Power, Ancestors, and Victory

Power, Ancestors, and Victory: A Special One-Hour Fairy Ritual to Get What You Want and Need

Power, Ancestors, and Victory:
A Special One-Hour Fairy Ritual

to Get What You Want and Need

with Francesca De Grandis, Fairy Witch elder
and best-selling author of Be a Goddess!

Tuesday November 14, 2023
From 3:00 to 4:00 pm Pacific time

Enrollment ends Midnight Weds November 8.

If you’re new to my work:
*I use Witch and Shaman synonymously because they are synonymous in my tradition. Ask me why if you want.
* Ditto spells, rituals, meditations, etc.
* I use different spellings of Fairy (Faerie, Faery, etc.,) as synonymous usually, and I love all the spellings. Ditto related words—fae, fey, fay, etc.

During our hour together, we’ll do Faerie magic for you to:

1) Reach a cherished goal. Each participant chooses their own.

2) Break through limits, inside and out.

3) Claim your magical and worldly powers.

4) Call on the power of your Fairy ancestors.

Here’s more about each part of this one-hour Faery ceremony.

1) It’s a spell to reach a cherished goal.

You choose your goal for the spell. For example, physical health, money, soul-healing, creative fulfillment, business success, love, serenity, self-love.

If you’re unsure of your goal, I’ll help you choose one during the ritual.

Important: Has someone told you that Fey magic is not for you because you’re “not of European descent. You’re black. Your ancestors are from Africa.”?

Or that there’s no way you could be Fey-touched because you honor a Germanic Deity? Or because you’re “too fat,” “too tall,” “too short,” Native, Druid, gay, … ?

Whoever said that to you is a bigoted Pagan fundamentalist and ignorant about Fairies. Our rite will be free of that energy.

And, if you were told the sort of terrible things I described, and it’s gotten into your head, the ritual will heal that.

2) It’s a spell to break through limits,
inside and out.

I wouldn’t promise that a one-hour ritual can remove every block. That claim would not be ethical.

But I can promise an extraordinarily effective ceremony. You will make significant headway. You might be shocked to discover how much you will be free from limits the world puts on you.

You will also make important progress with inner blocks. Such as despair and immobilizing fear. Or self-defeating beliefs like “The life I want is unrealistic.” Or “My challenges are too big to overcome.” We can become free enough from inner blocks that they no longer keep us from our goals.

A personal story about this:

Terrible childhood events crushed my spirit. Money, opportunities, safety, joy, and other human rights eluded me in my adult years.

Then wild magic from Faerie Gods freed me and made me whole and confident. Magic—filled with love from my Gods—helps me overcome problems and make a good life. They offer me miracle-making magic in all circumstances.

Their loving magic is abundant in the upcoming event.

3) It’s a spell to claim
your magical and worldly power.

If you’ve already claimed them, they will increase.

You are innately magical. That is your heritage as a descendant of fey ancestors and a child of Mother Earth. But our society tries to crush your magic so that you can be controlled. The ritual will help you recognize and use your material and mystical powers.

Your strengths are unique. The Fey Gods adore diversity. In this ritual, They help you find and use your powers. Drawing on your individuality helps you hit your cherished goals. (I’ll explain this more in the ritual.) This will add yet more power to our spell, which is going to be so powerful to begin with.

After the ceremony affirms your worldly strengths, you become more able to use them to achieve your life goals. I always teach, “Head in the clouds, and feet on the ground.” We do magic and then follow through with relevant action on the mundane plane.

4) It’s a spell that draws on ancestral Faery power.

Your Faerie ancestors will welcome you, adore you exactly as you are, and lend their power to our ceremony.

You’ll learn how to draw on Fairy ancestors to create miracle-causing magic in our spell. So it’ll be yet even more powerful.

Are you are drawn to the Fey but someone told you there’s no way you could have Fairy ancestors? Whatever that naysayer’s reasoning, the ritual will show you how they were wrong wrong wrong.

For example, Fairy is part of most cultures’ lore—Hawaiian, Italian, Caribbean, on and on. The fey Gods love us all.

No matter who you are or what anyone tell you, Fairy Witch magic belongs to you. Our ritual will help you claim it.

Don’t let anyone stop you from happiness. Create the life you want. Do this Faerie Witch ritual with me.

Attend the Ritual by Phone. It’s Easy!

The group meets by teleconference: Simply call the event phone number to attend.
The group meets by teleconference: Simply call the event phone number to attend.


We meet Tuesday November 14, 2023
From 3:00 to 4:00 pm Pacific time.


Enrollment ends Midnight Weds November 8.

Cost is $60. Your carrier might charge you for the calls.

Click the button below to enroll securely through PayPal.

Please enter your phone number

If you don’t receive an email confirming payment within a few days, check your spam. If the email isn’t there, or you want to discuss a scholarship, semi-scholarship, or trade, or you need additional information about the event, please call me at the number below. Upon payment, your seat is reserved. A few days before our first meeting, you receive an email with the event phone number and other details. No refunds.

I’m fierce in my belief that my shamanic rituals create miracles because decades have proven it. The old Gods are powerful.

Show up, and the results can be huge. The event’s price is a deal because so much Fairy magic will enchant your days. Here’s why. On top of all the power I’ve already described in the spell, there’s more:

Two Master-of-the Arts Magics
Will Fuel Your Success

Here are two Master-of-the Arts magics I bring to this event:

1) Faerie Oral Tradition Magic

We will work in my oral tradition. In it, immense headway can happen quickly.

Fairy oral tradition requires a small group. Enrollment is limited to twenty people.

I use master-level Witchcraft techniques to create empowerment ceremonies safe for beginners and substantive enough for adepts.

2) I Do a Spell For Your Success

While I lead you in the ritual, I’ll also have additional magic simmering in my cauldron. It is a spell that blesses your efforts to improve your life—not only your efforts during the ritual, but later.

The cauldron spell also adds good luck to your daily life and strengthens our meeting’s magic.

Both Faerie oral tradition and the cauldron spell are major powers. Together they make a whole even greater than its parts. Reviews:

I am truly blown away at how much I was able to resolve and heal.”—Chad Woodward

My life just seems to go better when I’m taking one of your classes!”—Shauna Farabaugh

Life-changing. I don’t have words adequate to thank you. … One of the most deeply meaningful experiences of my life .”—Melissa Hillman

$60 covers the Shamanic circle as well as the cauldron spell. Your carrier might charge you for the calls.

