Distance Healings of Body, Spirit, and Life

Receive a Long Distance Healing of Body, Spirit, and Life

Flowers with the words “You are beauty. You deserve beauty.”
No meeting required, not even by phone. Just schedule your shamanic treatment. Click here.

Your shamanic treatment is integrative. You receive:
* a healing and empowerment of your spirit
* a healing and strengthening of your body
* blessings in your life overall

You don’t have to meditate, show up at an event, or do anything else to have your treatment. Go about your day, while I do the work for you.

Spiritual Transmission aka Shamanic Treatment aka Healing

I’ve used various terms for this work because my approach to it covers a lot of ground. The following descriptions all apply:
* shamanic treatments
* spiritual transmissions
* direct spiritual transmissions
* blessing ceremonies

Long distance healings of body and spirit also applies, though you receive other large benefits in addition.

Receive a Treatment Tailored to What You Want and Need

The treatment adapts itself to you, according to what you truly want and need, e.g., money flows in, back pain ends, you trust your wisdom more, and hope reappears. Or you experience a soul healing, safety under fire, spiritual fortitude, and a career opportunity. Or you gain peace of mind, confidence, personal growth, and freedom from longterm illness.

Usually, there are at least a few big shifts. The transmission does not focus on one benefit only, but blesses you as a whole being and blesses your life overall.

My shamanic treatment harmonizes with your unique essence and situation, addressing the core realities of your needs, goals, challenges, circumstances, spirit, and body—right down to the level of atoms.

Transmissions also add luck and power when you do anything to improve your life and add good luck and power in general.

Click here to schedule your shamanic treatment.

A person who already feels good in body and spirit experiences a “tune-up.”

If life’s already going well, you experience a boost so life goes even better.

The transmission lovingly transforms you and your life at the pace you need—instead of pushing too far till you’re overwhelmed—yet paradoxically gently accomplishes substantial, vital transformations.

Additional important, positive effects can occur for months, if not years.

I am blessed: Though I am no saint, the Divine gave me success, gifting me with spiritual breakthroughs. These breakthroughs allowed me to survive some terrible events and live joyfully, and nurtured my ability to create daily miracles for myself and those I serve.


“The transmission was so good it was seriously ridiculous! Within a few days, I got a job, a new truck for the exact amount I’d wanted to pay, and sold our old truck without even trying. No joke. In fact, I’d say I’m understating how amazing the week was—I can’t remember when I’ve had such smooth sailing.”

“Hey, Francesca! The work I received from you a couple of years ago helped heal a gallbladder issue I’d had for years! I was told I’d need surgery, and was in pain, but not anymore!”

“Thank you so much … In all areas, from the physical to the ethereal … for honest assistance in all there is — WOW. YOU ROCK.”

Click here for more feedback about transmissions and my other shamanic work: https://www.outlawbunny.com/2012/05/02/spiritual-transmission

This sigil heals and strengthens body and spirit, and brings overall luck. I channeled the sigil and placed it here to bless my shamanic treatment ceremonies.

This sigil heals and strengthens body and spirit, and brings overall luck. I channeled the sigil and placed it here to bless my shamanic treatment ceremonies.

If you can’t afford my fee, I offer powerful group treatments, for which scholarship, semi-scholarship, payment plan, and trade are available. To receive notice of these groups, go to https://www.outlawbunny.com/newsletter/

If you need more info, feel free to call me. I do not converse by email about spiritual transmissions.

If you prefer to be on the phone with me while I give you your treatment, I’m happy to oblige. It will be a one-hour session. Phone me to make an appointment. Wait til we schedule the appointment before sending payment.

Don’t keep pushing on without every support you need. You needn’t always struggle to grow and gain power. Let yourself just receive. For my online booking form, click here.

Disclaimer: My work is effective, but does not work for everyone. A shamanic treatment is not a substitute for medical care by a trained physician, psychiatric counseling, or other therapeutic treatments. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their voluntary participation.

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