Can I Nurse Myself Through COVID-19 If I’m Alone?

Can I Nurse Myself Through COVID-19 If I’m Alone?

Relying on People’s Medicine
When Society Fails Us

People’s medicine empowers us so that we can take control of our lives and our health.

Isolated with C-19:
No Medical Care or Nearby Friends

Note: COVID-19 is an abbreviation for coronavirus disease 2019, a specific strain of coronavirus. Sometimes this article shorthands the name further by using COVID.

A huge number of individuals face being completely alone if ill with COVID. They’ll have no medical care or even friends or family nearby to help them.

These folks are ignored in the national dialogue about C-19. I did see one article about what to do if you’re stuck alone. The article’s suggestions would not usually work for people living in poverty, or for many people who have disabilities.

Racism, classism, sexism, ableism, and the other isms are leaving a huge number of people without necessary help. A few examples:

* Women and BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) are often turned away because doctors insist the symptoms are “all in your head.”

* In ZIP Codes where poverty prevails, Medicare might simply refuse to cover any of a person’s medical bills, even annual check-ups. If a stay in the hospital for C-19 will bankrupt you, leaving you and your children homeless, you’re facing an almost impossible choice.

This brutality from Medicare is often given free rein because its victims can be so busy, just trying to pay their bills and survive, that they don’t have time to fight for medical rights. Or do not realize resources exist so that they can fight.

* In those same ZIP Codes, agencies who oversee home care might block it. This is not new behavior. Years back, an advocate for people applying for home care told me that agencies often delay approval for care for so long that her clients die, simply because they couldn’t survive without home care.

* Many Americans became isolated before lockdown, for a multitude of reasons. Perhaps they’re among the thousands of chronically ill Americans who’ve been isolated for decades, without even a nearby friend to turn to. Or they moved to a town where they don’t know anyone yet.

It may not always be a good idea to be alone, nursing yourself through COVID. But many people will have no choice.

Isolation isn’t the only reason someone might want to take on COVID in solitude. Perhaps they won’t ask a friend to come help because the only people they know are high risk.

I, myself, wouldn’t go to the hospital here because the care is subpar, and that is putting it mildly. For one thing, the place is so dirty that just walking in is risking infection. My mother was the executive housekeeper at the Boston Lying-in Hospital. Word is there wasn’t a single case of staff infection when she worked there. So I know a hospital can be kept clean.

In addition, hatred of dark-skinned people has seriously impacted the medical care here. I am usually told nothing’s wrong with me, or I just have a low pain threshold, and perhaps am accused of attempting a scam.

COVID can become deadly. Western medicine or even hospitalization can be necessary. But if I have to deal with COVID on my own, I want to be powerful, informed, and capable.

And I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants that.

Taking Power:
Using People’s Medicine to Face COVID

In my research on how to nurse myself through COVID, I talked with Susun S. Weed because, for me, Susun embodies people’s medicine.

As part of her bio says, “Susun has a joyous spirit and encyclopedic knowledge of health and herbs. For five decades, she has opened hearts to the medicine and magic of the green nations.“

Susun Weed Talks about Nursing Yourself through COVID

Francesca: Susun, Do you think it’s possible to nurse oneself through COVID-19 if one is completely on one’s own? I mean, I’m sure it’s possible with a mild case. And I know the worst cases might need hospitalization. But do you think one could have a pretty bad case and still nurse oneself through it?

Susun: Can you nurse yourself through COVID? Most people who are diagnosed with COVID are asymptomatic or have very few symptoms. This is the problem with COVID. Asymptomatic people can pass it very easily. This is especially true of children.

So the short answer is “yes” because you will have few or no symptoms. Rest. Use supportive herbs. And isolate yourself. 

But suppose you do have symptoms. If you cannot breathe, a small amount of osha root tincture (Ligusticum porterii) will definitely help, but is not curative. A major symptom is exhaustion. Makes it hard to help yourself in any way. Paul Bergner in his teleseminar with me earlier this year discussed having COVID and said that he was so exhausted he couldn’t even turn over in bed.

Your best bet in helping yourself deal with COVID is to prepare by using the foundational medicines. I discuss them—Serenity Medicine, Story Medicine, Mind Medicine, and Lifestyle Medicine—in my new book Abundantly Well. I also give a free course on the very best herbs for preventing and dealing with COVID19. (Link is at the bottom of this article.)

Francesca: I’ve been thinking about how to prepare beforehand.

Your free video series that you just mentioned discusses appropriate herbs, at length. Since you point out not only herbs to take when ill, but also ones to take beforehand so that you end up with minimal symptoms, I feel prepared herbally, but I’m wondering what else I could do to get ready.

For example, you’ve mentioned putting all the herbs you’d want for C-19 into a basket so that, if you’re in a delirium during COVID, you don’t have to hunt for the right herbs.

Another example: I listened to your teleseminar with Paul Bergner (Lessons from the 1918 Flu Pandemic. Link is below this article). Hearing Paul say that, when he had COVID, there was a day he couldn’t even get his body to roll over in bed, prompted me to clear my bedside table. Now, if I become too ill to fetch what I need, the table has space for a large bottle of water or tea to keep myself hydrated, and for other things I’d want at hand. 

I also filled a large tin with wholesome snacks, so that if I was too ill to cook or even get up to collect prepared food from my kitchen, I could eat from the tin by my bed.

I want to be ready and able. Goddess, yes!

Do you have other suggestions for how to prepare to nurse yourself through C-19 if you’re going to be alone?

Susun: What would I do if I thought I had COVID and I was all alone? Well, that would be too late. I would need help. So it’s best to prepare.

What would I need if I’m going to be so exhausted I can’t get out of bed? Something to pee in, first. And plenty of nourishing herbal infusions, including mullein milk. (Learn how to make it at my YouTube channel.)

I have a zipper bag already set up with the tinctures that will be helpful if I have COVID. It contains anti-infective and lung helping herbs including: echinacea root tincture, mullein leaf tincture, medicinal mushrooms tincture, elecampane root tincture, osha root tincture, poke root tincture, St. J’s fresh flower tincture, and usnea tincture. 

Francesca: Below our interview will be links to lots of information about herbs to use to fight COVID-19. Aside from herbs and anything else covered at those links, any other suggestions for how to nurse yourself through C-19?

Susun: Aside from green allies and physical support for getting through COVID, what else could we use? 

* Story Medicine. If I tell myself the story that I will die, my immune system will not work well—because stress and fear depress immune action.
* Mind Medicine: I would think encouraging thoughts. I would expand my heart. This will help my immune system work better.
* I would want to be in the sun and on the earth because that supercharges my ability to ward off viral infections.
* I would want to lie next to a tree or a favorite medicinal plant.
* I would want to have friends with me, via phone or zoom or IM or even in my dreams.
* I would invite my guardians and guides to be with me.
* I would remind myself—as I do every day—that “Today is a good day to die.”
Relax. Accept. Be at peace with life as it is. 

Francesca: Wow, the Lakota phrase, “Today is a good day to die,” is perfect for me right now. It instills in my cells the immune-boosting belief that I could conquer COVID (though the expression might do the exact opposite for some people, I don’t know), affirms life’s beauty, and is a profound reminder to, as you say, be at peace with life as it is.

My one fear is swelling. My medical condition causes such tremendous swelling that, for example, an eye has swollen shut. One doctor asked if I’d been hit in the eye because I looked like someone had punched me.

I’ve heard swelling can get so bad with COVID it kills or causes permanent damage.

Over a number of years, specific herbs, exercises, attitudes, foods, and lifestyle changes have reduced swelling bunches. It causes far fewer problems than it used to. But it is still so bad that it’s visible and continues to cost me serious symptoms.

Any thoughts about swelling and COVID?

Susun: COVID is a viral infection, not bacterial. Bacterial infections cause swelling. Viral ones rarely do.

The body fights viruses by running a fever and producing Cytokines. The National Health Institute says Cytokines are small proteins which act as communicators between cells. They are both pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory.

Francesca: Anything else you want to add to our conversation?

And one last thought.
Do pranayama.
Or any breathing exercises you know.
Pretend you are blowing out the candles on your birthday cake.
Ten times.
Try alternate-nostril breath.
Breathe with a green ally. Send love and chi to your lungs.

