Learn Ogham Divination: A Seven-Week Online Course

Lessons delivered to you by email. No need to attend classes.

Enrollment Deadline is June 8.

The course starts Sunday June 12, 2022 when you receive your first lesson.

This course shows you how to quickly begin doing divination with the Ogham tree alphabet, to improve your life.

Divination is the art of gaining information through messages from the other worlds. Just as Tarot cards, crystal ball, and many other items can be used as tools for divination, so can the Ogham alphabet.

Ogham divination provides empowering information. You gain an advantage, by learning more about what’s going on around you and in you, regarding finances, career, romance, life path, spiritual needs, creativity, and almost anything else. Thus you can make informed decisions and be more successful in all parts of life. You can also choose—and create—your own destiny.

I do divination with Oghams for everything from family issues to shamanic journeys to marketing plans to creative self-expression. Oghams even show me how to find mental clarity and serenity.

The Ogham alphabet is ancient. An early form had twenty letters, each one associated with a specific tree sacred to Druids. This course teaches you how to use the twenty letters for divination, so the twenty trees and Old Gods guide and empower you.

Some folks really want to learn Ogham divination but can’t on their own, with only a wee instruction pamphlet that comes enclosed with an Ogham divination set. Yet struggling through a big complex book, without support, is uninviting and uninspiring.

By contrast, Learn Ogham Divination is a brief course of easy lessons that guide you step-by-step through learning Ogham divination. There’s plenty of support. As you’ll see below, you can even phone me if you have questions.

With this course, the basics are covered! Plus more:

* Instructions on how to use Ogham letters as talismans are included.

* Lessons tend to be simple and streamlined, yet have layers, creating depth and sophistication.

* Concise divinatory meanings for each alphabet letter, along with simple instructions on how to do Ogham divination, are layered to impart a Druid’s way of life.

* This class is a prerequisite for advanced Druid training. Divination is part of the Druidic path.

* Lessons include Fey-touched material never published till now. The original Druidism was based in the Faerie Faith. That ancient Fey Druidry is imparted in the course.

* Many meanings provided for the Oghams are unavailable elsewhere. Though you’ll learn traditional meanings when relevant, a great deal of what you’ll receive is not from books. Instead, I learned it directly from trees, Gods, my past life memories as a Druid, and my channeling.

* When channeling and talking with the Gods, I’m often in Fey realms.  Because of that and other experiences, my original Ogham interpretations and teaching methods are grounded in the Faerie Faith. One of the many benefits that provides you is practical mysticism. The old Fey worldview does not always divide spirit and matter into two separate things. You’ll learn divination that is both mystical and down-to-earth, delivering relevant advice for everything from inner growth to great sex.

* Lessons reveal how the meanings for an Ogham letter serve as a jumping off point for brainstorming and exploration, so a reading you’re doing gives you information relevant to your personal situation.

Learn Ogham Divination has five powerful aspects:

1) A Weekly lesson, delivered by email, for seven weeks. The way I teach, you’ll learn quickly, so you only need to take the seven lessons.

Each lesson is a digital Book of Shadows entry (PDF), ornamented by my full-color, original, shamanic art that intensifies the text’s magic. Much of the artwork was created specifically for this course. The Book of Shadows entries will become cherished, enchantment-filled, lifelong possessions.

2) The Book of Ogham Meanings, which is a companion text for this course. This 5500 word PDF provides meanings for each Ogham, and is embellished with my full color, original sacred art.

So you quickly can access Ogham interpretations, I put them all in this one booklet, instead of spread throughout the weekly lessons.

3) A complete Ogham set to use for divination and talismans. This full-color digital painting has the twenty Ogham letters, set up so you can print them all on one sheet, then cut along its clearly marked cutting lines to create a twenty-piece Ogham divination set. I spent months painting magical art, to create a set specifically for this course’s participants, so they 1) have a set I hope they will treasure and 2) can start doing Ogham divination right away,  instead of having to find a set.

This is a mini-sized deck, easily kept nearby to use whenever you want and, since it fits on one page, you only need to print one sheet for a full deck.

Here’s a photo of the divination set after I printed it and cut up the paper, then arranged the cards to show most of my favorites. As the course progresses, I hope you’ll have your favorite cards:

The set’s artwork tickles me. It makes me happy, partially out of pride for my work, but also because looking at it just pleases my eyes and my spirit. In fact, I display the page, uncut, as a piece of art, in my home.

Detail and clarity of all the course’s artwork is excellent. Images in this post are blurred, by necessity, their lesser quality allowing this post to load quickly.

4) I’m available by phone, for up to 45 minutes. If you have questions about the material, need support because your commitment to doing the lessons falters, want to further explore a particularly tantalizing part of the curriculum, or have other concerns, feel free to phone.

You can divide the 45 minutes into two or three conversations. Conversations must occur during the span of the course or within a month after.

5) Bonus feature: a digital file of a second Ogham divination set! If you want to try divination with a completely different style of artwork, here it is. I myself like trying different divination sets. Your bonus mini-sized deck:

A personal story about the second set: to practice painting with watercolors, which I hadn’t done for a while, I created this set in only a day. So the set is nowhere near as polished as the one I spent months on. I’d planned to use the watercolor Oghams exclusively for my private divination, knowing that quickly-rendered art can have its own type of power, joy, and beauty. Then, to my surprise, the watercolor touched several people’s hearts. I realized many folks who are drawn to the highly personal energy I put into all my work, including the set I spent months on, might find using the second set as dynamic as I do. I hadn’t planned on offering the watercolor to anyone, so turning it into a shareable item took digital maneuvering. The painting was so large that I had to scan it in pieces, then digitally resize them to all fit in one graphic, then painstakingly reassemble the pieces—it took time to digitally line up pieces precisely with each other—then even more painstakingly digitally paint their edges so they blended back together. It was worth it because I love sharing my sacred art. I hope you enjoy it.

