The Ecstatic Goddess! Sacred Poetry by Francesca De Grandis

Paring down before my move to Italy includes selling collectibles—the last copies of my self-published books.

Here is one of those titles. Your purchase will help me pay for the move.

The Ecstatic Goddess!

Wild Meditations, Lyrical Rituals,
and Earth Sexuality for the Pagan Heart

Sacred Poetry by Francesca De Grandis

Available only from the author, here.

Two copies remain of the 100 copies that were ever printed. The book will be out of print once they are sold.

The quality of this post’s photos is diminished and does not represent the actual product’s print job.

“Reading or listening to Francesca’s words, like the words of the Torah or Sufi, or the Tao, one can be taken into hidden worlds, worlds full of deep healings and teachings. Francesca’s words have helped me to open up to who I am.”—Geoffrey “Grasshopper” Cohen

The ancient Faerie Faith is alive. Bawdy yet reverent, De Grandis’s words inspire sweaty mysticism and radiate power. She says, “When I visit the heart of atoms, of stars, and of the sacred void, I know secrets. They become friends.” She shares them freely and encourages you to honor yours, in this sourcebook for the spirit.

Poetry is magic. This book’s poems echo a human heartbeat and the rhythms of the cosmos, making powerful magic:
* invocations to feel a loving Goddess right beside you
* union with Nature’s bounty and beauty
* sexual Mysteries blooming in body and soul
* contemplations for wisdom and confidence
* love spells that work
* or a stirring addition to a ritual you’re creating.

Learn how poetry can enchant your day and wake your cells—immediately and easily. Poetry and magic don’t have to be baffling. Song lyrics are poetry. So are prayers, jingles, and chants. Poetry and magic can be as natural as breathing or sex.

Instead of brain-puzzles, The Ecstatic Goddess! is a gut experience that transforms spirit and DNA. You won’t just read about a new life, you’ll live it. Francesca guides you over its terrain—a Fey-touched world of Ecstatic Spirituality.

A Pagan Liturgy from The Ecstatic Goddess!

About the Author

Francesca has a gift—the power to help people find and fully use their own gift/power. She touches the real/the core/divine realms/source, in a way that helps others live their unique real/core/source/divine heart of the matter. She says, “I can’t offer the reassurance of rigid dogma or prescribed actions. And I am a deeply flawed seeker. But my poems can support the challenging path of self-expression, joy, and spiritual growth.”

Just as Whitman gave spiritual voice to his times, Francesca De Grandis has produced pivotal material. Since the eighties, her oral teachings and published work have been seminal influences on the culture and liturgy of Goddess Spirituality. Her poems—rituals, prayers, chants, contemplations, meditations, visualizations, and lyric lectures—anonymously entered the oral and written literature of Nature Spirituality. E.g., lines from her “Laws of Nature” are mistaken for traditional. She so precisely portrays the crux of both mysticism and mundane life that her phrases seem ancient lore.

Reviews for The Ecstatic Goddess!

Fred Lamond, author of “Fifty Years of Wicca”: “There is a glut of books proposing standardized Wiccan rituals . . . Francesca instead creates material that is relevant to modern times, yet is often timeless in its mystic insight . . .”

The Rev. Kate R. Walker, Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church, Alexandria, VA: “De Grandis’s The Ecstatic Goddess! is a fun and provocative exploration into her relationship with the earth and the universe. She presents her journey in such a way that most anyone can both join in with her, and find their own personal meaning. While we each yearn for an explanation of how the universe works, De Grandis presents her understanding as an invitation not as a lecture. With helpful guidance that welcomes a fellow voyager, her words invite the reader to experience life in a deep and meaningful way . . . a rich resource for both the individual and for small groups . . . I recommend this book to facilitators of . . . worship services of all sizes.”

Susun S. Weed, green witch, wise woman: “Hold this book close to your ear. Can you hear it? It is a miraculous, fractal ‘origami three-dimensional poesy’ invitation to YOU . . . come in to the magic, come in to your self, come play, come in to the sacred moment . . . ” (“origami three-dimensional poesy” is from De Grandis’s “Crone Poem.”)

The Ecstatic Goddess! is culled from forty years of De Grandis’s words. Her magic spread through oral tradition until it touched thousands.

The Ecstatic Goddess! contains material shared only in her oral teachings until the book’s publication.

From students of Francesca De Grandis’ oral tradition

Scott Schulz: “[Francesca’s poetry] packs far more meaning and lore into one small spot than you might guess when you first hear it . . . Her words have brought my powers from the birthing waters of the subconscious into the moonlight . . . It’s a poetry that is meant to be breathed and used. It is magic, raw and powerful. Her writing has an economy of language that draws disparate threads together and weaves a new way of living in the world. It is the path to Faerie.”

Adrienne Amundsen, Ph.D., and clinical psychologist: “[De Grandis] has the trustworthy ethics of a Buddhist priest, psychologically sound respect for the complexity of the human process, and a wicked sense of humor that keeps serious material in healthy perspective.”

Mary-Lib Whitney, Director of Religious Education and storyteller: “Francesca weaves her spirituality and love of the earth on a loom of poetic storytelling that leaves the listener enriched and refreshed.”

Lady of Soul: “Francesca’s poetry . . . connects me to a deep knowing that goes beyond thought . . . Her poetry is, as the Hindus say, chaitanya, or alive, pulsating with this moment’s life force . . . Francesca’s poetry is a transmission of love, beauty, healing, and power.”


The book is 155 pages, with a 6.69 X 9.61 trim size (big pages!). Its spiral binding keeps it open during a ritual.

The two remaining copies have front covers I hand-painted. I painted only four covers—one for me, one for the book’s layout designer, and two to sell.

Here are pictures of the painted copies:

These last books are priced for collectors: $250 per book. Free Shipping. I ship only in the United States, to non-military addresses.

I am asking far less than rare book dealers from whom authors don’t receive a percentage. Given the painted covers, dealers might ask between $350 and $500. Someone on Amazon asked $300 for a funky lil chapbook I published in the ‘80s. So did a major bookstore in London.

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