A Review of Field Guide to Garden Dragons: Deck and Book Set

A Review of Field Guide to Garden Dragons:
Deck and Book Set

Artwork by Stanley Morrison
Field Guide by Arwen Lynch
Includes 46 cards and 138 page guidebook

I just had to have this deck.

Given that I’ve been a professional psychic since the early ‘80s, it might seem odd that I rarely buy a new deck. But I’ve collected so many over the years, plus have made a good number of my own divination tools. What I already own works wonderfully for me. No reason to mess with it.

And there’s just no physical space for more. Or so I thought.

A photo of this deck on Instagram grabbed my heart and imagination. I come from a long line of dragons, all of whom have a great sense of humor and adore the whimsical. That’s one reason Stanley’s art for the deck appealed to me bunches.

But there was another reason. As I said, my ancestors were dragons. I am the daughter of a savvy powerful dragon. This insider view means dragon art and literature can easily seem lacking to me, perhaps even pretentious. By contrast, the Instagram photo of this deck rang a tone that I recognized. It rings in my heart and bones. These cards were authentic. Stanley had, either consciously or subconsciously, tapped into something 100% real.

My anticipation about receiving the package was huge. When it arrived, I waited a couple of days before opening it, until I could give it the attention I felt it deserved. I was right to do that. When I opened the box, I was not disappointed.

I was enchanted, in the true sense of the word. Everything, from the charming booklet, with its diminutive size, beautiful palette, and lovely cover, to the back of the cards, exuded a magic of beauty and love. What I’m describing in this paragraph happened before I even read the text or looked at the cards’ fronts.

Then, looking at those fronts, each of which has a picture of a different dragon, was like looking at long lost friends. Every dragon critter greeted me with delight about our renewed acquaintance.

Not that I knew these critters the way the deck and book will now allow. For example, many of the visual details that Stanley portrayed were new to me. And I did not know that this critter here was an Artichoke dragon, or that this other critter was an Apple Dragon. I know a lot about dragons, in detail. In detail. But here I was reading a book explaining all sorts of details I didn’t know, such as a food a certain dragon likes, and a specific wisdom it often offers. I knew these creatures, some of them only in a buried part of myself and, now, Stanley’s art and Arwen’s writing will help me get to know them well. I also suspect that, as I get to know some of them better, I will find that some of them were never lost to me but just have aspects I did not see until I acquired the set.

(If my review of this set is so exuberant as to seem disingenuous, understand that I’m unlikely to review a product or service unless I absolutely adore it. I almost never write reviews but, once in a blue moon, something hits me hard, as this set has done, so I want a copy, both for my personal possession and to review it to support it.)

Had the booklet by Arwen been something other than fabulous, the deck alone would’ve been dear to me. But, as I read the booklet’s introduction, and eight of the sections on specific dragons (I’ll explain momentarily why, at the time of writing this, I’ve read only eight), I saw that Arwen was demonstrating the integrity, wit, and depth of metaphysical understanding that I’ve seen in her for decades.

Her portrait of each of the eight dragons and its message was imaginative, elegant, lyric, and clear, and covered a fair amount of ground. She managed all that within three tiny pages about each dragon. She packed a lot into this small volume. As a writer, I know the labor required to make a few words say a lot. Arwen works hard at her craft.

The reason I haven’t read the entire guidebook yet: I don’t want to rush through it, but savor it, turning toward it when I can focus my attention. I think I’ll appreciate the book best if I use the cards for readings, and in that process discover what Arwen has to say about the dragon in a card I pull for a reading. It’s going to be great. Each dragon descriptions I read was packed with sweet snippets that will unfold beautifully in divination. Since I’m not reading more till I do divination with the set again, I won’t ruin the surprise and delight I expect to experience when I read a description for the first time as an oracular imparting.

Here’s what using the set for oracle work was like. I did three readings, each time pulling one card, and relying on Arwen’s writing for the card’s message. (I often interpret a card intuitively, but put that approach aside momentarily to more fully be able to enjoy what Arwen would say.) In the first reading, her message was spot on.

I reject poorly executed guidebooks as oracles. For one thing, some divinatory texts give ungrounded, condescending, shaming, or high-handed messages, rather than ones that are insightful, revealing, supportive, and down-to-earth. Arwen’s message was loving, mature, calm, and sound.

