to your life overall.

3) I commit to my students. Part of oral tradition is the teacher being available. You can phone me, should you have a concern that’d take too long to address during class or that you prefer to discuss privately.

Choose to be in one of two groups:
* One will meet Sundays, noon to 1:00, EST, starting July 11.
* The other meets Mondays, 6:00 to 7:00 pm EST, starting July 12.

Both groups will have 43 meetings. We gather in ritual together once a week, usually for seven consecutive weeks, after which we break for a week or more, before another seven consecutive weeks.

Breaks will be the weeks of August 29, September 5, October 31, November 21, December 19th, December 26, January 2, January 16, March 20, March 27, May 22, May 29.

Reserve Sunday noon or Monday 6 PM, depending on which group you choose, on the weeks of July 31 and August 7, for makeup sessions in case I am unavailable for some of the planned sessions.

A year might seem like too much of a commitment, but the schedule isn’t overwhelming. Meetings will span 55 weeks, with 12 weeks off. During the holiday season, weeks won’t always be consecutive, so you have time for holiday celebrations and obligations. January’s schedule is lighter too, since many individuals prefer January be somewhat laid back.


Full cost—for 43 meetings, direct spiritual transmissions, and one-on-one private support should you desire—is $200 a month. Your carrier might charge you for the phone calls into the rituals.

Enroll securely with PayPal. After giving your phone number and choosing the Sunday or Monday group, click the Subscribe button to make twelve automatic monthly payments of $200:

Pls give me yr phone #
Sunday or Monday group?

Upon payment, your place is reserved. No refunds. However, if you choose to drop out at any point, cancel your subscription, and I won’t expect further payments.

A few days before the first meeting, you receive event phone number and other details by email.

For more information or to discuss scholarship, semi-scholarship, trade, or a payment plan other than the subscription, phone me.

To live in harmony with the natural patterns of the year as they unfold is to dwell in the love of the Old Gods. It is peace. It is prosperity. It is joy. Francesca De Grandis

Join me on this quest for power, visions, and fulfillment. Align yourself with nature’s beauty that you may draw on it to embody your values and goals and know your worldly, spiritual, and mystical strength.

Wee witchling Francesca De Grandis,   1961

Wee witchling Francesca De Grandis, 1961

Francesca De Grandis is the best selling author of “Be a Goddess!” Her work couples Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. Raised in a traditional Strega family tradition that has Celtic shamanism in its heritage—the family is originally from France—she practices an ancient European witchcraft that is a form of fairy shamanism.

A mystical event is not a substitute for medical care by a trained physician, psychiatric counseling, or other therapeutic treatments. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their voluntary participation.

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Lessons in Tree Magic

FairyTale Forests, Witchcraft,
and the Journey to Power

Shamanic Quests, Folk Tales, & Enchanted Forests

Trees love witches, druids, and other magical beings, blessing us with peace, joy, and strength. There’s a good reason fairy tales and folk tales depict journeys into the woods as enchanted events and quests for power.

When I think of forests, fairytales, and quests, what comes to mind is Hansel and Gretel’s saga, with its lost trail of breadcrumbs and their encounter with a witch. What comes to mind also is little Red Riding Hood’s story of venturing toward grandmother’s house, meeting the wolf en route, and the miraculous rescue from the wolf’s belly. These are stories about quests—overcoming tremendous problems and coming to power—in which magic inevitably figures.

Sometimes, in fairytales, not a forest but a single tree or small grove is pivotal to the quest. For example, a tree holds the spirit of the protagonist’s deceased mother who helps that heroic figure overcome dire challenges. We need not go into the woods to receive aid from trees.

Every single tree has power and a dryad. What is a dryad? Greek lore tells us a spirit lives in a tree. Such a spirit is called a dryad.

The Joy and Peace of a Visit with Trees

The idea of entering the woods elicits memories of my eager, expectant wanderings into shaded forests I’d never visited previously. I always know there’ll be new magic and wonder to explore. I also know my peace will be renewed.

Going into the woods also reminds me of laughing with friends as we ran free and joyously—literally ran—through a forest that was our beloved magical playground.

It’s no surprise that forests are dear to witches, druids, and other individuals who follow a Pagan path. There are many reasons for this, but one is: the joy and serenity we might find in the forest is par none.

Joy and calm might also be experienced if one can sense the energy or dryad of a solitary tree that blesses an urban street.

