Pastoral Counseling

Shamanic counseling—for people of all faiths & for those fine ‘n’ dandy without one.

Oral tradition—by phone. One Hour, $200.

I don’t say what some people want to hear. I tell honest seekers what they need to hear—information and tools for creating their own destiny. I tell it gently.

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Self-portrait, Francesca De Grandis

Self-portrait, Francesca De Grandis

I’ve supported people regarding everything from love life to marketing to creative blocks to healing from trauma. The trauma includes improper initiations by teachers who left the initiate shattered.

One size does not fit all. My front lines work as a grass-roots alternative minister has had me counseling everyone from art students to cancer patients to Christian ministers to international leaders in multiple fields.

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A session might focus solely on the overtly spiritual aspects of your concerns. More often, sessions are a blend of the mystical and practical. Spiritual support often needs to be down to earth, to be really caring; I do not gloss over your real-life issues. Examples of mundane input that Spirit might channel through me: a marketing plan; scheduling strategies to fit artwork into a busy life; methods for resolving conflict with your significant other.

Do you want a master at this work? I was born into a European-based shamanic family-tradition that helps me be an ethical, loving practitioner. Mom was faerie-touched, a gifted psychic who also read tea leaves and playing cards. I devote myself to being the best shamanic guide I can.

Francesca De Grandis

Francesca De Grandis

For example, I studied—and interned—full-time in various traditions. E.G., my early years, I was a spiritual counselor specializing in Southern Spiritualism (also called hoodoo or American voodoo). Society views people as limited, not multifaceted. But you have a whole world inside you. I’ve expert knowledge of transformative tools in various traditions. Multifaceted support for multifaceted you.

I’ve been a spiritual guide for forty years—and many lifetimes.

You deserve more than words. Your session will be more than words. I’m a talisman: Just being in session with me causes your powers and happiness to proudly unfurl, build like a swelling note, bloom into a smile, and declare themselves like bright banners waving during—and despite—a storm.

Every client is a wonder to me. Want to celebrate you? Click here to make an appointment.

2 Responses to Pastoral Counseling

  1. Kim Gordon says:

    I would love to meet with you for a session / hopefully in person (I live in Venice)

    I just met Sarah Katzeff, she excitedly introduced you to me..


    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Sarah is lovely!

      Kim, thanks for getting hold of me. I look forward to meeting you.

      Let’s do the sesson by phone. I do not travel at this time. And rarely teach in person, though might hold a weekend seminar here in Pennsylvania, summer 2017 or 2018.

      I look forward to meeting via phone.

      Blessings on your day, Francesca De Grandis

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