The second reading was also valuable, for a couple of reasons. Here’s one. As a shamanic guide, I find it often important to help people see their shortcomings. However, our culture leans toward pointing out a person’s shortcomings in a shaming manner, and toward a guide haughtily reciting your imperfections, with the pretense of being better than you. Instead, I strive to 1) create a safe space in which someone can feel secure enough to recognize where they might be falling down on the job, then 2) gently lead them toward that recognition, and 3) be nurturing to them about it. Arwen’s message for the card I pulled for the second reading was very much in keeping with my approach.

Arwen’s guidance for the third reading went as well as it had for the previous two.

Her text is light years beyond the average little white book that often comes with a deck. Hers is a well thought out, carefully crafted guide to dragons and their wisdom.

I have to add that I intended to do only one reading before I posted this review. I wanted to publish the review as soon as possible, concerned that, if I put it on the back burner, my busy schedule would allow the review to fall between the cracks. But I’m so enamored of the set that, before I managed to finish this post, I had to use it for a second, then a third, reading. Given that I use divination sets I made myself, and have no shortage of other decks in the house when I need a change, my feeling impelled to use the deck again so soon says a lot.

I spend a lot of time with dragons. It’s part of my ancestral work, for one thing. Lately, I have been feeding—and being fed by–at least one dragon every day. I learn a lot from dragons, fly with dragons, am a dragon. I welcome these gorgeous, special dragons portrayed by Stanley back into my pack, and look forward to seeing what their wisdom is as Arwen intelligently interprets it, and what guidance they will whisper directly in my ear.

I love the Field Guide to Garden Dragons deck and book set. It’s special, in a class of its own. Available here: https://www.usgamesinc.com/field-guide-to-garden-dragons.html


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The Tree of Life Bestows Power, Joy, and Wholeness


1) The tree of life represents all of reality. Reality extends past the mundane plane.

2) Speaking only for myself, I am a theist who experiences all of reality—the Tree of Life—as my Goddess: I feel Her in my surroundings, reap the fruits of Her loving care, and experience magic as the Goddess and Her love made manifest.

3) In an attempt to represent and convey a portion of my relationship with the Goddess, I wrote the following liturgy. I also hoped to create a prayer, the recitation of which would help one draw on the bounty that such a generous, all-encompassing deity is ever ready to bestow.

Oh, Tree of Life,
You Who Are Tree Mother, Great Mother,
Great Mother Creator of All beings,
please bring me power, joy, and wholeness.

By the power of your roots
please bring me power, joy, and wholeness.

By the power of your trunk
please bring me power, joy, and wholeness.

By the power of your branches
please bring me power, joy, and wholeness.

By the power of your leaves
please bring me power, joy, and wholeness.

By the power of your flowers
please bring me power, joy, and wholeness.

By the power of your fruits
please bring me power, joy, and wholeness.

By the power of your sap
please bring me power, joy, and wholeness.

Tree of Life,
Your roots, trunk, branches, leaves,
flowers, fruits, and sap
are the source and substance of reality.
You are creator and manifestation both.
Your roots are the foundation of reality.
Your sap runs through all things.
You can accomplish anything.
Please bring me power, joy, and wholeness.

So mote it be!


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Learn Ogham Divination: A Seven-Week Online Course

This course shows you how to quickly begin doing divination with the Ogham tree alphabet, to improve your life.

Divination is the art of gaining information through messages from the other worlds. Just as Tarot cards, crystal ball, and many other items can be used as tools for divination, so can the Ogham alphabet.

Ogham divination provides empowering information. You gain an advantage, by learning more about what’s going on around you and in you, regarding finances, career, romance, life path, spiritual needs, creativity, and almost anything else. Thus you can make informed decisions and be more successful in all parts of life. You can also choose—and create—your own destiny.

I do divination with Oghams for everything from family issues to shamanic journeys to marketing plans to creative self-expression. Oghams even show me how to find mental clarity and serenity.

The Ogham alphabet is ancient. An early form had twenty letters, each one associated with a specific tree sacred to Druids. This course teaches you how to use the twenty letters for divination, so the twenty trees and Old Gods guide and empower you.

Some folks really want to learn Ogham divination but can’t on their own, with only a wee instruction pamphlet that comes enclosed with an Ogham divination set. Yet struggling through a big complex book, without support, is uninviting and uninspiring.

By contrast, Learn Ogham Divination is a brief course of easy lessons that guide you step-by-step through learning Ogham divination. There’s plenty of support. As you’ll see below, you can even phone me if you have questions.

