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International Summer Solstice Ritual 2024

The Generous Sun, Francesca De Grandis, 2013

In my upcoming international Summer Solstice ritual, there will be a guided Fairy Witch meditation. During it, the Goddess will appear to participants and help them
* Overcome obstacles inside and out.
* Enjoy a blessed life.

Also, I will give everyone who attends a direct spiritual transmission. The spiritual transmission gives good luck and protection. It also provides other benefits, which you can learn about here.

The ritual, including the spiritual transmission, is free. I usually charge over $100 for one of my transmissions.

This one-hour Fairy Witch ritual can make all the difference. Or can be a vital beginning.

No experience is needed. But advanced magicians will experience the depths and power they need.

The event will be a teleseminar—aka group phone call. Participants can call in from anywhere.

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you have the information about how to attend.

If you have not subscribed yet and want to attend future free rituals, click here or this banner:


I hope to see you at a ritual soon.

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My Trickster Security Blanket

My Trickster Security Blanket

Are you wondering what a trickster security blanket is? It is an idea I had. And it gets trickier (see the joke in this sentence?) because it’s actually my trickster security-blanket blue jeans. Keep reading for explanations.

A while ago, I posted the following on social media:

Moving to Italy is my dream but includes scary challenges.

I’m patching a pair of jeans. The decorated jeans will be a magical “security blanket” for me, here and in Italy.

I’d like to add a patch or two from friends. It would add such loving energy.

The patches need to be machine washable. Other than that, it could be a fabric scrap, piece of embroidery, commercial patch, wee bit of crochet, or anything else. I’d treasure it as a tiny keepsake.

Would love a Harley Quinn or Bugs Bunny patch. Trickster energy takes care of me. And these will be my Harlequin patched jeans.

Can anyone help?

Patches for My Trickster Blue Jeans Arrive!

The first patches arrive! A Bugs Bunny and two matching rabbits from my friend, Kathleen Marshall. The above photo shows Bugs and one of the rabbits sewn onto the jeans. Bunnies!

Forgive some blurred photos. They give you the gist.

Here’s a better picture of the rabbit. It is on a fabric scrap with embroidery that is possibly the first I’ve done in decades.

My Trickster Security Blanket
Starts to Come Together

If it’s fun or inspiring for you, the next photo shows the Harlequin-style security blanket starting to come together. I tentatively arranged patches, though I knew more would arrive. Wild trickster energy isn’t always unplanned. Feral magic can require planning. I arranged and rearranged the patches carefully, changing the design. The project took months. That’s okay, it is wearable art.

The fool is not only a symbol of chaos, but also of unlimited potential. There were endless ways to arrange the patches. I took time to find the way I liked best.

Actually, the project took a lot longer than months. Some patches are my art from years ago. I waited until the right time to use them. For example, in the photo below, the two patches on the right are prints of my paintings. I want to apply unlimited potential thoughtfully. Otherwise, I can scurry off on wild goose chases and down rabbit holes. Contrary to popular belief, a fool is thoughtful.

I see a fool’s clothes as talismans. I want to create mine thoughtfully.

Here, I’ve added almost everything I had made or already owned:

At this point, I was waiting for other contributions and the chance to also sew on the last pieces I made or already had. Then my trickster magic blue jeans could be completed, yay!

What is a Trickster, Sacred Fool,
Holy Clown, or Harlequin?

Often, this post directly or indirectly defines a trickster. My definitions tend to be unlike the prevalent ones. More about those difference momentarily. Indirect definitions are one way that I, a trickster, explain. Here are two examples of implied definitions from what you’ve read here so far:
* Trickster security blanket
* Trickster energy takes care of me.

Trickster Security Blanket Blue Jeans

I came up with the concept of Trickster security blanket blue jeans shortly after the project began. For one thing, I realized that many of the images I wanted were tricksters. And, contrary to most representations of tricksters, they make me feel safe.

I have a different view of the trickster archetype. I’ve already said a few things here that differ from typical Trickster lore and the usual ideas. Read more of my theories in my two-volume Book of Shadows set.

Fear of Tricksters

The Book of Shadows set has my pivotal trickster essay. It covers some of my trickster theories in depth. (Addendum: after finishing this post, I believe it is a pivotal trickster essay too. It turned into a lengthy piece. Not that a quantity of words creates value. Instead, the love my tribe showed by sending me patches for the blue jeans nurtured my spirit so much that I could maintain the energy, enthusiasm, and creative authenticity long enough to do a great deal of important writing. This blog started with personal tales. However, that was a perfect jumping-off point to explore some of my trickster archetype theories that are not in the Book of Shadows. Also, some theories in the Book of Shadows had the chance to reveal different aspects of themselves here.)

Here’s the background for a personal tale. Exu is a trickster God Who opens the channel so that you may speak to other Gods in the same pantheon as He. The pantheon is African. He’s somewhat like Papa Legba or Eleggua in case you know who They are.

Exu loves explosives, whiskey, and hot foods. In one tradition, His altar is not allowed inside the home. He is considered too wild and dangerous to bring indoors.

You can find lore about Him online. Some of it will contradict what I say here. I have never met anyone who perceives Him like do. For example, everything online, unless my influence has been felt more recently, will contradict what I say here about Him being gentle and kind to me. He’s not known for that, which is unfortunate.

A few years ago, a friend gave me a traditional statue of Exu that she acquired in the sixties. I was so happy. Exu owns my head. Owns my head means that he is my patron God, or one of my patron Gods.

Since many people fear Him and His magic, both readers who told me Exu is my patron were apologetic about it. I told them I had no reason to fear Exu. He’s never been anything but kind, gentle, and supportive to me. For example, when I was preparing an opulence ritual for my clients and myself, He helped, as He does in all my activities. He offers me unlimited potential, gentle guidance about using it well, and magic that is not “too wild and dangerous” to manage. For one thing, wild does not necessarily mean dangerous.

The Exu statue just being en route to me in the box brought more magic and abundance into my life. (Trickster Gods are often prosperity Gods.)

When the statue arrived, as soon as I lifted Him out of the box, and though He was still in His wrappings, I could feel His love and dynamic magic.

My heart was full with His presence and the generosity of the friend who gifted me the statue.

Important aside: If He does not own your head, His magic could be too dangerous for you, beyond His opening the gates for you to talk to other Gods. False egalitarianism is common in modern Paganism. This leads to the belief that any magic can be used by anyone. In ancient Shamanism, it was understood that each Shaman is born with different power(s). What is perfect, easy, and powerful for one Shaman was understood as possibly dangerous, unnecessarily difficult, or a waste of time for another Shaman. Use magic that suits you, and you can create miracles. If you don’t recognize your magic(s), make an appointment for Shamanic pastoral counseling to learn.

Why My Trickster Friends
Helped With My Wearable Art

One of the delights of this project was getting to know some people better. Another was learning why folks helped and how they chose their contributions. Yet another was sharing joyful energy with them.

It was wonderful discovering how much they enjoyed the project or were energized by it. It had been hard to ask for help. I have fun helping people and hadn’t remembered that other people do too.

They really gave their contributions thought. That touched my heart, demonstrating that the project and I meant a lot to them. Though it was hard to ask for this support, folks gave it willingly and abundantly.

Look at these darling flowers crocheted by Paula Amero. Aren’t they sunny and cheerful!? This was kind and generous of her. She gifted three pieces to me despite crochet being her profession. They suit me to a T. She even left little tails on as “thread” to sew the flowers to my blue jeans. Thoughtful!

Kerry Congdon was a Facebook friend that I barely knew until this project. I didn’t even know why we became Facebook friends. So I wondered what motivated her offer.

Then she wrote, “I would love to send you a few patches before your big move! I have been playing with the idea of enchanting clothing recently so this is so great!”

Ah, so enchanted clothing was part of her motivation, interesting!

Kerry also explained she decided to send a Harley Quinn patch because, “I have been a Harley fan since the beginning! I grew up watching Batman: the Animated Series and I’ve had a number of figures of her over the years. I love Batman villains!!!”

I had no idea how Kerry felt about me, until she added, “I have long admired your work and considered you a spiritual elder.  … I appreciate you and all you offer the world.”

Trickster Kindness, Enthusiasm,
Joy, and Generosity

My perception of the trickster archetype as joyful, enthusiastic, kind, and generous is unusual. Or rather, I perceive a different route to joy, kindness, enthusiasm, and generosity than the typical trickster archetype fosters. The usual trickster perpetrates cruelty that is supposedly for your own good. However, I see that as an excuse for malice—evil mischief. The idea that license—disregard for people’s feelings and other well-being—can generate joy, enthusiasm, and generosity is ridiculous.