Francesca: Always a joy to talk with you, Susun. Thank you so much.

Susun: I am honored. Thank you. 

People’s Medicine for COVID, including Herbalism

Two of the best investments of time and money I’ve made regarding self-care and C19 were, no surprise, provided by Susun:

1) The free video series Healthy Immune System: Coronavirus Help discusses herbs for COVID and has other tips. Click and then scroll down:

2) The teleseminar Lessons from the 1918 Flu Pandemic is quite relevant, though COVID is not a flu.

More Resources from Susun Weed

Ms. Weed’s six herbal medicine books focus on women’s health topics including menopause, childbearing, and breast health.

Susun’s newest book, Abundantly Well—Seven Medicines, is hailed as “critically needed and timely, it redefines patient-centered care.”

For information about her workshops, correspondence courses, and more:

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Stone Magic: Succor Creek Jasper

Stone Magic: Succor Creek Jasper

magic necklace with heart-shaped Succor Creek jasper pendant

Stones Have Magic from the Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen (or Faerie Queene, Faerie Queen, or Faery Queen) blesses all of nature with magic, because She loves us.

Every rock, whether diamond or lowly pebble on the ground, is enchanted and can enchant. Also, each type of stone has specific energies, or metaphysical properties if you will. Every type of stone also has a Stone Spirit Who can guide you in its use, e.g., the Spirit of Diamond or the Spirit of Amethyst.

An individual stone, whether large or small, jade or turquoise, also has its own magic—distinct from the energies of all the other stones of that type—and is its own individual otherworldly spirit being. One might call that being a deva or a fairy. There are many types of fairies, and some are attached to stones.

If you’re not capable of tuning into those spirits, or don’t want to, no need. You can benefit immensely from the powers of a stone simply by having the stone close to you.

This post focuses on a spectacular jasper:

The Magic Power of Succor Creek Jasper

Succor Creek jasper is gorgeous. When I worked with it in the Faerie realm, I saw its energy is equally lovely.

Here’s more of what I learned, by holding a number of Succor Creek jasper pieces, while listening both to the Spirit of Succor Creek Jasper and to the individual spirits of each stone I held:

Succor Creek jasper fosters
* confidence
* healthy ego
* recognition of one’s inner and outer beauty
* appreciation of one’s inner and outer beauty
* appreciation of oneself overall
* diminishment of the false ego

The stone’s energy also helps you realize you are
* surrounded by immense love from the Goddess
* worthy of love
* a child of the Divine
* deserving of all possible goodness in your life
* incredibly powerful

Wearing Succor Creek jasper or having it in your environment is a way to:
* celebrate the Magna Mater, Great Mother of All
* draw near to Her
* realize you’re Her beloved child

The stone’s benefits in the above lists come about by the strong presence of the Goddess I sense in the stone, e.g., Her unconditional love that is the size of the universe. (She is in everything that exists, but sometimes it’s easier to feel it, such as when Succor Creek jasper is near. As I said, Her presence is strong in the stone.)

Another example of how Her presence in the stone helps create the benefits I listed: Succor Creek jasper has a dignity and presence, both physical and spiritual, that echoes the magnificence of the Magna Mater. That grandeur is in each of us because we are Her children.

Succor Creek Jasper Talismans

As I said, you can benefit immensely from a stone’s magic simply by having the stone nearby. And, if you want, you can be creative about making a charm that includes the stone.

Below are two charms I made. Each has a 25x24x6 mm heart-shaped Succor Creek jasper focal.

One piece is necklace for me. A photo of it is at the top of this post.

The Necklace has two, large, round multicolor Picasso jasper beads. They’re the largest beads on the necklace aside from the pendant. Here’s a close-up.

detail of magic necklace with heart-shaped Succor Creek jasper pendant

One of the properties I sense in Picasso is protection from the Goddess.

The other piece, which I am selling to a friend, started out as a necklace, but insisted on becoming a wall hanging: my designer boho version of a witch’s ladder, to be hung in the home or other space.

Witch’s ladder with heart-shaped Succor Creek jasper focal

What is a witch’s ladder (witches’ ladder)?

A witch’s ladder is an amulet consisting of a cord or cords, tied into knots, with perhaps stones, feathers, or other artifacts woven in. There’s also another artifact that has been called a witch’s ladder in recent years—beads strung together to resemble a rosary, for use when reciting Pagan liturgy or handled when doing other witch work.

The first type of ladder is discussed here.

Every witch’s ladder has its own magic—is a spell for a specific goal, e.g., prosperity, fertility, protection, or can be a spell for several goals. For this particular ladder, I wove in an amplification of the aforementioned benefits of Succor Creek jasper.

Immediately above the heart is a moss agate bead. I sense moss agate has a whimsical nature beloved by the Fay Folk, drawing their blessing to the ladder.

close up of witch’s ladder with heart-shaped Succor Creek jasper focal

I also wove other designer beads into the ladder.

This miniature wall hanging and the small size of its heart have a delicacy that counterpoints a heart made of stone. I wove magic of a heart that’s both strong and gentle.

If you’re drawn to Succor Creek jasper, photos of a carved Succor Creek jasper mermaid are in this post:

I don’t get a chance to create talismans to sell very often right now. When I do, my newsletter subscribers often will get first shot at purchasing them. Click below to subscribe.

Click here for newsletter. Fairy freebies, upcoming events, and stardust.

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Druid Magic and Mysticism

Upcoming Faerie Shamanism Course:

The Druidic Hermit, Pagan Contemplative, Ecstatic Monastic

Learn Daily Spiritual Practices
That Fill Your Fairy Heart

This seven-week course begins October 22, 2020.

Enroll by October 14.

This course fulfills different needs for different seekers. For example, you can:

* Fit your spirituality, magic, and mysticism into a busy professional and family schedule.

* Fulfill the longing to devote to a full-time monastic lifestyle.

* If spending hours each day in formal ceremony like a monastic does isn’t right for you, but spiritual focus in all your activities, is important to you— e.g., career, creative process, and activism—the course shows how to find a schedule of sacred practices right for you.

* Devote to spiritual growth while avoiding needlessly difficult practices, rigidly structured days, self-shaming, and other unhealthy habits often associated with spiritual vigor.

* Aquire daily practices that draw on Fey mysticism while keeping your feet on the ground.

* Stand firmly on a spiritual path that helps you weather the worst and create the absolute best.

You’ll learn aspects of the ecstatic contemplative life, to draw on its
* empowerment
* serenity
* respite
* magic
* immersion in Divine Love
* utter joy
* being in one’s true self

We’ll touch the core of:
* earth spirituality
* inner power
* daylong connectivity with Divine love and guidance
* Mysteries that are alive every day

In trances, my mytho-poetic visioning of Druids revealed them to be the original monastics, an ecstatic fellowship of shamans. There’s little overtly Druidic material in this class, but it’s truly part of the Faerie Druid training I give.

I’m often thought odd for creating a worldview and system in which contemplative and monastic modalities support a Pagan ecstatic spirituality, instead of suppressing it.

The atoms of joy are far more subtle and wild than can be stifled by rigid categories. I am a Fairy witch, a fey touched Druid, and will not let my spirit be subdued. Words cannot express the happiness I feel about teaching this course again.

It can deliver everything this post says because the curriculum is carefully constructed and well-rooted. My journey as a devoted seeker informed my development of the lessons:

I spent seven years in a contemplative life, creating a Pagan monastic system for myself.

A lot of time has passed since, during which I’ve honed tools, theories, and routines to meet my ever-shifting schedule of community service, and to always bring myself more deeply into selfhood, happiness, and service.

Often, I had to breathe new life into my routine to make it fit my ever-changing needs and obligations. I did this by constantly, carefully, developing variations that remained true to the essence of what had taken years to create.

When Be a Goddess! was published in 1998, some readers told me that their belief system was earth-centered but they needed to borrow daily spiritual practices from other traditions, and were grateful that my book provided Pagan-specific daily practices.

For years prior to the book, my oral teachings shared even more of the daily practices I’d developed.

The daily practices I created eventually became standard Pagan material, influencing a number of traditions.

You receive spiritual transmissions, in every meeting.

Spiritual transmissions are an ancient Faery Faith method that deepen the experiential nature of the lessons, increase the serenity, power, and safety of your shamanic journey, foster personal growth, and add good luck to your life overall.