With this course, the basics are covered! Plus more:

* Instructions on how to use Ogham letters as talismans are included.

* Lessons tend to be simple and streamlined, yet have layers, creating depth and sophistication.

* Concise divinatory meanings for each alphabet letter, along with simple instructions on how to do Ogham divination, are layered to impart a Druid’s way of life.

* This class is a prerequisite for advanced Druid training. Divination is part of the Druidic path.

* Lessons include Fey-touched material never published till now. The original Druidism was based in the Faerie Faith. That ancient Fey Druidry is imparted in the course.

* Many meanings provided for the Oghams are unavailable elsewhere. Though you’ll learn traditional meanings when relevant, a great deal of what you’ll receive is not from books. Instead, I learned it directly from trees, Gods, my past life memories as a Druid, and my channeling.

* When channeling and talking with the Gods, I’m often in Fey realms.  Because of that and other experiences, my original Ogham interpretations and teaching methods are grounded in the Faerie Faith. One of the many benefits that provides you is practical mysticism. The old Fey worldview does not always divide spirit and matter into two separate things. You’ll learn divination that is both mystical and down-to-earth, delivering relevant advice for everything from inner growth to great sex.

* Lessons reveal how the meanings for an Ogham letter serve as a jumping off point for brainstorming and exploration, so a reading you’re doing gives you information relevant to your personal situation.

Learn Ogham Divination has five powerful aspects:

1) A Weekly lesson, delivered by email, for seven weeks. The way I teach, you’ll learn quickly, so the course only needs to be seven weeks.

Each lesson is a digital Book of Shadows entry (PDF), ornamented by my full-color, original, shamanic art that intensifies the text’s magic. Much of the artwork was created specifically for this course. The Book of Shadows entries will become cherished, enchantment-filled, lifelong possessions.

2) The Book of Ogham Meanings, which is a companion text for this course. This 5500 word PDF provides meanings for each Ogham, and is embellished with my full color, original sacred art.

So you quickly can access Ogham interpretations, I put them all in this one booklet, instead of spread throughout the weekly lessons.

3) A complete Ogham set to use for divination and talismans. This full-color digital painting has the twenty Ogham letters, set up so you can print them all on one sheet, then cut along its clearly marked cutting lines to create a twenty-piece Ogham divination set. I spent months painting magical art, to create a set specifically for this course’s participants, so they 1) have a set I hope they will treasure and 2) can start doing Ogham divination right away,  instead of having to find a set.

This is a mini-sized deck, easily kept nearby to use whenever you want and, since it fits on one page, you only need to print one sheet for a full deck.

Here’s a photo of the divination set after I printed it and cut up the paper, then arranged the cards to show most of my favorites. As the course progresses, I hope you’ll have your favorite cards:

The set’s artwork tickles me. It makes me happy, partially out of pride for my work, but also because looking at it just pleases my eyes and my spirit. In fact, I display the page, uncut, as a piece of art, in my home.

Detail and clarity of all the course’s artwork is excellent. Images in this post are blurred, by necessity, their lesser quality allowing this post to load quickly.

4) I’m available by phone, for up to 45 minutes. If you have questions about the material, need support because your commitment to doing the lessons falters, want to further explore a particularly tantalizing part of the curriculum, or have other concerns, feel free to phone.

You can divide the 45 minutes into two or three conversations. Conversations must occur during the span of the course or within a month after.

5) Bonus feature: a digital file of a second Ogham divination set! If you want to try divination with a completely different style of artwork, here it is. I myself like trying different divination sets. Your bonus mini-sized deck:

A personal story about the second set: to practice painting with watercolors, which I hadn’t done for a while, I created this set in only a day. So the set is nowhere near as polished as the one I spent months on. I’d planned to use the watercolor Oghams exclusively for my private divination, knowing that quickly-rendered art can have its own type of power, joy, and beauty. Then, to my surprise, the watercolor touched several people’s hearts. I realized many folks who are drawn to the highly personal energy I put into all my work, including the set I spent months on, might find using the second set as dynamic as I do. I hadn’t planned on offering the watercolor to anyone, so turning it into a shareable item took digital maneuvering. The painting was so large that I had to scan it in pieces, then digitally resize them to all fit in one graphic, then painstakingly reassemble the pieces—it took time to digitally line up pieces precisely with each other—then even more painstakingly digitally paint their edges so they blended back together. It was worth it because I love sharing my sacred art. I hope you enjoy it.