Click the button below to enroll.

Please enter your phone number

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Upcoming Event


Enjoy Many Blessings
From a Five-Day Yule Ceremony
Performed for You

You do not have to attend an event or do any work. I do the work for you. Receiving this blessing is easy.

I’ll draw on the magic of Solstice week and on the Winter Queen’s generosity for five days of ritual. That’s a lot of power, so you can expect the ritual will:

* foster abundance
* spiritual rejuvenate
* heal inner blocks that sabotage happiness
* increase your ability to move toward your dearest goals
* center your energy on what’s important to you.

Those benefits help many areas of life, such as:
* Healing trauma symptoms
* Creativity
* Making boundaries
* Earning a good living doing what you love
* Standing up for yourself and others
* Avoiding holiday dysfunction
* Self-love
* Confidence
* Ending isolation
* Overcoming SADD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

The energy of the ceremony shapes itself to your specific needs. Another term for the ritual I’ll do is spiritual transmission. My spiritual transmissions adapt to your many needs. Here are examples: soul healing, peace, the strength to get back up after life’s knocked you down, physical health, and safety on the mundane and etheric planes. The transmissions don’t focus on one benefit alone but bless you as a whole being. They also add luck to your day.

The Yule spell helps your life and your enjoyment of it advance to the max. Whether you celebrate holidays this season or not, whether you’re with loved ones on the holidays or not, I want to help you enjoy yourself now and long after.

Benefits last long after the Solstice—for months, if not years. This helps your New Year be one in which you can find joy and create the life you want.

The ceremony starts December 17, 2023. The five ritual days will occur over a week’s time. Yule is a major Pagan holiday, and the week surrounding it is powerful magically. It is a perfect time to do this work for you.

Most modern Pagans used to focus on just the day of Yule. But I recognized that the time around Yule is powerful shamanically. A lot of the community eventually adopted my insight, and I’m delighted to have led the way.

And, having worked with that seasonal energy before many Pagans had even heard of it, I have decades of experience with it. So I am able to perform a life-changing ritual for you.

Total Cost: $150. Scroll down to enroll: enter your phone number and pay securely with PayPal.

Pls provide yr phone number.

Upon receipt of payment, I email you confirmation of registration.

If you do not receive an email confirming your payment within a few days, check your spam filter and spam mailbox. If the email is not there, please call me at the phone number below. Feel free to phone me to discuss a payment plan, scholarship, partial scholarship, or trade, or if you want more info. No refunds, but you may cancel your subscription at any time.

Reap the rewards of magic spun for you for five days.

Magic is not a substitute for psychiatric counseling or medical care by a physician. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their voluntary participation. This ceremony is extraordinarily effective but may not work for all individuals.

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How to More Accurately Interpret Your Psychic Readings

How to More Accurately Interpret Your Psychic Readings. It’s Easy To Overlook Subtleties in a Divine Message

How to More Accurately Interpret Your Psychic Readings

It’s Easy To Overlook Subtleties in a Divine Message

When I say, “Never,” the Universe laughs at me. But I said it anyway because I misunderstood a psychic reading I gave myself. Here’s the story, as an example of overlooking subtleties in a divinatory message. (Perhaps you’ll find the story valuable for other reasons, too.)

Recently, I announced I would no longer make talismanic necklaces to sell. Wrong!

Everyone who has my talismans vouches for them as miraculous. In this post are photos of some talismanic necklaces I have made. Maybe you will sense their energy.

But I wrongly thought that my services selling hand-crafted charms had ended because a lack of sales seemed like Divine guidance in the form of synchronicity. Sales had slowed from these one-of-a-kind talismans being purchased within minutes of my posting them to talismans sitting idle.

I asked my Gods what to do. Psychic readings are among the means through which I receive Divine guidance, so I gave myself a psychic reading. During a reading, I might use Tarot, Oghams, or other divination tools to supplement my intuition, visions, etc.

I thought the Gods responded to my request for guidance by telling me to focus all the energy I had put into crafting talismans into a service I had recently started providing again. The revived service is energy clearings of a home or other space. (I do the rituals long-distance.)

But I had interpreted the guidance to an extreme, instead of picking up on its subtleties. I wasn’t to drop the talismans completely. After considering this guidance for a while, I realized I can do a better job at both services—making talismans and cleansing the energy of spaces—if I shift some of my hours from the former to the latter.

Though one way that I receive Divine guidance is through my psychic abilities, they aren’t perfect, hence I do not always correctly understand what my Gods say. Mind you, my accuracy as a psychic reader is extraordinary. But psychic abilities are a human mode of perception, thus are not perfect.

Why It’s Easy To Overlook an Otherworldly Message’s Subtleties

When I teach divination classes, some new students cannot recognize an oracular message’s subtleties often enough. I notice this challenge, whether the focus of a class is Tarot, Oghams, straight-ahead psychic readings, or another divinatory method. I think this inability is widespread. Our society is black and white, which makes it easy to misinterpret Divine guidance as black or white, either/or statements. I fell prey to this myself regarding talismans.

How to Recognize
a Psychic Reading’s Subtler Messages

Do you want to more accurately interpret your psychic readings? Do you misunderstand your psychic readings sometimes? I’ve already given one reason that might happen but let’s look at another.

Most people don’t know how to find the subtler messages that provide alternatives to erroneous black-and-white oracular interpretations. However, simply learning that more sophisticated, alternative interpretations exist opens the door. That could be all you need; you walk through the door, aka start watching for subtler messages. And when that’s not enough, here’s a technique to walk through that divinatory door:

Step 1) Be humble by admitting that, maybe, you misunderstood the information you received. Being psychic, intuitive, or whatever you call it shouldn’t make any of us feel like a know-it-all.

Step 2) Be open-minded about receiving further information and about the means through which it might come.

Step 3) Ask for further guidance that refines the message you’ve already received. Continue divination until you pick up subtleties that sufficiently refine the message. Accept that refinement may be a complex step-by-step process, over time; this is relevant to the means I mention in step 2. Here’s more about that:

Patiently allow the complexity of a divination process to unfold over time, instead of expecting a straight shot. It might be a quick, straight shot, but don’t close your mind to a complex, slow route. That route might include contradictory messages and your own mixed feelings. They will resolve if you just let them be. They are often part of the process.