Authentic tricksters are not mean. Their power ultimately is gentle kindness. That generates enthusiasm, joy, and generosity.

That is all I need to refute about the usual trickster archetype for now. I negate it in depth in my aforementioned trickster essay.

It ended up that most—if not all—of the contributors to the security blanket are tricksters, or seem to be by my measure.

They exemplified joy, enthusiasm, kindness, and generosity.

For example, Kerry’s package moved me deeply. I’ve already shared part of how I reacted to her gift, but here is more.

Kerry enclosed a doll she made. She explained, “She is just a little spirit that came to me, and with Her being pregnant with new life, and having the protection and growth of the serpent, seemed perfect for your new adventure in Italy!”

That she, in addition to the patch, would gift me a doll she made was so generous. It was also thoughtful: the doll’s nature and size are perfect. The latter because I am paring down radically to move to Italy. In fact, one reason I asked for the blue jean patches was because it meant tiny keepsakes from friends.

The biggest contributor was my dear Kathleen Marshall. She is always there for me! And Kathleen knows me so well. Along with a Bugs Bunny patch, I also wanted cute bunny energy! Lo, she sent those cute bunnies.

As soon as my new trickster garb began, Kathleen’s energy was in it. Someone had made a cartoon of Kathleen. Well before the trickster project, I asked permission to make the cartoon into a patch. It was a way to bring Kathleen’s love with me to Italy.

Here the cartoon patch and one of the cute bunnies has been sewn onto the jeans:

Kathleen embodied trickster enthusiasm and generosity in a few chats we had. And, as I said, sharing joyful energy, learning why people got involved, etc., was lovely. The conversations demonstrated that too:

Me: I’d love anything you make, but I don’t want you to overdo it. I know how busy you are.

Kathleen: Sometimes taking time to make things is therapeutic, especially if I know it’s for someone who will appreciate it.

Unbridled enthusiasm is a joy to be around. A few times, she couldn’t restrain herself and sent yet something else. She saw a pic of the jeans when they were about 3/4 of the way done.

Then she told me, “I think you may need more tiny rabbits!”

Me: Ahahahahaha! That’s perfect! … Not only would it be a great design visually but, hey, rabbits proliferate, right? I’m off to look for more tiny rabbits, LOL. … Or are you offering?

Kathleen: Mwa-ha-ha! Check your mail Monday!

Me: Ahahaha! I love you, you are so much fun and so generous. Thank you. These trickster security blanket blue jeans are a wonderful project for me. Part of that is getting to share joy with my friends who are helping. Including the joy of your trickster energy, you rabbit-sender you!

In boundless trickster creativity, enthusiasm, and love, Kathleen also sent a bunch of teeny tiny plastic bunnies. It’s wonderful when friends know your quirks and support them, I decided to stick the wee rabbits all over the apartment, in all my suitcases and purses, and everywhere, I’ve already stuck about six bunnies in odd places, they’re so tiny that one fits on a very slender door jam top. Did you hear this paragraph as one long breathless statement? I was so happy and excited and thankful.

Kathleen: “I thought you could find something to do with them.”

Happy bunnies are cracking me up, tucked around the apartment like mischievous wee stealth guardians.

Kathleen also crocheted stars, even more beautiful than in the photo she took of them (below). They are happy.

So much enthusiasm and support from my cohorts made me feel safe enough to share a vision with Paula. When we discussed what she might make, I explained, “I wouldn’t want overtly Pagan patches because I’ll be living in an Italian town that might be very conservative. I love girlie stuff so flower(s) or something lacy would be perfect. A flower or flowers could symbolize Mother Earth, and that I am at home on Her wherever I go. Lace could symbolize the loving weave of the cosmos holding me in safety wherever I go.”

Everyone’s kindness was so nourishing and continues to be. It is exactly the sense of safety and being loved I wanted from this project.

My friend and student Chris nourished me with her hard work on a heartfelt contribution. She created a cloth leaf modeled on the leaf pin from Lord of the Rings. It’s in the lower right-hand corner of this photo:

She even wrote the Tolkien line Not all those who wander are lost on the back of the leaf, even though no one would see it once it was sewn on. I asked her permission to show it here though.

She chose a perfect line and image for me because I love traveling, have moved so often, and now am wandering off to Italy.

Friends sent more than I could use for the jeans. Generosity! These gifts will grace other endeavors.

Trickster Synchronicity

Trickster energy creates wonderful coincidences. The crochet from two different artists combined beautifully. Three people (myself included) happened to contribute leaves, which created a theme. I was already planning on using my little leaf painting, which is in the above picture next to Chris’s leaf.

Deb sent the third leaf. Speaking of Deb, let’s go back to why people contributed: I asked Deb what motivated her to get involved. She said that I had appreciated the Tree of Life quilt she had made. So she thought I would enjoy a leaf on my blue jeans. Below is a photo of it is after I sewed it on, which Deb made much easier because she backed it with HeatNBond to turn it into an iron-on patch.

The photo’s Barbie-style letter D is another enthusiastic contribution from Kathleen. Knowing I wanted a Barbie addition to the jeans, she offered to send a Barbie patch of my choice. D for De Grandis!

Another synchronicity. Chris embroidered with silver thread. I happen to have an identical thread. I used it to sew her leaf onto my jeans. The consistency looked sweet.

More Trickster Fun and Synchronicity

Again, I disagree with the trickster lore that cruel tricks of Gods and humans are sanctioned when they are meant to teach you lessons. My Book of Shadows essay shows that’s not really a trickster. In any case, working with real tricksters is actual fun, and they add beautiful energy to an event.

Backstory: I committed to buying no art supplies this year. I have a lot already. It’s easy to let it sit unused and buy new ones instead of figuring out creative ways to use my old ones. End of backstory.

Trickster Kathy Crabbe surprised me with silk scraps from items she had dyed and painted.

Divine, fun synchronicity aka trickster energy was at work. Kat’s scraps don’t suit the blue jeans, but were perfect anyway. I really really really needed something for other wearable art pieces and didn’t have it. Let’s not forget my commitment to not buy new craft materials. Her scraps are perfect for the other pieces.

I made the first of them—a necklace. To make it, I ripped up some of Kat’s scraps into strips and tied them together for the cord and tassel. I painted the necklace’s wooden spool. The necklace is called I love and am loved. I only expected one or two people to contribute to my project. I was blessed by so much love instead. Here’s the necklace:

All my activities are trickster projects in some ways. Synchronicity aka beneficent chaos rules my life.

Trickster Speed and Competence

Tricksters are portrayed as lazy incompetent loafers, but it’s not true. Everyone quickly sent me their contributions—again showing generosity and enthusiasm.

Speed was important. I needed to wrap up the project quickly. My entire apartment is about 250 square feet. That includes space occupied by kitchen counters, refrigerator, stove, shower stall, etc. Plus it is a live/work space. It’s crammed. 

That is fine, this is a transitional home between a three-bedroom house and my new home in Italy.

But space is at a premium. The trickster project occupied areas that I’d need soon for other activities.

I didn’t take anyone’s kindness or artistry for granted. So I didn’t want to hurry anyone. Different artists need different time frames. Heck, I took ten years to write a single song.

I figured if anyone needed more time than was within my framework, I could use their piece on later trickster clothing. … I make myself a fair amount of trickster clothing.

And if a timetable made anyone change their mind about contributing, their loving offer was the important thing. I had requested support, and they’d given me that by wanting to contribute.

There were no changed minds or delays. Do you know how amazing that is in a bunch of artists?

I had to bend down to photograph myself, so the jeans are bunched up and tight, but the project was completed, and I’m in my trickster magic wearable art talisman:

Trickster Reciprocity

There was a sense of reciprocity in this endeavor. For example, at least one person gifted me in appreciation of the Shamanic work I’d done over the years.

Kathleen and I were continuing a decades-long tradition of crafting things for each other. It is not reciprocity as a trade but as mutual love and support.

I think that reciprocity is part of trickster generosity and enthusiasm. In gratitude, I sent one contributor a digital talisman—a digital file of my original shamanic art. Circling around, in a circle of sharing.

More Trickster Synchronicity
aka Chaos Magic

This may seem completely random, but nothing is random (and I will delete it if it proves insignificant to the matters at hand): Three contributors enclosed stickers in their packages. I adore stickers. … Do all Pagans adore stickers? I’m not saying that everyone who contributed is Pagan. I’m saying maybe I’m just like all other Pagans. Chissà. (That is Italian for Who knows.)

Ah, I just saw the connection between stickers and patches. I’ll get to it in a moment.