The course starts Sunday Sept 1, when you receive your first lesson.

If an unexpected event makes me unable to send one week’s planned material, I’ll extend the course an extra week.

Full cost is $250—for lessons, The Book of Ogham Meanings, two decks, and one-on-one support. Scroll down to pay securely with PayPal:

No experience needed. But even advanced practitioners should find worthy material. If you need more info, or want to discuss scholarship, trade, or payment plan, call 814-337-2490. No refunds. My online courses aren’t transcriptions of oral tradition classes (which I teach by phone). The online courses are special unto themselves—magic tailored to be spectacularly useful, exciting, effective, and safe when learned online.

Decades of doing divination professionally and teaching others how to divine taught me a lot about the best ways to develop this course. My family tradition also honed my teaching approach: I was raised to be a creator of new, otherworldly material.

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AutoCorrect Consistently Turns Witch into Which

AutoCorrect Consistently Turns Witch into Which
Though I’ve Been Correcting That for Years

I am sick of autocorrect, in my voice recognition software,
not having figured out, after months and months,
that when I say “wood,” I don’t mean “word.”
Are the autocorrect authors
so estranged from love and life
that they assume “wood” is instead the abstract—the word,
“God said the word, and the word was made flesh”?

We were not born from word,
some vague and distant deity, an absent parent,
forming us in his image; the Bible and AutoCorrect insist
I’m an impalpable, insubstantial quasi-being.
I will not reject myself. I am flesh,
not flesh from word but from flesh,
born on the Tree of Life—the Great Mother, Magna Mater, Creator of all things.
The cosmos is the manifest body of the Mother:
She not only created all things but is all things.
The Tree of Life is incarnate.
I am fruit, leaf, tree, wood.
I am the Tree of Life.
I am, dammit, I am am am not a word!

Voice recognition also does not recognize womb.
No surprise, since oppressors don’t either.

I have a womb. I am not made of your words.

I am not made of your words.
I was made in a womb—my mom made me.
After she birthed me, she continued to shape me: then
I was created by her love and her joy and her lyric laughter,
her sacrifices and her intelligence.

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Ogham Divination about Self-Care

Written May 28, 2019

I did divination for myself, to gain new insights—or be reminded of old ones—about self-care when working hard. The reading was for me, but I post it below in case you find it helpful.

The following italicized paragraphs provide background, so the reading makes sense to you:

Exhaustion exacerbates multiple sclerosis symptoms badly. The final parts of curriculum development for an online course can be seriously exhausting for me because of how I tend to approach those final stages of creating an online course. I’m learning to approach those final stages differently, and have come a long way, but still have progress to make.

After working off-and-on for a long time developing a curriculum for learning Ogham divination, it’s time to finish the curriculum.

The course will be online, as opposed to my oral tradition classes, which meet by telephone. My process of creating an oral tradition class is a very different experience from creating an online one, but I’ve been teaching oral tradition for decades. I’ve been teaching online courses for far less time. And I find only the final stages of creating an online course terribly exhausting.

Mind you, I love my work, and doing it is a privilege. I adore the process of curriculum creation. But everything has its downside. For example, self-employment often requires a strenuous work schedule. End of background.

I did a reading about how to finish the curriculum in a self-caring way. I used a mini-deck of Ogham art I’d created, and pulled these three cards:

The messages from the reading:

* You have a high standard for your work, and work hard toward your ideals. That’s important. But working hard does not mean working so hard you hurt yourself.

* Perfectionism is not the same as hard work and high ideals. Perfection is impossible. No matter how hard you try, it is unachievable. Don’t beat yourself up by overworking because you think creating a course that is absolutely perfect in every way is possible.

* You are a bringer of light and goodness. Negative entities move toward those who do good work. Put up your boundaries, only allowing kindness around you.

* You easily forget you’ve already spent years honing this curriculum. Recognize that excellent work. Otherwise, your undervaluing the curriculum’s quality will cause you to overwork in the final stages of curriculum creation, sabotaging your health. Overwork caused by that undervaluing represents internalized oppression. It’s not enough to ward off external negative energy. Note when you internalize it.

* You are beautiful. Your spiritual beauty will shine throughout the course material, helping course participants affirm their own spiritual beauty.