I don’t think we’re always meant to understand everything all at once. When a message unfolds over time, the process of finding the full message is empowering and otherwise beneficial.

But society teaches us to expect instant fixes. Try not to succumb to a frantic unrelenting attempt to acquire this additional information right away. That’s counterproductive and exhausting. It’ll come in time.

Step 4) You receive that additional information. It might come from a psychic reading(s) that you do for yourself, a reading you receive from someone else, synchronicity, or another divinatory method such as tarot cards, crystal ball, or your intuition.

Step 5) You may not need this final step if the additional information you want comes immediately. But often, a combination of methods, occurring over time, whether a long or short period, is needed. So once again, accept that refinement may be a complex, step-by-step process that doesn’t finish right away. Here’s an example of how that happened for me, regarding the talismans:

Life Itself is Divination

After my initial psychic readings on the topic, I thought my talisman-selling days were over. I announced my last talisman set was available (sometimes I sell amulets in sets) and explained there would be no more amulets after that.

Then three different people were interested in the set. This was Divine guidance, in the form of synchronicity, helping me become clearer as to my Gods’ message. I wasn’t to stop making amulets to sell. But the whole Divine message was yet to come. More refinement of it was needed.

I couldn’t sell the talisman set to all of them, so one of them requested a custom piece. Then someone else asked for a custom piece.

It was synchronicity as Divine guidance, refining my Gods’ instructions to me. My Gods had meant, “Only make commissioned talismans for now.” I consulted Tarot cards for further information. The cards said that only doing commissions will stop me from overworking—which I had been doing lately—and allow me enough time to do an excellent job with both the space-cleanings and the talisman-making.

The real issue was my overworking, not whether to sell talismans!

Where I Am Going from Here

I’ve never made a lot of talismans to sell. My magical focus as a community servant is shamanic services. E.g., teaching, healing, and counseling. Now that I’m also performing space cleansing rituals again, I need to make even fewer talismans, to avoid overworking.

Accepting commissions will allow amulet-making to remain a happy magical experience, instead of being part of my recent too-busy schedule that would’ve led to burn-out.

If you want a custom talisman: comment below. No obligation.

Your comment gives me your email address (no one else will see it).

I will email you the current cost and ask what sort of magic you want your necklace to have. For example, maybe you want good luck, prosperity, physical healing, peace, and confidence. I might intuit more to weave in. I will email you photos of the finished piece for your approval.

Please note, I only ship to U.S. non-military addresses. I don’t know if I will sell talismans once I’ve moved to Italy because shipping from Italy to the States is expensive.

Whenever I say “Never,” the universe laughs at me. But the Gods guide me past my errors, step by step, when I watch for life itself to be divination. So mote it be!

My Gods guide me, step by step when I watch for  life itself to be divination.—Francesca De Grandis

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Help, Hope, Power, Miracle, Solutions—A New Event

Help, Hope, Power, Miracle, Solutions—A New Event

This Three-Month Ritual Begins April 24, 2023

Enroll by April 19.

The event is simple:
I constantly cast magical spells for you.

You don’t have to attend a meeting, meditate, or do anything else. I do the work for you.

For three months, five days a week, I perform a ceremony for you.

The event is pure power:
I do constant spells for you.

The spells automatically turn into whatever spells will help you the most. They could become spells for money, health, love (that includes self-love), fertility, personal transformation, joy, safety, peace, and/or anything else.

In other words, the rituals transform as a matter of course to manifest everything you most desire. Magic for a lot of different benefits occurs. This multifaceted approach doesn’t dilute magic. It strengthens magic because of the particular way I’ll cast the spells. This energy can cause a miracle.

The spells also draw ongoing good luck to you.

Receive major support for three months. Pay securely with PayPal. Click the subscribe button to make a monthly payment of $200 for three months.

If you don’t receive an email confirming your payment within a few days, check your spam filter and spam mailbox. If the email is not there, please call me. Also feel free to phone me to discuss a payment plan other than the subscription described above, scholarship, partial scholarship, or trade, or if you want more info. No refunds, but you may cancel your subscription at any time.

I offer support for newbies and advanced practitioners even when they don’t need lessons from me or have no time for them. This new Shamanic event is not a class so doesn’t demand study or other work. I simply have your back: I provide ongoing support by generating miracle-making magic for you. I will be a constant ally silently in the background of your life.

This event helps folks even if they lack focus, energy, time, or direction. People shouldn’t have to wait until something shifts—in or around them—before they can receive help. They should be helped exactly as they are. My new event is the easiest way to have more help and power in your life.

Whether you can’t figure out the direction you want to take, feel stuck in an endless cycle of devastation, are a hot mess, enjoy enormous success in every part of your life, or are experiencing whatever else, this event is for you. You be whoever you are and still experience significant improvements in and around you.

Five days a week for three months is a lot of magic done on your behalf.

More about the spells I’ll do:

You can also call them blessing ceremonies, direct spiritual transmissions, or spiritual transmissions. If I’ve done a spiritual transmission for you, you know how beneficial one is.

These ceremonies don’t focus on only one benefit but bless you as a whole being.

They also bless your whole life, adding luck to your day.

I was trained from birth to perform effective blessing ceremonies.

Most people feel immediate and substantial results. They increase over the three months, continue to build afterwards, and are long-lasting.

Enrollment ends April 19. Enroll now by clicking the subscribe button below.

The rituals in this event are congruent with the ancient Faery Faith and its loving Faerie secrets.

For one thing, you don’t have to figure out what you want my spells to accomplish for you. I don’t need to know, either. The Fairy Gods know and will lovingly, generously shape the rites I perform.

When I do spells for you, the Great Mother Goddess is the wind at my back. And my kindly, protective Father God stands by Her side, adding His power, upholding me and the rites.

These Old Fey Gods believe material happiness is holy. The Magna Mater, Great Mother Goddess, is known worldwide in various traditions as the Fairy Queen. Always, the Fairy King stands by Her, loving Her and us. They hold you sacred and want you to enjoy life immensely. They will bless my work for you.

Check out these reviews:

Your (spells) saved me! The angiogram showed my heart had not gotten worse. And there is peace back in my house, and your help also kept me in a positive mindset. You’ve done so much for me!—Linda

I won a major writing award recently, and your shimmering energy helped immensely, I am sure. Thank you for your magical work.—Grateful Poet

Open to miraculous magic: Click the subscribe button below.

