Bardic Alchemy

Woohoo, after FOREVER, my spoken word album is out. It’s called Bardic Alchemy: Enchanted Tales about the Quest for God/dess and Self.

The ancient Faerie Faith is alive. This recording is derived from my oral teachings of Goddess culture. I hope – and believe – that many listeners will find each story to be a shamanic experience: a direct meeting with the Goddess and a journey into Her fey realms, in which you truly touch magic.

Rather than expound theory, I try to guide listeners to their own truths. Goddess Spirituality (shamanism, Wicca, the Old Religion, witchcraft, Faerie Faith, paganism—identical terms for our purposes here) maintains that we need no priest to tell us how to act, and that anyone can talk directly to Deity. Hierarchical dogma is replaced with connectivity and personal revelation, through which one finds God/dess, self, and wholeness. Check it out at

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