* You let the Old Gods speak through you when you channel this course; it is far more powerful magic than you recognize yet.

* Pace yourself: if you have to take a few extra months finishing the curriculum, that’s okay.

* Yes, you’re at the point in the creative process that requires ongoing focus, to maintain awareness of all the threads that weave through the curriculum, so you develop each thread properly and weave the threads together properly. Yes, don’t doubt that maintained awareness of threads is necessary in the final stages of developing this course. Yes, if you walk away from that focus for very long, you’ll lose the ever-precarious hold of those threads, and may never find it in you to do all the work required to gather so many threads together mentally. Yes, mentally holding onto so many threads forever is impossible. But working slow enough that you might need to take a few extra months on the project will be fine; you don’t have to live in fear that you’ll lose those threads if you go at a sane pace; trust your Gods to do right by you; after all, They asked you to write this curriculum.

* Intensive curriculum creation will take a big chunk of your day, while you’ll also be doing a lot of other work. Take plenty of breaks and minimize the number of other things on your plate.

* Yes, you see nothing on your plate that you can afford to remove. Give it thought, remove one tiny thing, and you’ll get more ideas.

* Do activities that calm, encourage, center, and nourish you, so you’re centered and refreshed when working on curriculum, and hence don’t fall into work patterns that are not self-caring. (Dear reader, creating curriculum does calm, encourage, center, nourish, and refresh me, big time! In fact, it is a spiritual practice for me. It feels like I was born to do it and, as such, is a huge act of self-expression, which sometimes brings up every bit of internalized oppression—messages that I have no right to express myself, I have no right to joy, that I shouldn’t do what I love for a living, that I’ll be attacked for doing what I love for a living, that spirit and work should be separate, on and on. Harrying messages and fear can continue, debilitating me and subconsciously driving me to overwork. But adding other spiritual practices that are calming, centering, etc., make curriculum creation the wonderful, instead of negative, experience it is meant to be for me.)

The three wee Ogham cards for the reading are part of a complete Ogham divination set I made for students of the Ogham divination course. Everyone receives a digital file of the set to print and cut up into little cards. It is all my original full-color shamanic art.

To receive notice of the upcoming Ogham course, subscribe to my free newsletter, by clicking the box below:


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The Magic of the Grapevine

A necklace and poem combined express what grapevine told me its magics are. This post has photos of the necklace, which I titled Passion and Freedom. I crafted its pendant from the wood of the grape plant. I wrote the poem to accompany the necklace, giving them both the same name:

Passion and Freedom

I give myself to the care of
Dionysus’ passion—intoxication, not drunkenness—
which fuels love, kindness, freedom, and magic.
Elegance in passion—not debauchery in stupor—
fuels enchantments that work.
Elegance in passion fuels wholeness.

A witch has elegance.
Nature has elegance.
Wilderness has elegance.
Exuberance has elegance.

Joy is sacred to the Gods,
not the province of naughty, rebellious revelers.
Joy is my innate being.
I find myself by drinking
from the Sweetest Chalice: ecstasy is gained
through peace and surrender.
I drink.

Grape vine told me joy comes after obedience. I’d wrongly though that, in rebellion, I’d find the freedom needed for joy. Wrong. Obedience allows joy.

Grapevine’s message is often misunderstood as permission for arrogant licentiousness and lack of accountability. Yes, grapevine embodies ecstasy. Yes, it does, thank you, my Gods! However, in the face of a prevailing false morality that dishonors passion, many people go to the other extreme, equating joy with complete immorality. No.

Summary: Grapevine shows me how to bring joy into my life and the lives of others, and gives me the power to do so; I would imagine that is the traditional metaphysical understanding of grapevine. However, grapevine also revealed that obedience—not rebelliousness—opens the door to joy.

There are situations against which rebellion should occur. In those circumstances, rebellion does opens the door to joy, and grapevine tells me it will assist in that revolt. However, even that disobedience is not the equivalent of naughty licentiousness and lack of accountability.

Ancient Druids considered grapevine a tree, one of the most sacred trees. … Well, some folks will say blackberries, not grapes, are the vine that Druids held sacred. I don’t think that was always true, though I’m not 100% sure yet and am still trying to corroborate my belief.

In any case, when teaching tree magic, I suggest my students have direct interactions with a specific type of tree in order to learn its magic. I’ve learned a lot of magics that way, magics I never found in books. Also, I teach tree magic and other forms of witchcraft as shamanism, in an experiential learning process through which you not only learn magic but are transformed.