A Shamanic Journey into the Woods and the Self

Whether as a long arduous hike, a brief stroll through the woods for part of one’s weekly exercise, a fictitious narrative, or a piece of old lore, traveling into the woods often equates with a journey to self-realization, inner power, and confidence. As such, going into the woods is an easily accessible symbol for something subtle and hard to portray; often, the journey to self is unseen, has no visible trappings, and is much quieter than facing a wolf or avoiding being shoved into a candy-house oven.

A druid, witch, or other individual drawn to nature spirituality might journey to power in hidden, quietly blessed shadows of a forest. That trek can be more frightening than the wolf’s brutal teeth or the oven’s fierce fires. And just as dramatic.

One’s own self is definitely among the hidden places of enormous power, and traveling into self is the wildest—and sometimes most frightening—shamanic quest.

How to Ask Trees for Magical Help

All trees are enchanted, having powers with which they might help us move toward joy, power, freedom, prosperity, and self-fulfillment. When in a forest, or near any tree, simply request help. You can do so by using the following liturgy or whatever other way feels right to you.

Prayer to a Tree: Beloved tree(s), please hold me safe in my journey, uplift my spirit, strengthen my resolve, bless my goals, and grant me the joy and beauty of your company.  So mote it be!  Thank you! —Francesca De Grandis

Prayer to a Tree

Beloved tree(s), please
hold me safe in my journey,
uplift my spirit,
strengthen my resolve,
bless my goals,
and grant me the joy and beauty of your company.
So mote it be!
Thank you!

The Magic of the Alder Tree

Each tree also has its own special magics to help our journeys. For example, Alder tree told me it can center you into your essence—your true self. You can ask an alder tree to do that, if you come upon an alder in your wandering. Here’s a prayer I wrote for that:

Prayer to an Alder Tree: Sweet Fey Alder, please help stay me in my power, my wisdom, my strength, my chosen goals, my confidence, my choices, my joys, and my journey ever forward. Thank you! —Francesca De Grandis

Prayer to an Alder Tree

Sweet Fey Alder,
please help stay me in my power,
my wisdom,
my strength,
my chosen goals,
my confidence,
my choices,
my joys,
and my journey ever forward.
Thank you!

Alder magic can be subtle. If you don’t feel anything right after the prayer, the tree might nonetheless be already helping you a lot. It might take time to notice. Or, as is the case with any magic, it might take time to bear fruit.

You could also make that prayer when no trees are nearby if you happen to have a piece of Alder wood you can hold while you pray. Or if you feel a personal connection to Alder, make the prayer even if there’s no Alder wood or alder tree nearby.

Here’s a talisman Alder pendant I made, so you can see this gorgeous wood and, if you want, tune into Alder’s energy:

There are many trees on this planet ready and wanting to love you, support you, and smile with you.

Helping the Trees

If you’re devoted to nature spirituality, you’re probably also devoted to environmentalism. Magic honors the give-and-take of life: the trees help us, and we help them. When you ask a tree for help, consider giving it some water and fertilizer afterwards. And it’s always a good day to hug a tree, plant a tree, fertilize a tree, write to an elected official to support environmental action, or otherwise be a friend to trees. So mote it be!

For announcements of upcoming classes, including Kitchen Magic, Herb Magic, Tree Magic, Fairy Druid lessons, and Learn Ogham Divination—an online course about divination using the ancient Ogham tree alphabet—click the banner below.

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Receive a Fairy Blessing

Receive a Fairy Blessing for Abundance, Peace, & Fulfillment

Begins May 20, 2021.

Enroll by May 19.

I’ll do a major Fairy blessing ceremony for you. For three weeks, five days a week, I’ll send you blessings for prosperity, serenity, and fulfillment.

It’ll be the fulfillment you truly desire, whether spiritual, creative, professional, mystical, sexual, and/or any other.

In the same vein, abundance of love, of satisfaction, of goals met, and all other abundances are possible. The blessing ceremony helps create whatever bountifulness you want.

No need to attend an event, meditate, or do anything else. Just enroll, and go about your business, while I do the work for you.

The Great Mother Goddess Creator of All is known as the Fairy Queen worldwide, in language after language. You are Her beloved child. She loves you, holds you sacred, and wants you to enjoy a bountiful, peaceful, fulfilled life. So She’ll add Her immense enchantments to the work I do for you. Other dwellers of the Fey realms will gather round, adding their power and blessing. So will my Fey-touched ancestors, who watch over my rites.

