New Event: Use Fairy Magic to Reach Your Goals

Use Fairy Magic to Reach Your Goals

Achieve goals you long for,
in a six-month Shamanic circle
with Francesca De Grandis,
Fairy Witch elder and best-selling author of Be a Goddess!

We begin our shamanic journey Wednesday October 12, 2022.
Enroll by Weds Oct 5.

Table of Contents

Magical Overview of the Event

Why You Might Need This Event If You Have Goals

Reaching Heartfelt Goals Is an Enchanted Spiritual Journey

If You Think You Have No Time for Use Fairy Magic To Reach Your Goals, Read This

Attend Circle by Phone. It’s Easy!



Four Master-of-the Arts Magics Will Fuel Your Success

Magical Overview of
Use Fairy Magic To Reach Your Goals

Definitions if you’re new to my work:
*Witchcraft and Shamanism are synonymous in my tradition. Ask me why if you want.
* Ditto spells, rituals, ceremonies, etc.
* All the magic I teach is Fey, whether described as such or not.

Use Fairy Magic To Reach Your Goals is a six-month shamanic process to fulfill longings. Love, money, health, serenity, self-love, or other goals.

Success in life!

Every week, I lead participants in success magic—rituals that draw good luck, healing energy, and other blessings. Imagine success in finances, family matters, creativity, or other heart desires.

Imagine a flow of good luck, healing energy, and other blessings for six months. Drawing on ancient Faerie Faith secrets, we’ll use that flow for spells that work.

I’ll show you how to use them as money magic, love magic, healing magic, success magic, and/or other spells that give you what you need and want.

I lead our circles with easy-to-understand, step-by-step magical instructions.

I also, if you need, help you figure out what your goals are.

Why You Might Need This Event If You Have Goals

The weekly circles help you maintain progress because they provide ongoing support, are a chance to consistently apply magic to fulfill your goals, and empower you to keep taking mundane-plane steps toward your ideal life.

Use Fairy Magic To Reach Your Goals also centers you in your power. You are a Goddess or, if you prefer, a God. To be a Goddess means everything. You have everything inside you. This event includes rites in which you access your Divine power to cast successful spells.

Additionally, accomplishing important goals can require good luck in the mix. This shamanic circle helps you be lucky … and lucky … and lucky even more.

Here’s one last reason:

Reaching Heartfelt Goals
Is an Enchanted Spiritual Journey

Use Fairy Magic To Reach Your Goals will be magical and spiritual.

Combining spirit and Fay magic creates miracles. They’ve happened in my life repeatedly, for decades.

Here’s one of the reasons a spiritual journey moves a person toward their heart’s goals. The healthier one’s spirit, the greater one’s magical powers, and the more one’s subconscious allows blessings into one’s life.

Use Fairy Magic To Reach Your Goals includes rituals in which you can address your pressing spiritual challenges.

In those rituals, Fairy Gods add their enchantments so that our very cells shift, making our fullest potential on both the mundane and magical planes emerge. This is power to get things done.

Your major spiritual concerns may seem irrelevant to your goals. We’ll address those challenges because you are of a piece. So any of your spiritual blocks affect all parts of you and your progress toward goals.

I look forward to growing spiritually alongside you. I want to be as happy as possible so always look for opportunities to grow.

Every bit I grow spiritually moves me toward maximum prosperity, serenity, ability to be of service, and my other ideals.

If You Think You Have No Time for Use Fairy Magic To Reach Your Goals, Read This

Whether consumed with holding your head above water or happily swamped with efforts toward fabulous goals, enroll.

Here’s why:

The shamanism I teach saves you time in five(!) ways.

A) You move through inner and outer blocks, so you don’t lose time going down rabbit holes.

B) You experience remarkable mental clarity. Instead of finding neither solutions to your problems nor steps to success, you see practical actions to get what you want.

C) Your life and mind become streamlined, focused on what you need and want.

D) Celtic and Strega magic have traditionally been used to overcome hardship and oppression. Both these magics are in the ancient European witchcraft tradition in which I was raised. This heritage informs my rites.

E) The sophisticated magics to which we’ll have access are exactly what works to hit big goals. You could waste a lot of time, otherwise.

Only you know what’s right for you. But bear in mind that the shamanic methods I offer have conquered challenges that should’ve killed me, and have freed me from inner and outer limits. They can do the same for you.

These tools give you spiritual and material power to have a happy life, no matter how large, complex, or sophisticated your challenges and goals are.

I’ve never met anyone too successful materially, spiritually, or magically to not profit in major ways from my work.

This event can be applied as one of the two qualifying electives required for advanced shamanic training.

Attend Circle by Phone. It’s Easy!

The group meets by teleconference: Simply call the event phone number to attend.


We meet Wednesdays, 6:00 to 7:00 pm pacific time, October 12 through April 5, except we skip the following Wednesdays:
* November 23
* December 21
* December 28
* January 4
* February 22

Reserve Wednesdays April 12 and April 19, 6:00 to 7:00 pm, for makeup sessions in case I’m unavailable for any of the planned dates.

Enroll by Oct 5.


Cost is $200 a month. Your carrier might charge you for the calls.

If you must drop out, simply cancel your subscription, and further payments aren’t required. No refunds.

Click the Subscribe button below to enroll securely through PayPal.

If you don’t receive an email confirming payment within a few days, check your spam filter and spam mailbox. If the email isn’t there, or you want to discuss a scholarship, semi-scholarship, trade, or payment plan other than the subscription, or you need additional information about the event, please call me at the number below. Upon payment, your seat is reserved. A few days before our first meeting, you receive an email with the event phone number and other details.

I do a lot for you, to help you achieve a lot. The price you pay is a deal because so much Fairy magic will enchant your days. Here’s how:

Four Master-of-the Arts Magics
Will Fuel Your Success

Trained from birth in a European shamanic family tradition, I have lived this obscure tradition of Faerie shamanism for 72 years. Decades of training and experience prepared me for Use Fairy Magic To Reach Your Goals.

I combine Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. When you work with me, we won’t spin our wheels, pie in the sky. You’ll get stuff accomplished.

I’ll bring my entire magical tool kit to this event. This includes four of my Master-of-the Arts magics. Here they are:

1) Oral Tradition Faerie Rituals

I use master-level shamanic techniques to create healing and empowerment ceremonies safe for beginners and substantive enough for adepts.

Enrollment is limited so we can work in oral tradition, in which immense headway can happen quickly. Fairy oral tradition magic works only in small groups. A small group also allows participants to receive individualized attention.

With the ancient Fairy Gods by us, we’re unstoppable.

2) Every Week, I Do Spells For Your Success

The whole six months, I’m casting spells for you to achieve goals. Here’s how:

You receive direct spiritual transmissions in each meeting. Spiritual transmissions are a method I use to give you good luck, add power to your efforts to improve your life, and strengthen the magic of our meetings.

My transmissions also adapt to your needs, e.g., personal growth, peace, physical health, strength to rise after life’s knocked you down. The transmissions don’t focus on one benefit but bless you as a whole being and enrich your entire life.

3) Psychic Readings about Your Goals

You receive psychic readings about your goals and process regarding them.

My readings include practical advice, no matter how serious, complex, sophisticated, or unusual your situation is.

Your readings occur during rituals that empower you to apply the material I channel for you. In other words, we’ll do magic for you to have the confidence or other strength needed to follow through on the reading.

I trained full-time to become a worthy shaman for community. A spiritual counselor for over 40 years, I still strive to improve my skills. I bring decades of experience and training to every counseling session.

4) One-on-One Shamanic Support by Phone

I’m available if you have concerns that you prefer to discuss privately. Or, if you have a question that’d take too long to answer during a group ceremony, you can call.

I address your concerns with common sense, channeled information, and a spiritual transmission.