What Does The Harlequin Pattern Symbolize?

The harlequin pattern is a checkerboard comprised of diamonds, not squares. I imagine it symbolizes a fool’s patchwork clothing and is a stylization thereof. It is worn by the Harlequin of the Italian commedia dell’arte. I capitalized Harlequin in the previous sentence because it refers to the commedia dell’arte character.

I created a meaning for the harlequin pattern that is personal to me: it represents the trickster’s freedom requiring self-control, but not perfection. Here’s how I came by that meaning.

Wanting a harlequin pattern patch, but committed to not buying supplies, I painted the harlequin pattern on a piece of cloth.

This commitment to not buying blessed me because I had spiritual realizations while painting. Art really is about the process. My thoughts went roughly like this:

I’m not good at painting perfectly symmetrical geometrical rigid patterns on cloth.

… How can a rigid geometric pattern represent a trickster, someone comfortable in chaos?… The historical reason is it’s probably a stylization of fool outfits for theatrical and court performances.

But, for me, it also represents that the trickster is part of the whole.

There is a saying in the alternative schooling community: Freedom, not license. Freedom requires being engaged in ongoing disciplines. The rigid geometric diamond pattern can represent that for me.

Moreover, the trickster contains all things within, according to my view of trickster and my belief that each item of existence contains all other items.

So discipline is within the Trickster archetype. Thus, being disciplined does not rob power from a trickster.

The Harlequin Pattern:
Trickster Freedom Doesn’t Require Perfection

I continued painting and thinking:

Though discipline is important, painting exact symmetry repeatedly on cloth would physically hurt. That wouldn’t be healthy discipline. That would be self-abuse. (Dear reader, I could physically manage it digitally. I don’t mean AI. I will never make AI art. AI art and digital art are not synonymous. For example, I use my finger or stylus as a paintbrush or pen, with the screen as my canvas or paper, so I actually draw and paint.)

… I don’t need my usual high standard because I’m not selling these jeans—they are for me.

… I deserve a high standard for the art I wear.

… I love the painting exactly as is. It’s beautiful.

And trickster clothes get ragged on the fool’s endless, marvelous adventures!

Here is my harlequin pattern patch. I ended up using it in a later wearable art piece. Ignore the blue ink, which was from my initial sketch and will wash out.

Trickster Clothes for a Patchwork Ragtag Harlequin Fool

Here are more pictures of the finished wearable art. A tribe can create wonderful magic.

Patches start near the bottom, leaving the very bottom clear for when I cuff the pants.

Patches sweep up on the outsides, so the top and mid center are clear. Here is the right outside:

This is the left outside. Years ago, I hand-dyed lace and had a green scrap left:

My security blanket took a lot of hand-sewing. I am proud of that. I’m not good at sewing, let alone by hand. But I accepted my sewing as it is. My sewing machine was among many objects I released to move to Italy lightly.

I love the medley of patches. It ranges from my embroidery to commercial patches to crochet. There’s a medley of themes too.

I’m obsessed with patches. That makes sense. Harlequin costumes suit a trickster.

It’s occurred to me that both stickers and patches are easy methods of adorning items. Used in abundance, they create a lovely raggle tag appearance. Many a clown, fool, or other trickster has a raggle tag look.

So my love of stickers is consistent with my trickster soul. There’s another connection that I’ll get to in a moment.

Coincidences and Shamanism
Go Hand-in-Hand with Trickster

There was a tradition that a Shaman would never perform a ritual without a trickster by their side. After the ritual, the Shaman would split the fee with the trickster. I do not know if the tradition, which was possibly Hopi, continues.

I work toward my goals while remaining flexible. Shamanic culture integrates goals with happenstance … and there is no happenstance. Here’s a story about that.

This project fed my obsession with patches. Once it ended, I started painting more patches.

Painting a rabbit trickster totem, I was surprised when it turned out both cute and fierce. The latter was not my goal.

But I sewed it on a T-shirt, while trying to learn a cute Leporid-trickster-warrior’s ferocity. In doing so, I was attempting to embody coincidences, shamanism, and trickster hand-in-hand.

Angels Catch the Fool Who Falls Off the Cliff

The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck has a card called The Fool. They are dressed in patchwork and stand at a cliff’s edge. Decades ago, I don’t remember where, I learned that if the fool falls off the edge, angels catch them.

Here’s how this connects to my love of stickers. Thinking of stickers led to thoughts of fools. Thoughts of fools led to the angel lore. I need it right now. It is reassurance from the Goddess that my crazy move to Italy—which is a fool’s choice—will be protected by angels carrying me safely.

Seemingly random connections from thought to thought to thought, or feeling to thought to intuition, are process-oriented. These processes are innate to us and create wisdoms as important as those more overtly logical connections provide.

Fools Symbolize Unlimited Potential

There are many reasons I believe trickster Gods offer unlimited potential. One is that the Fool card represents, among other things, unlimited potential. Another is that trickster Gods are so loving, and love holds all power. There are plenty of other reasons, but here are two:

* In embracing whatever occurs in the moment—supposed coincidences—we access unlimited potential.
* When we risk foolishness, as long as we keep our feet on the ground, miracles occur.

A Trickster Blessing

One of the final steps for the security blanket was to pray to my trickster Gods to bless my blue jeans. Talismanic blue jeans. Clothing can be amulets. I prayed that the jeans make me feel safe and loved wherever I am.

However, they were already blessed by magic. The efforts contributors made, whether by purchasing something or by crafting something, are pure love. Love is pure magic.

My trickster Gods added Their love in answer to my prayer.

Gratitude and Blessing to Trickster Friends

My final step is to thank contributors again. To you all:

Grazie mille! Vi voglio bene, amici miei. That’s Italian for “thanks so much! I love you, my friends.” Italians don’t use the word amore with friends. Amore is for romance. And that’s your Italian lesson for today.

For All Tricksters

My trickster colleagues, we travel together, whether we’ve met or not, and even if we don’t know about each other. Fools, clowns, Harlequins, or whatever you call yourself, thank you for walking the joyful path with me. Thank you for being of service. All our acts of service support each others’ efforts.

… Instead of saying, “I am obsessed with patches,” I want to say, “My trickster enthusiasm kept me painting patches.” I painted Totoro from Studio Ghibli. So here’s more bunny energy for you. Look at how happy and adorable the rabbit Totoro is, and their Trickster love for you.

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Her Winged Silence: A Shaman’s Notebook

Update May 9: all copies of the book have sold. Now I have a few more bucks for my move to Italy, and a few more people have the book. One of them told me they had wanted it for years. That was so flattering. A few copies of The Ecstatic Goddess still remain here. End of update.

Until recently, I didn’t know I had copies left of my self-published book Her Winged Silence: A Shaman’s Notebook.

I found two copies! They were tucked away in my file cabinet.

They are available for purchase.

This little chapbook of about 60 pages was published in 1989. According to records I could find, 500 copies were printed. That fits with my memory of my tiny budget allowing only a tiny print run, plus I know I printed more than I could sell directly to consumers because the online world was small. Instead, I sometimes sold to bookstores.

It’s from different era, when independent writers did not have the publishing resources available now. The book was printed by photocopy, back when photocopying was not slick. There’s even a small piece of paper glued to the back cover. I received a blurb after the chapbook was printed. So I printed the blurb and glued it on the book.

Many independent writers from that time look back and take joy in the results of our economically-based limits. The funky printing jobs are beautiful in their own way and became badges of honor to us because we triumphed by putting our work out into the world regardless of technical limits imposed by lack of money. What counted was the quality of the writing. … Heck, it took a lot more work to publish something on a pittance, and we were proud of that extra effort.

Please note, though the print quality is as described, the quality of this post’s photos is further diminished and does not represent the actual product’s print job.

I was a much younger priestess when I wrote it. Looking at some of the book’s entries now, I think sometimes I achieved depth that was beyond my conscious understanding but that came through me regardless as a channel of the Goddess. There are pieces that I still use in my classes.

Some material is a bit juvenile. Those youthful ideas were seeds of more mature realizations. This adds to the book’s significance for collectors who want historical and other background on my work.

Despite its flaws, I love Her Winged Silence and am proud of this first attempt to complete a manuscript, let alone self-publish it.

Reclaiming Newsletter reviewed Her Winged Silence shortly after it was released:

The chapbooks’ condition is good. I see three minor flaws. To see them, look at the top photo and the two photos below: The books are curved after decades on end in my file cabinet. One book has a tiny stain on the edge of some pages. And one of the back cover’s pasted-on reviews curls up a bit at its end.

