International Summer Solstice Ritual 2024

The Generous Sun, Francesca De Grandis, 2013

In my upcoming international Summer Solstice ritual, there will be a guided Fairy Witch meditation. During it, the Goddess will appear to participants and help them
* Overcome obstacles inside and out.
* Enjoy a blessed life.

Also, I will give everyone who attends a direct spiritual transmission. The spiritual transmission gives good luck and protection. It also provides other benefits, which you can learn about here.

The ritual, including the spiritual transmission, is free. I usually charge over $100 for one of my transmissions.

This one-hour Fairy Witch ritual can make all the difference. Or can be a vital beginning.

No experience is needed. But advanced magicians will experience the depths and power they need.

The event will be a teleseminar—aka group phone call. Participants can call in from anywhere.

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you have the information about how to attend.

If you have not subscribed yet and want to attend future free rituals, click here or this banner:


I hope to see you at a ritual soon.

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