Part of oral tradition is the teacher being available. You can phone me, should you have a concern that’d take too long to address during class or that you prefer to discuss privately.

This curriculum is not based in specific dogma. I work with your belief system or lack thereof.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie to spiritual practices or an old-timer.

The class meets by phone. Just dial your phone to attend.

Starting October 22, we’ll meet Thursdays, 3:00 to 4:00 pm EST, for seven consecutive weeks, with the exception of Thanksgiving Thursday, which we’ll skip over. Reserve Thursday Dec 17, same time, for a makeup session in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned sessions.

Tuition is $400. Your service provider might charge you for the call.

Pay securely with PayPal. Choose one of two options:

1) Use the Pay Now button below to send the tuition all at once, and you’re taken care of! Half price if you’ve taken this class before. It used to have a shorter name: The Pagan Contemplative, the Ecstatic Monastic. The drop-down menu has a half-price option.


2) Or use the Subscribe button to make two equal payments of $200, one now and a second one automatically a month later. Easy!

Upon payment, your place is reserved. A few days before the first meeting, you receive event phone number and other details by email. No refunds. To discuss payment plan, trade, reduced tuition, or scholarship, or if you have other concerns, call me.

Daily spiritual practices that draw on my Fey mysticism and also keep my feet on the ground give me what I need to weather the worst and manifest the absolute best.—Francesca De Grandis

Wee witchling Francesca De Grandis,   1961

Wee witchling Francesca De Grandis, 1961

Francesca De Grandis is the best selling author of “Be a Goddess!” Her work couples Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. Raised in a traditional Strega family tradition that has Celtic shamanism in its heritage—the family is originally from France—she practices an ancient European witchcraft that is a form of Fairy shamanism.

A mystical event is not a substitute for medical care by a trained physician, psychiatric counseling, or other therapeutic treatments. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their voluntary participation.

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A Fairy Magic Spiritual Transmission

Bountiful! A Three-Week Blessing Ceremony

A Three-Week Blessing Ceremony

Begins soon—Monday October 12, 2020.

Enroll by October 7.

The upcoming blessing ceremony consists of three weeks of spiritual transmissions. Spiritual transmissions are an ancient Faery Faith method I use to bless you. Read on to learn about the benefits you’ll receive from this upcoming transmission that focuses on abundance. I’ll also explain a bit about the ceremony’s relationship to the Fae Folk.

For three weeks, five days a week, I’ll send you a spiritual transmission that helps create abundance for you—and all the types of abundance you truly desire, whether financial, spiritual, creative, or …

You deserve abundance of love, abundance of satisfaction, abundance of goals met, and all other possible abundance. The three-week transmission blessing ceremony will help make that happen.

No need to attend an event, meditate, or do anything else. Just enroll, and go about your business, while I do the work for you.

You deserve good things.

You deserve all possible goodness in your life.

You are the beloved child of the Great Mother Goddess.

The Fey Folk believe material happiness is holy beauty. The Magna Mater, Great Mother Goddess, is known as the Fairy Queen in some traditions. She loves you, holds you sacred, and wants you to enjoy a bountiful life to the max. So She will bless the work I do for you by contributing Her power to my magic.

My transmissions tend to provide both immediate and long-lasting results. And five days a week for three weeks is a lot of magic being done on your behalf.

Total cost: $150.

Pay securely with PayPal: click the Pay Now button.

The transmission adapts to you, not only sending more abundance your way, but also helping provide what you need, inside and out, to move toward abundance. Maybe you despair of ever getting ahead financially, so are immobilized instead of proactive. Or you’re doing everything possible to improve finances, despite feelings of hopelessness. Or maybe you’re optimistically and wholeheartedly taking action to create bounty. Or you enjoy plenty of plenty already. Or you are having an altogether different experience. Whatever’s going on, this event serves you.

Another example:

Have you been waylaid by the belief that you have to give and give, but reap no harvest yourself? It’s important to serve selflessly, but that idea has been corrupted. It’s been used as an excuse to convince us that we have to do without and live deprived. If you’ve internalized that belief, the transmission ceremony will act as a healing for you.

Enrolling is an easy way to say yes to prosperity, yes to life, and yes to all its gifts for you. This ceremony helps you have financial well-being and a wonderful life.

Enrolling is a way to say yes to the Goddess’ divine love showering down upon you and opening doors to good things.

Enrolling is the decision to hope, affirm possibility, believe many many good things can happen to you, and say you deserve them.

Pick the apple from the Tree of Life:

Click the Pay Now button.

Upon receipt of payment, you receive an email confirming enrollment. Feel free to phone me to discuss payment plan, scholarship, partial scholarship, or trade. No refunds.

Francesca De Grandis is the best selling author of “Be a Goddess!” Her work couples Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. Raised in a traditional Strega family tradition that has Celtic shamanism in its heritage—the family is originally from France—she practices an ancient European witchcraft that is a form of multicultural Fairy shamanism.

Magic is not a substitute for psychiatric counseling, medical care by a physician, or other therapeutic treatments. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their voluntary participation. This ceremony is extraordinarily effective but may not work for all individuals.

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Paying Bills during the Apocalypse

Paying Bills during the Apocalypse

Dystopia, Sanity, Wholeness,
Peace, and my Goddess

September 12, 2020

Meme: The contrast between our dystopia and the continuance of my daily routine leaves me cleaved senseless between two worlds. I wonder if that is a form of insanity. ... No, it is an appropriate human response. But I don’t have to remain stuck in emotional devastation.—Francesca De Grandis

Back home, in California, some of my friends evacuated, fleeing primeval flames that roar across millions of acres. It’s like the moment of creation as scientists describe it, except my heart rails against humans and forests being included in the picture now—this is not science’s creation story, this is wrong.

The breadth of the blaze evokes the hell that brutalized my childhood: cartoon flames on tv accompanied by televised screams, supposedly from souls tortured forever by the devil.

It’s like the movies. Except Apocalypse is no longer a metaphor or threat. Our lands worldwide are so devastated that they can no longer hold illness in check and, instead, foster malaria and otherwise destroy health and happiness. The bad guys are in the service of a dictator, profit from the plague, thwart cures, and cheer cruelty on. Mother Earth is ill, with a temperature that is wildly ever-shifting. Desert-like heat is followed moments later by snow. Father Sky is red—not blue photographed through a scarlet lens.

But yesterday I counseled a client suffering from trauma that pre-dates Covid, Trump, and the rest of it. I helped my beloved client heal.

Then I created a recipe for chicken with rice, seasoned with jalapeños. I ignored dishes that need washing. I fed the cat. I remembered I need to make an appointment with the vet. I did The New York Times crossword puzzle.

Right now, I’m okay financially. But how long will I have employment? Will the money run out? Will I be without food? In a month, when I look outside my window, what is the world I will see? What will come pounding on my door? Today, I will pay bills. The pump on my well broke months back. I’ve been paying for the new pump on a payment plan. I wondered momentarily whether I should continue to pay these big sums of money for the pump, since I do not know how long money will continue to come in. I believe in being responsible and decided to continue to pay, the same way I have been able to for decades.

This morning, as I’ve done almost every morning for forty years, I asked my Goddess to guide and protect me through the day, and to help me be of service. And then, as I’ve also done near every morning, I sat with Her as we planned my day.

The contrast between our dystopia and the continuance of my daily routine leaves me torn in two yet numb. I am cleaved senseless between two worlds. I wondered if that is a form of insanity. No, it is an appropriate human response.

Last night I dreamt I was back in London with my dear Fred, who is like a brother to me. In the dream, he was ill, and I said I’d stay to take care of him.

In waking life, I’m disabled so need care myself. But dreamtime me was able-bodied.

Oh, there I was, back with Fred and in his beautiful home. With me was a childhood friend—in waking life, we’re estranged—who has had a hard life, and now I was able to house her in one of London’s posh neighborhoods.

In waking life, Fred is in a nursing home in Austria.

Before sleep last night, I’d psychically sent him a message. “Would you do prosperity magic for me?” I live a charmed life, which helps my money spells work great, but Fred has the best money mojo I know, and he’s done prosperity spells for me in the past.