Way back when, I signed them with my old name on the back page.

I saw a copy on Amazon for $300. A major London bookstore priced it comparably.

I’m pricing these last two for collectors, but much lower than rare book dealers:

The cost is $150 per, plus $10 shipping. If you want both copies, I will combine shipping.

I ship only in the U.S. to non-military addresses.

Use the drop-down menu to choose one or two books. Be sure to give me your shipping dress and phone number. Then hit the Buy Now button to pay securely through PayPal.

Purchase one or two copies

Pls Give Your Shipping Address

Pls Give Your Ph Number

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The Ecstatic Goddess! Sacred Poetry by Francesca De Grandis

Paring down before my move to Italy includes selling collectibles—the last copies of my self-published books.

Here is one of those titles. Your purchase will help me pay for the move.

The Ecstatic Goddess!

Wild Meditations, Lyrical Rituals,
and Earth Sexuality for the Pagan Heart

Sacred Poetry by Francesca De Grandis

Available only from the author, here.

Two copies remain of the 100 copies that were ever printed. The book will be out of print once they are sold.

The quality of this post’s photos is diminished and does not represent the actual product’s print job.

“Reading or listening to Francesca’s words, like the words of the Torah or Sufi, or the Tao, one can be taken into hidden worlds, worlds full of deep healings and teachings. Francesca’s words have helped me to open up to who I am.”—Geoffrey “Grasshopper” Cohen

The ancient Faerie Faith is alive. Bawdy yet reverent, De Grandis’s words inspire sweaty mysticism and radiate power. She says, “When I visit the heart of atoms, of stars, and of the sacred void, I know secrets. They become friends.” She shares them freely and encourages you to honor yours, in this sourcebook for the spirit.

Poetry is magic. This book’s poems echo a human heartbeat and the rhythms of the cosmos, making powerful magic:
* invocations to feel a loving Goddess right beside you
* union with Nature’s bounty and beauty
* sexual Mysteries blooming in body and soul
* contemplations for wisdom and confidence
* love spells that work
* or a stirring addition to a ritual you’re creating.

Learn how poetry can enchant your day and wake your cells—immediately and easily. Poetry and magic don’t have to be baffling. Song lyrics are poetry. So are prayers, jingles, and chants. Poetry and magic can be as natural as breathing or sex.

Instead of brain-puzzles, The Ecstatic Goddess! is a gut experience that transforms spirit and DNA. You won’t just read about a new life, you’ll live it. Francesca guides you over its terrain—a Fey-touched world of Ecstatic Spirituality.

A Pagan Liturgy from The Ecstatic Goddess!

About the Author

Francesca has a gift—the power to help people find and fully use their own gift/power. She touches the real/the core/divine realms/source, in a way that helps others live their unique real/core/source/divine heart of the matter. She says, “I can’t offer the reassurance of rigid dogma or prescribed actions. And I am a deeply flawed seeker. But my poems can support the challenging path of self-expression, joy, and spiritual growth.”

Just as Whitman gave spiritual voice to his times, Francesca De Grandis has produced pivotal material. Since the eighties, her oral teachings and published work have been seminal influences on the culture and liturgy of Goddess Spirituality. Her poems—rituals, prayers, chants, contemplations, meditations, visualizations, and lyric lectures—anonymously entered the oral and written literature of Nature Spirituality. E.g., lines from her “Laws of Nature” are mistaken for traditional. She so precisely portrays the crux of both mysticism and mundane life that her phrases seem ancient lore.

Reviews for The Ecstatic Goddess!

Fred Lamond, author of “Fifty Years of Wicca”: “There is a glut of books proposing standardized Wiccan rituals . . . Francesca instead creates material that is relevant to modern times, yet is often timeless in its mystic insight . . .”

The Rev. Kate R. Walker, Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church, Alexandria, VA: “De Grandis’s The Ecstatic Goddess! is a fun and provocative exploration into her relationship with the earth and the universe. She presents her journey in such a way that most anyone can both join in with her, and find their own personal meaning. While we each yearn for an explanation of how the universe works, De Grandis presents her understanding as an invitation not as a lecture. With helpful guidance that welcomes a fellow voyager, her words invite the reader to experience life in a deep and meaningful way . . . a rich resource for both the individual and for small groups . . . I recommend this book to facilitators of . . . worship services of all sizes.”

Susun S. Weed, green witch, wise woman: “Hold this book close to your ear. Can you hear it? It is a miraculous, fractal ‘origami three-dimensional poesy’ invitation to YOU . . . come in to the magic, come in to your self, come play, come in to the sacred moment . . . ” (“origami three-dimensional poesy” is from De Grandis’s “Crone Poem.”)

The Ecstatic Goddess! is culled from forty years of De Grandis’s words. Her magic spread through oral tradition until it touched thousands.

The Ecstatic Goddess! contains material shared only in her oral teachings until the book’s publication.

From students of Francesca De Grandis’ oral tradition

Scott Schulz: “[Francesca’s poetry] packs far more meaning and lore into one small spot than you might guess when you first hear it . . . Her words have brought my powers from the birthing waters of the subconscious into the moonlight . . . It’s a poetry that is meant to be breathed and used. It is magic, raw and powerful. Her writing has an economy of language that draws disparate threads together and weaves a new way of living in the world. It is the path to Faerie.”

Adrienne Amundsen, Ph.D., and clinical psychologist: “[De Grandis] has the trustworthy ethics of a Buddhist priest, psychologically sound respect for the complexity of the human process, and a wicked sense of humor that keeps serious material in healthy perspective.”

Mary-Lib Whitney, Director of Religious Education and storyteller: “Francesca weaves her spirituality and love of the earth on a loom of poetic storytelling that leaves the listener enriched and refreshed.”

Lady of Soul: “Francesca’s poetry . . . connects me to a deep knowing that goes beyond thought . . . Her poetry is, as the Hindus say, chaitanya, or alive, pulsating with this moment’s life force . . . Francesca’s poetry is a transmission of love, beauty, healing, and power.”


The book is 155 pages, with a 6.69 X 9.61 trim size (big pages!). Its spiral binding keeps it open during a ritual.

The two remaining copies have front covers I hand-painted. I painted only four covers—one for me, one for the book’s layout designer, and two to sell.

Here are pictures of the painted copies:

These last books are priced for collectors: $250 per book. Free Shipping. I ship only in the United States, to non-military addresses.

I am asking far less than rare book dealers from whom authors don’t receive a percentage. Given the painted covers, dealers might ask between $350 and $500. Someone on Amazon asked $300 for a funky lil chapbook I published in the ‘80s. So did a major bookstore in London.

Use the Buy Now button below to pay securely through PayPal.

Pls Give Your Shipping Address

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The Real Buddha—An Oppressed and Forgotten Woman

The Real Buddha—
An Oppressed and Forgotten Woman

This post is a revisioning of the answers to How did Buddhism begin? and How did Buddha achieve enlightenment?

My revisioning started with a vision. Then I built on that otherworldly experience using reason–including plain old common sense.

Buddhism is a beautiful religion. However, I know remarkable women who are devoted Buddhist practitioners and suffered from Buddhism as an institution. A few of these women came to me to heal these traumas.

I am afraid to post this. People are quick to attack. Buddhism is supposedly beyond reproach. And as a woman, I am not supposed to speak truths about oppression. But knowing the suffering some Buddhist groups caused the women who came to me, I can’t stay silent. I have to publish this in hopes it will keep others from suffering.

This post started as musings written for my own sake. I never intended to publish them. Here’s more about why I, eventually, felt compelled to post such a personal piece:

The healing I did for the aforementioned women included reading to them the musings that I later expanded into this post. They reported that my ideas were an important healing for them. So here are those ideas, in hopes they help other people.

As you will see, I am criticizing neither Buddhist practitioners nor Buddhism, but rather Buddhism as an institution. All religions offer vital messages. Among Buddhism’s are the importance of compassion, gentleness, and meditation. However, religious institutions often betray the principles they are meant to uphold.

Criticism of a religious institution is not wholesale criticism of the religion itself, nor its practice, texts, beliefs, or practitioners.

Nor is criticism condemnation.

And with that, I share my musings:

A Revisioning of How Buddhism Began

I’m not interested in Buddha’s teachings. I want to learn from the woman who intentionally created an opportunity for his enlightenment by bringing him a bowl of rice. She was the real Buddha.

A False Buddha

Here is a widespread account of how Siddhartha Gautama became Buddha:

A prince renounced his wealth and privilege to seek spirituality. All his efforts were for naught.

Then one day, a happenstance passerby brought him a bowl of rice. Due to all the spiritual work Siddhartha Gautama had already done, he became enlightened at that moment.