Total cost: $150 for three weeks of ceremony.

Pay securely with PayPal: click the Pay Now button.

The blessing ceremonies are spiritual transmissions. Definitions of a spiritual transmission vary. I don’t know anyone who defines it the way I describe it here:

I’m a good-luck charm: I was born generating a beneficial fairy energy that adapts to your needs, e.g., personal growth, peace, financial well-being, safety, physical health, mystical openings, the removal of self-defeating beliefs that stop you from working toward your dreams enough, or the strength to get back up when life’s knocked you down. (These examples are types of abundance, peace, or fulfillment, so the upcoming ceremony can deliver them.)

The transmission adapts to help create changes you need inside and outside of you, smoothing the road toward a blessed life.

My spiritual transmissions (or call them direct spiritual transmissions) don’t focus on only one benefit, but bless you as a whole being and add luck to your life overall.

I don’t have to know what you need before sending your transmission because its energy automatically adapts to you.

From birth, I was raised to hone my gift.

From my earliest memory, my mother wrapped the ancient Faery Faith around me, not as an abstract idea but as a living, loving magic. For one thing, my Fey-touched mom’s extraordinary and all-encompassing maternal love was an amazing role model for doing transmissions.

Most recipients of my transmissions experience it as a truly personal energy from me, including a sense I really care about them as individuals. I often receive emails saying this. I think that sense of intimacy and caring reflects my feelings of love for my clients, even if I know nothing about an individual who’s requested a transmission.

Francesca emanates healing energy. She can’t even help it, it’s her. There’s an awesomely deep love within her that heals people.—William Michaels The transmission was so good it was seriously ridiculous! Within a few days, I got a job, a new truck for the exact amount I’d wanted to pay, and sold our old truck without even trying.—Julia It was an eye opener, I’ve grown in ways I didn’t know were possible and I was so grateful.—Catherine Mills

My transmissions tend to provide both immediate and long-lasting results.

Forgive me if my explanation of transmissions doesn’t thoroughly, sufficiently describe how I perform the three-week ceremony. It’s near impossible to put into words, even if I write at length. But the important thing is: you receive immense benefits.

Five days a week for three weeks is a lot of fairy magic being done on your behalf—a bounty of blessings.

Enrolling for this ceremony is a way to let Divine love from the Fairy realms surround you and open doors to miracles.

Enrolling is a way to grab hope and pull it close, embrace magic, and affirm you deserve many good things.

Enrolling is a way to choose the “impossible”—a fairy-blessed life that transcends the limits of so-called reality, so our wild-hearted dreams come true.

Pay securely with PayPal: click the Pay Now button.

Upon receipt of payment, you receive an email confirming enrollment. No refunds. Feel free to phone me to discuss payment plan, scholarship, partial scholarship, or trade.

Francesca De Grandis is the best-selling author of “Be a Goddess!” Her work couples Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. Raised in a traditional Strega family tradition that has Celtic shamanism in its heritage—the family is originally from France—she practices an ancient European witchcraft that is a form of multicultural Fairy (Faerie, Faery) shamanism.

Magic is not a substitute for psychiatric counseling, medical care by a physician, or other therapeutic treatments. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their voluntary participation. This extraordinarily effective ceremony may not work for all individuals.

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Building a Fairy Village

Here’s a sneak peek of upcoming giveaways for my lovely newsletter subscribers: PDFs of some of the cottages in these photos so you can print the PDFs and assemble your own cottages.

This giveaway is an exclusive for subscribers. Subscribe free here:

I designed, painted, and constructed the houses in these photos to make myself a Fairy village. 

The pics are just quick photos, and this is not the final setup. I just put all the cottages together so you could see them. I haven’t finished making the fences and hedges or deciding how to set the village up nicely to display it in my home. I also designed more cottages I hadn’t assembled yet when I took the photos.

I’m writing assembly instructions now, so hope to be able to give the PDFs away soon.

Am also writing more for this post, to share the spiritual process I went through designing, painting, and constructing this collection of fairy houses. It helped me through a rough patch. My describing how so will hopefully be useful to someone.

Subscribe here:

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Easy to Prepare Healthy Meals

The Simplest Guide to Healthy Eating You’ll Ever Read

And Food in Witch Spirituality

This post was requested by a friend who wants to eat healthily without learning to cook. He provided the post’s great title. I hope the following is useful to him and to anyone who wants to eat healthily but simply.