The following information isn’t needed to decide whether to enroll. I simply want to share some thoughts, if you have the time and inclination.

Unlike the typical absent father, my Beloved Father God is reliable and steady. Unlike the oppressive patriarchal deity who selfishly must be the center of attention and control everyone, my Beloved Father God sometimes remains quietly in the background, supporting you.

When more noticeable, He can be loud and striking in his ferocity, a flame blazing across the sky. When he steps back instead of remaining in the foreground, He doesn’t become namby-pamby. His ferocity manifests in His quiet support. I am fierce in my support of you.

My Father is a role model for how I want to be—in the background, passionately supporting you during the upcoming event.

He’s so invisible sometimes that, when channeling artwork for this post, the art overall was more overtly about Her. That doesn’t mean He is absent.

About painting Her:

Children are wise. I strive toward a child’s wisdom.

Children wisely carry hope in their hearts. When time and trouble diminish my hope, magic renews it.

Trusting the goodness of wild, untamed magic is childlike wisdom.

Children wisely believe in miracles.

When we have hope, accept help, accept power, and trust in miracle, solutions come to us.

This event’s title evokes childlike wisdom: Help, Hope, Power, Miracle, Solutions.

If I am to do effective rituals to help you with hope, power, miracle, and solutions, I must do what I can to maintain my hope, power, miracles, and solutions.

In that spirit, I used painting as a meditation and made the above fairy. A friend said it looks like a cake doll. That’s perfect because the painting is like the fairytale-like girly figures I’d draw as a little girl. They sprang from my belief in magic and miracles. May I remain childlike all my years. So mote it be!

Francesca De Grandis is the bestselling author of Be a Goddess! Her work couples Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. Raised in a traditional family tradition that has Celtic Shamanism and Strega practices in its heritage, she practices an ancient European Witchcraft that is a form of Fairy Shamanism.

Magic is not a substitute for psychiatric counseling, medical care, or other treatment. Participants are responsible for the consequences of their participation. This Shamanic ceremony is effective but may not work for everyone.

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Lenormand Giveaway for My Newsletter Subscribers

Updated July 13, 2023.

Here’s the Lenormand deck I’m raffling off in today’s fairy witch newsletter.

If you’re not a subscriber, click here so you can participate in the next giveaway.

The deck is in a beautiful tin. My blurred photos don’t do the deck justice, but the pic shows the tin, instructional sheet, and a fun addition: there are two number 18 cards, one a cat and one a dog.

I’m almost certain these are Melissa Hill Postmark Lenormand Divination Cards.

Melissa’s Postmark decks may have sold out, so I’m happy to send this to one of my beautiful subscribers.

The deck includes a happy squirrel card. (If you don’t know what a happy squirrel Lenormand card is, that information is easily found online.) Also, as is typical, there are two different man cards and two different woman cards. The doubling is part of the Lenormand divination system.

The cards are in beautiful condition. They were gifted to me by someone I suspect never used them. Neither did I because I have so many decks. So I’m regifting them.

If you are a subscriber and want this deck, the instructions to enter the raffle are in the newsletter. Yay!

If you are not a subscriber, click the banner below to subscribe to my free Fairy Witch newsletter, for magical giveaways, unusual information, and Fairy events.

Click here for newsletter. Fairy freebies, upcoming events, and stardust

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Energy Clearing of Your Home, Office, or Other Space

Energy Clearing
of Your Home, Office, or Other Space

Do you think you might need to clean the energy in your home or other environment?

I will do it for you, long-distance, whether the space is in San Francisco, New York City, or elsewhere.

My spiritual cleansing methods occur on another plane. So my geographical location doesn’t matter.

I clean the energy of a house, apartment, condo, office, theatre, construction site, or other environment.

Table of Contents

If Table of Contents links don’t work, scroll down the page for any information.

What Is an Energy Clearing of a Home, Office, or Other Place?
What Are Other Words for a Spiritual Cleansing of a Space?
What Is a Real Exorcism?
Can Bad Energy in a Place Cause Problems There?
Why Do Some Spirits Cause Problems?
How Do You Do an Energy Clearing?
Diversity, Shamanic Culture, Marginalized Groups, and Energy Clearing
Energy Clearing Services

What Is an Energy Clearing
of a Home, Office, or Other Place?

An energy clearing, also known as a spiritual cleaning, dispels problematic energy in an environment.

There are various forms of unpleasant energy and different degrees of seriousness. Here are four examples.

* the energy residue of heated arguments that occurred in that space

* an unhappy spirit—someone who died and needs to resolve a problem before passing on fully into the afterlife

* a malevolent spirit who hates living people and wants to hurt them

* a build-up from everyday life. In other words, physical dirt builds up every day. So we regularly vacuum, wash dishes, scrub out the bathtub, etc. In the same vein, energy clearing on a regular basis removes daily life’s unpleasant energy residue.

Any type of harmful energy can last long after its initial cause. In other words, you might move into a building in which negative energies that started 50 years ago still remain.

What Are Other Words
for a Spiritual Cleansing of a Space?

There are different terms for this work:
Feng Shui
Clean the energy
Clear the energy
Energy clearing
Spiritual cleansing
Energy cleaning
Energy cleansing
Spiritual housecleaning
Spiritual cleaning

Often, I use these terms interchangeably. In important ways, doing so is historically accurate.

I often avoid using the word exorcism because many people misunderstand it due to gross misrepresentation of it.

What Is a Real Exorcism?

Christianity and society at large have misrepresented exorcisms. Thus, an exorcism is now associated with shame, self-degradation, and a terrible situation that cannot be overcome.

Christian so-called exorcism is also used to excuse abuse. Under the guise of expelling demons, a Christian practitioner might torment someone who refused to bow down to an oppressor, has psychiatric problems, or suffers from puzzling medical symptoms.

The movie The Exorcist validated the abuse by adding misrepresentations of exorcisms.

Some alleged exorcism techniques are dangerous, both physically and psychically, and have caused death.

Exorcisms practiced by most Christian groups are often ineffective. Below, you’ll read why my approach is an effective alternative. But for now:

A great deal of the time a problematic spiritual entity is not even evil. It’s a spirit having a hard time. Not all troublesome spirits are demons. Once given help, the spirit might become benign and either help whoever it had been bothering, move on into the afterlife, or otherwise depart. The word exorcism is an accurate description of compassionate rituals that might help this spirit.