The passerby was a mere woman and thus of no significance; anyone could have offered rice, and enlightenment would’ve occurred.

No. I don’t believe that story.

Who Is Buddha—the Real Buddha

Here’s my revisioning of the bowl of rice tale.

Buddha was a woman.

The real Buddha was the rice-giver. Her action was the catalyst for his enlightenment, and she acted intentionally. She was the original Buddhist teacher. She was Buddha. He was a false Buddha—a spoiled, entitled prince who ran from responsibilities instead of using his royal power to make a positive difference. And, as this essay will demonstrate, he wielded his power to oppress the real Buddha. But her?

I imagine she was the enlightened one with the true teachings. I imagine her as the consummate Shamanic guide. I imagine she knew exactly how to shift the cells of the prince in the exact state he was in that moment, including his state of mind, body, and spirit: offer him rice.

The true Buddha, she was immensely skilled and advanced spiritually and mystically. Thus, she could help transform a soul with a simple bowl of rice, coupled with a psychic technique that I’ll address in a moment.

His previous spiritual strivings built a foundation for enlightenment surely. That doesn’t disprove my theory but reinforces it. A good Shamanic teacher recognizes the student’s brilliance, abilities, and readiness to receive specific lessons. That teacher also understands how to create that lesson. She co-created Siddhartha Gautama’s breakthrough. She too was its foundation.

His denial of co-creation caused him to eventually, if not immediately, lose the lesson. More about that in a bit.

Perhaps I should not criticize Siddhartha Gautama. Jesus’s message was wonderful until Paul turned it into a rant that enforced a free-for-all hatred of women. Perhaps those who came after Siddhartha Gautama betrayed his teachings by rewriting his story and messages.

If my criticisms should be aimed at the Pauls of Buddhism, everything I say herein can serve as my feminist evaluation, criticism, and revisioning of their story rather than of the story that perhaps was told by their tradition’s originator but has since been buried.

Too often, religious institutions obstruct spiritual seekers. Achievement of Buddhism’s ethics, beauties, and powers is attainable only if we honor the woman who was quite possibly the source of Buddhism’s ethics, beauties, and powers (except for what was borrowed from other spiritual paths).

An example: A woman who’d been a devoted Buddhist practitioner for decades attended my classes. You don’t have to identify as Pagan to work with me. I intuited I should read her the early version of this essay. She told me the piece lifted years of pain and confusion from her. She said I helped her have significant breakthroughs. Now, she can practice Buddhism with sovereignty and greater power. Feminist Buddhism.

I wrote that initial version in Sept 2019. I didn’t fully know why I’d written it. I didn’t know whether I should do anything with it. (As I said, it’s a personal piece.) Shortly afterwards, I read the essay to the aforementioned student who helped me understand it was useful to someone other than me. Her shock at hearing the truth and being relieved of her pain, as well as her gratitude for that, showed me how different my perspective on Buddhism’s origins is, and how that perspective is needed. But the essay sat idle for a few more years. Then my Fairy Gods told me the time is now. So I expanded the early version to create what you’re reading. Then, long story short, sigh, the new version sat a good while. Maybe a year or two. Anyway, if you know why my Gods told me the time is now, please tell me.

Three important asides:

This sigil heals and brings overall luck. I channeled the sigil and placed it here to bless my work, that I may do it in the spirit of service and love.1) This post might have a few incorrect historical or religious details (religious not being synonymous with spiritual). This is not an academic historical treatise. Applying academic standards would miss the mark. Possible historical and religious errors did not stop my ideas from empowering the aforementioned student.

2) A friend pointed out that this post uses language that frames my revisioning as fact. I disagree. Long ago, I wrote, “I think…” in a class, and the teacher said, “Don’t ever say that in anything you write. Of course we know the ideas you’re writing down are what you think. You’re the one writing the essay.”

Patriarchal versions of history are just as much up for grabs as any other version. They are expressed as fact. A woman explaining that her counters to those assumptions are just her thoughts diminishes her and her contributions. It is also an apology for speaking her mind. This post expresses opinions, not attempts to enforce them.

3) Racism, classism, and other isms are inextricably of a piece and need to be addressed as such. Each is also a distinct problem that must be addressed individually.

As a teacher, I want shamanic lessons I give to help fight isms, in a consistent, embodied manner as opposed to mere occasional rhetoric.

My musings about the original Buddha focus on sexism. However, when I mention patriarchy here, I’m referring to all isms, to a degree. All of them are inherent to patriarchy. And isms always weave together.

Buddhism’s Real Founder Is Denied

In one way, I don’t want to call that woman the founder of Buddhism because she is not responsible for the sexism I have seen inflicted on some Buddhist women.

But the established story is slanted, as if she, a mere woman, could not possibly have been intelligent enough, sophisticated enough, and spiritual enough to know what she was doing with that bowl of rice, right? The student—Siddhartha Gautama—took credit for his teacher’s insights, work, and abilities.

She understood about the rice bowl! She passed that understanding on to Siddhartha Gautama.

Equally important, she added psychic underpinnings to her gesture. As is often the case in traditional teachings, she psychically passed to him, along with the bowl of rice, an experience. The combination facilitated enlightenment.

In other words, she not only understood an offer of rice embodied the experiential lesson he needed, she also elevated that lesson to yet another level through her mystical abilities. The mystical power she applied is called a direct spiritual transmission. If you want to know more about direct spiritual transmissions, click here.

The gift she gave was an enormous act of generosity.

Then he—or his Pauls—used her the way women are constantly used, as if they have no value: He took credit for her work.

How many years did that woman work on her spirituality and otherworldly techniques to reach the point where she could immediately understand what a passerby needed to reach an illumination of their soul? How many years until she could help create illumination with a direct spiritual transmission? How many years until she could help create illumination in so simple and humble a manner?

Recorded History Is Often Erasure
of the Exceptional by the Mediocre

Innovators and great souls often die nameless, defamed, or relegated to a footnote. Mary Magdalene was supposedly a prostitute as opposed to one of Christ’s apostles. Einstein obscured the brilliant work of Mileva Marić Einstein, the woman who developed the theory of relativity with him.

Without her tutelage, there is a good chance he wouldn’t have gotten through school. Like many oppressors, he married a brilliant woman then did everything possible to not only obscure her contributions but to crush her. For example, a single cruel remark of his shows he tried to erase her work and break her: When asked about his wife, he postured as the absent-minded genius and referred to her as “the woman who darns my socks.” Mind-boggling cruelty.

History gives the name Sujata to the woman I believe was Siddhartha Gautama’s teacher. I think of her as erased and forgotten nonetheless. If my revisioning is correct, the world has no knowledge of the actual person. A convenient depiction of her, formulated by her oppressors, is all that remains. I hope this post begins to correct that.

Ruthless erasure of the exceptional by the mediocre is the norm. This makes my story about Sujata more believable to me than the story that enlightenment was Siddhartha’s alone, accidentally helped by her. Maybe there’s no way of ever knowing the truth. So I choose the version most believable and most helpful to me spiritually. Sujata, to my mind, was the original Buddha.

A Feminist Prayer to the Real Buddha

In some ways, I don’t care what names history gives Sujata because they could be part of the lies. I call upon her as Sujata and by what names I imagine:

Sujata, original Buddha,
Bringer of Rice,
Bringer of Truth,
Humble Power-Giver,
I recognize you.
I pray to you.
Please teach me your wisdoms
So that I may study from greatness.
Please help me embody your wisdoms.
Please help me be the teacher I want to be.
Please help me focus on spirit
instead of false ego
in all the classes I teach,
all the lessons I channel,
and all my moments.
Thank you!

Toxic Religion Bolsters Patriarchy

Has there ever been a female Dalai Lama?

Remember that everything I say herein might need to be applied to Buddhism’s “Paul” instead of to Siddhartha Gautama. My revisioning continues:

Siddhartha Gautama poisoned his enlightenment by hiding the rice-giver’s enlightenment and taking credit for her wisdom. He passed this poison down, creating toxic elements in institutionalized Buddhism.

No religion or institution is free of oppressive elements. I am not suggesting that all Buddhist teachings, principles, texts, or structures across all cultures are toxic. I’m positing that parts foster sexism, classism, and other oppressive hierarchies. I’m pointing out how Buddhism’s origin story might feed oppressive aspects of Buddhism.

Lack of attribution is typical in patriarchal society and engenders spiritual illness. Bear with me as I explain:

Anyone can access the ultimate sources of power, beauty, and all other things—Divinity and Nature. (Nature is surely part of the Divine, as much as anything could be.) Patriarchy tries to strip us of this human heritage and insists we instead obey our oppressor to receive power from the Divine.