Though this site focuses on Earth Spirituality, this food guide is for you whatever your spiritual path. My Goddess wants to help someone, regardless of their spiritual leanings. I try to follow suit. The guide is a way I can support health in all individuals.

Before we get into the guide:

Food, Druids, Trees, Magic, and the Yearwheel

If you came to the site because you know I’m a witch, and you’re looking for magic, here’s how this article is relevant.

Before I started eating more healthily 40 years ago, finding my spiritual center or magic was near impossible, by and large. (In those days, some of my eating was quite healthy. My choices about food were in many ways healthier than the majority of Americans’. But a lot my eating habits were dreadful, with awful consequences despite all the good foods I ate.)

Pseudo-foods seemed to fill up every psychic pore in my body so my otherworldly perceptions were greatly diminished.

Pseudo-foods dulled my spirit, so I could barely feel my innate spiritual power and connection to my Gods. A shamanic journey would’ve almost been a waste of time.

I could not find my life goals to any significant degree, let alone follow through on them.

In contrast, now that I eat healthily almost entirely, my life is completely different. I experience harmony with nature. As the seasons turn throughout the year wheel, I’m empowered by each turn and season.

I feel the sacredness of trees and can be filled by their wisdom and love.

As the moon waxes and wanes, the tides within me respond in celebration. In monthly moon rites, lunar power surrounds me with love—a love that could not get through to me when pseudo foods stood in the way by dulling my mind, body, and spirit.

The Sabbats—eight Pagan holidays that mark the annual solar and vegetative cycles—echo in my heart.

And now I have spiritual fortitude to follow through on my goals, instead of being the limp wet noodle I was when eating poorly.

I also have the strength to follow through on my love of Mother Earth, by taking mundane and mystical actions to heal Gaia.

Food is a way we can closely interact with nature and gain its physical and etheric benefits. My Gods live in nature, so food is a sacrament, miraculous in its ability to create a healthy body and spirit.

The humble kitchen is the center of the universe, or at least is one of its centers. Many druids, witches, and other nature lovers—myself included—go to a forest to find themselves and Divinity. I find all that in the kitchen, too.

And with that, let’s talk simple food:

Why I Learned to Eat Simply and Still Often Do

In 1980, I completely overhauled my diet for medical reasons. Such a huge dietary change was near overwhelming, so I kept meals very simple at first. This allowed me to make the shifts needed.

I didn’t want to eat this simply forever. Establishing easy, healthy eating habits laid the groundwork for me to later prepare elaborate, wholesome meals.

I grew up in a family of chefs and excellent cooks, adore food, and was delighted once I was able to start cooking healthy fancyyyyy meals. I learned how to make healthy tortes, truffles, and many other delicious things. But I never would’ve gotten to this point without allowing myself to keep food extremely streamlined for a while.

Sustaining healthy habits is easier if you enjoy them a reasonable amount of the time. Even though I now do a lot of intricate cooking, I still relish all the simple foods I’m going to suggest below. I grab them not only when I have no or little time for food prep, but also because I enjoy them bunches.

The American idea that a meal has to include meat or a glut of unrefined carbs does not support health, though it does help many a doctor pay their mortgage. I’m not one to deprive myself. This post offers substantial, belly-filling meals.

To make eating healthily even easier for you, the guide has links to purchase most of the items I suggest. The two companies to which I link are ethical providers of quality food, and I purchase from them on a regular basis.

Thrive Market, to which many of the links in this post lead, is an ethical alternative to Amazon’s grocery section. Thrive offers membership, which reduces costs. If you’re low income, membership is free. Last I knew, free membership requires only a quick application, instead of jumping through the endless hoops that lower-income individuals usually have to struggle through to get help.

All foods to which I link are organic and items I’ve tried myself unless otherwise noted.

This post covers all the food groups, so you can combine various suggestions to make a full meal.

And with that:

Peanut Butter Is the Non-Chef’s Friend

My mom raised me right: I grew up loving celery sticks filled with peanut butter. Wash off your celery sticks, chop off both ends, spread peanut butter inside the cavity that goes the length of the celery, eat. Simple.