Each of the four above magics constitutes a major power that changes lives big time. The powers weave together into a whole that is even greater than its parts. Reviews:

My experience studying with you has been life-changing. I don’t have words adequate to thank you. … One of the most deeply meaningful experiences of my life .”—Melissa

I am truly blown away at how much I was able to resolve and heal.”—Chad Woodward

My life just seems to go better when I’m taking one of your classes!”—Shauna Farabaugh

Cost for six-months of rituals and transmissions, a psychic reading, and one-on-one support: $200 a month. Your carrier might charge you for the calls.

Plus you receive more magics than are listed above. For example, ten PDF Book of Shadow pages with magical instructions and my original talismanic art illuminations. The illuminations are amulets that can increase success when you apply the page’s text.

Click the Subscribe button below to enroll securely through PayPal.

The world is kind of crazy now. Recently, a great big man jumped out of his car and started yelling at me. It was frightening. A 72-year-old, I’m physically fragile. The guy was scary. Once I was well out of his sight, I almost broke into tears.

When I got home, I called a friend, talked the incident through with her, and went back to work. I don’t let anything stop me.

Don’t let anything stop you. Enroll in Use Fairy Magic to Reach Your Goals.

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Oberon Zell and Francesca De Grandis Interview

Oberon Zell and Francesca De Grandis Interview

Who is Oberon Zell?

A founding father of modern Paganism, Oberon Zell is one of its most respected Elders. In 1967 he was first to claim the identity of “Pagan,” incorporating Church of All Worlds and publishing Green Egg. His seminal work on the Gaea Thesis in the early ‘70s helped foster a global awareness of Earth as living Mother. He is Headmaster of the Grey School of Wizardry. More about him is at

Oberon Zell

Who is Francesca De Grandis?

Francesca De Grandis, best-selling author of Be a Goddess! is a full-time community shaman—classes, psychic readings, and healings. Trained from birth in a European shamanic family tradition of Celtic and Italian witchcraft, she has lived this lesser known Faerie shamanism for 72 years. Her Goddess mysticism is combined with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. Nickname: Outlaw Bunny.

Photo of Francesca De Grandis 2021

Francesca De Grandis 2021

Francesca De Grandis: I wanted to interview Oberon because we confront many of the same challenges, share a similar genius, and are remarkably alike in other ways—so many that the list would get boring to read. But, over the decades, I’ve seen a similar unflinching commitment to high standards. Our common traits are ones that help us serve the Pagan community so I want to support anyone who has them.

Fun story about that: Oberon, like me, spends much of his day serving community, Gaia, and Gods. After our interview ended, Oberon wrote me, “It just occurred to me that I needed to have said something about Service, which is really what my life and work is all about. I’m on Her Majesty’s Sacred Service! Can you add in something along those lines?” I cracked up since his unending service is obvious in the interview. The amount of work he has done, his insistence on taking responsibility, and his joy are clear earmarks.

With that:

The Ecstatic Path and Pagan Spiritual Practices

Francesca asks Oberon: Mainstream religions tend to suppress joy and self-expression. As someone who walks an ecstatic path, I reject that and admire your commitment to spreading joy and providing venues for folks to express themselves. What spiritual or mundane practices help you maintain those commitments?

Oberon Zell: Well, I’m still researching the question: “Is it possible to have too much fun?” I continue to be very active in the Pagan community—as I have been for more than half a century. I attend several large festivals a year as a guest presenter; I create and participate in many rituals, both small and large; and I do many Zoom talks, conferences and meetings. I am Primate of the Church of All Worlds, Headmaster of the Grey School of Wizardry, and Publisher Emeritus of Green Egg—all of which entail extensive involvement: communications, teaching classes, doing workshops, etc. I read a lot of sci-fi, fantasy, history and science, and I’m constantly writing books—about a dozen published so far—and doing illustrations, etc. I post regularly on Facebook. I recently did a two-year Walkabout, personally visiting hundreds of people around the country. And I maintain an active sex life, with several cherished lovers. We have dinner and movie/TV dates, as well as adventures and travel (I’ve been all over the world with my longtime consort, Dona).

Magic, Pagan Books and Other Writing,
and Visual Art

Francesca De Grandis: Like me, you’re a magician, writer, and visual artist. The three pursuits weave together for me magically, enriching my spiritual experiences and adding to the depth of lessons I give. For one thing, the Fairy Queen—Great Mother Goddess—becomes a more tangible presence in all Her love, kindness, and beauty.

To help create experiential Fairy witch lessons in my books and classes, I add my paintings to book pages or classes’ handouts, much the way medieval manuscripts had illuminations in the borders. Of course, mine are my style because I’m not a repressed monk in the Middle Ages but a feisty Fey Pagan. The art supplements the enchantments of the text.

Is there a way being a magician, writer, and visual artist weave together for you?

Oberon Zell: “Magician, writer, and visual artist” sorta sums up my work as a Wizard. Everything I am and do is suffused with those three pursuits. My visual art generally supplements my writing, illustrating my books and articles—as well as my Zoom talks. And my writings and art are all expressions of my magick and wizardry. I’m never bored, and I’ve never had “writer’s block,” as I always have more ideas clamoring to be expressed than I have time to express them! I have to tell ‘em to take a number and get in line…

Plagiarism Versus Attribution of Pagan Innovations

Francesca De Grandis: Your artwork is featured in the television series, The Handmaid’s Tale. Would you like to tell my readers how that came about? 

Oberon Zell: The art director for the show came upon my representation of “Astra, the Star Goddess,” which I’d drawn for Morning Glory as a personal logo—and a logo for our family business, “Mythic Images”—back in 1990. Erroneously thinking (as many others have) that it was an ancient design and in the public domain, they appropriated it as a logo for the “Red Center” facility where fertile women are beaten into submission to become enslaved breeders for the elite rulers of the “Republic of Gilead.”

When MG’s daughter saw her late mom’s symbol on the show in that context, she contacted me, and I got hold of an attorney to pursue a case of copyright violation. This went nowhere until one of our students reached the author of the book, Margaret Atwood. Margaret went straight to the CEO of MGM, and insisted that they treat me right. Shortly we were able to work out a mutually satisfactory licensing contract. And the 2nd season featured flashbacks to a time before the coup, where my design is shown on a poster in a women’s support center (which is true in reality—as it is a representation of women’s empowerment).

We’ll see where this goes in future seasons. I’d love to see it become a symbol of the resistance!

Francesca De Grandis: What a story, and I relate to it! For one thing, pieces of my writing have often been called “traditional lore” or a “traditional expression” and made their way into the cultures of earth traditions uncredited. Ditto my innovative magical techniques and shamanic theories.

For a long time, I didn’t care when my work was used without my name on it. I didn’t want my ego to get out of hand. Ultimately, everything comes from the Gods. But I learned that lack of attribution is not healthy for anyone involved.

It is spiritual, emotional, and financial oppression, even if unintended.

Divinity and Nature—our ultimate sources of power, beauty, and all other things—are accessible to everyone. (And Nature is surely as divine as anything else, if not more so.) When intermediaries—painters, ritualists, teachers, poets, parents, etc.—empower us to access the Divine and Nature directly, those individuals are sources too.

We diminish our connection to Nature and the Divine unless we try to honor all the sources we draw on, because the cosmos is a connect-the-dots picture in which all the dots connect to all the other dots.

So you’re an important role model—a healthy example of someone who insists on taking credit for their work.

Note to reader:

I sent this interview’s questions to Oberon in 2021, possibly in August, which would be a year ago. He quickly gave his answers, but then I moved and then suffered a bad injury (I’m fine now and expect to fully recover).

Had we done the interview later, I would’ve asked Oberon to discuss Roe versus Wade in relation to his symbol and the tv show. But I didn’t want to further delay publishing an important interview.

