Social Media and Oral Tradition

For a long time, no blog. I felt blogging all wrong for me. This may seem strange, given that my whole life, including all my work, has been about connectivity. I not only help others find connection with deep self, Divinity, and community, but I do so in a modality of deep connection.

Blogging allows a lot of folks to connect but, long story short, I felt it would actually get in the way of the connection I most need, and through which I am of maximum service. I have an enormous global network of friends, students, and clients. I just don’t do it the usual way.

For one thing, I am thoroughly imbedded in oral tradition. Example: For years, students have gathered in my living room for lessons. For me, teaching demands connectivity on a deeply personal level. Though an international spiritual leader, I continue to open my home and teach small groups there. Now I live in an isolated area, and illness keeps me housebound, so classes are mostly via group phone calls, but I still sit in my living room rocking chair, carefully guiding groups. I have set up a mystic’s lifestyle that allows me to enter into authentic relationship with clients and students. 

I have decided to blog and Tweet, embracing social media because I want all the tools possible to connect with people. But I also want to share the gifts of oral tradition with you. As devoted as I am to the written word, I am equally if not more devoted to oral transmission. And I  feel I cannot fully commit to the written word on this site if I do not say somewhere on the site that the written word is no substitute for oral tradition. They each have their place.

What I am saying may make no sense to some people, b/c there is no contemporary reference point for oral tradition. It is not a discusssion group. it is not a support group, it is a living breathing moment and experience. It is a state of being. It does not make sense until you do it. So the important thing for me here is not just to talk about it – – it cannot be conveyed in words, only in being – – but to be sure to invite you to join me in it!

So, the doorway into it is to sign up for my newsletters. From there, a lot of options show themselves. Example: I lead free global rites that meet via group phone calls; the newsletters announces their dates. Another example: What My Blog Is Like says my blog is an attempt to create an all-encompassing weave. What My Blog Is Like also describe how I teach, write, and approach all of my life. But the written word weaves something different from what oral tradition does; oral tradition weaves in the moment of our togetherness, and is about being. BEING, being together with people in an all-embracing cosmos. I hope you join me!

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5 Responses to Social Media and Oral Tradition

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  2. Kaitlin says:

    Thank you for sharing your personal/professional growth with us once again.

    While I was reading your thoughts about Oral Tradition, I thought about the ancient Greek orators who had verbal cues to remind themselves where they were in a story – like memory markers. My favorite one is “grey-eyed Athena”. I imagine the detailed descriptions helped pull in their audience as well. That’s a kind of spell isn’t it? The power of a human voice.

    Thanks for that little brain-jolt!

    Also, I think the heart drawing you’ve added to this blog would make an excellent tattoo – I see a metaphor for life in the image – attacks, defense, reward, learning, and triumph. Maybe I’m reading a little too far in to a pretty fae doodle, but knowing you, I know there’s layers in it.

    Smiles and love,

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Always so great to hear from you. I love yr thoughts re oral trad and Greek drama. As to my fey doodle, you are right, it was carefully planned. It is a sigil I designed to represent the spiritual guide. Wow, tattoo, had not thought of that. Lol, it reminds me of a day we were working in my office, and I noticed you’d drawn one of my sigils on yr hand. Nice memory of our days when u were my publishing intern. Miss you, if u r ever up this way, give me a call. Love you!

  3. So lovely to find your beautiful smile yet again! I have so much thanks in my heart for you Francesca! You have always been a beacon of light for me on my journey. And I am happy to be able to share with you where I am and what I am doing now.
    I hope you are living with great health and happiness.

    • francesca says:

      Good to hear from u. It’s been quite a while since u took my classes! So I’m touched that u stay in touch and u stay abreast of what I do. thank u for posting such kind words about me!!! Luv yr website: it is cool that the project is like Faerie Nation and Another Step: Yay!! The more the merrrier!! SOme of us free spirits are driven to build communities etc for other free spirits. Yaya! Was nice to see yr pic!

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