I cut some grapevine back to keep it from taking over my garden, then cured the wood. I was grateful for the chance to woodwork grapevine, so that it could be in communication/communion with me. When I’m woodworking, wood sings secrets to me, often at an almost subliminal level, until the woodworking sinks my conscious mind more and more into that deep level, till I become aware—on the cognizant level—of the entire song the wood and I are singing silently together.

In the process, I not only learn about the wood’s magic but become fully alive, the song waking my very cells.

It is so restorative an experience that, when a crisis had fractured me seriously, I sanded and woodburned for hours, sinking down into the silence of our song, until I felt whole again, and no longer prey to the horrific mental chattering that can occur in me—or in most folks—during a trauma. The serenity, joy, and wholeness I was gifted despite the crisis says a lot about how powerful a wood’s magic can be.

I designed and handcrafted the one-of-a-kind talismanic grapevine necklace. The design is a culmination of designs I’ve developed over decades, as I strove toward an organic look that, paradoxically, actually takes a lot of work developing techniques for and a lot of care executing. It has not escaped my observation that I was able to create and execute this design only when I needed it to express my understanding of grapevine’s magic.

Dear reader, my talismans are available exclusively to my newsletter subscribers. My magical classes are announced in my newsletter. Click the box below to subscribe.

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Protected: More Documentation

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Talisman Set #31: Oak, Ivy, and Ribbon Jasper

This talisman set has sold.

I’m leaving this post here anyway, exactly as is, because most of my sets are shown through private viewings, e.g, my newsletter, so I list a few sets here to introduce my sets to site visitors. Blessed be!

This one-of-a-kind set is available exclusively to one of my newsletter subscribers. If you don’t subscribe yet, click here for a free subscription: https://www.outlawbunny.com/newsletter/.

Consisting of three unique talismans, the set is for one buyer who’ll think, “This is mine.”

I ritually blessed all the amulets in a major Faerie rite.

I scored, acquiring a handful of one-of-kind carved stones, carved with true artistry. Having them near me makes me happy, pure and simple, because I love stones, drink in beauty, and am thrilled to find unique pieces to create amulets for unique individuals.

Among the carvings was an amazing spider I made into an amulet for this set.

This talisman wallhanging calls Spider Goddess(es) into your home to bless it:

My experience is every Spider Goddess I’ve met, regardless of the culture from which She arose, gave me the power to bring the metaphysical into the most mundane activities, so they embody spiritual and physical beauty, bring contentment, and are of immense service to others.

The stone is ribbon jasper, which I find exudes happiness and contentment.

I am hooked on ribbon Jasper, can’t get enough of it. It has a happy, grounded energy that is always a good addition to my day. Plus, that earthy feeling doesn’t keep magic away but, instead, helps plant my feet on the ground so my head can be safely in the clouds. I also love the way the stone’s different layers of color come forth in a carving.

This amulet will do its magic when hung anywhere in the home. Or put it on your altar. You could instead use this charm to bless a space other than a home.

Stone and wood combined delights my Fey heart. Copal (the large bead) is somewhat like amber and comes from trees, so for me it’s like wood, but with its own special traits. My experience is that copal is an ancient energy that is both solar and grounding. The three larger green beads are chrysocolla.

All the beads are designer beads. The tiny ones might actually be limited edition. It takes time to find the right looking beads, let alone with large enough holes for what I do. Even tiny designer seed beads might be costly. Time and money spent are worth it; I try to create sacred songs with jewelry; the wrong beads might make the melody go flat. Modern bead makers have amazing techniques. For example, beads can be etched or subtly multicolored, as if time had weathered them, creating an aged look perfect for my designs. Or a luscious patina can add an otherworldly feel.

This set also has a talisman pendant crafted of oak.

This amulet:
* Gives you strength, prosperity, protection, and overall
* Opens a door into enchanted realms and their Fey Mysteries.
* Empowers you to find the power and potential in that which is small.

On one side of the pendant, I wood burnt the Ogham letter for oak. My pyrography is done ritually to add yet more power. (Pyrography is the art of burning designs in wood.)

The natural markings on this and the following pendant are beautiful on both sides. Wear either side front.

This set also includes an amulet pendant crafted from ivy wood.