Equally important, though we do not directly address the Roe versus Wade ruling, Oberon owning his work instead of letting it be used unacknowledged and without payment inspires me in the ongoing necessity to fight for sovereignty over my life and my work.

Someone might respond, “It’s easy for a white man to stand up for his rights.” It might be easier compared to what someone else might go through, but any innovative genius focusing more on service than on using their skills to climb up into an oppressive hierarchy has known the heartache and struggle that occurs when their work is ripped off. We creative geniuses committed to service are in this fight together. End of note.

Pagan Gossip Is Often Untrue

Francesca De Grandis: My experiences as a public figure taught me that widely-spread tales of well-known individuals are often incorrect. Is there a story or “fact” about you that you’d like to set straight? 

Oberon Zell: Hard to think of any. I’d hate to squash any scandalous rumors if they enhance my reputation. “Never let the facts get in the way of a good story!” However, if any claim that I hold prejudice against any category of people other than assholes, I would like to set that straight—I am as socially inclusive as you can get, embracing and cherishing good people across all spectra—race, gender, nationality, culture, sexual orientation and proclivities, education, status, skills and talents…even beliefs. But malicious jerks who hurt people, (i.e. bullies, abusers, victimizers, pedophiles, white supremacists, misogynists, rapists, thieves, con artists, mass murderers, tweakers, Fundamentalist Xians & Muslims, Nazis, Trump Republicans, etc.) not so much.

Pagan Practices during Challenging Times

Francesca De Grandis: How does your particular Pagan path help you through these crazy times?

Oberon Zell: Well, my Gaean vision keeps me focused on the larger picture. I view all events and goings-on in the context of Gaea—our living planet, in whose vast body we are all cells. For example, I see viral pandemics as Gaea’s immune system, marshaling antibodies to attack cancer… Also, I rather welcome the degree of isolation brought on by COVID as an extended “writer’s retreat,” during which I’ve been able to devote time to my writing and art. I’ve gotten six books out in just the past year!

(Note to reader: This interview took place 2021. That information gives you a time frame for the “past year” Oberon mentions.)

A Lifelong Mission

Francesca De Grandis:I admire you for striving toward a high moral standard. What helps you keep working toward your ideals?

Oberon Zell: Well, I just keep on keeping on. I have a lifelong Mission: “to be a catalyst for the coalescence of consciousness.” Everything I’ve done in my life over the past 60-odd years has been in furtherance of that Mission. Moreover, Morning Glory’s dying words were: “Don’t let it die!” My code is simply “Do as you would be done by.” I also believe in the 3 Rules of Wizardry: 1. Always take credit/responsibility; 2. Reputation is Power; 3. With great power comes great responsibility. True wisdom (i.e. wizardry) is all about considering the consequences. And, of course, being a hero means doing the right thing no matter how difficult.

Genius, Multifaceted Individuals, Productivity, and Service

Francesca De Grandis: You summed up a lot in very few words.

Can you name one of your role models, Pagan or not, who inspires you to keep at your goals?

Oberon Zell: Leonardo da Vinci—the greatest Wizard of all history.

Francesca De Grandis: Why is that individual inspirational for you? 

Oberon Zell: He was the quintessential “Renaissance Man” I can only aspire to emulate. Brilliant, creative, artistic, multi-talented, multi-skilled, learnéd, curious, wise, competent, productive, and all the other virtues I hold dear and strive to actualize. However, Leo wasn’t much of a ladies’ man, so that’s a whole dimension of my own life that doesn’t reflect his…

Francesca De Grandis: One of the reasons I interviewed you is my investment in supporting individuals who express their many aspects in service to community. I was once called One of Those Multi-Hyphenated Types. Trained from birth as a shaman, my many abilities were drawn forth, and I came to shamanism in my adult years as a mystic, healer, poet, humorist, trained dancer, etc., etc. More important, I believe multifaceted individuals would be the norm, but most people aren’t given the chance to recognize let alone develop their many abilities. One of my life missions is to help a person express themselves in many forms. My shamanism wakes up the cells, drawing forth the innate talents of my students, clients, and readers.

Is there anything else on your mind you want to share?

Oberon Zell: If you don’t like it, you can’t have any!

Francesca De Grandis: I like it!

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Pagans, Autism, Community, Being Safe, and Courtesy’s Magic

Pagans, Autism, Community,
Being Safe, & the Magic of Courtesy

June 9, 2022

Before getting to this post’s topic, I want to share that, as a Pagan, I honor everyone having their own path. Your right to choose the terms that describe you helps fosters that path. Deciding whether to use autistic, autism, on the spectrum, Asperger’s, neurodiverse, or other words is your choice. Words go in and out of vogue. I extend to you the courtesy of respecting your decisions. This is a safe space where you won’t be criticized for how you see you. Courtesy is magic, and I choose to live in an enchanted, mystic community. And with that, on to my post.

Autism and Being Afraid of Community

Fellow travelers on the spectrum,

Do relate to any part of this story?

You join a group—Pagan or not—on social media or IRL.

Previously, perhaps you would’ve entered with the socially acceptable—and socially enforced—“Hi, I’m new here. I hope you like me. Please don’t hurt me. Is everything I’m doing okay with you? If not, I’m sorry. I also apologize for breathing.”

There are many reasons anyone might be that nervous about entering a community. If you’re on the spectrum (or even if you’re not, and there might be a lot in this article that someone who’s neuro-typical might relate to), perhaps you’ve repeatedly been attacked and exiled from a tribe just for being you. Or you find interactions with people baffling and so become afraid you’ll do something embarrassing or offensive when you approach a group.

Whatever the case, let’s say you’ve learned to trust yourself and not bow down when you introduce yourself, so you refrain from a fearful hello. Perhaps you’re still afraid, but you don’t act like it.

Or maybe you’ve always embodied a trait I associate with my autism: I speak what I have to say. I don’t mean I’m rude (although many neuro-typical people misrepresent it as rude) or am calling people out, I just talk. So at this point in the story, whether you’ve been afraid in the past or not, you choose to participate right away in the best way possible: by being yourself.

Important aside: I don’t expect everyone in my tribe to necessarily identify with every detail of this story. I do hope that some of my tribe will experience and find relevant the overall emotional sense of the tale.

Autism and Jumping into Community

Instead of acting fearful, you enter the new group with Hi, I’m new. Here’s who I am. Here’s what I do.

That can be scary for those of us who are autistic and who have been attacked for making simple statements that are not self-abasing.

An alternative entry might happen, since you’re not going to let fear stop you: you come into a community, wanting to contribute right away, and noticing someone asks a question to which you have an answer, you chime in with it.

Ooh, feels dangerous because some petty person might be territorial about who gets to contribute know-how.

Another scenario: you say, “Hi, I’m new. Here’s a photo of what I made. It seems to fit in with this group. If you want information about it, DM me.” Simple, courteous, not self-effacing.

Attacked to Crush Your Spirit
and Make You Feel Alone

Whatever you do in this story, then a passive-aggressive person, with whom you’ve never had any contact, responds with a nasty, sideways barb.

They didn’t mean anything by it, wink wink. If confronted, they’d deny ill intent instead of being accountable for their behavior.

Their remark was meant to crush your spirit, put you in your place, make you fear, cause you to feel alone.

Perhaps they … don’t … like … your … traits.

Some individuals attack honesty, confidence, genius, or major accomplishments, all of which might be part of being on the spectrum. I try to remember that an ambush might be a sign of how fabulous I am.

Perhaps the attacker is suffering emotionally and spiritually. That thought helps me feel compassion for them. But I don’t have to let them walk on me.

Perhaps the attacker is not passive-aggressive but overtly cruel. For the sake of a few remarks I want to make further on this post, we’ll leave it at passive-aggressive.