Upon waking, I pulled the feeling of the dream into my belly, doing so as an enchantment to maintain—and help me embody—the prosperity energy the dream created.

Last week, I dreamt I still lived in California, before it was a child’s vision of hell. In the dream, my friends Kathleen and Qin still lived there too. I was visiting them for Thanksgiving dinner. Usually my dreams are anxious or bizarre—good bizarre or bad bizarre. But this dream was ordinary. It was just nice. And boring, as Thanksgiving sometimes is. Then they courteously saw me to the door, and I said goodbye, annoyed at the prospect of the long exhausting train ride to San Francisco, because I knew a car ride to the city would’ve been quick.

Two dreams now, that were neither peculiar nor distressing, just simple, happy, precious time with dear friends.

The visits also symbolized a deep peace I have found, a greater calm than I’ve ever had. Odd as it may sound, I am happier than I’ve ever been. I’ve had to work so hard to fend off misery that the mega-efforts resulted in happiness. Some details about that:

Terrible depression, desperation, and hopelessness were threatening me constantly because there is so much horror in the world, and serious things hanging over my head in my specific life—no need to list them here, but they’re bad. So I’ve been spending as much time in ritual as possible to continually renew and center myself, and let the Goddess keep empowering, calming, and guiding me. This is keeping me overall sane, productive, and happy.

Mind you, I bounce from happiness to misery a few days later, and then back to happy again. It’s sane to feel awful when situations are awful. But I’d remain stuck in emotional devastation, permanently immobilized, if I wasn’t spending so much time in ceremony. Doing a lot of ritual is keeping me on an even keel and happy, overall. Life is good and bountiful.

And the abundance of rites keeps me clearheaded and capable when it comes to warding off the possible problems hanging over me. And if they do come down on me, I’ll be at my best to face them down.

I also focus as much as possible on serving others. That automatically opens me in a way that gives the Goddess a chance to bless me with peace, wholeness, abundance, and safety.

I believe Her love for me exists in every atom. Every atom is magic. Magic is the living presence of the Goddess’ love.

If I serve others, am honest about my moral shortcomings, and maintain some other spiritual and magical disciplines, that ever-present magic can bless me and carry me toward my dearest goals.

That does not mean that life, with all its terrors, stops.

Speaking only for myself, I must accept life as it is, if I am to have peace and power. With all the spiritual work I’ve been doing lately, I reached a new level of acceptance that’s so beautiful and that I’ve wanted for decades. And then, the past few days, I have been sulking instead of accepting, feeling everything is futile. Such is the spiritual path: the ridiculous shift from transcendence to pouting, to despondency to on-top-of-the-world.

Today, I do not feel good. I do not feel happy. But last night I was near immobilized, and today I can write.

Only a few nights ago, I prepared a late dinner with fried green tomatoes from my garden. I meditated on serving community in ways that honor the child-me who wanted to be sprinkled with starlight. Brewed up a concoction of marshmallow root and Lungs of the Forest to strengthen my lungs should I get Covid. (Isn’t Lungs of the Forest a beautiful name for an herb?) Right this minute, I drink in the energy of that evening, put it into my belly and chest and all my cells, and sit here happy, at least for the moment.

I commit to keep on living my life full tilt, whether with battle cry, tears, laughter, serenity, misery, silliness, or joyous song. So mote it be!

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The Muse Is Kind

The Muse Is Not a Harsh Mistress.  She’s a Supportive Goddess. Authors Rebecca Buchanan and Francesca De Grandis discuss the Muse, inspiration, and creativity as part of the everyday.

The Muse Is Not a Harsh Mistress. She’s a Supportive Goddess.

The Muse, Inspiration, and Creativity as Part of the Everyday

There’s a common sentiment that creativity is something foreign to all but a few individuals and has very little to do with daily life. It is also a common idea that creativity must always be a grueling process.

I’ll admit, sometimes it is grueling, but that doesn’t mean it’s grueling per se. Anything in life can get tough.

I asked Rebecca Buchanan to chat with me about all this and other topics dear to me.

Rebecca’s poems and short stories have been published in a wide variety of venues. She is also editor of the Pagan literary ezine, Eternal Haunted Summer and editor-in-chief of Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Here’s our conversation:

Francesca De Grandis: The well-known phrase “The muse is a harsh mistress” is not part of my belief system. The Goddess is a kind Muse. She is creator and creation, and loving Mother to us all. I find Her gentle, loving, and supportive.

The Goddess in Her guise as Muse guides everyone in the way that best suits them. For example, in my case, She guides both the left and right brain parts of my writing. If I’m channeling words and ideas, She’s guiding, and if I’m editing the material I channeled, She’s still guiding.

Tell me a bit about your relationship with the Muse, Rebecca.

Rebecca Buchanan

Rebecca Buchanan: The Muse never comes to me the same way twice. She comes as Story/Stories. Sometimes the story is complete, beginning to end, with the characters and world fully developed. Other times, I only get a single scene or character, and I have to work the rest of it out from there. Sometimes the Muse—as Story—is content to wait. I jot down a few notes and a rough sketch, and I can let it sit for a while. Other times, she is very impatient; the story has to be written *right now*.

I have never found her to be harsh. Demanding, yes, in a way that encourages me to stretch and grow as a writer; but never harsh.

FDG: I believe the Goddess as Muse wants everyone to find inspiration in their own way. For example, I don’t wait to be inspired before writing. If I did that, I might never write. If I sit down to write, the inspiration comes.

Sure, at first I might write something I don’t like, but the sheer act of writing opens my heart, so the Muse can connect with me, and then something worthwhile can get written. Then I throw out the material I don’t like.

Or perhaps I just need to get something off my chest, so I write it down, and never show it to anyone. But having written it, my heart is open to the Muse so I can then write something to share.

Or the material I don’t like is the beginning of something yummy; perhaps there was something I want to express, and I could only do a bad job of it. But once it’s written, then I can do an edit to express it well. 

How do you find inspiration? How do inspiration and your writing practices interact?

RB: I write both by inspiration and against deadlines; both have their advantages and drawbacks. And sometimes the same story is a bit of both.

When I write by inspiration, I feel like the story is coming from someplace else. Those are often the easiest write, as long as I stay out of the way. I just sit and type and let the story come. If I try to force the story in a direction it doesn’t want to go, it all comes to a screeching halt. I have to go back and delete everything that shouldn’t be there, and pick up the thread of inspiration again. I’ve noticed that my inspired stories are most often faerie tales and creation myths.

I also write against deadlines. This can be fun, but also stressful. If I find an interesting call for submissions, I start thinking about the kind of story that might fit those guidelines. I let the ideas stew for a bit, and finally sit down to write just before the deadline (usually a week, sometimes two, depending on the word count). I’ve written stories I never otherwise would have come up with on my own thanks to various calls for submissions, so I think inspiration works its way in here, too.

And while I would like to say that I do all of my writing in a quiet, beautifully-maintained study or home library, such is not the case. I have a lot of books, but they are scattered through every room in the house. I do most of my writing on the living room couch, with any books I need stacked on a tv tray next to me. There is a very obvious butt-shaped dent in the couch and, I’m sure, there are more than a few M&Ms lost between the cushions.

FDG: Heh, snacking and writing go hand-in-hand for me, too. And I wonder if a writer exists who writes only in one place. Heck, I’m often writing in my head when I go for walks.

About creativity as part of everyday life:

Everyone has their own perspective on creativity. I strongly believe creativity is part of life. The act of writing isn’t for an elite. Writing can’t just be trapped in books. Whether someone writes in a journal that no one ever reads, or publishes bestsellers, or improvises silly songs to sing to their children, or carefully crafts sentences of loving concern to speak to a spouse who’s lost their job, it’s all vital and beloved by the Muse.

I’m very driven creatively: I’ll spend eleven years writing a book. And have been blessed with a few best sellers. But I’ll spend twelve years writing a curriculum that only ten people will ever learn from me. And they may never actually read the curriculum. Most curriculums I teach outside of my books are taught orally. The Muse is part of my everyday life.

Devotion to wordsmithing opens up my overall creative power, so I’m more able to create a better life for myself and help others do the same. It’s as if striving toward high ideals as a writer is an alchemical act that makes me a better creator of my own destiny and of a better world for everyone.

