Energy Clearing of Your Home, Office, or Other Space

Energy Clearing
of Your Home, Office, or Other Space

Do you think you might need to clean the energy in your home or other environment?

I will do it for you, long-distance, whether the space is in San Francisco, New York City, or elsewhere.

My spiritual cleansing methods occur on another plane. So my geographical location doesn’t matter.

I clean the energy of a house, apartment, condo, office, theatre, construction site, or other environment.

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What Is an Energy Clearing of a Home, Office, or Other Place?
What Are Other Words for a Spiritual Cleansing of a Space?
What Is a Real Exorcism?
Can Bad Energy in a Place Cause Problems There?
Why Do Some Spirits Cause Problems?
How Do You Do an Energy Clearing?
Diversity, Shamanic Culture, Marginalized Groups, and Energy Clearing
Energy Clearing Services

What Is an Energy Clearing
of a Home, Office, or Other Place?

An energy clearing, also known as a spiritual cleaning, dispels problematic energy in an environment.

There are various forms of unpleasant energy and different degrees of seriousness. Here are four examples.

* the energy residue of heated arguments that occurred in that space

* an unhappy spirit—someone who died and needs to resolve a problem before passing on fully into the afterlife

* a malevolent spirit who hates living people and wants to hurt them

* a build-up from everyday life. In other words, physical dirt builds up every day. So we regularly vacuum, wash dishes, scrub out the bathtub, etc. In the same vein, energy clearing on a regular basis removes daily life’s unpleasant energy residue.

Any type of harmful energy can last long after its initial cause. In other words, you might move into a building in which negative energies that started 50 years ago still remain.

What Are Other Words
for a Spiritual Cleansing of a Space?

There are different terms for this work:
Feng Shui
Clean the energy
Clear the energy
Energy clearing
Spiritual cleansing
Energy cleaning
Energy cleansing
Spiritual housecleaning
Spiritual cleaning

Often, I use these terms interchangeably. In important ways, doing so is historically accurate.

I often avoid using the word exorcism because many people misunderstand it due to gross misrepresentation of it.

What Is a Real Exorcism?

Christianity and society at large have misrepresented exorcisms. Thus, an exorcism is now associated with shame, self-degradation, and a terrible situation that cannot be overcome.

Christian so-called exorcism is also used to excuse abuse. Under the guise of expelling demons, a Christian practitioner might torment someone who refused to bow down to an oppressor, has psychiatric problems, or suffers from puzzling medical symptoms.

The movie The Exorcist validated the abuse by adding misrepresentations of exorcisms.

Some alleged exorcism techniques are dangerous, both physically and psychically, and have caused death.

Exorcisms practiced by most Christian groups are often ineffective. Below, you’ll read why my approach is an effective alternative. But for now:

A great deal of the time a problematic spiritual entity is not even evil. It’s a spirit having a hard time. Not all troublesome spirits are demons. Once given help, the spirit might become benign and either help whoever it had been bothering, move on into the afterlife, or otherwise depart. The word exorcism is an accurate description of compassionate rituals that might help this spirit.

Exorcise simply means to free a person or space from spirit(s) and energies that are causing problems. Exorcisms are no different from clearing the energy.

Can Bad Energy in a Place Cause Problems There?

Yes, bad energy in a place can cause problems. They can range from mild to terrible. Let’s look at a few of the more serious ones.

* Feelings of apathy, powerlessness, or uselessness can overcome some or all the occupants. These feelings can, of course, stem from other causes. When that occurs, negative energy in the environment might increase the unpleasant feelings and make it feel like there’s no way to shake them.

* Emotional states might bounce around, for example going from dispiritedness to rage. Again, this could stem from something other than negative energy in the environment. But negative energy could exacerbate and prolong the problem.

* Extreme fatigue often stems from medical problems, but it can also stem from psychic problems in the environment.

Those examples represent only a few of the problems that spiritually cleansing a space can clear up or radically diminish.

Why Do Some Spirits Cause Problems?

There are benign spirits who have died but linger in the human realm until someone helps them address a tragedy they suffered when still living. Resolution might require my taking care of something on the material plane or helping a spirit emotionally resolve a trauma.

Here’s an example. Many years ago, a contractor hired me to cleanse a construction site. One of the troublesome spirits there was not malevolent. She was a child who had died in tragic circumstances and needed to resolve a few things. I helped the wee spirit find peace and move on. She no longer troubled the workers at the construction site.

Then there are cruel spirits who delight in causing harm. They try to make people and animals miserable.

Most spirits are neither fully evil nor fully benign. Like humans, they are somewhere in between. I deal with them as such.

Not all spirits are humans or demons. All sorts of beings populate the otherworldly realm.