Courtesy as Protection Magic

My response to nasty individuals varies according to the situation. When I was attacked in a version of the above-described scenario today, I recalled what my mother taught me at a young age. She said that, when met with unkindness, “Be a lady. If nothing else, it’ll drive ‘em crazy.”

I thank Gods that Mom often knew how to deal with my autism when I was a child. At age seven or eight, I read etiquette books to figure out how people are “supposed to interact,” so that I could follow suit. I’m not saying Mom had me do that or even knew I was doing it. I’m saying her advice was spot on, suiting me in more ways than one.

You can go too far with politeness. I don’t want to use it to suppress my anger. If I do that, I will be angry for a long time, mentally trapped by resentment as it constantly, painfully recycles in my mind.

And I don’t want to meet passive aggression with “polite” nastiness in return.

But Mom’s advice is perfect sometimes. I can sincerely, warmly, kill someone with honest kindness. Simple, non self-effacing, pleasant courtesy. I did that today.

It’s untrue that no autistic person can be polite, though I know etiquette and autism don’t always go hand-in-hand. And if the etiquette in question is the haughty sort meant to make people feel inferior because they don’t know what fork to use, that’s not etiquette. It’s high-handed abuse.

Real etiquette is simple, kind, non self-effacing remarks and behavior. And, as a shaman, I know that is powerful magic.

Being courteous shifts my energy as much as any incantation or formal spell could. I center into my inner power, magnificence, and confidence in those traits. Then I can deal with whatever is on the table.

A Community of Individuals with Autism
Protecting Each Other

Sometimes community is invisible. In every group, there’s a person other than me who is on the spectrum. And they might’ve seen me enter the group with my head held high. They might’ve recognized the covertly mean response, know I saw it too, know they’re not traveling on the spectrum alone, and know I just helped make the world a little safer for them. What more could I want?

… Well, there is more. To remember I’m never alone because my fellow travelers with autism and our allies are making the world safer for me too. Yes! Sometimes community is invisible.

P.S. I made up the phrases traveling on the spectrum and travelers on the spectrum, I love it, I am fabulous!

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Shamanic Retreats in Happy Fey Realms

Table of Contents
for 2022 Shamanic Retreats

If Table of Contents links don’t work, scroll down the page for any information.

Overview: 2022 Shamanic Retreats in Happy Fey Realms
You Attend by Phone. It’s Easy!
July 2 Retreat: Faeries & Other Ancestors
July 31 Retreat: Faerie Magic and Neurodiversity
August 27: Fairy Flower Magic
Sept 24: Birch, Hazel, and Apple
You Get a Lot Because I Apply Four Shamanic Powers
A Retreat Day’s Schedule of Sessions
How to Enroll

Shamanic Retreats in Happy Fey Realms

Four daylong virtual retreats are scheduled for 2022.

Each one surrounds you with magic that frees you from inner and outer limits, while adding luck to your life. So you reach your dearest goals.

Spend the day being taken care of. Fairy Secrets lovingly hold you, centering you into your Fey self—the part of you who is relaxed, grinning, balanced, powerful, miracle-making, serenely in control, and able to achieve daily and long-term goals. That you always exists. I’ll help you be in touch with it. After a retreat, that part of you can more easily emerge regularly.

Every retreat, we draw on Faery Faith Mysteries to receive Divine guidance about our challenges and life path.

I also channel material during gatherings, to ensure the day is relevant to your needs.

The events are held by teleconference: simply call the event phone number to attend.

Each retreat has a theme and offers specific empowerments along with the above-mentioned benefits all the retreats provide.

Here Are the Four Retreats in Faerie Realms:

Saturday July 2

Faeries & Other Ancestors:
I Believe in Greatness. I Trust Fun.

Our ancestors include the Fey Gods. I believe in greatness. I feel all ancestral abilities within me; I can create as I will. This is true for you too.

During this retreat, I’ll lead ancestral rituals in which we call on ancestors—your familial line, Fairy Gods, the stars in the sky, the first cell ever created, or whatever ancestors feel right for you.

In those rites, Fey and other ancestors will guide us and help us claim our power and rights as descendants of the Old Gods, find joy, and reach life goals.

We’ll get to play in Fey magic’s quiet, subtle, robust powers with our ancestral visitors. To reach life goals, you don’t have to obey the capitalist code of work work work to the bone.

Sure, work is needed, but not endlessly. Instead, we can play with the Fey. That fun can be a significant part of achieving goals. And so it will be during the retreat.

And that’s why, my dear one, oppressors are afraid of Witches. We tell people, “Okay, enough work, you did a good job, now let’s go frolic with Faeries!”

If some people in your familial lineage were awful, no need to invite them. We’ll invoke good energy only, to affirm our beauty, glory, and strength.

Sunday July 31

Faerie Magic and Neurodiversity—
Autistic Mystic Joy

Being autistic makes me happy. Speaking only for myself, autism is not an illness. It’s a gift I’ve been given.

I was born way along the spectrum and am lucky I survived. People weren’t diagnosed much in my childhood days. (I’m in my 70s and received a diagnosis a few years ago.) However, in my childhood, because of my mom and my belief in myself, I kept on, didn’t abandon who I essentially am. And, as I grew older, I just got more and more in touch with myself. I am a happy Witch, and my neurodiversity is a magical asset.

Let’s celebrate autistic mystic happy Witchcraft in rituals especially for us!

We’ll do spells to heal from clichés and other negative messages about autism.

We will also do rituals based on my personal experience that neurodiversity can be a huge part of Faerie magic and its joy. I will lead a guided visualization for us to travel into Fey realms, the very air of which celebrates diversity. In that otherworldly land, I’ll show you how to center into your unique autism as a magical strength that helps you manifest your hearts’ desires.

I’ll also show you how to use that magical strength to be the you who is you, contentedly you, grinning with pleasure at being you, smiling with childlike pride about being you. (You are fabulous!) Expect a mystical experience of wholeness and freedom in the sense of honoring and drawing on all your aspects. This experience will help you be the fullest, free-est you on the mundane plane so that in your everyday life you can be the you who is you. (I sound like Doctor Seuss.)

Happy magic! Faerie Witch neurodiversity!

The Old Fey Gods created all. That includes diversity, so They are always aware of it and bestow power, insights, and beauty that suit the recipient. We’ll visit a mystical place that has substance, where Gods offer each neurodiverse participant gifts they need—not the same as what neuro-typical and other people might receive.

On top of everything else, all the retreats offer camaraderie. You get to be you, in the company of people who understand.

For every one of my events, I can assure anyone who attends,

This is a haven where you get to feel how fabulous are. Here, you get to shine as fabulous you—without even having to make a point of it—just by coming here. You’re innately awesome, so you don’t have to do a single thing to shine.”

If you don’t yet feel how spectacular you are, I’ll teach you how. If you cover up your shine in fear that someone may want to attack such a bright light, I can help you with that too.”

Faerie Witch diversity!

Saturday August 27

Fairy Flower Magic:
Wishes Granted in the Goddess’ Garden

We spend this daylong retreat with four flowers, getting to focus on them so your experiences and empowerment can go deep. Be utterly embraced by the loving magic of roses, dandelions, irises, and Saint John’s wort. There will probably also be time to visit a surprise flower we find in the Fey realm.

Each flower will teach us their wisdom, impart their magic and another strength to us, and grant us a wish.

In a vision, I was shown how loving nurturance from these four flowers is an antidote to the biblical myth of the garden of Eden. In it, an angry deity throws Adam and Eve out of the garden. That wrathful, brutish deity is the model of our too-often mean-spirited selfish society.

The myth also has the deity declaring that Adam and Eve must toil horribly. That part of the myth reinforces the society-wide lie that we are obligated to work too hard and forgo self-care. Even if we disbelieve the lie, it might remain in our subconscious, making it hard to slow down and take care of yourself.