Link to newsletter subscription formDevoting myself to wordsmithing in oral material allows spontaneity in my classes. It might seem to some people that wordsmithing and spontaneity cannot go hand-in-hand, but at least in my practice they come together to create the sacred joyous moment. (Dear reader, for more about my classes, subscribe to my free newsletter. Click the box to the right.)

However, my creative approach isn’t right for everyone. Everyone has their own creative path. The different paths might be completely tangential to each other. Yet they all result in contributions to the universe, and they are all sacred.

Tell me something about your creative path.
I strongly believe creativity is part of life. The act of writing isn’t for an elite. Writing can’t just be trapped in books. Whether someone writes in a journal that no one ever reads, or publishes bestsellers, or improvises silly songs to sing to their children, or carefully crafts sentences of loving concern to speak to a spouse who’s lost their job, it’s all vital and beloved by the Muse.—Francesca De Grandis

RB: “Alchemical act” is a very good way of phrasing it. I have definitely found that creativity in one aspect of my life bleeds over into other areas, though there is an ebb and flow to it.

My primary creative outlet is writing, mostly short stories and poems, but I also garden and bake. Creating fictional worlds has, in a twisty round-about way, made me more invested in and aware of the physical world. My fictional worlds are places where justice wins the day, beauty and truth overcome ugliness and lies, and love leads to healing and acceptance. If my fictional worlds can be like that, why can’t the real world? Why can’t I create a yard filled with bright blooms and nourishing fruits and vegetables? Why can’t I sit on my front porch and watch the butterflies and hummingbirds feast on the flowers I planted? Why can’t I bake good things for my friends and family to feed their bodies and souls? Why can’t everyone enjoy that kind of peace and beauty? Why can’t everyone have the opportunity to live in a better world?
Creativity in one aspect of my life bleeds over into other areas. My primary creative outlet is writing, but I also garden and bake. Creating fictional worlds has made me more invested in the physical world. My fictional worlds are places where justice wins the day, beauty and truth overcome ugliness and lies, and love leads to healing and acceptance. If my fictional worlds can be like that, why can’t the real world? Why can’t I sit on my front porch and watch the butterflies and hummingbirds feast on the flowers I planted? Why can’t everyone enjoy that kind of peace and beauty? Why can’t everyone have the opportunity to live in a better world?—Rebecca Buchanan

FDG: Yes yes yes! You so get what I’m talking about. Whether it’s a Pagan liturgy or short story, writing it makes me more able to implement the vision I express in that piece of writing. As I write it, the Muse blesses me so that I can be a force for good.

Mind you, the writing alone is not enough. I also have to look inside myself and, for example, see what inside me is blocking that blessing, or blocking my ability to be a positive force.

So, what’s your latest creative project?

RB: So many creative projects! I have two novels in the works, but they are going slowly as I am focused on my short stories and poems right now. The short stories that currently demand my attention include an alternate version of World War II featuring a priestess of Oceanus and Tethys who repeatedly finds herself up against nasty fascists trying to conquer the world; an urban fantasy set in an alternate present where the Veil Between the Worlds has been ripped to shreds; and a science fiction story in which the Roman Republic never fell and went on to colonize the rest of the solar system.

Plus lots and lots of poems.

FDG: Anything else you want to add?

RB: I am also an editor and contributing writer for ev0ke: witchcraft*paganism*lifestyle. For the past year, the zine has been hosted by Medium. Unfortunately, their terms and conditions have changed, giving Medium rights to everything that appears through that service. The bad news is that we have to take the site down and relocate it to WordPress. The good news is that allows us to change our format. We’ll be relaunching on 1 October 2020 as a monthly zine with brand new short stories, poems, essays, pop culture commentary, reviews, and interviews. Some of the content will be free (such as the reviews and interviews), and some of it will be subscription only. We’re hoping to attract a small stable of contributors through a share of the subscription fees (and profits from our shop) — so if there are any witchy, Pagan, or polytheist writers out there who are interested in a supportive, friendly venue in which to feature their work, don’t hesitate to email me at

FDG: It’s been wonderful talking with you. I feel we have so much in common. Thanks for doing this with me, especially when you’re uber-busy getting your new zine going.

RB: Thank you very much for having me!

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Join me in Powerful Fun Ritual

Join me in Powerful Fun Ritual: The Alphabet Oracle Deck Shamanic Journey—Seven Weeks of Fairy Magic for Anything in Your Life

The Alphabet Oracle Deck Shamanic Journey

Fairy Magic for Your Whole Self

Begins Sunday August 30.

Enrollment ends August 26.

To celebrate the release of my new deck, I’m offering a special event.

Magic for Anything in Your Life

For seven weeks, we’ll meet once a week for a magic adventure—a journey into Faerie realms for the change, power, luck, inspiration, and guidance you need right now.

Each week, when we meet, I’ll use the Alphabet Oracle Deck to divine what ritual will best serve us. (If you don’t know about my Alphabet Oracle Deck, click here:

For example, I might use cards from the deck as prompts to spin an impromptu fairy tale—a myth we enter into with the Magna Mater, Great Mother of All Things, that She may grant our wishes, bless us, and guide us about worldly and spiritual matters.

As a bard and fairy witch, I love to channel on-the-spot rituals for a group. Many participants can testify how powerfully relevant and useful these rituals are for them.

Many Magics to Support Material Success and Spiritual Strength:

1) The aspects of the weekly ritual I already described. Plus:

2) Spiritual transmissions, in every meeting.

Spiritual transmissions are an ancient Faery Faith method I use to bless you. The blessings tailor themselves to what you need each week, e.g., hope or confidence. Transmissions also add good luck to your life overall, increase the serenity, strength, and safety of your shamanic journey, increase the power of our magic, and deepen personal growth.

The rituals—including the transmissions—the Goddess channels through me meet you where you are and support whatever spiritual and material goals you’re working toward.

3) One or more mini-readings. At least once during our seven weeks, you receive a one-on-one reading during circle, to support and streamline your journey to power.

4) Your own copy of The Alphabet Oracle Deck, should you want to use it during or between meetings, and after our seven weeks end. You receive a PDF to print and cut up to make your own Alphabet Oracle Deck. You also receive the six page PDF booklet that accompanies the deck.

I won’t teach how to use the deck. This is not a class. And, while using the deck to guide our journey, I won’t spell out the steps of my process. That’d require years to convey.

However, if you learn by watching, you’ll probably find substantial lessons about how to use the deck. In fact, the deck’s booklet doesn’t explain how to use the deck as prompts to channel rituals, but you might learn a bit about that by watching me.

5) One-on-one support by phone, should you want to privately discuss a problem, have a concern that’d take too long to discuss in a group meeting, or years later have questions about our seven weeks. I commit to my students.

Note: I reduced photos to make this page load quickly, which blurs photos’ details. The oracle deck has crisp, clear detail.

A Mystical Connection with the Cosmos in All Its Power

We are part of a larger whole: everything in existence is woven together. Our seven weeks of ritual’ll weave with the greater whole wonderfully—all parts of the dance of life empowering the rest of the dance, including our efforts toward our personal goals. 

E.g., our journey will weave with everything you ever achieved before you met me, what you currently do on your own outside of your work with me, and with the world’s many individuals serving good, plus the weave of all things, which is the manifestation of the Goddess in all Her love. Every part of the weave feeds every other part, making it more powerful—including the work we will do in The Alphabet Oracle Deck Shamanic Journey—and any work we do feeds the beauty of all the cosmos. 

Every week, we will feel this weave experientially, our spirits joining in the cosmic dance of life. 

Can’t wait to see where we go and what we accomplish.

The Great Mother Goddess Is the Weaver and the Weave

Here’s more about the weave of all things being the manifestation of the Goddess in all Her love. It’s another way of looking at the weave of all things:

The Great Mother Goddess has everything in Her. And Her living presence is in everything and is pure magic. So enchantment flows through all existence. In our weekly visits, we’ll settle us into that immense, everpresent flow of magical Goodness, whereby She can take wonderful care of us, addressing our practical and spiritual needs.


* She grants luck, magical power, and pivotal insights about our mundane affairs.

* She gives both mystical and practical guidance that helps us fulfill our dreams, find joy, and serve others well.

* She holds us safe in our sacred journey.