Exorcise simply means to free a person or space from spirit(s) and energies that are causing problems. Exorcisms are no different from clearing the energy.

Can Bad Energy in a Place Cause Problems There?

Yes, bad energy in a place can cause problems. They can range from mild to terrible. Let’s look at a few of the more serious ones.

* Feelings of apathy, powerlessness, or uselessness can overcome some or all the occupants. These feelings can, of course, stem from other causes. When that occurs, negative energy in the environment might increase the unpleasant feelings and make it feel like there’s no way to shake them.

* Emotional states might bounce around, for example going from dispiritedness to rage. Again, this could stem from something other than negative energy in the environment. But negative energy could exacerbate and prolong the problem.

* Extreme fatigue often stems from medical problems, but it can also stem from psychic problems in the environment.

Those examples represent only a few of the problems that spiritually cleansing a space can clear up or radically diminish.

Why Do Some Spirits Cause Problems?

There are benign spirits who have died but linger in the human realm until someone helps them address a tragedy they suffered when still living. Resolution might require my taking care of something on the material plane or helping a spirit emotionally resolve a trauma.

Here’s an example. Many years ago, a contractor hired me to cleanse a construction site. One of the troublesome spirits there was not malevolent. She was a child who had died in tragic circumstances and needed to resolve a few things. I helped the wee spirit find peace and move on. She no longer troubled the workers at the construction site.

Then there are cruel spirits who delight in causing harm. They try to make people and animals miserable.

Most spirits are neither fully evil nor fully benign. Like humans, they are somewhere in between. I deal with them as such.

Not all spirits are humans or demons. All sorts of beings populate the otherworldly realm.

Troublesome spirits, malevolent or benign, can cause great distress or other serious harm.

How Do You Do an Energy Clearing?

There are many methods. Not everyone uses the same ones.

I have an extensive tool kit with which to clean the energy of someone’s space. This allows me to choose methods that best suit the specific energies that are present. It also lets me combine a large number of methods, when needed.

Raised in a Shamanic family tradition of Italian and Celtic Witchcraft, I was trained from birth to serve community as a shaman. The family’s Witchcraft is an ancient Faerie Shamanism. A lot of my approach to energy clearing is based in my family’s Witchcraft. Rigorous studies in other traditions also inform my work. I started performing psychic cleansings decades ago. Years of experience taught me a lot.

My exorcisms are based in well-honed abilities and thoroughly-studied techniques instead of ignorant superstitions like those of the Catholic Church. While Catholic exorcisms may occasionally work, by and large they are harmful or worthless.

Five examples of my tools for spiritually cleaning a space:

1) I apply the Italian counterpart to Feng Shui. I’m not referring to Western society’s usual understanding of Feng Shui, which is the positioning of material objects in a space to influence energy flows. Underpinning that practice is an awareness of nature’s harmonious patterns and how to work with those energy flows. In that vein, I use patterns of natural otherworldly energies to harmonize a space’s energies.

2) I perform spiritual cleansing rituals with Faerie Gods who guide and bless the rituals with Their immense power. So, for example, when I banish a nasty spirit, my Gods protect me and strengthen the banishing.

3) I use my otherworldly sensibilities to perceive the exact nature of an energetic problem as opposed to making bigoted or otherwise biased assumptions. I am not implying that I never make an error in judgment. Psychic awareness is a human mode of perception, which means it will never be perfect. But I’m dang good at it. This tool is an example of why it is important that my work is grounded in skill and years of training and study. They honed my psychic abilities.

This sigil heals and strengthens body and spirit, and brings overall luck. I channeled the sigil and placed it here to bless my exorcism ceremonies.4) I maintain a trance for the entirety of the cleansing, constantly perceiving the energy so that I know what needs to be addressed each step of the way.

The ongoing trance is especially important for major psychic disturbances. This is because constantly changing one’s methodologies may be needed to fully address the problem. Think of a martial artist. They don’t just punch, punch, punch. They punch, block, kick, spin, punch, duck, jump, kick. In other words, they keep responding to the situation. Being in trance throughout the cleansing, I can psychically perceive, step-by-step, what is needed for an effective, thorough spiritual cleaning.

5) The techniques and down-to-earth philosophy of my family’s witchcraft keep my feet on the ground. This allows me to weave my mystical state with common sense. For example, my trance does not make me overlook practical considerations like safety. Instead, I have the ability to maintain a right-brain left-brain balance, so that I’m in a deep trance, while remaining logical.

Diversity, Shamanic Culture, Marginalized Groups, and Energy Clearing

I perform cleansing work with an eye to diversity and inclusion.

Different shamanic cultures might have wonderfully different approaches to cleaning the energy of a space. Some of the approaches are tailored to the specific problems more likely to occur in that culture. Yet all the approaches do the same work.

Are you wondering whether my approach will suit you because of the culture in which you were raised or because you’re part of a marginalized group? I suggest you use your intuition to decide. Over the decades, I’ve had a diverse, satisfied clientele.

Energy Clearing Services

Which of the following three choices meets your needs?

Clearing #1:
Spiritual Housekeeping Is Needed
Even though the Energy Could Be Worse

The energy around you doesn’t have to be the worst in the world to cause big problems. You can feel really dragged down. Life may seem grey and worthless. Success may be blocked. Other problems can occur. I’ll take care of it for you. The energy of your space will feel clean, bright, and renewed.

Spiritual housekeeping, even at this level, often requires professional attention. Though no seriously problematic energy might be obvious, there is usually at least one major energetic problem that requires a skilled practitioner putting in a goodly amount of time.

Or, perhaps you’re too busy to spiritually cleanse your home even if you have the skills, or don’t want to learn how. Maybe you’ve moved into a new place and are too busy setting up to clean the energy. I will make it fresh and new and ready for you. A new start!

Or you’re preparing to sell your condominium and want to reduce any negativity in it. Potential buyers who are not psychically aware might sense negative energy subconsciously. If so, they could walk away.

Or you bought a used car. You’d like it to feel spiritually clean and yours instead of being a leftover from someone with their energy still in it.

Spiritual housecleaning has become more important than ever. During times when many individuals are experiencing bigger challenges than usual, the daily residue of psychic “dirt” builds up more than usual.