The Goddess always welcome us in Her garden, and this retreat will be in that sacred space. She created gorgeous flowers there, flowers filled with Her generous magic. They offer us the wisdom and power to meet our life goals. Not only is that wonderful in itself, but experiencing it helps heal you from the nasty biblical lies so you are more able to
* Allow your generous heart to flourish instead of shrinking to protect itself from the cruelty and selfishness you encounter.
* Stop overworking.
* Nurture yourself as much as you need.

My happy Witch heart! So mote it be!

I’ll share traditional flower lore as well as material I channeled. The channeled material is unavailable elsewhere.

Saturday, Sept 24

Birch, Hazel, and Apple
Three Sacred Trees and Their Oghams

This retreat focuses on three trees historically known as sacred to Witches and Druids: Birch, Hazel, and Apple.

I will lead Fairy rituals in which we visit these three beautiful spirits of nature, who have agreed to join us as our magical allies. They’ll empower us, guide us, and restore us.

This retreat is an otherworldly festival held in a Druid grove that we will travel to in a guided visualization. We are old souls, children of Gods who will attend our festivities, bless our Fairy magic, and spin enchantments that take care of you.

The Oghams are an ancient alphabet of 20 letters, each corresponding to a tree Druids hold sacred.

I’ll email you an image of the letters that correspond to Birch, Hazel, and Apple. As part of our tree magic, you’ll learn how to use these three Oghams to bless and deepen your shamanic experience of the rites.

I not only studied traditional understandings of these three trees and Oghams, I channel material unavailable elsewhere. During our retreat, I’ll channel information directly from trees, Gods, and my past life memories as a Druid—information specifically meant for attendees.

When channeling, I’m in Fey realms, which helps ground my original material in the power of the Faerie Faith.

One of many benefits you receive from that is practical mysticism. The old Fey worldview doesn’t always divide spirit and matter into two separate things. The retreat can improve anything for you, from inner growth to great sex.

You Get a Lot Because I Apply Four Shamanic Powers Every Retreat

1) Faerie Rituals

I’ll use master-level shaman techniques to create healing and empowerment ceremonies safe for beginners and substantive enough for adepts.

Enrollment is limited in each retreat, so we can perform powerful ceremonies that can only occur in a small group, and so each participant can receive individualized attention should they want that support.

Every retreat’s rituals will include the ecstatic, the restful, the solemn, and the silly—all of them transformative.

On the day of a retreat, we meet five times to enter sacred space for ritual. You’ll see, in the meeting schedule, breaks between rituals, so you’re not overwhelmed.

Please note, this schedule is different from last year’s. We’ll meet for the same amount of time, but this schedule is easier to do. Times are Pacific time. We meet:
10:15 am to 11:15
12:15 pm to 12:45
1:45 to 2:45
3:30 to 4:30
5:15 to 5:45
Possibly 6:15 to 7:15: On the off-chance I’m unavailable for one of the day’s sessions, we’ll use the 6:15 slot.

Reserve about three minutes after each session to do a special grounding I teach.

2) A Psychic Reading about Your Life Path

I’ll channel about your life path. Your psychic reading happens in a ritual that empowers you to apply the channeled material, instead of being stuck with information that is useless because you don’t yet have the confidence or other strength needed to follow through on the reading. You receive a reading each retreat you attend, during one of the group meetings.

Whatever’s going on in your life, it is likely I can intuitively address it.

My work draws individuals who want to show up for life big-time. My intuitive readings are a way I help them achieve major accomplishments and keep doing so. I’m usually capable of reading about your specific concerns, no matter how sophisticated or unusual they are.

3) Direct Spiritual Transmissions

During our meetings, you receive direct spiritual transmissions—in other words, blessings that deepen the empowerment, healing, and pleasure you find in the rituals.

The blessing also adapts to your needs, e.g., personal growth, peace, a soul healing, physical health, safety on the mundane and etheric planes, the strength to get back up after life’s knocked you down. The transmissions don’t focus on one benefit alone but bless you as a whole being. They also add luck to anything you do to improve your life.

4) One-on-One Shamanic Support by Phone

I’m available, should you want to privately discuss anything related to the retreat material or that’d take too long to discuss during a group ceremony.

I will address your concerns not only with common sense but with a spiritual transmission while we speak. Good chance you’ll also receive some channeling from me.

Our private talk(s) must occur within a month after the retreat.

How to Enroll for So Much Happy Fairy Magic

Each of a retreat’s four aspects constitutes major power in itself. Together, even without the one-on-one work should you care to forgo it, they weave into a mind-blowing whole greater than its parts.

I do a lot for you, you get a lot from it, and the price you pay is so good.

Total for a retreat’s rituals, transmissions, psychic reading, and one-on-one support: $225. Your carrier might charge you for the calls.

Only 16 “seats” in each retreat.

Limited time offer: Select the All Four Retreats option in the dropdown menu below by June 22 and save $100.

The menu also includes a Two Retreats and a Three Retreats option. If you choose one of them, I’ll email you, so you can tell me which retreats you want.

Otherwise, select the single retreat you want in the dropdown menu.

After making your selection, click the Pay Now button to enroll securely through PayPal.

Faerie Retreat Options

Upon receipt of payment, your seat is reserved. You receive event phone number, etc., by email. Refunds unavailable. Call me at the number below if you want more information or to discuss payment plan, trade, or scholarship.

Gentle Magic Is Power.

With good-sized breaks, we can manage four hours of ritual in one day at a gentle pace. We’re less likely to become overwhelmed, exhausted, or achingly stiff from sitting on the phone for too long.

We’ll have richly enchanted experiences, not despite their gentleness but because of it. Gentleness isn’t milquetoast or weak. Fairy secrets are not phrases boasted like passwords. Fairy secrets are the lightest touch of the Goddess’ breath on my forehead, followed by Her kiss there, utterly transforming me and my life. Faerie secrets are living Mysteries, experiences that gentleness can help happen, so ritual goes deep within minutes, making these virtual daylong retreats remarkably effective.

During breaks, go rest, stretch, eat, work out, run errands, or do whatever else you need to accomplish that day.

I look forward to each retreat. It will be a Faerie sanctuary and powerhouse of magic, Spirit, and camaraderie. My happy Fairy heart!

Feedback about a Retreat
with Shaman Francesca De Grandis

I am very new to Francesca’s world, but have already been deeply touched and inspired. … Francesca’s care and pacing was magnificent. … She took the time to help me feel at ease, and throughout our time together she made sure not to leave anyone behind. … Francesca facilitates with a light and gentle touch but her magic has deep roots and power in the subtle realm. … The retreat was a special experience.”—Stephanie Elizabeth Briggs

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The Gifts of Solitude: A Seven-Week Faerie Ritual

The Gifts of Solitude:
A Seven-Week Faerie Ritual

Possess the Freedom and Joy of Solitude

Avoid the Trap of Isolation

Begins Wednesday September 7, 2022.
Enroll by Wednesday August 31.

We will do Faerie shamanism rituals that help you
* Move past anything that keeps you from the solitude you want,
whether the block is inside you or external.
* Embrace solitude and its many gifts.

Solitude and isolation are not synonymous.

In solitude, I experience deep satisfaction in simple activities and notice the small wonders of everyday life. I find joy and freedom. My trust in myself and in my wisdom is renewed. I wander on shamanic journeys led by the Fey folk. Paradoxically, solitude fosters my connection to all of Gaia’s children. The list of gifts from solitude has many more items.

I experience isolation as lonely, painful, and confining. I feel disconnected, not only from people but also from my ancestors, the cosmos, and myself. My self-esteem lowers as does my trust in myself. My awareness of Fairy Gods being right by my side diminishes. I have less willingness to go on a shamanic journey, even though I know it will improve everything radically. That only begins the litany of isolation’s harmfulness. For one thing, isolation can negatively impact your health.