Patriarchy also teaches that some of life’s crucial necessities can be bestowed upon us solely by the magnanimity of a ruling class.

I developed Shamanic methods to counter this. I won’t list them all here, but they include rites that clear away internalized oppression—inhumane programming—and thus open our innate connections to Divinity and Nature, so we can receive all bounty, beauty, and power. Click here to receive announcements of my events. They support your relationship with the Divine.

Along with inner transformation, society needs to change. This brings us back to the origin of Buddhism:

Connection to Spirit Requires Honoring All Sources

Some individuals devote themselves to spiritual growth, psychic development, and creating spiritual material that assists other people’s connections to Divinity and Nature.

When these intermediaries empower us to access the Divine and Nature as sources, those intermediaries are sources.

Our connection to Nature and the Divine is diminished to whatever degree we disclaim our worldly and spiritual sources. To whatever degree we lose connection to the Divine, we lose the same degree of spiritual health.

In other words, not attributing individual women and Shamans as the source of the material they create and/or convey orally, experientially, or in print feeds the patriarchal agenda of disconnecting us from the ultimate source, even if that is not one’s intent.

Whether it is one’s intention or not to steal, stolen lessons disconnect the thief from the Divine. I’m not chastising anyone who does this unintentionally or learns lessons they did not know were stolen. I am providing information so they have alternatives.

Honoring Shamanic Lessons Taught Experientially

Matriarchal culture is Shamanic culture and has egalitarian organization. In matriarchal teachings, many lessons are not conveyed through abstract, theoretical lectures but by submerging a person in this culture. It embodies the principles being taught. A bowl of rice.

My personal experiences help explain this further:

When I teach, I talk about Shamanism very little compared to the time I spend trying to embody the nuts and bolts of Shamanism and teaching others how to do the same. A bowl of rice.

I analyze everything around me. I’m an excellent theorist. But analysis and theory are not enough. Shamanic practices that help my students and me embody our visions, ethics, and dreams are pivotal to Shamanism as I view it.

It is important to embody Shamanism–embody, body, body. Patriarchy wants us to stay in the head, in theory, in analysis, away from the body, with disdain for our human bodies, disregard for the body that is the living earth, and distance from the body of un-stifled movement that is daily life.

In that vein, my teaching methods set up a cultural matrix in which my classes take place. Best as I’m able, the matrix embodies—and thus conveys—the following practices and cosmology:
* honor for the life, sacredness, and beauty that abides in all things
* power that is not dominance but found in personal wholeness, tribal participation, and the enchantment that flows throughout the universe—connectivity and cooperation instead of trying to control everything and everybody. This includes connecting and cooperating with the various parts of oneself.
* sexual and other pleasures without shame
* abundance on the physical plane, instead of a “spiritual” path that fosters self-neglect

It is said Siddhartha Gautama spent almost no time teaching theory or cosmology because it left little time for practices. He got that right. It is part of the lessons he stole, learned through an experiential lesson—a bowl of rice offered as embodied wisdom.

Stolen Lessons Become Toxic Teachings

I’ve touched on this topic already, but it should be explored more.

Women’s and Pagan cultures are often oral traditions. Repeatedly, Shamans’ and women’s innovations in theories, practices, and sacred art are unattributed, misattributed, or cited as “traditional.”

For a long time, I didn’t care when my work was used without my name on it. I didn’t want my ego to get out of hand. Ultimately, everything comes from the Gods. But I learned that lack of attribution is not healthy for anyone involved.

Lack of attribution is spiritual, emotional, and financial oppression, even if unintended.

Physical, spiritual, and emotional oppressions are of a piece. Inflict one, and you inflict the others. So I’ll discuss them all together.

First, I’ll share personal experiences about how stolen lessons cause spiritual, emotional, and material harm to people who receive those lessons.

Backstory: Throughout the resurgence of Goddess spirituality in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, I created a massive body of material, including rituals, chants, other liturgies, lyrical meditations, poems (often presented as prose lectures or liturgy), Shamanic theories and methods, and a cosmology consistent with all this work. Some material has been conveyed in print, other orally, and some channeled in the middle of a class and never repeated by me. I have been a seminal influence.

A great deal of my poetry anonymously entered the oral and written literature of earth-centered and other alternative spirituality. My innovative liturgy, Shamanic techniques, and theories have become just as ubiquitous and are likely to appear anonymously, misattributed, or as “traditional,” not only in Pagan circles but also in non-Pagan systems of self-help and inner change. A lot of my work is now considered standard material, unattributed worldwide.

A great deal of the work was bastardized—rewritten so it no longer frees people but can instead be used as a tool to uphold systemic oppression. End of backstory.

My heart aches because I have repeatedly seen thieves misapply–or rewrite—my material so that it supports oppression. I watch material I spent decades developing to uplift people being used instead for evil, rewritten to become an asset for oppressors.

I have wept for the people who unwittingly studied the bastardizations and suffered terribly as a result.

I grieve for the lost power those people endure, the years they lost studying with bad teachers, and the tragedies they met.

These tragedies were caused by the bastardizations or were challenging situations that anyone might encounter—for example, a financial crisis—and get stuck in when ill-advised.

I watched thieves of my material misapply it in ways that demoralized their students who otherwise might’ve been able to, for example, get ahead financially. This litany of terrible things I’ve observed just begins the list.

Lack of attribution is stealing. Stolen spiritual material is toxic not only to the thief but also to their students. After all, the means define the end.

What’s more, if someone intentionally steals spiritual credit, they do not understand the teachings they stole. Thus they pass on their ego-driven, selfish misunderstandings—teachings that are not a good lineage, not conducive to honorable living, spiritual growth, or powerful, effective magic.

A Religious Elite Causes
Poverty and a Toxic Economy

I want to further discuss the systemic financial oppression that patriarchy inflicts on creators. Let’s return to the common argument that caring about whether one’s work is used without permission or attribution is succumbing to greed and ego. The argument sometimes includes, “Ultimately, everything comes from the Gods anyway.”

That is all a high-brow, holier-than-thou way of shaming someone for their healthy reactions.

The desires to get credit for your work and own the hard won fruits of your labor are good. If people know the source of material, they can learn it rather than a stolen, bastardized harmful version.

Also, receiving credit for your work can be financially vital. Gautama’s disregard for his teacher followed the economic norm of his social class. Groups in power claim ownership of everything, stealing it all, which leaves a large portion of the population in poverty and the brutal life thereof.

Lack of attribution is financial oppression. Stealing material someone developed is economic brutality.

The accepted norm is to not only steal a woman’s innovations in science, commerce, art, etc., but to also bastardize her gentleness, genius, soul, or other strengths, and profit from them. This norm is applied to other oppressed groups.

Destroy Systemic Oppression:
Accredit Your Sources

Accrediting source material—including what you’ve learned orally and experientially—helps dismantle systemic oppression.

Accreditation is not always possible, not by a long shot. But we do what we can to have each other’s backs.

When you attribute your source, you claim your worth because it won’t be based on false ego but on truths. One of those truths is that you are an ally to creators, and as such, you help destroy systemic oppression. So mote it be!

Take Credit for Your Work:
Destroy Systemic Oppression

Taking credit for your work helps dismantle systemic oppression.

To anyone whose work has been stolen … or not: Claim your worth. It is not false ego to want credit for your work. Taking credit helps everyone because it helps destroy systemic thieving norms.

Taking steps to earn a reasonable living from your creations is a way to stand up for all oppressed individuals. If that doesn’t make sense, think of someone who stood up for their own rights and how their actions inspired other people to do the same.

Healing from Religious Trauma

Though some women experienced major healing from the earlier version of this essay, they nonetheless needed more support. I gave it to them. If you’d like that for yourself, click here to schedule a spiritual transmission.

It will address what you need to heal from oppression.

My transmissions don’t focus on facilitating enlightenment, not in the way usual transmissions do. My Gods are Pagan. They want to help you be happy on the spiritual and mundane planes. My transmissions focus on soul-healing, money, good luck, health, enlightenment, or whatever else is important to you. I do not consider enlightenment separate from the rest of life. So mote it be!

More about Healing through Spiritual Transmissions

If an individual needs healing from trauma, my transmission focuses on whatever that person needs in order to heal. For example:

A transmission can give you insights into how to earn a good living from your creations. Then, abundance can contribute to healing trauma. Healing is not separate from life. Life’s goodness heals us. Life’s goodness—for example, abundance—can be pivotal to healing.