Feeling lazy? Sit down with celery sticks and a jar of peanut butter. Start dipping. Children do it, which proves it’s a nice eating experience. … If you want to be more civilized, plop some peanut butter on a plate before you start dipping. If you want to be posh, it take three minutes to prepare it the way it tastes best, spreading the peanut butter into the celery “trough.”

Here are two salt-free peanut butters you can purchase online. The first is creamy, the second crunchy. I haven’t tried these myself, so let me know what you think:

I prefer salted peanut butter, but I did not see an online link for it. Nothing wrong with salt if you don’t overdo it, and your doctor allows it.

Purchase peanut butter that does not have hydrogenated oil. It keeps the peanut oil from rising to the top of the butter but is not good for you physically. You will need to stir your peanut butter after purchase, so the oil is folded back into the body of the peanut butter. Also choose peanut butter that’s sugar-free. I promise you: sugar-free peanut butter without hydrogenated oil is extra yummy. Back to celery and peanut butter:

I’m not saying celery and peanut butter constitutes a full meal. To round out the meal, you might add some cheese on wholegrain bread, spread with organic butter. The cheese combines with the nuts to increase the protein value in both. Butter is a healthy food, despite opinions to the contrary. If the butter is organic, you’re good to go. I prefer unsalted butter, which tends to be much fresher.

Whole grain bread—or rice cakes—spread with butter can be paired with many food suggestions here, to create a full meal.

Want more vegetables in the meal along with the celery? Scroll down to the section Veggies are Gods.

Speaking of children and peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the bomb, if ingredients are wholesome. Three yummy, organic sugar-free jams:




Adding a glass of milk to the P&B sandwich once again rounds out the protein, for a nice meal that reminds me of my youth, eating and daydreaming at the kitchen table after school, before Mom and Dad got home.

Oh, and dates! I grew up loving dates filled with peanut butter.

And a banana dipped in peanut butter? Heaven!

Whole Grains

Organic wholegrain bread is easily available unless you’re in a food desert. Since I bake my own organic wholegrain bread, I do not know online sources for it. If you have one, please let me know so I can include it in this post.

Organic wholegrain crackers are available online. So are wholegrain rice cakes.

Styrofoam—that’s what most rice cakes taste like, and they seem 90% air. I found rice cakes that taste great and are substantive. Plus, instead of the junk some rice cakes have, they’re simple yet yummy. They’re in the photo to the right.

Nuts Are Nutritious

Nuts are a mainstay in my kitchen. Their quick protein helps keep me going when I’m in the middle of a deadline.

Raw organic shelled nuts prevail in my kitchen. I buy them at my local co-op. Brazil nuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts.

I adore peanuts. Enter delicious, organic peanuts, dry roasted so that I’m not dealing with extra fat:

I love fruits and nuts combined. … There’s some joke I could make about my love for eccentrics, but it’s beyond me right now.

A few ounces of nuts and two pieces of fruit works for me fine as breakfast.

Fruits Are Divine

Fruits are divine—wholesome and tasty. And I can just grab one and start munching. Organic bananas, apples, berries, oranges, and other fresh fruit are satisfying.

A few pieces of fruit and a handful of nuts, and I’m good to go. It’s nice to have quick meal options during my busy day.

My kitchen is always stocked with plenty of dried fruits. A few handfuls of organic nuts and raisins, yum!

Today’s lunch, once I add a salad, is almonds, pecans, raisins, and dried figs. Look at the natural sugar the figs exuded to make a sweet glaze:

After lunch, I’ll have a nice cup of enchanted herbal tea. Herbal teas, their medicinal benefits, and the magic they add to life are a lovely addition to any meal. How to Enchant Your Cup of Tea to Add Magical Healing to Medicinal Herbs :

Yummy dried fruits:

Dried pineapple:

Dried cranberries:

Organic Dried Apple Rings:

Lightly Salted Plantain Chips are a fruit and yummy substitute for potato chips. Not organic but are non-GMO:

Veggies are Gods

These four vegetables help round out any meal.

Cherry tomatoes and pre-washed baby carrots are both easy snacking.

I wash off a green pepper and eat it out of hand, the same way I would an apple.

Roasted seaweed is a nutritious and delicious veggie. If you like the combination of greasy and salty, you’ll love this:

Preparing this plate of tomatoes with mozzarella cheese, drizzled with olive oil is a tiny bit of work but not challenging.