Isolation can be forced on you. For example, your community, family, or significant other rejects you, withdrawing what’s required to survive physically, emotionally, or spiritually, Even when physically present, someone can reject you.

The Gifts of Solitude Seven-Week Ritual includes Faerie Shamanism ceremonies that heal wounds caused by forced isolation. This enables you to enter more fully into healthy, satisfying times of solitude.

We’ll examine how self-imposed isolation can be beneficial for healing from trauma and how to use isolation for what it’s worth.

We will do ritual to free you if you are, to any degree, stuck in self-imposed isolation when it no longer serves its purpose but instead hinders you.

Society currently portrays getting stuck in isolation not as a response to trauma but as a healthy social norm. In other words, often isolation is not being named as such but incorrectly portrayed as a perfectly normal, healthy ongoing lifestyle.

In the process, impulses to isolate can be mistaken as introvert traits, even by introverts.

Oppressors falsify the nature of trauma-induced isolation to hide it, so people won’t overcome it. Western culture is greatly one of disconnection from nature, community, and self. Thus, much that is alienating seems a given, making isolation in response to trauma all the harder to spot. Oppressors foster alienation because connectivity is power.

The Gifts of Solitude exposes the details of these misrepresentations and alienating “givens,” how they could easily have leaked deeply into your subconscious—whether you’re an introvert or not–and the full extent of their damaging impact.

We will do Faerie ritual to uncover and heal ourselves from these misrepresentations and to strengthen and free ourselves to live however we choose. Celtic and Strega magic have traditionally been used to overcome oppression. The magic of both Strega witchcraft and Celtic shamanism is Fey, in the ancient European witchcraft tradition my mother taught me from birth.

We’ll also discuss how to spot the differences between solitude, isolation as a useful response to trauma, and being stuck in isolation.

Many of us have been pressured to go without time for ourselves. For example, maybe you were shamed and called selfish when you wanted time alone.

During our ritual, you’ll have the chance to see if you’ve been pressured to deprive yourself of solitude.

We’ll look at how you might have internalized this pressure and people-please by forsaking much-needed alone time, during which you would get to, for example, rest, emotionally recover from caretaking of others, and think about your own needs.

We will perform magic that helps you be unaffected by pressure to deny yourself solitude, whether the pressure comes from someone else or is self-inflicted.

We’ll look at the lie that having boundaries negates our love for someone. We will do ritual to heal the wounds that lie has caused.

We’ll see how boundaries help maintain our love and will do ritual that empowers us to follow through on that idea.

Honoring your desire for time to yourself can help make romance, friendship, and an active social life healthy and fulfilling. Otherwise, relationships might be terribly disorienting—a loss of self and one’s core goals. Or relationships feel lonely. Loneliness despite being in a relationship is a horrible experience.

The Gifts of Solitude is a chance to join together ritually in the paradox of community honoring our needs for solitude.

Humans can be wonderfully tribal. We’ll join in sacred ritual circle to joyfully embrace and empower our solitude. Ecstasy!

Experiencing this pleasure strengthens the resolve to create happy relationships that respect solitude.

Enrollment is limited to 16 participants to allow old-style oral tradition, including magic that works powerfully and safely only in a small group. This magic helps immense headway happens quickly. A small group also allows participants to receive individualized attention, should they want that support. This tailors a lesson so you receive the exact help you need.

Instead of this event being a class, we get right down to what’s needed for a deeply transformative ceremony. I teach how to do the rituals. You receive other pivotal information because I go over the ins and outs of solitude, isolation, and related issues. There are opportunities to ask questions. You are free to discuss your situation, so I can create rituals that meet your individual needs.

You also can phone me between meetings if you have concerns that might take too long to address during meetings or that you prefer to discuss privately.

You receive direct spiritual transmissions in every meeting. In other words, you receive blessings that deepen the healing, empowerment, and pleasure you find in the rituals.

You also receive digital talismanic art: an amulet to empower your solitude and move through blocks to it. I painted a piece that I imbued with magic. You receive a digital version of it with instructions on how to use it as an amulet.

Suited to all levels of experience: accessible to newbies, yet adepts experience depth.

This event can be applied as one of the two qualifying electives required for advanced shamanic training.

We meet seven consecutive Wednesdays, 3:00 to 4:00 pacific time, starting Sept 7.

Reserve Wednesday October 26, same time, for a makeup session in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned dates.

The class meets by phone. To attend, simply call the event’s phone number, which you receive after enrollment.

Full cost for seven weeks of ritual, direct spiritual transmissions, one-on-one private support, and an original talismanic piece of art is $400. Your carrier might charge you for phone calls into the meetings.

Pay securely with PayPal. Use the Pay Now button below.

If you prefer two monthly payments of $200 each, click the Subscribe button below:

If you do not receive an email confirming your payment within a few days, please check your spam filter and spam mailbox. If the email isn’t there, or you want to discuss a payment plan, trade, or scholarship, or you need additional info about the event, please call me. Upon payment, your place is reserved. Refunds unavailable. A few days before our first meeting, you receive an email with the event phone number and other details.

Photo of Francesca De Grandis 2021

Francesca De Grandis 2021

Francesca De Grandis is the best-selling author of “Be a Goddess!” Her work couples Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. Raised in a traditional Strega family tradition that has Celtic shamanism in its heritage—the family is originally from France—she practices an ancient European witchcraft that is a form of Fairy shamanism. She has worked professionally as a community shaman for four decades.

The ritual is likely a one-time event. Take advantage of the opportunity.

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Am Wondering Why I Make Amulets to Sell

Am Wondering
Why I Make Amulets to Sell

Making Amulets Is a Spiritual Practice

This post has photos of amulet necklaces I’ve made.

Please note: the words amulet, charm, and talisman have been synonyms for centuries. I use the words that way because it makes sense to me. Nowadays, some folks use the words differently. Long live diversity!

I’ve been wondering why I feel compelled to make amulets to sell.

Crafting them cuts substantial time from my day that I could use to make a lot more money than I make from amulets.

Much as I love—love!—the magical art of creating them, they are labor-intensive.

Each is a work of art so completely different from the others. This means planning a new design for each amulet, which might also require working out new technical challenges. Also, to bless an amulet, I am guided to create a new blessing spell. No point in making charms unless I do the best possible job I can. Part of that for me means exclusively making one-of-a-kind, so that each is the exact amulet to suit one special person. Too much is mass produced today. And I love—love!–the process of making a special, unique charm. So it being labor-intensive is not a problem in itself.

However, very few people that I know would buy one if I charged for all the time it takes to make one, bless it, and find the special components I search for endlessly. So why am I compelled to make them to sell?

Joan Didion said, “I don’t know what I think until I write it down.” So here goes:

I Craft Amulets in Meditation

Almost as soon as I said that I didn’t have time to make more amulets to sell, I started making one.

Then I remembered that making amulets is a spiritual discipline for me and part of my ongoing shamanic journey. Crafting a charm is a meditation that deepens my connection with the Divine and empowers me. So I found the time.

I Craft Amulets in Meditation aka Ritual

For me, making talismans is a spiritual practice. I’m not saying
everyone has to do it that way, or that amulets are effective only if made in a ritual process. We each have to find our own appropriate way, and far be it from me to insist that the most powerful methods for me are right for anyone else.

Crafting Amulets to Serve my Tribe

I work full-time professionally as a shamanic teacher and healer. This means I have wonderful meditative ritual time during the day, e.g., channeling a curriculum or sending someone a long-distance healing.

I find my profession to be a spiritual discipline, part of my ongoing shamanic journey. and an ongoing meditation/ritual that deepens my connection with the Divine and empowers me. So I’m wondering why I still feel compelled to make amulets to sell to people instead of just for myself.

Heh, maybe I just need a little extra money to pay for my addiction to beads.