Being stuck at home in recent years means more time there and therefore more buildup of the daily psychic debris. It’s time for a psychic cleaning.

You deserve your home and other spaces to be at their best. So I will clean the energy.

Here’s our process:

* Pay securely with PayPal: Use the payment button below for a one-time payment of $500.

* If you don’t receive an email confirming your payment within a few days, check your spam filter and spam mailbox. If the email is not there, please call me at the phone number below the payment button. Also feel free to phone me if you want more information. No refunds.

* Do not give me information about the space you want renewed. It would waste your time and mine. When I confirm receipt of payment, I also ask for the information I need to do a good job for you.

* Do not pay yet if the space is especially large, for example the building is on a lot larger than an acre. Instead, contact me for cost.

Please enter your phone number

Clearing #2:
Monthly Spiritual Cleanings
to Maintain Nice Energy

If you’d like spiritual housecleaning once a month for three months to maintain a nice clean energy, here’s our process:

* Choose a three-month subscription. Your price after the initial cleansing is reduced from $500 to $200 for both the second and third month. That totals $600 less for energy upkeep by a professional.

* Read the above steps that I outlined for a single cleaning session, except for the first step, which is to use the button that pays for a single cleaning. All the other steps apply to the three-month maintenance.

* Click the subscription button below for three monthly payments of $300:

Please enter your phone number

Clearing #3:
The Most Serious Energetic Disturbances
Need to Be Addressed

I remove the most serious energetic disturbances in an apartment, farmhouse, car, or other environment.

There are many types of substantially negative energy. Here are a few examples.

Please note that the following examples can occur in varying degrees. Only more extreme degrees would require Clearing Service #3.

* Constant animosity between occupants of a space can be caused by negative energy that is attached to the property. Perhaps a malicious spirit is twisting energy to make the space’s occupants angry, hostile, and combative. And they don’t realize that their constant fury and endless arguments are not caused by themselves, or at least not entirely.

* A crisis can leave a residue of terrible energy.

* A spirit who is in emotional pain might be horribly disruptive because it is desperate for someone to notice them and heal them. The spirit might be benign but can still cause big problems out of desperation or ignorance.

Fixing major psychic disturbances can require someone who is highly trained.

Another aspect of inclusivity: If you are a person who has experienced trauma, you deserve compassion and patience. You can expect kindness from me throughout our process.

If you think a severe psychic problem is in your home or other space, here’s our process:

* Email me at the address below. All you need to do is put one word in the email—the word exorcism. Nothing else is required. I need that word to know why you’re contacting me.

* Do not include information about your problem. I need information about the problem in its proper context, which will come later. If you tell me about the problem in this initial email, I will not accept you as a client. I won’t deal with anyone who mucks around when it comes to a seriously negative energy.

* After your email, I email you a complete outline of how we can proceed, including costs and a link to pay for an initial evaluation. More about that evaluation in a moment. The outline will show the thorough job I do to provide you with a real solution. My email also includes questions about the space you need cleansed.

* In the initial evaluation, I diagnose the problem and determine whether a cleansing is needed. I perform the diagnosis by doing a psychic reading of your situation coupled with an informed analysis based on my research in psychic disturbances.

* The initial evaluation gives me a sense of how much work I will need to do. I determine my spiritual cleansing fee based on that.

* If my diagnosis and proposed costs suit you, we continue forward: I perform the cleansing.

* Serious inquiries only. To deal with major psychic disturbances, I maintain a sharp focus throughout the process, starting at the very beginning with reading your initial email.

Francesca De Grandis, bestselling author of Be a Goddess!, practices a Goddess spirituality that embraces practical magic spells. She has lectured to many communities, ranging from the students and faculty of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine to NPR listeners to Pagan conference attendees in Scotland.

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The World Tree Holds Me Safe—Yearwheel Rituals for Dark Months

The World Tree Holds Me Safe—Yearwheel Rituals for Dark Months

Am I a Nomad Shaman?

The Tree of Life, also known as the World Tree, symbolizes the entire cosmos as one organic whole. This is not just a belief for me but an experience I have on the mystical and mundane planes.

The World Tree holds me in safety and love. This too is more than a belief. It is my experience.

This post consists of five separate but related pieces. They are kind of journal entries, kind of personal essays. Not all my musings herein are about the dark time of the year and its Pagan holidays. This time of year, many of us go deep within to contemplate our entire lives. And I hoped some of the thoughts and experiences I had that were important to me might be useful to you.

… Hah, no sooner had I finished writing the above paragraph than I realized that everything in this post is relevant to the autumn and winter. E.g., when I wrote about my ancestors, I was pursuing a traditional Pagan winter activity. In many Witch traditions, more time is spent with ancestors during the winter months.

The entries began early in November 2022 and ended right before the Winter Solstice in December 2022. I edited a bit for continuity.

1) My Home Is Within Me
& Within Loving Care From Fairy Gods

I’ve been growing paperwhites. The above photo shows some of their roots starting to grow in water.

Growing paperwhites during the dark months of the year has become one of my annual yearwheel rituals. I discuss what the rite means to me in this blog: The Year’s Dark Months Are a Magic Cauldron.

The paperwhites ritual unfolds new meanings for me every year. Here’s how one came about this year:

Moving twice last year, and knowing I may move again soon, taught me once again that I need a home other than a physical place. My true home has to be within myself and within care from my Gods. My sense of a home, including the safety, serenity, and hygge thereof, cannot depend on circumstances. (Hygge describes a home that feels cozy and helps people within it feel content, vital, and whole).

This is giving me freedom from worry. It’s also providing hope and the sense that going on adventures is possible even at my late age. In other words, I know that I cannot root in a false sense of safety but that I carry safety with me, so I can go wherever I want, to do what I want.

Paperwhites are generally considered an annual. My paperwhite bulbs are growing inside, their roots going down into water in a vase. This brings me to the new meaning these flowers gave me this year. Nurturing them to live their brief glorious lives, as their roots settle into the water in my probably temporary housing, affirms that my roots can grow into the moment and place I currently reside.

Feeling rooted has always been important to me. Now I root in a new way.

In recent months, I’ve thought that I might be becoming a nomad. If so, it’s more important than ever that my roots be deep within Gaia as a whole, instead of confined to a single location.

2) Do I Have Nomad Ancestors?

The more I dwell on the idea that I might be becoming a nomad, the more I suspect I have always been one but didn’t give my nomadic spirit license.