Ivy is commonly known as sacred to the Green God. Thus, ivy wood could give you vitality and free your energy, so your confidence, determination, and overall power come forth more fully. Ivy also revs up your sexuality.

Since ivy “belongs” to the Green Man, I think it should also belong to the Green Woman: Elen of the Ways. For me, She has all the powers of the Green God. My sense of Her also is that, for those who want nature’s power but need it channeled to them gently, She can do that for them. He can too, but sometimes a person finds it easier to accept that gentleness and sensitivity from Her.

Since the Green God and Green Goddess both embody living fully, I feel this ivy amulet would help you be in the moment.

This is good jewelry to wear in honor of the wild Green God and Goddess.

On one side of the amulet, I pyrographed the Ogham letter that corresponds with ivy.

This ivy pendant was actually mine. The time came when it wanted to move on. So I gave it a nice cleaning with an oil-beeswax finish and added a fresh new cord to it.

If you want ivy wood, grab this set. I only have one other piece of ivy I will part with and may not be able to acquire more.

To benefit from the power of either pendant, when you don’t want to wear it or otherwise carry it on you, put it on your altar.

Cost for the set is $130 plus $8.50 shipping. I ship only to U.S. non-military addresses, via USPS priority. Pay securely with PayPal:

Your set will arrive with simple care instructions to keep your talismans beautiful. I’ll also enclose a print up of this PDF.

All wood was ethically harvested, and finished with a natural beeswax and oil treatment. All the amulets are strung on waxed cotton cord.

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The Magic of the Oak Tree

Traditionally, oak symbolizes strength, prosperity, protection, and overall blessings.

Oak is a standard wand for witches, druids, and others, since it represents power.

Lore tells us oak is a door to Faerie realms and their mysteries. The name of the Ogham letter that corresponds to oak is Dair. To the best of my knowledge, Dair relates to the English word door.

Oak resonates with the energy of the Green God, often known as Herne, and of the green Goddess, often known as Elen of the Ways.

The triad of ash, oak, and thorn trees is often associated with witches.

(Photos in this post are oak talismans and wands I made, so you get to see the gorgeous wood of the tree under discussion, and because doing woodworking and pyrography—pyrography is the art of burning designs into wood—to make sacred artifacts is precious to me.)

One of oak’s lessons, embodied in its acorns, is the power and potential in that which is small. My personal experience is that an oak keppen (keppen is a term for a wee wand), though quite small, can hold oak wood’s full power.

The rest of this post continues my personal experiences with, and observations about, oak:

Though lore may point to Hawthorn and other trees as being the most Fey, in some ways I experience oak as the most Fey tree of the forest. For one thing, my trance journeys refute the story of Merlin trapped in an oak. My visions show that, instead, he slept in an oak, in order to heal and have shamanic dreams. That is Fey.

Though the ash tree tends to be viewed as the World Tree in lore (the World Tree is a term used to denote all of existence), when I think of the World Tree, I often think of oak. To me, it is the definition of tree, the essential tree, the essential magical tree. Oak has been my longtime, stalwart companion, my primary tree. Therefore, crafting oak amulets is a delight.

Is there a type of tree that, for you, is the definition of tree, the essential tree, the essential magical tree? What tree seems the essentially Fey tree for you?

Dear reader, I don’t know how long I’ll continue, but right now I’m crafting one-of-a-kind talisman sets, available exclusively to my newsletter subscribers. This is part of a shamanic journey I am on. If you don’t subscribe to the newsletter yet, click here for a free subscription: https://www.outlawbunny.com/newsletter/

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Treasure Hunting: a Search for Magical Gemstones

Are you a treasure hunter, always on the lookout for mystical wonders? Chunks of wood, precious gems, books, rough stones found on walks, a fallen leaf, visions, beloved friends—I endlessly but patiently search till I discover the gifts my Goddess sends me. I am a treasure hunter, and I love it!

Back in January or February, I began a quest for new stones with which to make talismans, often spending a few hours a day hunting. This lasted some months, then ended about two weeks ago.

It took a long time to find the right pieces. The hours upon hours spent are worth it. My buyers are going to be happy when they see the talismanic jewelry and wall hangings made with these stones! I love combining beauty and magic, and providing that for folks in whatever form I can—e.g., a talismanic necklace or a visualization I create for a shamanic class.

The two photos above show a magic necklace I made for myself. Its pendant is one of the stones I acquired. I wove in designer beads. I also spend forever searching for the right beads.