Or maybe my Gods want me to provide this service for people. My buyers say their purchases created miracles for them. My clients say the same thing about my classes and healings, but not everyone has time for my classes, and some people are particularly drawn to using amulets. Amulets really hum for them.

So perhaps the compulsion I feel to make amulets for my community is instilled in me by my sweet Fairy Gods so that I serve my tribe in this capacity.

And maybe I should find some folks who can and will pay more. That’s something else to ask myself. … No, I like the way it is: I can make talismans for the people dear to me—my students, newsletter subscribers, etc. … and I earn enough to pay for my addiction to beads.

Since I don’t have time to craft many talismans, my newsletter subscribers often receive first shot at purchasing them. Subscribe to my newsletter by clicking the banner below.

Click here for newsletter. Fairy freebies, upcoming events, and stardust.

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Moon Mandalas, Amulets, and the Lunar Calendar

Moon Mandalas, Amulets,
and Talismans

Sacred Geometry and the Lunar Calendar

I’m teaching fewer Faerie shamanism classes for a couple of weeks, plus a recent injury keeps me from exercising as much as usual, so time has freed up, and I’ve been in a painting frenzy.

Among the recent paintings are two mandalas that I’ll put in digital Book of Shadow pages for my classes. The art will increase the magic in the pages’ text.

I call the paintings “Moon Mandalas.”

Ancient calendars that are lunar had thirteen months.

In the Druids’ lunar calendar, every month offers a different moon magic.

The Druid lunar calendar is also a tree calendar. Each month, a different tree’s magic comes forward.

These two mandalas were painted during the month of the Mothers’ Moon or the Bright Moon. Willow tree’s magic is especially strong this month.

I’m on a natural high from painting them and from my magical time with my students. Doing rituals with them—my peers and beautiful fellow travelers—in the energy of the Mothers’ Moon, the Bright Moon, and Willow tree magic—helped inspire the paintings.

I painted this month’s full moon. I call the painting “Full Moon Mandala,” and it is at the top of this post.

These mandalas also function as amulets. The words amulets, charms, and talismans have been synonyms for centuries. I use the words that way. Nowadays, some folks use the words differently, and I support you to choose your own way—to each their own.

These mandalas are also amulets. The full moon painting is a talisman—or mandala—for peace, healing, and power. It also is a reflection of your own power, beauty, and wisdom.

If you spend a few gently thoughtful moments with the painting, you might find other magic in it.

Added to a digital Book of Shadow page for one of my fairy shaman classes, it will enchant the page much like an Ogham would. An Ogham is a letter in an ancient alphabet, each letter of which corresponds to a tree held sacred by Druids. Oghams can be used as amulets.

Though filled with the power of this month’s moon and tree, these talismans are powerful any time of year, in the same way that willow magic is lovely all year.

I also painted this month’s eclipse. I call it “Eclipse Moon Mandala.”

It is a talisman—or mandala—for peace, self-acceptance, and being in the moment. It is also an amulet for the following:

These paintings’ sacred geometry includes the old pre-Christian equal-armed cross. I often depict symmetrical four-pointed shapes, or eight, sixteen, or further multiples of four. They speak to my sense of integration, peace, awareness of Divine Love, and remaining centered in one’s truths and goals. Both paintings are amulets for all these attributes.

The flowers could be morning glories, lilies, irises, and/or whatever you perceive them as.

To receive my talismanic art’s blessings, use one of the following methods:

– Meditate on the mandala. You might feel magic touch you within minutes if not seconds.
– Print the picture and put it on your altar.
– Display the painting anywhere in your home.
– If you need to be discreet about your magic, tuck the painting into a drawer, after saying, “May I be blessed.”
– Use the mandala as a screensaver.

I’m giving free PNGs of some of my art to my newsletter subscribers soon. A PNG is a quality file so a print of it is better than if you printed this page’s art, which is blurred to make the page download quickly enough. Subscribe to my newsletter here:

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Learn Ogham Divination: A Seven-Week Online Course

Lessons delivered to you by email. No need to attend classes.

Enrollment Deadline is June 8.

The course starts Sunday June 12, 2022 when you receive your first lesson.

This course shows you how to quickly begin doing divination with the Ogham tree alphabet, to improve your life.

Divination is the art of gaining information through messages from the other worlds. Just as Tarot cards, crystal ball, and many other items can be used as tools for divination, so can the Ogham alphabet.

Ogham divination provides empowering information. You gain an advantage, by learning more about what’s going on around you and in you, regarding finances, career, romance, life path, spiritual needs, creativity, and almost anything else. Thus you can make informed decisions and be more successful in all parts of life. You can also choose—and create—your own destiny.

I do divination with Oghams for everything from family issues to shamanic journeys to marketing plans to creative self-expression. Oghams even show me how to find mental clarity and serenity.

The Ogham alphabet is ancient. An early form had twenty letters, each one associated with a specific tree sacred to Druids. This course teaches you how to use the twenty letters for divination, so the twenty trees and Old Gods guide and empower you.

Some folks really want to learn Ogham divination but can’t on their own, with only a wee instruction pamphlet that comes enclosed with an Ogham divination set. Yet struggling through a big complex book, without support, is uninviting and uninspiring.

By contrast, Learn Ogham Divination is a brief course of easy lessons that guide you step-by-step through learning Ogham divination. There’s plenty of support. As you’ll see below, you can even phone me if you have questions.

With this course, the basics are covered! Plus more:

* Instructions on how to use Ogham letters as talismans are included.

* Lessons tend to be simple and streamlined, yet have layers, creating depth and sophistication.

* Concise divinatory meanings for each alphabet letter, along with simple instructions on how to do Ogham divination, are layered to impart a Druid’s way of life.

* This class is a prerequisite for advanced Druid training. Divination is part of the Druidic path.

* Lessons include Fey-touched material never published till now. The original Druidism was based in the Faerie Faith. That ancient Fey Druidry is imparted in the course.

* Many meanings provided for the Oghams are unavailable elsewhere. Though you’ll learn traditional meanings when relevant, a great deal of what you’ll receive is not from books. Instead, I learned it directly from trees, Gods, my past life memories as a Druid, and my channeling.

* When channeling and talking with the Gods, I’m often in Fey realms.  Because of that and other experiences, my original Ogham interpretations and teaching methods are grounded in the Faerie Faith. One of the many benefits that provides you is practical mysticism. The old Fey worldview does not always divide spirit and matter into two separate things. You’ll learn divination that is both mystical and down-to-earth, delivering relevant advice for everything from inner growth to great sex.

* Lessons reveal how the meanings for an Ogham letter serve as a jumping off point for brainstorming and exploration, so a reading you’re doing gives you information relevant to your personal situation.

Learn Ogham Divination has five powerful aspects:

1) A Weekly lesson, delivered by email, for seven weeks. The way I teach, you’ll learn quickly, so you only need to take the seven lessons.

Each lesson is a digital Book of Shadows entry (PDF), ornamented by my full-color, original, shamanic art that intensifies the text’s magic. Much of the artwork was created specifically for this course. The Book of Shadows entries will become cherished, enchantment-filled, lifelong possessions.

2) The Book of Ogham Meanings, which is a companion text for this course. This 5500 word PDF provides meanings for each Ogham, and is embellished with my full color, original sacred art.

So you quickly can access Ogham interpretations, I put them all in this one booklet, instead of spread throughout the weekly lessons.

3) A complete Ogham set to use for divination and talismans. This full-color digital painting has the twenty Ogham letters, set up so you can print them all on one sheet, then cut along its clearly marked cutting lines to create a twenty-piece Ogham divination set. I spent months painting magical art, to create a set specifically for this course’s participants, so they 1) have a set I hope they will treasure and 2) can start doing Ogham divination right away,  instead of having to find a set.