* Slice a medium or large tomato into slices about 1/ third of an inch thick. Don’t worry too much about how thick they are. It’s all good.
* Spread the slices across a plate.
* Lay thin slices of mozzarella cheese over it, or grated mozzarella.
* Drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle on some salt, if you want. Voila, fahncy salad, get a knife and fork, dig in. Years back, this was a trendy posh dish.

Procuring the large amount of vegetables I need to eat to maintain my health is difficult. But it is possible.

My area doesn’t always have the best produce. I suspect some distributors send us their lesser quality foods. Some of the veggies are downright rotten.

My area does have organic vegetables, shipped in from around the country. Again, it’s not always worth buying, but some of it is fine. During summer, local farmers offer produce.

Using my freezer, which is built into my refrigerator but larger than most refrigerator freezers, is part of how I manage to eat enough veggies.

Many chain grocery stores now offer frozen organic vegetables.

When Covid hit, it was winter here, when there are no local vegetables. I was concerned that vegetables might not be shipped in anymore. I went online and started exploring canned organic vegetables and stocked up on them. Not my ideal, but an option. There are canned veggies at Thrive.

I also stocked up on frozen organics more than usual.

Meat is a Sacrament

I’m not a vegetarian, though I support those who are. I believe some body types need meat. Two acupuncturists told me my particular body needs meat.

It’s not in my diet in the typical American way; I don’t consume huge quantities of it, eating it at every meal, but I do need some almost every week.

I consider meat a sacrament. An animal gave its life that I might thrive.

There was a time when, if a poor person was ill, one of their family members would go to someone wealthy and ask for beef. Beef was considered medicine.

It makes me sad that something holy and medicinal has been turned into a food addiction that’s destroying our planet. Meat consumption and production can be done in a balanced way.

Enter Grassland Beef, an ethical company with awesome products (and excellent customer service. Thrive too has excellent customer service.)

Their meat is not officially organic but is organic in fact. The high cost of certification keeps many farmers from being certified.

Try their sugar-free salami:

Including organ meats in your diet, instead of only muscle meats, is not only better for our health but better for the planet. Consuming more parts of an animal is common sense. And organ meats are incredibly good for you.

Purchase only organic organ meats. Otherwise, they can be especially toxic.

An easy, delicious, and traditional old-world way to get organ meats into your diet is this sugar-free beef liverwurst:

This beef head cheese is another yummy, sugar-free way to enjoy organ meats:

Eggs Are Perfect Protein

Eggs are a higher quality protein than even meat.

Chain grocery stores often carry organic eggs.

I’m including one recipe here that requires cooking: hard boiled eggs.

Boiling up a half a dozen eggs is easy, and then I have quick protein ready when I’m hungry:
* Put a half dozen eggs in a pot.
* Cover with water.
* Bring the water to a boil over high heat.
* Lower the heat to simmer, and let the water simmer for two minutes. What is simmer? Simmer is when the bubbles barely break the water’s surface. It’s not the furious bubbling of boiling water but much more gentle.
* Turn off the heat and let eggs stand in the hot water for 10 minutes, during which time they will continue to cook.
* Drain off the water, and you have hard-boiled eggs.
* Store them in the fridge in their shells.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

While I sometimes satisfy my sweet tooth with fresh or dried fruit, or jam, there is also the Larabar. Though not organic, LaraBars have helped sustain me through many a deadline. A couple of Larabars, a glass of milk, and then munching on some vegetables while I continue to plow ahead on a deadline is a pleasure.

Apple Pie Bars:

Cashew Cookie Bars:

You now have a good beginning. Try a few of these ideas, keep an eye out for similar options as you browse the grocery store, and soon you’ll have a substantial repertoire.

If you want more suggestions for easy to prepare healthy meals and snacks, let me know.

Also, I need cooked food for my overall diet to be healthy. If you want to try a bit of cooking, I can give you the simplest recipes for healthy cooking you’ll ever read. Let me know if you’d like that.

For announcements of upcoming classes, including Kitchen Magic, Herb Magic, Tree Magic, Fairy Druid lessons, and Learn Ogham Divination, an online course about divination using the ancient Ogham tree alphabet, click the banner below.

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Lessons in Tree Root Magic

The Magic of Tree Roots

To learn tree root magic, I followed my propensity to learn the magical properties of trees directly, instead of secondhand—I woodwork and sit with trees.

I became obsessed with tree roots. Here’s what I sensed about some tree roots I encountered. The post also includes photos of tree root pendants I made.