Troublesome spirits, malevolent or benign, can cause great distress or other serious harm.

How Do You Do an Energy Clearing?

There are many methods. Not everyone uses the same ones.

I have an extensive tool kit with which to clean the energy of someone’s space. This allows me to choose methods that best suit the specific energies that are present. It also lets me combine a large number of methods, when needed.

Raised in a Shamanic family tradition of Italian and Celtic Witchcraft, I was trained from birth to serve community as a shaman. The family’s Witchcraft is an ancient Faerie Shamanism. A lot of my approach to energy clearing is based in my family’s Witchcraft. Rigorous studies in other traditions also inform my work. I started performing psychic cleansings decades ago. Years of experience taught me a lot.

My exorcisms are based in well-honed abilities and thoroughly-studied techniques instead of ignorant superstitions like those of the Catholic Church. While Catholic exorcisms may occasionally work, by and large they are harmful or worthless.

Five examples of my tools for spiritually cleaning a space:

1) I apply the Italian counterpart to Feng Shui. I’m not referring to Western society’s usual understanding of Feng Shui, which is the positioning of material objects in a space to influence energy flows. Underpinning that practice is an awareness of nature’s harmonious patterns and how to work with those energy flows. In that vein, I use patterns of natural otherworldly energies to harmonize a space’s energies.

2) I perform spiritual cleansing rituals with Faerie Gods who guide and bless the rituals with Their immense power. So, for example, when I banish a nasty spirit, my Gods protect me and strengthen the banishing.

3) I use my otherworldly sensibilities to perceive the exact nature of an energetic problem as opposed to making bigoted or otherwise biased assumptions. I am not implying that I never make an error in judgment. Psychic awareness is a human mode of perception, which means it will never be perfect. But I’m dang good at it. This tool is an example of why it is important that my work is grounded in skill and years of training and study. They honed my psychic abilities.

This sigil heals and strengthens body and spirit, and brings overall luck. I channeled the sigil and placed it here to bless my exorcism ceremonies.4) I maintain a trance for the entirety of the cleansing, constantly perceiving the energy so that I know what needs to be addressed each step of the way.

The ongoing trance is especially important for major psychic disturbances. This is because constantly changing one’s methodologies may be needed to fully address the problem. Think of a martial artist. They don’t just punch, punch, punch. They punch, block, kick, spin, punch, duck, jump, kick. In other words, they keep responding to the situation. Being in trance throughout the cleansing, I can psychically perceive, step-by-step, what is needed for an effective, thorough spiritual cleaning.

5) The techniques and down-to-earth philosophy of my family’s witchcraft keep my feet on the ground. This allows me to weave my mystical state with common sense. For example, my trance does not make me overlook practical considerations like safety. Instead, I have the ability to maintain a right-brain left-brain balance, so that I’m in a deep trance, while remaining logical.

Diversity, Shamanic Culture, Marginalized Groups, and Energy Clearing

I perform cleansing work with an eye to diversity and inclusion.

Different shamanic cultures might have wonderfully different approaches to cleaning the energy of a space. Some of the approaches are tailored to the specific problems more likely to occur in that culture. Yet all the approaches do the same work.

Are you wondering whether my approach will suit you because of the culture in which you were raised or because you’re part of a marginalized group? I suggest you use your intuition to decide. Over the decades, I’ve had a diverse, satisfied clientele.

Energy Clearing Services

Which of the following three choices meets your needs?

Clearing #1:
Spiritual Housekeeping Is Needed
Even though the Energy Could Be Worse

The energy around you doesn’t have to be the worst in the world to cause big problems. You can feel really dragged down. Life may seem grey and worthless. Success may be blocked. Other problems can occur. I’ll take care of it for you. The energy of your space will feel clean, bright, and renewed.

Spiritual housekeeping, even at this level, often requires professional attention. Though no seriously problematic energy might be obvious, there is usually at least one major energetic problem that requires a skilled practitioner putting in a goodly amount of time.

Or, perhaps you’re too busy to spiritually cleanse your home even if you have the skills, or don’t want to learn how. Maybe you’ve moved into a new place and are too busy setting up to clean the energy. I will make it fresh and new and ready for you. A new start!

Or you’re preparing to sell your condominium and want to reduce any negativity in it. Potential buyers who are not psychically aware might sense negative energy subconsciously. If so, they could walk away.

Or you bought a used car. You’d like it to feel spiritually clean and yours instead of being a leftover from someone with their energy still in it.

Spiritual housecleaning has become more important than ever. During times when many individuals are experiencing bigger challenges than usual, the daily residue of psychic “dirt” builds up more than usual.

Being stuck at home in recent years means more time there and therefore more buildup of the daily psychic debris. It’s time for a psychic cleaning.

