I Can Draw? Huh?

Detail From My Beloved, Silk Painting by Francesca De GrandisIn July or August, I found out I can draw ‘n’ paint! I’d only just realized my sigils, decorative shapes, and calligraphy were okay.  Then suddenly I was able to draw literal things like a face – – Huh? – – this is freaky to me. But it is making me happy. (The pic to the left is a detail from a silk painting I did, of a Faerie.) As a child, I didn’t have good art supplies. Not my folks’ fault: no kids in my neighborhood had them. Well, a few months back, I WON a high quality silk painting kit that made me see what I can do. I also found out that I can manage silk painting and some other dye-arts despite my disabilities. This means I can put my energy out into the world via these paintings, even though illness keeps me homebound.  AND I CAN’T BELIEVE IT, I’VE ALREADY SOLD SEVEN PAINTINGS. THIS IS WEIRD. Expressing a part of me that I did not even know was neglected! I can’t wait to see where this will go! I REALLY hope you’ll share this with me at www.outlawbunny.etsy.com

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