I spent so many years focused on finding a home to settle down in and never did, for one reason or another.

I finally bought my “forever home.” I describe the tragedy that drove me out of that house—which I’d worked decades to have—in a blog on my other site: Italian Ancestors, Prejudice, Life’s Cycles, & Useful Magic.

Regardless of that trauma and the suffering it caused me, there’s always a reason things happen. I had to come to believe in this synchronicity. Otherwise, my pain, rage, and grief would have destroyed me.

Accepting life as is does not mean I don’t stand up for my rights or that I suppress my emotions. But everything it took to come to acceptance is too large a topic for this post. I achieve acceptance through a series of Shamanic disciplines that I teach to my students. I teach it over time because it is part of the larger whole of Shamanism. If you’re interested, enroll in any of my classes. They’re all relevant. Quite relevant, even if I do not mention acceptance when I describe the class.

I’ve finally come to see that perhaps I’m not meant to settle down.

Perhaps it’s in my blood. Good chance my father was Middle Eastern. … Middle Eastern culture drew me long before I knew about my dad. … Oh, one of the first Shamanic stories I ever channeled to put on paper (as opposed to those I channeled during an oral lesson and never repeated) was set in a Middle Eastern desert. … Oh, and it was a story of a man traveling, searching for God. A wandering pilgrim.

Are my ancestors calling me? Guiding me?

3) A Wee Plant Can Be The Tree of Life

I was thrilled last summer when I opened an avocado and saw its seed had grown roots.

I nurtured that root system tenderly, and now the baby tree is doing very well. Here’s a photo that shows the seed after I had it in water for a while so its roots could grow more before I planted the seed in soil.

I’m thinking about moving to Italy.

Important sidebar: if you are a student of mine, or want to be one, you are a top priority in my life, even if I move to Europe. I will continue to teach long-distance, give spiritual transmissions and psychic readings, and provide my other services. I will remain available if you need to talk by phone—for example about an upcoming class. I commit to my students. I researched to find free and inexpensive technology that will allow a shared Shamanic journey. I feel confident about an in-depth vital experience together no matter where I live. End of sidebar.

The idea of growing this plant from seed for months but not getting to know it as a big tree because I’d have to leave it behind to move to Italy made me very sad. I’m not surprised at my reaction even though it’s “just” a plant. I have had so much loss in my life that it all combines in my belly and heart.

Plus, it is not “just a plant.” This plant is my friend. And if I move to Europe, I must relinquish plant friends who accompanied me for decades through moves across the country and across town and through life’s up and downs. These plant friends have consoled me, nurtured me, and uplifted me.

I try not to run from my grief but to feel it. It’s hard because I’ve lost so much in this lifetime—far bigger losses than plants, life-shattering losses from childhood on.

When I allow myself to feel my grief, renewal follows shortly thereafter. Soon, my eyes open to a positive view. I see the benefits of my losses. Almost always, even the worst losses have constituted equally wonderful gains. These are not groundless theories. The gains of which I speak are quantitative, tangible benefits, as well as inner shifts such as peace and joy.

I decided I needed to write a prayer to help me live the lesson.

A Pagan Nomad’s Home
Prayer of a Shamanic Pilgrim

Fairy Mother Goddess and Father,
and all my Fairy Gods,
open my wild heart to my grief
that my sadness may ring out fully in its tragedy,
and that my passionate heart
may ring out in all its beauty.
Hold me as I grieve for all I’ve lost.
Always remind me that
home is within me,
and in care from You.
Yours is the loving embrace of the World Tree.
Every flower, stone, and moment
is Your love and protection.
The smallest plant is the Tree of Life
taking care of me.
This is the ultimate root magic—
the World Tree’s roots
taking care of me.

They are my roots too.

Whenever I suffer loss,
remind me that it frees me
to be an explorer,
adventurer who journeys
wherever the heart road leads.

Always gift me
with your company when I travel.
Thank you!
So mote it be!

Do you think there is an additional lesson for me about temporary roots? Please share it in the comment field below to help me and visitors to this site. Thank you.

4) Ritual Is an Instinct:
A Yule Tree for a Nomad

There’s no room for even a small Yule tree in my current home, which is tiny.

But there’s room for a vase of greenery.

I was walking along, longing for Yule greenery in my home. The longing didn’t seem like I’d bought into holiday hype. I felt a primal, instinctual need for a ritual of greenery at my hearth. Ritual is innate to humans, or at least some of us.

My longing was physical.

So, there I was with this tremendous ritual hunger, and I saw a Christmas tree lot across the street. Hah! My life runs on synchronicity.

I ran over to the lot and asked to buy some greens. They said I could have as much as I wanted for free.

The only place in my tiny apartment where I could squeeze in a vase was the kitchen counter, right by the bottle of olive oil.

I’ll have to move my vase when I need to plug in a kitchen appliance or wash dishes. Maybe that’s just part of my nomadic life right now. Movement. Movement instead of rigidity.

Recent moves, long story short, necessitated getting rid of 5/6s of what I own. It was rough. But it taught me that I do not want the rigidity of what I supposedly must own and what I am “supposed” to be. I want freedom and movement—being what I truly am and owning solely what I truly want. Movement instead of rigidity is freedom.

Link to newsletter subscription formIt can be scary—if not terrifying—to let go of possessions, because of what they represent. And what if I don’t have the money to replace some things? But I refuse to be tied down by fear any more than I will be tied down by possessions. … Being tied down by possessions is being tied down by fear. And fear makes us rigid.

I want movement instead of rigidity.

I decorated the Yule greens with talismans I made a few years ago. Each talisman is a wish I am making, giving my wish to the care of the World Tree. The Yule tree is the Tree of Life.

The photo that kicked off this post shows one of the talismans, and here are two more:

The World Tree is so huge and loving that I can honor it with some small greens in a vase. The greenery becomes my wee yet endlessly huge Tree of Life.

Life’s glories are not always big noticeable items and events. They can be small but subtly huge and glorious. This truth is part of my path as a Faerie Shaman.

Later: This December 19 picture shows the paperwhites in bloom, gloriously celebrating the Solstice season. They rejoice with me. Together we will enjoy the Winter Solstice day that comes soon:

Also later: My above poem (aka prayer) has the phrase the ultimate root magic. The following photo of my paperwhites somehow affirmed to me that the ultimate root magic is in the smallest plants.