Fun Is Sacred and Empowering

With the release of the Alphabet Oracle Deck, I wanted to have fun with it, while also making substantial spiritual and practical headway in my life. The idea of a seven-week Alphabet Oracle Deck shamanic journey came to me.

Fun is not mere frippery. Call it fun, call it ecstatic spirituality, but it is a mystic journey with down-to-earth results.

Our cells will dance. You might find yourself laughing from sheer joy.

The fun will help us each be renewed by starlight, filled with sunshine and clarity of purpose, and able to focus on pursuing our happy hearts’ desires, less distracted by naysayers, haters, worry, resentment, or other impediments. The fun will also help us each settle ourselves into the Divine synchronicity—or call it magic—that opens the doors we need opened.

The group meets by phone. Just dial your phone to participate.

We meet seven consecutive Sundays, 3:00 to 4:00 pm EST, starting August 30. Reserve Sunday Oct 18, same time, for a makeup session in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned sessions.

Total cost for everything— everything–I’ve described is $400. Your service provider might charge you for the call. If you’ve already purchased the deck, I cannot refund that portion of the event cost.

Pay securely with PayPal. Choose one of two options:

1) Use the Pay Now button below to send me $400, and you’re taken care of!

Ignore the drop-down menu option for “half-price if you participated in this event before.” This event is brand new.


2) Or use the Subscribe button to make two equal payments of $200, one now and a second one automatically a month later. Easy!

Upon payment, your place is reserved. A few days before the first meeting, you receive event phone number and other details by email. No refunds. To discuss payment plan, trade, reduced tuition, or scholarship, or if you have other concerns, call me.

Diana is the manifestation of the Magna Mater Who wants to join in our meetings.

Magna Mater,
Creator of all,
Patron Goddess of Italian witches,
and Queen of the Fey folk,
may Your beauty and kindness
create paths to this event,
so individuals whom it’ll serve well
might come upon it.
All Gods I hold dear,
please help make these paths.
Thank you.

Francesca De Grandis is the best selling author of “Be a Goddess!” Her work couples Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. Raised in a traditional Strega family tradition that has Celtic shamanism in its heritage—the family is originally from France—she practices an ancient European witchcraft that is a form of Fairy shamanism.

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The Alphabet Oracle Deck

The Alphabet Oracle Deck

I’m excited to announce The Alphabet Oracle Deck is available for purchase.

What Is The Alphabet Oracle Deck

Best way to start explaining the deck is to tell you how it came about.

For a couple of years, I worked on calligraphing a pen and ink alphabet—capital letters only. I added watercolor to some of the last letters I penned.

When wanting to do divination, I look to whatever is at hand, whether it’s a tarot deck, pack of playing cards, bunch of safety pins that happen to be next to me for a sewing project, a gum wrapper fallen on the road, or the license plate of a passing car. The Goddess speaks through everything.

So it was inevitable I’d realize I could turn my pen and ink letters into alphabet oracle cards for myself.

No, there is no such thing as alphabet oracle cards or alphabet divination, that I know of. Until now. I made them up.

I actually researched for similar things online and found nothing. That’s kind of exciting for me.

It’s doubly exciting for me because I love using the Ogham alphabet for divination, so much so that I made two Ogham alphabet card sets. And now I’m getting to use another alphabet to receive Divine guidance.

The years of making the alphabet bit by bit were followed by the goodly amount of effort it took to scan the letters and digitally arrange the scans together just so, so I could print the whole deck on my home printer on only three 8&1/2” X 11” sheets of card stock. Quality card stock is pricey so I wanted to use only a few sheets. Then came a lot more work because it took a ridiculously long time to create a digital file that’d print with sharp detail instead of blurring. But I finally made a PDF of the scanned letters that prints beautifully. Whew! All the work was worth it because when I divine with the cards, they make me smile.

How to Make Your Alphabet Oracle Deck

Like many artists who find pleasure in a project they did, I want to share that pleasure. I decided to sell a PDF of my Alphabet Oracle Deck so someone could print and hand cut it, for a deck for themself.

You need only three 8&1/2” X 11” sheets of paper or, ideally, card stock. I used a pricey matte finish card stock. Printing on regular paper won’t result in the best reproduction, but if plain paper is all you have for now, go for it! Maybe make another deck with card stock later.

Don’t have access to a color printer? Heck, print black-and-white. This is a very go-with-the-flow deck.

Instead of making a PDF with the letters in precise rows, I had the idea to arrange them organically. Therefore, cards aren’t made by cutting in straight lines to make rectangles. The cutting has to be organic. I wanted that natural look, and took care to arrange the letters so there is enough white space between every letter for curved cutting. Hearth art is heart art!

The cards are intentionally different shapes and sizes.

To make my deck, I hand cut lines around each letter, and it was satisfying to try to curve the lines in whatever ways most suited my eyes.

You get to go with the flow by hand cutting as suits you, and by not worrying about cutting perfectly. It’s all good.

I sized the PDF’s letters to make a mini-deck, so it’s easily at
hand. A while back, I made two different mini-decks for
Ogham divination, which students of my Ogham divination
course receive. My friend and student, Jenelle Campion, told
me she keeps one of the Ogham decks “in my wallet in case I
need a reading on-the-go.” That made me feel so good, and
affirmed my belief in the practicality of mini decks.

How to Use the Alphabet Oracle Deck

This is a good set of cards for someone who reads cards intuitively instead of by following a book. Your deck comes with instructions that don’t include a meaning for each card. Instead, there are simple brief explanations of how to use the deck for:
* intuitive readings to gain guidance you need
* contemplations to center and empower you
* writing prompts
* creative prompts for other art projects

Purchase Information

List price: $20
Price: $13.99

You receive an email with the links to download the deck and its companion guide, usually within 24 hours of purchase. Download links remain good for two weeks.

Links are for two PDFs that have gorgeous detail and clarity in their art, far superior to the examples on this site, which blurs graphics.

1) One PFD is the three pages you print to make your deck.

2) The other PDF is the deck’s six-page companion guide. It contains a lot of the information that’s in this post, as well as two pages of simple instructions for using your deck. The pages are beautifully ornamented by some of the deck’s letters.

Please note before purchase, if you live outside the U. S: I sized the PDF images to make printing on 8&1/2” x 11” sheets provide nice visual results. I don’t know how to print the PDFs prettily on other paper sizes. If you live where 8&1/2” x 11” sheets or the printers for them are uncommon, I leave it to you to know whether you can print the PDFs in a way that pleases you, and will not refund you if you aren’t pleased with your decision.

Pay securely with PayPal. I request your phone number in case there’s a problem emailing you the download links:

Please enter your phone number

The deck and its guide are Copyright 2020 Francesca De Grandis. Author/artist retains copyright of the deck and accompanying literature, all rights reserved.

Purchase grants buyer permission to make a few decks they themselves will use for readings.

Resale, altering for resale, or giving someone the deck—whole or in part, in any form, including digitally or without monetary gain—without prior written permission of the author/artist is illegal and bad mojo.

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A Seven-Week Fairy Witch Ritual

Magic For Business Success

Spells & Wisdoms for Career, Money, & Self-fulfillment

Join in this very witchy seven-week ritual. I mean witchy in the sense of nitty-gritty, practical magic combined with starlit Goddess mysticism. Apply shamanism to business so you profit and serve in your dream career.

Begins Thursday August 20.

Enrollment ends August 12.

Here are lies I’ve been told to keep me from succeeding:
* You have to put your vision of your ideal career aside. It is impractical.
* Your work is too innovative and ahead of the curve to succeed. Products or services that come from the heart won’t sell.
* To be a successful professional artist (or healer, etc), you have to sell out.
* A zillion people promote their work online. You can’t compete with that.
* Promoting your work will be impossible for you because you’re an introvert.
* You can’t start a business unless you have a lot of money to invest in it.
* Your dreamer visions of service will keep you from succeeding in business.
* You can’t serve your community by expressing yourself through doing what you love for a living.
* Choosing joy and expressing yourself are selfish.

And those are the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t let naysayers and marketing “experts” make you doubt yourself.

If you want to earn a good living doing what you love, while making a positive difference in your professional capacity, this event is tailored for you.

For example, if you want to sell art, spiritual classes, or vintage jewelry, or be a professional psychic, coach, or doula, or be innovative in the way you offer more typical services or goods, Magic For Business Success has the shamanic rituals and wisdoms to succeed.

