Dandelion Blossoms

So Many Dandelion Blossoms, So I Can Fill with Sun
April, 2012
I know why, early spring, dandelions proliferate in wild crazy abundance. The flowers are full of sunshine to restore my depleted body and spirit, replace the enormous amount of sunshine they lost during the long winter here, cabin fever time for us in this climate.

Here, these cheerful blossoms will not be around in any quantity for very long. I gobble them up, consume them fast as I can. I figure their brief but prolific stay means Nature wants me to eat lots of them, right now, that I need that. The way they make my body feel concurs. La! Oh, la!

Just seeing them makes my eyes feel better, healthier, my eyes need to see them to be healthy.

I sit on the ground amidst them, this abundance of solar healing, eating. I make tea. I make syrup (thank you, Susun Weed).

I feel sunshine filling me, filling me, filling me more and more as I consume the yellow heads who sacrifice their little lives. Except you should leave the big ones, it may be Susun Weed who calls them grandmothers, and says not to eat them. Their seeds will grow more frothy flowers next year. But I think us elderly witches are allowed to eat the old grandma plants.

Nature is smart, Nature is generous. It makes me sad that many people poison and dig out these happy flowers to eradicate their huge quantity, then have to go to the doctor, ill because they don’t have enough sunshine in them or the other gifts with which nature so wants to imbue them.

Humans are part of the earth, so we too have a permaculture. We can know it authoritatively if we watch our bodies and spirits as patiently and analytically as a farmer watches sky and earth. Food is one of the main ways we take in nature’s healing gifts. Study your body’s needs and interactions with good food and pseudo-food. Trust the singing in your cells that wholesome food gives you.

Chaos Circus, Francesca De Grandis. Need feedback: could you tell the eye was a cat’s before I told you? I painted my cat and didn’t like how I did her eyes. So the eyeball was a study I assigned myself. I’m happy to find a use for it, after all the work it took. I mean, LOL, at first I thought. “What I could ever do with a cat's eye?” But I also made a kinda tarot card out of it (though whether I ever actually produce a deck…)

I am grateful to have been raised by a mom who touched nature’s healing ways. I remember her mom, my Nana, picking dandelion greens for dinner. But oh, those flowers.

Disclaimer: I have no scientific basis for the above piece. It is not meant to prescribe, cure, blah blah blah. And what is good for me—e.g., my joints—may be the worse thing not only for your joints but also for your whole body. I’m no herbalist, can’t say what is safe for a given individual. I research herbs in terms of my own body and own contraindications (e.g., will a given herb mess with you because of a specific pharmaceutical med you are on?). Herbs may be natural but they are also powerful, and act differently on each person. So do your research. All that said, herbs have saved my life, make my life joyful, and are my close friends. I live immersed in them.

Yes, I feel sunshine inside my body and spirit. Crazy like me? Come one, come all! Join the chaos circus.

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6 Responses to Dandelion Blossoms

  1. Jazzy says:

    Me, my best friend (who’s a duck) & all the bees love dandelions! I love this post ♥

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Jazzy, thank you so much for your comment! Please say hi to your duck and bee friends for me.

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  4. Dyhana says:

    I love dandelions! and stinging nettles, and thistles, and dock… and…. and…… wild food is the best!

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