Please note: My talismans are available to my newsletter subscribers exclusively. Subscribe for free: https://www.outlawbunny.com/newsletter/

The photo below shows another of the amazing stone carvings I acquired. It is fashioned out of a single piece of stone. I strung it on waxed cotton cord, along with designer beads.

I regularly bless my work spaces, and thought this carving, hung near the phone, would be a nice addition to that blessing. You see, a good portion of my shamanic community work is on the phone, giving psychic readings (spiritual guidance, shamanic counseling—they’re all the same, in my case) during witchcraft classes and one-on-one sessions. Now this fortuneteller talisman can bless me. (And, yup, I do a lot of different magical undertakings during my day. I’m a busy elf, happily working away on various enchanted projects, with a typical elf’s high standard for everything I do. This makes me one happy elf.)

With their luscious energy, stones make great amulets. Then to find stones carved with true artistry, each one-of-a-kind, oh my gosh.

I do major Faerie rituals to bless the talismans I make for my buyers and myself. Such carvings are perfect for that.

Rock and wood combined delights my Fey heart. I made a bead out of grapevine I had to cut back before it took over my garden. I suspect the large Pegasus in the photo above is carved of ribbon jasper. It’s a nice big chunk. Look at it next to the measuring tape.

One carving has already sold, but it is another example of these one-of-a-kind, amazing stone carvings. It seems to be a Snake Goddess, perfect for me to charge as a talisman to bring a grounded energy into the home. She seems to combine heaven and earth, the ethereal and the worldly:

She is carved of ribbon jasper, a stone that I find exudes happiness and contentment.

Copal (the large dark bead) is somewhat like amber and comes from trees, so for me it’s like wood, but with its own special traits. My experience is that copal is an ancient energy that is both solar and grounding. The light blue bead is Amazonite. The charm is strung on waxed cotton cord.

There are many reasons the gem hunt took so much of my time. I spent hours sorting through junk online to find treasure buried amidst it all. And it takes time to find one-of-a-kind, high quality carvings at a low enough cost that I don’t have to raise prices for my buyer. There are many other reasons treasure hunting has been wildly, crazily, time-consuming. For example, there’s a specific stone carver I became obsessed with, because her work is incomparable. For the life of me, I could not win the bidding on one of her horse carvings.

It was crazy. I was jumping through hoops to no avail. For example, a last minute offer often can win a bid. So, one time, I set my alarm so I didn’t miss the exact timing needed, put in a bid right before bidding ended, was told mine was the winning bid, then two minutes later received an email saying I’d lost the bid to one that was lower than mine. Huh?! Harrumph! Grumble. That would’ve been fine as an isolated incident, but it was one thing after another. I decided it was time to pray to Exu, Oxala, and Mercury for help. (I chose those Gods because of my specific relationships with Them.)

Prayer helped! I finally won the bid on a cameo-like, handcarved horse, handcrafted out of gemstone amazonite. I love the little flower at the bottom, gently juxtaposing itself against the sweet majesty of the horse.Acquiring stones can be an obsession, but rocks sing to me the way wood does: in a compelling voice that is the river of life and that my very cells automatically answer, singing a song of self.

Perhaps it’s not an obsession but a lust for life. These carvings satisfy my passionate cravings for beauty and magic. In following photo, the pendant of a necklace I made for myself is ribbon jasper—carved to be a heart entwined with roses and thorns—and, oh, the colors of the stone!

A few pieces are not carvings. E.g., I acquired two pieces of serpentine in stichite, for necklaces, one for myself and one for a yet unknown buyer. These are likely the only serpentine in stichite I’ll get. I don’t want to be manufacturing, crafting the same piece over and over; I want to fashion distinct, special designs, each amulet suited to the buyer who recognizes it as theirs.

During my treasure hunt, I didn’t have as much time to make talismans. But not only has the hunt ended, I also completed writing a new shamanic curriculum, the creation of which required a substantial portion of my focus. Now I’m devoting a goodly amount of time to making talismans again: woodworking, designing—including pieces with these new stones—, crafting, blessing.

Pieces of wood have waited for me to get back to them for months. But there wasn’t much woodworking left to be done on some of them. Others are completed but not made into talismans. And yet others are in talismans, but need photographs taken and descriptions written. So they all should be available soon.

My talismans are sold exclusively to my newsletter subscribers. Subscribe for free: https://www.outlawbunny.com/newsletter/

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