This is not to say that healing from trauma never requires a focus on inner transformation in itself. I work a lot on that with my clients. But often, there’s another step: life’s sweet goodness is a healing agent.

We can create the lives we choose for ourselves and enjoy life’s sweetness. We can help others do the same. We can have power over our lives—together!

Click here for a spiritual transmission

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Receive Fairy Blessings

Receive Fairy Blessings: Abundance, Peace, Fulfillment

Fairy (Faerie, Faery) Blessings:
Abundance, Peace, Fulfillment

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I’ll do a Fey blessing ceremony for you every week for six months. You receive the benefits of all that magic.

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Recipients usually experience substantial results immediately, with more and more occurring. After the six months, benefits tend to remain and increase.

You receive the abundance you truly desire. An abundance of love, satisfaction, achievements, for example. The ceremonies help create whatever bountifulness you want.

In the same vein, fulfillment can be sexual, creative, professional, mystical, spiritual, and more.

Profound spiritual healing occurs if needed for you to have abundance, peace, and fulfillment.

My magic meets you exactly where you are. These rites help you with whatever you are going through.

Total cost: $169 a month, for six months of ceremony.

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You don’t have to delay receiving support until you “measure up” to some inhumane standard that has nothing to do with real life.

Magic loves you. You. Magic won’t exclude you. Ignore so-called spiritual teachers who insist that magical spells can’t help you yet because you’re “fat,” “too upset,” “too emotional,” “new to Paganism,” or whatever other condescending description they give. It’s an excuse to exclude or debase you.

Ignore Pagans who say that Fairy magic is only for northern Europeans. Fairy Folk appear in most cultures’ lore from Polynesian to African to Chinese to Italian.

The old Faery Gods love you.
Magic loves you.
My ceremonies help you.

The Great Mother Goddess, Creator of All, is known as the Fairy Queen in language after language. You are Her beloved child. She holds you sacred and wants you to enjoy a bountiful, peaceful, fulfilled life. She’ll add Her immense enchantments to the work I do for you.

Another term for my blessing ceremonies is spiritual transmissions. However, I don’t know anyone except me who defines a spiritual transmission the way I do:

I’m a good-luck charm: I was born generating a beneficial Fey energy that adapts to your needs, e.g., financial well-being, physical health, safety, mystical insights, removal of self-defeating beliefs, or the strength to get back up after life’s knocked you down. These examples are types of abundance, peace, or fulfillment, so the upcoming ceremonies can deliver them.

I don’t have to know what you need because the transmission’s energy automatically adapts to help create the specific changes you need in you and your life.

My spiritual transmissions (or call them direct spiritual transmissions) bless you as a whole being and add luck to your day.

From birth, I was raised to hone my gift.

From my earliest memory, my mother wrapped the ancient Faery Faith around me, not as an abstract idea but as a living, loving magic. My Fey-touched mom’s extraordinary, all-encompassing maternal love provided a role model for direct spiritual transmissions.

Most recipients experience very personal energy from me, including a sense that I care about them as individuals. I think they sense intimacy and kindness because I love each client. My mother embodied loving magic. You don’t even have to tell me anything about yourself to receive a transmission.

Francesca emanates healing energy. She can’t even help it, it’s her. There’s an awesomely deep love within her that heals people.—William Michaels The transmission was so good it was seriously ridiculous! Within a few days, I got a job, a new truck for the exact amount I’d wanted to pay, and sold our old truck without even trying.—Julia It was an eye opener, I’ve grown in ways I didn’t know were possible and I was so grateful.—Catherine Mills

My explanation of transmissions isn’t as good as I would like. They are impossible to convey in words, even when I write at length. They have to be experienced. The important thing here is that you receive immense benefits.

Every week for six months is a lot of Fairy magic—a bounty of blessings for the now and the future.

Enrolling for these ceremonies is a way to grab hope, pull it close, and affirm you deserve lots of good things.

Enrolling lets Divine love embrace you and open doors to miracles. Choose the “impossible”—a Fairy-blessed life of magic in which wild-hearted dreams come true.

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Francesca De Grandis is the best-selling author of “Be a Goddess!” Her work couples Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. She was raised in an ancient European witchcraft tradition that is a multicultural Faerie shamanism. Biased scholars argue that there are no centuries-old European shamanic traditions. Or that they could not have been multicultural in the distant past. Or that shamanism and witchcraft are never synonymous. Trained from birth in a Strega (Italian witchcraft) family tradition that also has Celtic and other shamanisms in its heritage, she also trained in non-European magic, including an African-based tradition.

Magic is not a substitute for psychiatric counseling, medical care, or other therapeutic treatments. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their participation.

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Free Ritual: Freedom from Complex Traps

Perpetrators of oppression do everything possible to keep us ineffective so that we cannot live in freedom, focusing on our dearest goals.

Shamanism can help us escape complex snares. The upcoming one-hour ritual fosters freedom through simplicity. We will do magic to bypass the complex weave of traps that keep us from power. Then we will be more able to have a simple life of freedom and power.

I am not suggesting that magic works 100%. No human effort does. Magic is a tool, like a hammer. It’s important to pick up all the tools that the Gods give us.

I am saying the goals we will work toward during the rite.

I am saying this ritual is effective and can make a vital difference.

Historically, fairy witches have used magic to successfully overcome oppression. Even the best magic does not always work, but it has repeatedly succeeded, creating miraculous results.

A one-hour ritual can make all the difference. Or can be an important start.

One of my favorite quotes is “The last thing we learn is simplicity.”

Simplicity. The ritual will streamline our days, letting all dross fall away. This will free us to work more on our most important goals and succeed at them.

To streamline one’s day includes focusing one’s energy. We will do simple, effective fairy magic for focus.

Crisis can make one mentally, emotionally, and psychically scattered.

For example, hours spent snared in medical or governmental red tape tailored to keep one from getting necessary services can be traumatic. Trauma can make one lose the power to keep fighting the good fight.

Then there are mental rabbit holes, like endlessly scrolling through social media. They distract us day after day from transforming our lives and psyches and doing our best to take care of the people love.

The ritual will help us bypass all these complexities that trap us—the rage, despair, red tape, mental and emotional distractions, and other societal obstacles created to waylay and imprison us. Instead, we will have an abundance of peace, love, hope, power, and sincerity.

No experience needed.

The event will be via teleseminar—aka group phone call. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you have the information about how to attend.

If you haven’t subscribed yet and want to attend future free rituals, click here or the banner at the bottom of this post.

PS Sources contradict who authored “The last thing we learn is simplicity.”


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New Course: Your Talents and Goals—A Fairy Witch Class

Your Talents and Goals—
A Fairy Witch Class 2024

Use Magic
to Lift Your Abilities and Your Life Sky High


Your Talents and Goals meets in group phone calls. No app needed. Use your phone to call into the classes.

This new eight-month course helps you

* Find and express your gifts, both mundane and magical.

* Use all your Goddess-given abilities to manifest life goals.

And the lessons give you much more. This post will discuss that a bit further down.

Ceremonies are safe for beginners and substantive enough for adepts.

Loving Gods Bless Us
with Abilities That Can Make Us Happy

Everyone has gifts—talents given them by the Gods. This includes parenting, writing, painting, marketing, teaching, playing music, counseling, or many other activities.

These gifts help us achieve goals, big and small. Examples:
* starting a business
* throwing yourself into your art
* creating an abundance of money, health, romance, serenity, strength, self-love, or whatever else you want.

A person’s talents fulfill them.

A person’s talents serve family, tribe, Gaia, all Her children, and the Gods.

Don’t know your goals? The classes will include rituals for clarity and Divine guidance. You can use one or more of them to figure out your goals. If that’s not enough, I’ll give you a psychic reading.

Along with helping you find your gifts, express your gifts, and use them to the max, Your Talents and Goals does even more. Here it is.

The Goddess Created All Things

The lessons reveal how your creativity holds all the Goddess’ creative power. She will lend us Her endless and exuberant fecundity to make the lives we want.

As the Goddess’ beloved child, we co-create our day with Her. Drawing on Her immense creative force, these classes bless you as a whole being. So every aspect of you thrives. In the same manner, the rites enrich your entire life.

The Goddess is the creative force of the entire universe. I created weekly ceremonies that immerse you in that magical opulence. So you receive good luck in finances, family matters, or your other heart’s desires.

A Life You Truly Desire

I have thought I wanted some things that I do not really want. Then I learned my heart’s true desires. Sometimes, I still get confused and think I want something that I don’t. Figuring out one’s true desires is an ongoing part of the human spiritual journey. And I have tools that help me become clear, tools that I will teach you.

