Moon Mandalas, Amulets, and the Lunar Calendar

Moon Mandalas, Amulets,
and Talismans

Sacred Geometry and the Lunar Calendar

I’m teaching fewer Faerie shamanism classes for a couple of weeks, plus a recent injury keeps me from exercising as much as usual, so time has freed up, and I’ve been in a painting frenzy.

Among the recent paintings are two mandalas that I’ll put in digital Book of Shadow pages for my classes. The art will increase the magic in the pages’ text.

I call the paintings “Moon Mandalas.”

Ancient calendars that are lunar had thirteen months.

In the Druids’ lunar calendar, every month offers a different moon magic.

The Druid lunar calendar is also a tree calendar. Each month, a different tree’s magic comes forward.

These two mandalas were painted during the month of the Mothers’ Moon or the Bright Moon. Willow tree’s magic is especially strong this month.

I’m on a natural high from painting them and from my magical time with my students. Doing rituals with them—my peers and beautiful fellow travelers—in the energy of the Mothers’ Moon, the Bright Moon, and Willow tree magic—helped inspire the paintings.

I painted this month’s full moon. I call the painting “Full Moon Mandala,” and it is at the top of this post.

These mandalas also function as amulets. The words amulets, charms, and talismans have been synonyms for centuries. I use the words that way. Nowadays, some folks use the words differently, and I support you to choose your own way—to each their own.

These mandalas are also amulets. The full moon painting is a talisman—or mandala—for peace, healing, and power. It also is a reflection of your own power, beauty, and wisdom.

If you spend a few gently thoughtful moments with the painting, you might find other magic in it.

Added to a digital Book of Shadow page for one of my fairy shaman classes, it will enchant the page much like an Ogham would. An Ogham is a letter in an ancient alphabet, each letter of which corresponds to a tree held sacred by Druids. Oghams can be used as amulets.

Though filled with the power of this month’s moon and tree, these talismans are powerful any time of year, in the same way that willow magic is lovely all year.

I also painted this month’s eclipse. I call it “Eclipse Moon Mandala.”

It is a talisman—or mandala—for peace, self-acceptance, and being in the moment. It is also an amulet for the following:

These paintings’ sacred geometry includes the old pre-Christian equal-armed cross. I often depict symmetrical four-pointed shapes, or eight, sixteen, or further multiples of four. They speak to my sense of integration, peace, awareness of Divine Love, and remaining centered in one’s truths and goals. Both paintings are amulets for all these attributes.

The flowers could be morning glories, lilies, irises, and/or whatever you perceive them as.

To receive my talismanic art’s blessings, use one of the following methods:

– Meditate on the mandala. You might feel magic touch you within minutes if not seconds.
– Print the picture and put it on your altar.
– Display the painting anywhere in your home.
– If you need to be discreet about your magic, tuck the painting into a drawer, after saying, “May I be blessed.”
– Use the mandala as a screensaver.

I’m giving free PNGs of some of my art to my newsletter subscribers soon. A PNG is a quality file so a print of it is better than if you printed this page’s art, which is blurred to make the page download quickly enough. Subscribe to my newsletter here:

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