Manifesto and Motto


FDGOB2FRThat’s me: Outlaw Bunny aka Francesca De Grandis. But this is no bunny-without-a-cause. My motto is “Never doubt that one wee creature can change the world.”

However, right after saying that—and, I mean, the very first time—I went for a walk, during which I passed road kill.

I’m a country rabbit, so this is not unusual, though obviously awful. And since I was musing on the motto, it was one of those days that a tiny, squashed being particularly hit home.

I continued my stroll and was immediately passed by a truck. In the back were three men, each with hunting rifles, and day-glow-orange hats and vests. A daunting sight.

Road kill. Hunters. A message from the universe, for sure. Hence the following, improved, longer motto:

“Never doubt that one wee creature can change the world. But be ready to run like hell, and avoid morons.”

The second sentence is from a friend of mine. It might be misquoted, but she may have stolen it from Bugs Bunny, anyway, since she pronounced “morons” as “maroons,” accent on the second syllable.


Guide: Multimedia by Outlaw BunnyOutlaw Bunny is the only genius there is. Not!

However, we can save the world—not to mention have great lives—if we all learn to perceive, develop, and support the genius of every living, and supposedly non-living, being. Ditto, if we appreciate the multifaceted gem each person, the planet, and society are.

Therefore (I don’t know why I am writing this in third person, but I’m going to go with it), Outlaw Bunny tries to express all her talents, respect all her aspects, honor diversity, and help others do the same.

Outlaw Bunny’s other goal is to make lotsa jokes—which, of course, are some of those aforementioned sparkly facets on the gem of life.

What My Blog Is Like expands on this manifesto.

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