You deserve your home and other spaces to be at their best. So I will clean the energy.

Here’s our process:

* Pay securely with PayPal: Use the payment button below for a one-time payment of $500.

* If you don’t receive an email confirming your payment within a few days, check your spam filter and spam mailbox. If the email is not there, please call me at the phone number below the payment button. Also feel free to phone me if you want more information. No refunds.

* Do not give me information about the space you want renewed. It would waste your time and mine. When I confirm receipt of payment, I also ask for the information I need to do a good job for you.

* Do not pay yet if the space is especially large, for example the building is on a lot larger than an acre. Instead, contact me for cost.

Please enter your phone number

Clearing #2:
Monthly Spiritual Cleanings
to Maintain Nice Energy

If you’d like spiritual housecleaning once a month for three months to maintain a nice clean energy, here’s our process:

* Choose a three-month subscription. Your price after the initial cleansing is reduced from $500 to $200 for both the second and third month. That totals $600 less for energy upkeep by a professional.

* Read the above steps that I outlined for a single cleaning session, except for the first step, which is to use the button that pays for a single cleaning. All the other steps apply to the three-month maintenance.

* Click the subscription button below for three monthly payments of $300:

Please enter your phone number

Clearing #3:
The Most Serious Energetic Disturbances
Need to Be Addressed

I remove the most serious energetic disturbances in an apartment, farmhouse, car, or other environment.

There are many types of substantially negative energy. Here are a few examples.

Please note that the following examples can occur in varying degrees. Only more extreme degrees would require Clearing Service #3.

* Constant animosity between occupants of a space can be caused by negative energy that is attached to the property. Perhaps a malicious spirit is twisting energy to make the space’s occupants angry, hostile, and combative. And they don’t realize that their constant fury and endless arguments are not caused by themselves, or at least not entirely.

* A crisis can leave a residue of terrible energy.

* A spirit who is in emotional pain might be horribly disruptive because it is desperate for someone to notice them and heal them. The spirit might be benign but can still cause big problems out of desperation or ignorance.

Fixing major psychic disturbances can require someone who is highly trained.

Another aspect of inclusivity: If you are a person who has experienced trauma, you deserve compassion and patience. You can expect kindness from me throughout our process.

If you think a severe psychic problem is in your home or other space, here’s our process:

* Email me at the address below. All you need to do is put one word in the email—the word exorcism. Nothing else is required. I need that word to know why you’re contacting me.

* Do not include information about your problem. I need information about the problem in its proper context, which will come later. If you tell me about the problem in this initial email, I will not accept you as a client. I won’t deal with anyone who mucks around when it comes to a seriously negative energy.

* After your email, I email you a complete outline of how we can proceed, including costs and a link to pay for an initial evaluation. More about that evaluation in a moment. The outline will show the thorough job I do to provide you with a real solution. My email also includes questions about the space you need cleansed.

* In the initial evaluation, I diagnose the problem and determine whether a cleansing is needed. I perform the diagnosis by doing a psychic reading of your situation coupled with an informed analysis based on my research in psychic disturbances.

* The initial evaluation gives me a sense of how much work I will need to do. I determine my spiritual cleansing fee based on that.

* If my diagnosis and proposed costs suit you, we continue forward: I perform the cleansing.

* Serious inquiries only. To deal with major psychic disturbances, I maintain a sharp focus throughout the process, starting at the very beginning with reading your initial email.

Francesca De Grandis, bestselling author of Be a Goddess!, practices a Goddess spirituality that embraces practical magic spells. She has lectured to many communities, ranging from the students and faculty of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine to NPR listeners to Pagan conference attendees in Scotland.

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One Response to Energy Clearing of Your Home, Office, or Other Space

  1. I recently hired Francesca for Spiritual Housekeeping of my new rental home, and I am SO GLAD that I did!

    Before she began her work, the house felt dim and a little creepy at times. I definitely didn’t want to go down into the basement by myself, and felt anxiety at bedtime. I appreciated that Francesca promptly identified the issues, informed me of her findings and her proposed plan of action. That’s when I began to relax a bit, because I knew it was in the hands of an expert.

    When Francesca completed her process, there was a noticeable shift in the feel of the house and garage. It felt fresh and ready for us. My anxiety level decreased because I could feel the difference.

    I was touched by the care that Francesca brought to the process as well as the amount of time she dedicated to doing a thorough job and keeping me informed. Because I am a student of hers, she generously went above and beyond to offer me additional personalized mentoring and instruction on how to maintain a good energy here. That’s how much she really truly cares for her students!

    A couple months later, we are still enjoying a bright, beautiful home! I strongly recommend Francesca’s services and feel they are 100% worth the investment.

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