Our seven-week shamanic journey helps your unique nature, your commitment to serve in an ethical business, and your desire to enjoy life combine with financial success doing what you love for a living.

As a Fairy witch, I believe happiness, service, and self-care (self-care includes abundance and enjoying my workday) are not opposed to each other but are all part of a beautiful dance. I believe our work day can be mega fun, and there is no authentic spiritual dictate that our work lives must be constant pain.

Whether you’re wondering whether to start a business, already have one that’s struggling, or run a successful one you want to take a step further, Magic For Business Success is perfect. Faerie magic to create profit and peace for free-thinking, heart-centered you.

You needn’t procrastinate or give up just because it is easy to be confused about:
* how to implement your vision
* what to charge
* how to promote your work
* whether your work is good enough
* how to run an ethical business when you only see unethical promotion work
* how to be of service while also taking care of yourself

The seven week event helps you push through—or even circumnavigate—such confusion and doubt. Inner power!

You can cleave to your vision of creating a product or service that you believe is valuable, and get it out in the world, with financial success.

If I sound too foo-foo to be practical, I can assure you that using magic, running an ethical business, and following my dream career helped my book Be a Goddess! become a longtime bestseller and has allowed me to pay my bills by being a professional shaman for decades. Magical spells can be practical. Ethics don’t leave me lagging behind the competition.

You’ll learn magic rooted in the mystical, ethical business perspective that has centered me into self-confidence, Divinity guiding my work, monetary success, and joy.

Shamanic ritual empowered me to serve community in the profession of my choice, even though I am an introvert, painfully shy, had paralyzing fears and self-doubt, and faced immense economic challenges, competitors who played soooo nasty, and other major road blocks. Magic for success!

The Magna Mater, Great Mother Goddess Who created all, gives me the strength to do it my way. She’ll hold us safe, empower us, and give us good luck in this seven-week sacred circle.

Her living presence is in everything and is pure magic. That enchantment flows through all existence. Magic For Business Success helps settle us into that immense, everpresent flow of Goodness, whereby She can take wonderful care of us.

We will also work with another of the Old Gods: the ancient Celtic Goddess of commerce and marketing.

Ancient shamanic business models will guide us. Way back, studying urban anthropology, I became fascinated by the ancient MetzoAmerican concept of marketplace, because it was integrated with city temples as well as with sacred goods.

Our seven-week circle is based in those sacred commerce models so their powerful ancient forces can empower you today.

We’ll be rooted in our ancestors’ lore and magic in our every step. Faerie magic! Goddess witch spells!

During every meeting, I also give a spiritual transmission. Spiritual transmissions are an old Faery Faith method I use to bless you. The blessings tailor themselves to what you need each week, e.g., regaining hope and confidence. Transmissions also increase the power of our magic and the experiential depth of lessons.

My transmissions also increase the serenity, strength, and safety of your shamanic journey, further personal growth, and add luck to your process.

I’m also available for one-on-one support by phone, should you want to privately discuss a problem, or you have a concern that’d take too long to discuss in a group meeting.

The group meets by phone. Just dial your phone.

We meet seven consecutive Thursdays, 3:00 to 4:00 pm EST, starting Thursday August 20. Reserve Thursday Oct 8, same time, for a makeup session in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned sessions.

Tuition is $400. Your service provider might charge you for the call.

Pay securely with PayPal. Which of the following options work for you?

1) Use the Pay Now button below to send me $400, and you’re taken care of!

The drop-down menu lets you pay half-price if you participated in this event before. I radically changed its title and description because they didn’t represent the event as well as I’d like. It used to be called Shamanism of the Marketplace: A Seven-Week Ritual Empowerment that Helps Healers and Other Entrepreneurs Promote, Profit, and Serve.


2) Or use the Subscribe button to make two equal payments of $200, one now and a second one automatically a month later. Easy!

Upon payment, your place is reserved. A few days before the first meeting, you receive event phone number and other details by email. No refunds. To discuss payment plan, trade, reduced tuition, or scholarship, or if you have other concerns, call me.

A personal aside: I had decided not to offer more business empowerment events because not many people sign up for mine. Most people think of me exclusively in terms of the Goddess, not in terms of business. But the Goddess has everything in Her. And She is in everything. The mysticism in Goddess witch spells is down-to-earth.

Luckily, when I lead my regular events, they help participants in every aspect of life.

But that’s not the same as magically focusing on business. I changed my mind and decided to offer Magic For Business Success at least this one more time because it feels more important than ever to support folks who cleave to moral practices in the marketplace. If there’s only a handful of us, we’ll be one powerful, special handful.

I believe in greatness. I want to support yours. Did you tell yourself “I’ll put this off until I’m ready?” This is how you get ready. And I may not lead this rite again.

Did you think, “I’ll wait till I have a business”? Or “I’ll wait till I know what business I want“? Enroll. Now. The ritual can help get your special business going.

Magna Mater, may Your beauty create a path whereby the individuals who will benefit immensely from this event can find it. Thank you.

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Career Success for Introverts

Magic Spells: Career Success for Introverts

Shamanism for the Introvert Entrepreneur

Note: As a person who is both introverted and shy, I do not consider shyness synonymous with being introverted. However, much, if not all of, this article can be applied quite effectively by folks who are shy.

I asked friends, “Would you like a blog about how shamanic ritual empowered me to serve community in the profession of my choice, despite my being both an introvert and painfully shy?

I was met by a resounding Yes. So here’s how introverts can use shamanic rituals and wisdoms to succeed in business.

Some individuals want to make a positive difference, in a professional capacity. For example, they want to sell art, or be a professional psychic, coach, or doula, or be innovative in the way they offer more typical services or goods. Such folks are often introverts. That can cause processional challenges. I’ve learned that, if I can overcome those problems, anyone can.

I spent my last lifetime as a monk who never left the library, never put my energy out into the world. This lifetime, one of my major life lessons has been to really become a part of and serve the larger community. That includes mundane chores, like learning how to sell online.

It has been a long process for me to integrate my quiet magical nature and commitment to run an ethical business with things like marketing my services, being interviewed in major media, and otherwise really putting myself out there.

I had to grow so much as a person, because I am very shy, a major introvert, and had paralyzing fears and self-doubt.

Below are four pivotal realizations I had in that journey. They help me serve others well in a professional capacity while also taking good care of myself.

Each realization is part of my shamanic philosophy as it applies to the marketplace. Please note: I often convey my philosophy through inference, instead of spelling it out.

Each realization is followed by a related magical spell.

About the combination of realizations (philosophy) and magic: I usually teach rituals in the context of a way of life. As I’ve carefully channeled rituals over the years, I’ve also carefully channeled a shamanic philosophy, which is tantamount to my sense of shamanic culture, because for me philosophy is live and embodied, not an abstract intellectual concept. I believe a spiritual and magical context is a foundation that empowers a magical spell. A success spell is a lot more powerful if rooted in the Tree of Life.

Shamanic Wisdom for an Introvert Entrepreneur. # 1:

An Introvert Can Run a Successful Business Their Own Way

Many introverts, when considering the best approaches to business, leave behind the ways they’ve managed to serve community and family quite well. How do you go about taking care of family, planning a party, choosing gifts for friends, or otherwise making your way through life? If it’s a successful approach, you might apply it to business.

How ever you manage life, don’t assume it won’t work when it comes to business. Do business your own way.

If you align yourself to methods and approaches that bend you out of shape, you’re in no shape to serve well and earn well. Your services, goods, and marketing won’t be your best.

I speak from experience. I’ll always be grateful that Be a Goddess! and some of my other books were best-sellers, since they were able to help a lot of people and give me name recognition that boosts my career today. However, dealing with corporate media burned me out badly. This significantly contributed to illness that left me with only months to live. I managed to recover (I now have a good 20 years left in me; more about that below) but serious health problems remain. E.g., I use a wheelchair.

Corporate media doesn’t fit my particular shy, reclusive nature so tended to exhaust and terrify me most of the time. I prefer fun. I was put on this planet to have fun and be of service.

Before I entered corporate media, I earned my living teaching Goddess Spirituality in my living room. It suited me beautifully.