The course starts Sunday June 12, 2022 when you receive your first lesson.

If an unexpected event makes me unable to send one week’s planned material, I’ll extend the course an extra week.

Full cost for lessons, The Book of Ogham Meanings, two decks, and one-on-one support is $400. Scroll down to pay securely with PayPal:

If you prefer two monthly payments of $200 each, click the Subscribe button below:

No experience needed. But even advanced practitioners should find worthy material. If you need more information, or want to discuss scholarship, trade, or a special payment plan, phone me. My number is below the next paragraph. No refunds. This online course is not a transcription of an oral tradition class (which I teach by phone). My online courses are special unto themselves—magic tailored to be spectacularly useful, exciting, effective, and safe when learned online.

Decades of doing divination professionally and teaching others how to divine taught me a lot about the best ways to develop this course. My family tradition also honed my teaching approach: I was raised to be a creator of new, otherworldly material.

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8 Responses to Learn Ogham Divination: A Seven-Week Online Course

  1. Robyn says:

    Dear Francesca,
    I just wanted to let you know right now and here how much I love the Ogham lessons. The lessons are extremely well written. Now, I’m already used to your high standard and enjoyed other online classes with you, but here, in my opinion, you have surpassed yourself yet again. They are so crystal clear. And there is not a minute I need to feel insecure about what to do when, it’s as if you were actually standing at my side, giving one clear and concise instruction after another. It builds a whole lot of trust! Trust in you, your writing and instructions, but also in the trees and the natural world. The oghams help me feel very connected to and supported by nature and the Goddess and the universe – exactly the feeling of non-seperateness I much need at the moment!!! They carry such a gentle, caring energy. Thank you so much for doing this class!!!!!
    Lots and lots of love, Robyn

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Robyn, that means so much to me. I so want the online courses to be deep and personal, and knowing I have accomplished that for you means everything to me. Thank you.

  2. Crystal says:

    Francesca, I’m glad I decided to take this course with you! It offered a really positive perspective on divination that I haven’t previously encountered. I loved the focus on making divination easy, whimsical, and totally worry-free. I think I’ve already used your deck more often than any other divination tool I own — and I’ve also taken to using your no-worries, self-aware but not self-conscious approach with divination tools I haven’t had as much success with in the past.

    Really and truly, it was refreshing to see divination presented in a down-to-earth, no-fuss way that’s also highly adaptable and personal. What I got from this course has influenced my whole attitude toward divination for the better. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Oh, my gosh, Crystal, it makes me happy that you enjoy divination so much now. And I’m delighted I was able to help that happen.

      Your feedback reassures me that I did attain certain of the goals I had when I wrote that online course—specifically, making divination easy, adaptable, and relevant to real life. That can be hard stuff to convey when you’re not actually with the student. So thank you for letting me know I succeeded. Woohoo!

      As always, you are beautifully articulate.

      Thanks for supporting my work by leaving the review.

  3. Francesca’s Ogham Divination class was a delight. I enjoyed learning that there are so many ways to receive information with divination and how to approach divination as a conversation with the divine. I also love having a few new Ogham sets to play with. I keep one in my wallet in case I need a reading on-the-go.

    Francesca’s art is beautiful and heartfelt and her fey-touched wisdom is grounding, safe, and luscious.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Wow, You keep a set in your wallet? That’s a cool idea.

      And I’m flattered that a professional artist such as yourself would have my artwork in her wallet. Happy dance.

      I’m glad that I painted mini-sets so that one would fit in your wallet.

      Thank you for your kind words about my work. Big love and hugs to you.

  4. Dave says:

    Francesca, I wanted to thank you for offering this course.

    The course, the structure of the lessons, and the channels of support and insight they’ve opened have been unbelievably important to me – they have made me so much more functional as a working interconnected part of the universe.

    A couple weeks after completing the course, I found myself having maybe the most intense day of the past few months. (My problems were not the result of the course.) Hoping to calm myself, I thought to ask my gods, your gods, our gods for advice. I pulled an Ogham card. I never even opened up your interpretation guide… because I didn’t get a “message,” I got immediate direct meaningful support from a profoundly present and understandable to me loving universe. Aside from the immediate support, pulling that card honestly felt like an initiation to me. Thank you, dear friend, with tears of gratitude.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Dave, it fills my heart to know the course helped you experience this much support from the universe.

      I appreciate your heartfelt feedback. Thank you so much.

      I’m glad you talked about the lesson structure. I didn’t want to teach what everybody else teaches about Ogham divination. I worked hard to come up with a lesson structure I felt would best convey what I myself had developed on the topic. So you’re benefiting from the structure of the lesson plans makes me feel they succeeded.

      I’d also hoped that, for some students, my style of Ogham divination would provide a side benefit—better ability to gain information and sheer power from everything around you, as you feel the loving embrace of the universe.

      You clearly ran with what I presented! Pat yourself on the back for your success! Wow!

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