Tree Roots Make Miracles

The tree roots I worked with had palpable energy. It was almost visible to the eye.

Their energy bypasses time and anything else that could completely block or even delay one’s goals. In that vein, using tree roots magically (which could mean simply wearing a pendant made of a tree root), I experience the archetype of magic: miracles come to pass against all logic and reason. This occurs in a specific manner:

Obstacles Become Irrelevant

Obstacles to the fulfillment of my wishes become a non-issue; I reach goals regardless of obstacles, and without acknowledging them or otherwise dealing with them.

I’m not suggesting tree root magic, in ignoring an obstacle, blasts through it without even noticing. I’m saying I needn’t concern myself magically with an obstacle to my desired goal—needn’t remove barriers, circumvent barriers, or deal with them any other way. I needn’t limit myself by fixating on the route to my goals (in the sense of believing I must remove blocks in order for the route they are blocking to open for me); magic will get me there along the route that magic chooses.

To reiterate and expand on what I’ve said: Roadblocks are a non-issue because, even if all impediments remain in place, my wish is fulfilled because tree roots are truly magic, the essential archetype of it, fulfilling my wishes against all reason, helping me dwell in a realm where I’m not hemmed as I would be living in the logical world—and the road blocks it insists will hinder me—but can instead trust in an enchanted world.

Going About My Merry Way

My experience that tree root magic can bypass obstacles without necessarily even removing them affirms my belief about life overall: I find it vital, when at all possible, to leave the parts of life that aren’t “mine” as is; that includes neither removing blocks or otherwise dealing with them, but just going about my merry way; a focus on removing blocks or otherwise dealing with them distracts me from living my life and working toward my goals. Of course, there are many times we have to remove blocks, but I’m not addressing those times here.

Not Pulling the Foundation Out from Under Myself

When I told a student of mine (who prefers to remain anonymous) that I felt tree root magic bypasses obstacles without even removing them, he had an brilliant insight: roots, as they grow, move around stones and other impediments, which become part of the foundation of the tree, holding it firmly in place. I love that idea. It affirms my desire to leave what isn’t “mine” as is, and affirms my belief that everything has its place so if, in my magic or another part of life, I fuss with something that’s “not mine,” I might actually harm myself in the long run, e.g., pull a foundation out from under me. Instead, I want to refrain from either moving something to get it out of my way or making it part of my foundation. (There are, of course, many exceptions to this.)

Blackthorn tree root pendant:

Thoughts from a Root Worker and a Sister Wood Witch

My sense of tree root magic is congruent with what Kate, an amazing woodworker, wrote me: “I’ve been told by a root worker that roots have a kind of distilled version of the tree energy. … I’ve always found roots of all kinds to be tenacious, persevering, ancient and ageless at the same time. … They’re also in touch with the dark, hidden, secret magics and ancient truths.”

(I’ve never heard the term Wood Witch. I made it up— though I imagine someone else has used the term at some point, though perhaps not to mean the same thing I mean. Wood Witch—that makes me happy. To my knowledge, there aren’t many witches who dedicate themselves to crafting magical wood items, and coining a term for it feels like it affirms the important enchantment of such crafting and adds yet more magic to the items.)

I promised posts about the magical properties of trees and, after posting some blogs of that nature, I had to stop adding more for a bit. If you’re a writer, you know what that’s like; you work on one project full-tilt and then your writing energy needs to go elsewhere for a while.

So I’m happy to have gotten this post up today. I must’ve written it a few years ago!

… Except, I want to add this now:

Wood Talismans

Synchronicity: I’m realizing tree root magic is exactly what I need right now. I’m going to put on one of my tree root pendants and, some time soon, make a few more, which will be available for sale. I have a few pieces of tree root left I can woodwork. When I make a wood amulet, even one I’m going to sell, its magic surrounds me and fills my day. I love making talismans. It’s truly a spiritual discipline for me and part of my ongoing shamanic journey.

My newsletter subscribers usually get first dibs on the talismans I make. I don’t have time to make many talismans for sale, and the crafting of each one is very personal to me, so I like them going mostly to folks kind enough to subscribe to my newsletter. Click the banner below to subscribe.

Newsletters also announce my upcoming classes, including Tree Magic, Fairy Druid lessons, and Learn Ogham Divination, an online course that teaches you how to do divination with the ancient Ogham tree alphabet.

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