5) Shamanism Is a Winding Path
That Brings Us Home

I decided to move to Italy.

The tragedy of losing a home that I’d worked so hard to have eventually taught me that the house and my many possessions were weighing me down.

I will relieve myself of even more possessions before I make the move to Europe. If something feels like a physical burden, I will probably leave it behind.

I feel freer than I have ever felt.

I’ve never wanted to do anything so badly in my entire life as I want to move to Italy. Thank you, my sweet fairy Goddess and all my fairy Gods.

It’s been a circuitous route to making this transition to the other side of the pond. For example, needing to relinquish so many possessions that I worked years to be able to acquire was painful and puzzling. But I’m a spiritual wanderer sometimes. That’s one of the way I learn things and find my destination. I needed to let go of a lot of items because shipping to Italy is expensive. And all my emotional meanderings, some of which were devastating, were my route to realizing I really want to go to Italy.

I suspect all magically inclined humans—even if they live in one place physically—are sometimes spiritual wanders who perambulate tangled roads toward realizations, abundance, and other life goals.

Shamanic Witches like me do not travel a straight path but explore a glorious meandering of highways and byways. The winding road is perhaps one of the truest routes home.

Home might mean someone’s ideal physical home. Or it might mean escape from abuse into the arms of people who help you. Or home might mean a sense of safety in the world. Or a sense of purpose. Or home could be a mystical experience of a home in the cosmos. Home has a million meanings.

I worked hard to find my right place in the world. I found that it is, among other things, my work in the community as a Shaman. I continue to find new ways to come home, such as the move to Italy.

All the work on my personal homecoming equipped me to teach my students how to do the same. I am good at helping you find your home, with all the meanings that home might have.

All my classes, Shamanic counseling, and direct spiritual transmissions help you find your true home, true center. This happens even when the description of an event doesn’t mention it. To stay in the loop about upcoming classes and other events, click the banner below.

Click here for newsletter. Fairy freebies, upcoming events, and stardust

Francesca De Grandis, best-selling author of Be a Goddess!, trained from birth in a European Shamanic family tradition of Celtic and Italian Witchcraft. She has lived this lesser known Faerie Shamanism for 72 years. She teaches Faerie magic—Goddess Witch spells—that is practical and improves your whole life. She helps you choose joy, express yourself, and serve community.

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Passionate, Quiet Magic and Joy

Passionate, Quiet Magic and Joy

Good Luck Amulets, Cottage Mysteries,
and Human Friends

I’ve been thinking about the pleasantness and fullness of a quiet life.

I talk with fairies, cast spells, teach shamanism classes, and paint pictures that are good luck amulets.

I read science-fiction fantasy and cottage mysteries. I perform spiritual transmissions for Faerie Witches and my other spiritual travelers.

I brew herbs into teas that some people think taste like swamp water but that I find delicious. About every two weeks, I visit one of my human friends face-to-face and often talk with beloved humans on the phone. I go for long walks and do whatever else I want with my time.

I painted an original magical design on the lid of this huge storage box. Now it enchants everything stored in it.

My days are quiet, simple, dynamic, and passionate. Someone might be surprised at how passionate a life like mine can be.

Living simply and mostly between the worlds, I can live in my beloved world anywhere I want. It’s a good life.

What world do you want to live in? You get to choose the life you want.

All my shamanic services support your heart’s desires. Subscribe to my free newsletter to be in the loop. Click the banner below.

Click here for newsletter. Fairy freebies, upcoming events, and stardust

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Wild Magic from Fairy Gods Gave Me Freedom and Wholeness

Wild Magic from Fairy Gods Gave Me Freedom and Wholeness

Healing My Spirit, Solving Awful Problems, and Making a Good Life

One focus of my 70+ years on this planet has been health of spirit and body. It is a core of both my personal strivings and my teachings.

Spiritual health eluded me for the first thirty years of my life.

The terrible things that happened to me in my childhood and early adulthood crushed my spirit, to quite a degree.

Then I found my place in wild magic from Fairy Gods. Their magic freed me and made me whole.

Before that spiritual empowerment, all my efforts to improve my life fell short. Sufficient money, safety, physical health, joy, and other human heritages eluded me.

I don’t blame myself for tragedies inflicted by other people and circumstances. I never blame the victim. Bad things happen to good people.

What I’m saying instead is this. Magic filled with love from my Gods empowered me to overcome awful problems and make a good life.

This Faerie Witch magic continues to free me and keep me whole, despite the major problems and emotional upheaval that life can bring.

Nothing Happens in a Vacuum. Not Tragedy, Joy, or Anything Else

The spiritual devastation of my childhood was at least partially due to rough circumstances.

In the same vein, spiritual health doesn’t grow in a void.

That lesson was brought home to me today. While finishing this post, I noticed flower bulbs I put in a vase four days ago.

The photo shows that they’re above the waterline. That is a standard method for blooming bulbs in water. Roots appeared almost immediately and are now a third of an inch long.

A glass vase of flower bulbs. The bulbs are starting to root.

It only took four days for the bulbs’ roots to start growing down toward the water that would feed it. These bulbs arrived dormant but are already on their way to blooming. We bloom even more quickly when near love, safety, and magic! And even more quickly if, instead of being near “the water” like the bulbs, we are enveloped by love, safety, and magic!

A Sacred Magical Space
for You to Bloom and Thrive

I’m devoted to helping you access the gifts the Gods have given me.

I learned to create a healing, empowering, magical, safe, love-filled space.

If you want that, I’ll perform a shamanic ceremony for you. It builds a magical environment all around you as you go about your daily life. This is the magic with which the Fairy Gods changed everything for me. It transforms you and your life, giving you greater power and good luck.

You can also think of that environment as a flow of blessings and good luck that embraces you. Or think of it as Divine love healing your spirit, body, and life.

The shamanic ritual I’ve outlined has miraculous results, giving you even more than what I’ve described. Learn everything about it: Click the good luck banner below.

Francesca De Grandis, best-selling author of Be a Goddess! provides Faerie Shamanism classes, Shamanic counseling, and healings. Trained from birth in a European Shamanic family tradition of Celtic and Italian Witchcraft, she has lived this lesser-known Faerie Shamanism for 72 years. Her Goddess mysticism is combined with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. Nickname: Outlaw Bunny.

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