After my media success, a marketing consultant advised me, “International authors do not teach small groups.” Instead, I was supposed to tour, lecturing.

But my heart is in working with small groups, in which I can really connect with wonderful individuals and do old-fashioned magic. So I continue to quietly teach small groups, in my living room, sitting in my rocking chair, earning my bread-and-butter, except now lessons are long distance. I’m really happy. I didn’t need corporate media before I entered it, and I don’t need it now.

Some creative folks, even if they succeed in media like I did, are better off arranging their lives so they have plenty of time for vitally important activities like playing with beads or wandering around in the forest looking for pretty pieces of wood. Moving to live with trees and making other significant changes to my lifestyle saved my life. Almost 70 years old, I get healthier every year.

Ritual #1: Magic to Run a Successful Business Your Own Way

The Goddess gives me the strength to do it my way. She is pure magic and utter love, so when I pray to Her, things change for the better. Often, it’s miraculous. Click this link for a liturgy to ask for Her help:

Shamanic Wisdom for an Introvert Entrepreneur. # 2:

An Introvert Can Trust Their Business Ideas to Succeed

In other words, trust yourself. Don’t discount your own ideas out of hand. And let your intuition guide you.

An introverted child is often met by mockery and even hatred. They might be called a dreamer and told their thoughtful nature is unrealistic and absurd. Thoroughly discounted, they can internalize that by ignoring their creative impulses, ideas for marketing, dreamer view of what’s possible career wise, and dreamer view of how to market.

Not every idea is good, but if you squelch ideas automatically, you’re losing out on two of your greatest assets: your own fine mind and hunches.

The Muse and common sense will let me know what I’m meant to do. Part of trusting your fine mind is trusting your common sense.

Let yourself dream. Trust your dreams. And use your common sense.

Most introverts have an immense inner life and very thoughtfully perceive their circumstances and life as a whole. If that describes you, take advantage of it. If that doesn’t describe you, this shamanic wisdom and its related ritual work for almost anyone.

All the tips in this essay support you to do things your own way. So when the tips overlap, that’s good. They weave together.

Ritual #2: Magic to Trust Your Business Sense

Recite this affirmation. It is magic for success:

I trust my ideas and intuition.
I trust myself and the Muse.
I let myself dream.
I trust my dreams.
I trust my common sense.

Then pray:

Please transform my inner blocks that stand between You and me. Please guide my every step.

Inner blocks between self and Divinity includes blocks to trusting yourself. The Goddess’ living presence on earth is in everything, including self-trust. The prayer will help you with any problems discussed in this essay, as well as with any other part of your life.

If, like me, you constantly forget to trust yourself or otherwise stay on course, the above quick, effective prayer—done on its own without the affirmation—is a nice way to get the help needed.

Shamanic Wisdom for an Introvert Entrepreneur. # 3:

You Don’t Need to Be Everything to Everybody to Succeed in Business

You don’t have to please everyone, serve everyone, be everything to everyone.

Develop the products or services that come from your heart, not from the dictate that you have to suit everyone. Market your own way, coming from your heart, not from the dictate that you have to reach everyone, convince everyone, sell to everyone.

Many marketing “gurus” tell you that the more social media followers you have the better. But large numbers are not the end all be all. They don’t spell success.

I instead want the right clients. And they find me.

Trying to please everyone can have you scrambling and frantic. That can fry the nerves.

Be you. The right people will find you.

When I first started teaching, Goddess witch spells was an utterly obscure topic, and Faerie magic was an even rarer topic. Academics were teaching a more theoretical aspect of Goddess spirituality, but I was offering a traditional perspective on Her, which included combining the spiritual witch path with down-to-earth practical spells.

Today, a zillion people teach some form of Paganism online. But I managed to earn my living teaching Goddess spirituality way back when, sitting in my living room. Plenty of people must’ve thought I was crazy for talking about fairies and the Old Gods (and have you heard my song about being a changeling?), but plenty of other people signed up for my courses. My tribe found me.

Ritual #3: Draw Your Ideal Clients—Find Your Tribe

Supplies: three flowers or three separate photographs, each of a flower.

Step 1. Put one of the flowers or photographs in front of you.

Step 2. Recite aloud or in the quiet of your heart:

I am a beautiful flower.
I need my own style of growing and thriving.

Step 3. On each side of the flower or photograph in front of you, place one of other two flowers or photographs.

Step 4. Recite:

My beauty and uniqueness
attract other beautiful unique individuals.

My style of growing and thriving
makes my part of Gaia’s garden special,
attracting special people.
Thus I can serve them.
Our corner of the garden is beautiful,
happy with our shared activity
and our shared blossoming.

So mote it be!

Shamanic Wisdom for an Introvert Entrepreneur. # 4:

Stick to Your Guns, Keep Marketing, Keep Growing Spiritually

In other words, if you’re an independent thinker whose products or services meet immense resistance, stick to your guns by continuing to produce products or services you think are valuable, work at getting your work out into the world, and grow spiritually so you have the inner strength needed to remain true to yourself and keep at your business.

Mind you, sometimes resistance means you need to tweak something you’re offering. Sometimes, resistance can mean your offering is not needed by many people, or that the world is not ready for what you have to offer yet. But, too often, resistance simply indicates the status quo is fighting healthier alternatives that many individuals would embrace.

Here’s a personal story about that. It took about eight years before a publisher bought my book Share My Insanity because it goes against the hipper constructs of Western consciousness. I refer not just to the book’s ideas but also to the way the book is written. For one thing, every publisher said they didn’t have the faintest idea of what I was trying to pull off.  

It was awful to write from the heart and be told over and over that no one understood what I was doing. Eight years of rejections had me thinking that maybe I’d climbed into an ivory tower and could no longer write anything that had to do with actual reality. 

Finally, a publisher said, “ Share My Insanity is so accessible, yet so deep.” My gratitude to her is enormous.
I’m not telling you the story in order to complain. Getting published is a privilege. My point is: I choose to fight the good fight. Here’s a ritual to help with that.

Ritual #4: Business Success for an Introvert Entrepreneur

This spell can help you with almost any business challenge an introvert might have. You’ll see, in step one, how to apply the spell when your products or services meet resistance.

Step 1. Select a business challenge you want to address—specifically a problem related to being an introvert. The problem you choose can be your products or services meeting resistance.

If you haven’t started a business yet, this ritual is still relevant. Select a problem that’s keeping you from starting your business.

Even if you run a successful business, this ritual can be great. For example, perhaps you have challenges that you haven’t addressed. Or you mitigated a obstacle but want to stop it completely. Or you want to take your business a step further while taking good care of yourself.

Select only one problem. You can do the ritual again later for another challenge.

Step 2. Write the problem on a tiny scrap of paper. No need to word it perfectly. A rough idea written in a few words will do.

Step 3. Flush the paper down the toilet. If you’re concerned about clogging the pipes, cut the paper into tiny pieces. If you prefer, bring the paper outside, rip it up, and throw it in the air.

Step 4. Recite the following:
I let go of the paper.
I let go of the problem,
giving it to the magic that flows
through all of creation.

Step 5. Though the ritual ends with step 4, follow-through is needed: try to let go of the problem, to give the magic that abides in all of creation a chance to solve your dilemma.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take mundane actions to solve your problem. Just try not to obsess about it, worry yourself sick about it, or otherwise hold onto it so tightly that magic doesn’t get a chance to sweep it up and carry it away or otherwise fix it.

Successful business is usually portrayed as a matter of dominating a situation and always maintaining control of it. Some introverts find that exhausting because they often need to deal with life differently, and they understand that they’re part of a larger flow. This ritual has an additional benefit for them. It helps them all the more be part of a larger goodness that takes care of them.

This essay covered a few crucial aspects of how an introvert entrepreneur can use shamanism to succeed in their dream career. That’s a good beginning, but it’s a journey. Keep going, keep growing spiritually, and keep serving community while you also take good care of yourself.

You don’t have to go it alone. Purchase my book A Sacred Marketplace: Sell without Selling Out or Burning Out. It’s not just about marketing; it shares a life philosophy that helps with business as a whole. It can even help get a business going in the first place. If you’re not ready to start marking yet, the book can also get you ready, emotionally and practically.

The book is not for the introverted per se, but it works for shy introverted moi, so it might work for you. It works for a lot of different types of people.


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