This is a mini-sized deck, easily kept nearby to use whenever you want and, since it fits on one page, you only need to print one sheet for a full deck.

Here’s a photo of the divination set after I printed it and cut up the paper, then arranged the cards to show most of my favorites. As the course progresses, I hope you’ll have your favorite cards:

The set’s artwork tickles me. It makes me happy, partially out of pride for my work, but also because looking at it just pleases my eyes and my spirit. In fact, I display the page, uncut, as a piece of art, in my home.

Detail and clarity of all the course’s artwork is excellent. Images in this post are blurred, by necessity, their lesser quality allowing this post to load quickly.

4) I’m available by phone, for up to 45 minutes. If you have questions about the material, need support because your commitment to doing the lessons falters, want to further explore a particularly tantalizing part of the curriculum, or have other concerns, feel free to phone.

You can divide the 45 minutes into two or three conversations. Conversations must occur during the span of the course or within a month after.

5) Bonus feature: a digital file of a second Ogham divination set! If you want to try divination with a completely different style of artwork, here it is. I myself like trying different divination sets. Your bonus mini-sized deck:

A personal story about the second set: to practice painting with watercolors, which I hadn’t done for a while, I created this set in only a day. So the set is nowhere near as polished as the one I spent months on. I’d planned to use the watercolor Oghams exclusively for my private divination, knowing that quickly-rendered art can have its own type of power, joy, and beauty. Then, to my surprise, the watercolor touched several people’s hearts. I realized many folks who are drawn to the highly personal energy I put into all my work, including the set I spent months on, might find using the second set as dynamic as I do. I hadn’t planned on offering the watercolor to anyone, so turning it into a shareable item took digital maneuvering. The painting was so large that I had to scan it in pieces, then digitally resize them to all fit in one graphic, then painstakingly reassemble the pieces—it took time to digitally line up pieces precisely with each other—then even more painstakingly digitally paint their edges so they blended back together. It was worth it because I love sharing my sacred art. I hope you enjoy it.

The course starts Sunday June 12, 2022 when you receive your first lesson.

If an unexpected event makes me unable to send one week’s planned material, I’ll extend the course an extra week.

Full cost for lessons, The Book of Ogham Meanings, two decks, and one-on-one support is $400. Scroll down to pay securely with PayPal:

If you prefer two monthly payments of $200 each, click the Subscribe button below:

No experience needed. But even advanced practitioners should find worthy material. If you need more information, or want to discuss scholarship, trade, or a special payment plan, phone me. My number is below the next paragraph. No refunds. This online course is not a transcription of an oral tradition class (which I teach by phone). My online courses are special unto themselves—magic tailored to be spectacularly useful, exciting, effective, and safe when learned online.

Decades of doing divination professionally and teaching others how to divine taught me a lot about the best ways to develop this course. My family tradition also honed my teaching approach: I was raised to be a creator of new, otherworldly material.

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Prosper in All Ways

Prosper in All Ways

Prosper in All Ways

I’ll cast a spell for you.

I’ll cast a spell for you.

The spell will be money magic, good luck mojo, a protection spell, and lots more.

The spell will be money magic, good luck mojo, a protection spell, and lots more.

This Three-Month Ritual for You to Prosper Begins March 7, 2022

Enroll by March 2.

You don’t need to attend an event, meditate, or do anything else. Just go about your business, while I do the work for you.

Most people immediately feel substantial results that increase over the three months, continue to build afterwards, and are long-lasting.

Money money money money money
Joy Joy joy
Self-expression self-expression self-expression
The chance to be of service to be of service to serve
Love love love

There are many ways to prosper. There’s an abundance of abundances.

Abundance of love
Abundance of satisfactions
Abundance of goals met
Abundance of physical health
And all other possible bounty

To help you prosper in all ways, I’ll even cast a three-month-long love spell for the exact love(s) you need—romance, self-love, the Fairy Gods’ loving generosity, or another love altogether. The energy of the spell adapts to what you most desire.

For three months, five days a week, I’ll perform your ceremony. Five days a week for three months is a lot of magic done on your behalf. This is big.

Are things going well for you? You still deserve magical support.

You deserve the best life.

You deserve all possible goodness.

Maybe you’re optimistically and wholeheartedly creating bounty. And you have plenty of plenty.

You still don’t need to go it alone.

You deserve magic that supports your efforts—adds good luck to your day, strengthens your resolve, adds some money magic so you needn’t work as hard, or gives you whatever else you need, inside and out, to create abundance and all the types of abundance you truly desire, whether financial, spiritual, creative, or …

Heck, nowadays, some folks are doing everything possible to improve finances, despite feelings of hopelessness. The transmission can help boost your morale, for an abundance of emotional happiness.

I have your back.

The ritual consists of direct spiritual transmissions, also called spiritual transmissions or, in the case of my work, blessing ceremonies.

Here’s an explanation of my transmissions:

I was born generating a beneficial field of energy. It adapts to your needs, e.g., financial well-being, soul-healing, great physical health, joy for your wild heart, safety on the mundane and etheric planes, the strength to get back up when life’s knocked you down, personal growth, peace …

So my transmissions can be protection spells, money magic, love spells, and more, all rolled into one.

It’s an abundance of abundances. The transmissions (again, sometimes it helps to think of them as blessing ceremonies) do not focus on one benefit only but bless you as a whole being. They also bless your life overall, adding luck to your day.

For clarity’s sake: someone else’s direct spiritual transmission is not necessarily carried out the same way mine is or might have different goals than mine.

My spiritual transmissions are congruent with the ancient Faery Faith and the precious, loving Faerie secrets.

When I do a direct spiritual transmission, the Great Mother Goddess is like the wind at my back. The Old Fey Gods believe material happiness is holy beauty. The Magna Mater, Great Mother Goddess, is known worldwide as the Fairy Queen in various traditions. She loves you, holds you sacred, and wants you to enjoy a bountiful life to the max. She will bless my work for you by contributing Her power to my magic.

Click the subscribe button to pay securely with PayPal: three easy, automatic monthly payments of $150. You receive mega-support each month for that amount. Total cost: $450. Payments appear on the credit card associated with your PayPal account.

If you do not receive an email confirming your payment within a few days, please check your spam filter and spam mailbox. If the email is not there, please call me. Also feel free to phone me to discuss another payment plan, scholarship, partial scholarship, or trade, or if you want additional info. No refunds, but you may cancel your subscription any time.

Since the transmission adapts to your needs, it not only sends more abundance your way, it also helps provide what you need, inside and out, to work toward abundance.

This blessing ceremony can even act as a healing for you if you need it. Examples:
* You think you don’t deserve abundance so can’t get yourself to work hard toward it.
* Or you despair of ever getting ahead financially, so can’t even imagine a better life.

My spiritual transmissions help shift your energy so you can be more proactive about financial well-being, inner nourishment, and an ideal life.

Receiving these transmissions is a way to say yes to the Goddess’ love showering bounty upon you and opening doors to all good things. Click the subscribe button:

Francesca De Grandis is the bestselling author of Be a Goddess! Her work couples Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. Raised in a traditional Strega family tradition that has Celtic shamanism in its heritage, she practices an ancient European witchcraft that is a form of multicultural Fairy shamanism.

Magic is not a substitute for psychiatric counseling, medical care, or other therapeutic treatments. Participants are responsible for the consequences of their participation. This shamanic ceremony is extraordinarily effective but may not work for all individuals.

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A Surrender: Diving into the Void

My latest animation, 24 seconds long, no audio.

Please note: At about 11 seconds, movement stops. That is a pause—intentionally—but not the end.

I’m proud of the piece. It represents improvement in my relatively new animation skills. And, as someone who relies on word-crafting more than on visual art to communicate, I was happy that I could represented a truth that is important to me without using words except the piece’s title. In the same vein, to give a substantive message within seconds felt empowering to me as a visual artist.

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