If you experience any type of confusion about what you want, this class will help you know your heart’s desires. So you use your gifts to create the life you truly want—the one that will make you the happiest possible.

Creativity Takes Many Forms

Life is the ultimate art. Everyone has their own type of creativity. They can be used to artfully create a life. Examples of creativity are (and note how diverse these are): being the matriarch of a family, bringing joy to friends, listening to someone’s problems compassionately, building community, grooming dogs, being the matriarch of a corporation, painting, writing poetry, researching physics, giving psychic readings, and applying mathematics.

Lessons in Your Talents and Goals foster your particular creativity. And you learn how to use it as transformative shamanism that changes you and your life.

I Have a Gift for Helping People Use Their Gifts

One of my talents is the ability to help you with yours. There are a lot of different parts to my ability, and I apply the ones you need. Here are three examples. I know how to uncover someone’s powers. I can help someone become confident about their powers. I facilitate an individual using their powers effectively toward goals.

I don’t need a skill to help you excel in it. My experience with Margaret, a master astrologer, provides an example. She traveled the world to take astrology lessons from top people in the field. After working on her astrology for a mere half hour with me, she said it was the best astrology lesson she’d ever had. I am not an astrologer! Why would she need me? I know how to facilitate someone’s personal power. I also know how to do it in ever-deeper ways for individuals with highly-developed skills.

Do You Wonder
“How Do I Find Classes That Are Right for Me?”

Shamanic lessons need to be appropriate for you.

Enrollment is limited for Your Talents and Goals. This allows time for me to give participants individualized attention, including psychic readings. I tailor the curriculum to attendees. Here’s why that’s important.

Each person has different talents to explore. They also each have their own path, for example, they might face different blocks to self-expression.

Different people need different help with their gifts. Some people need to recognize them. Some people need confidence. Some want to figure out how to use their gifts professionally. Some individuals need other support so they can earn a living using their gifts. Some people need to learn how to schedule time to develop or use their gifts. Some people need to validate their skills that seemingly have no purpose. Some people need other help.

Whatever you need, this Fairy Witch course makes your gifts emerge and shine so bright that they will dazzle the stars in the sky.

Can Magic Be Practical?

Yes, these are practical Shamanic lessons.

If you’ve thought, “I can’t find magic lessons that actually change anything for me,” you’re in the right place now.

These lessons are not the abstract theory of an ivory tower. You’ll learn magic that makes a difference. You will be gently guided in rites to empower yourself and create the life you want. If you don’t know what you want or what in you needs to change, the rituals help you find that wisdom inside yourself. If you need more, I give you a psychic reading.

Another way that the classes are down to earth: We each choose large or small goals that we work toward together. If you cannot choose a project or projects, I’ll help.

Systemic Oppression and Pagan Rituals

I never say that all blocks can be overcome. I say that enough can be conquered to allow a wonderful life, and that magic helps us achieve a lot of what we truly want.

My belief that magic has the power to achieve anything is not naïve. I recognize the extremities caused by systemic oppression. I know how hard they can be to overcome.

My experience is that magic has the power to achieve anything. Ritual for myself and individuals like me—people that systemic oppression is tailored to crush—has consistently been successful. I am not going to recount nightmares that magic helped me survive and triumph over. The important thing is that magic worked. My life is a daily miracle. The magic I teach has helped my clients live in the same way. This includes individuals who are BIPOC, trans, gay, or another target of oppressors.

The weekly sacred circles help you
* Conquer what life throws at you.
* Land through Divine grace into the life you want—the life you deserve as your right.

Inclusive Spirituality
“I Want to Feel Like I Belong.”

Some “spiritual” teachers have the oppressive idea that not everyone is “worthy” of receiving help. They reject BIPOC, trans, older women, … If you have been subjected to homophobia, classism, racism, sexism, etc., you might hesitate before approaching a new group.

If you have internalized oppression, you might feel unworthy of any help.

My Gods stand by me in hard times. They stand by me when I cannot or will not stand by myself. They stand by me when I’m desolate or don’t trust Them. They stand by me exactly as I am at any given moment. This event is a way you can allow Them to stand by you. My Gods are inclusive and celebrate diversity. Their magic is abundant in the upcoming course.

They do not hold back Their aid, waiting until we are supposedly “worthy.” They offer miracle-making magic in all circumstances. We are always worthy.

Trauma and Hope

Have you had any of the following thoughts?

I don’t have time to finish my projects.

Problems fill my mind. So I can’t focus enough to get ahead.

I’m too upset, tired, and frustrated to move forward in my life.

I’m always stressed. I need rituals for serenity and clarity. But I never feel centered enough to do ritual.

I need to find inner strength. But I’m too busy keeping my head above water.

If you could have made any of those statements, show up at our circles exactly as you are and do exactly as you do. Magic will welcome you, accept you as you are, and help you. So will I. We’ll make important progress toward your goals.

Expect help, power, and miracle-causing magic. For fifty years, I’ve successfully helped people manifest greater personal fulfillment. I start with where they actually are in their lives. They don’t have to forgo improving their lives until they are in the “right” state of mind or “right” situation.

The Creative Force during Hard Times

When I feel there’s no time for anything but survival, work, or other responsibilities, it’s doubly important to make time for spirituality and creativity and to bring the two together. Creativity helps overcome crisis, even when it is ongoing. Creativity brings me to the ground of my being—the Divine. Creativity and spirituality combined lifts me out of fear and the mundane, into connectivity and wholeness. I suddenly see creative ways to deal with major problems. I find the power to do so. This class helps you with everything I’ve described in this paragraph. You’ll learn time-honored shamanic methods, as well as modalities I created that, for decades, have helped people claim their inner fire, their agency, and their ideal lives.

Attend by Phone. It’s Easy!

The group meets by teleconference: Simply call the event phone number to attend.
The group meets by teleconference: Simply call the event phone number to attend.


We meet in 2024 for eight months. Our classes will be on Wednesdays 6 to 7 pm pacific time, from February 7 through September 25, except for the following Wednesdays:
* March 27
* May 22
* July 17
* Sept 4

Reserve Wednesdays October 2, 9, and 16, the usual time, for makeup sessions in the unlikely chance I’m unavailable for any of the planned dates.


Enrollment ends Midnight Wednesday Jan 31.

Cost is $200 a month. Your carrier might charge you for the calls.

If you must drop out, cancel your subscription, and no further payments are required. No refunds.

Click the Subscribe button below to enroll securely through PayPal.

Pls give me yr phone #

If you don’t receive an email confirming payment within a few days, check your spam. If the email isn’t there, or you want to discuss a scholarship, semi-scholarship, trade, or payment plan other than the subscription, or you need additional information about the classes, please call me at the number below. Upon payment, your seat is reserved. A few days before our first meeting, you receive an email with the event phone number and other details.

These classes can serve as the two qualifying electives needed before the advanced Fairy Witch (Faerie shaman) training.

If you took the course The Spirituality of Art and the Art of Spirituality, these classes are a greatly adapted and expanded version of it.

Life is Art!

Photo of Francesca De Grandis 2021

Francesca De Grandis 2021

Francesca De Grandis is a Fairy Witch elder and the best-selling author of Be a Goddess! She believes that everyone is multi-talented, and that the right support can help them live as such. After teaching herself to play guitar at age fourteen, she immediately started performing in major metropolitan clubs. She indie-produced a best-selling Pagan music album. She does the bookkeeping and marketing for her business. She created the basic layout for Be a Goddess! and has done all the layout for her recent books. She’s not terrible under the hood of a website. Her primary art form, aside from living well, is being a Shamanic guide. For decades, Francesca has taught shamanic tools to foster mundane and magical powers of all kinds and at all levels.

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Psychic Reading Gift Certificate

Give the gift of love and magic: a psychic reading with Francesca De Grandis

Give the gift of love and magic:
a psychic reading

A one-hour psychic reading by phone
with Francesca De Grandis

Receive a gorgeous digital gift certificate to send to your recipient. The certificate has my original shamanic art to bless your gift.

If you’d like to see the gift certificate before (or immediately after) purchase, ask in the comment field below this post. This will give me your email address, to which I’ll send the sample. No one else will see your email address unless you so choose.

It’s easy to give a gift that will be treasured:

1) Enter the two phone numbers that are requested below..

2) Use the Pay Now button below to pay $200 securely through PayPal.

3) If you don’t see an email confirming payment within a few days, check your spam. If the email isn’t there, or you need more information about the reading, please call me at the number below.

4) Please note there are no refunds for readings.

Enter your phone number

Enter ph number of recipient

You can help a loved one create the life they want.

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