Author Postpartum

Been in sort of postpartum depression on the two-book set.

It’s not been released yet, but galleys are with proofers. And an author’s work is never done: I’m working on marketing the set.

But since I sent off galleys a few weeks ago, I haven’t been working directly on the book by and large.

I’ll start proofing galleys myself in a few days but needed a break from looking at the pages, so I could proof with fresh eyes.

In some very deep ways, I’ve felt lost for two weeks. Didn’t know why. I’m starting to think it was because I was away from my baby aka this two-volume Book of Shadows set. I’ve never enjoyed working on any books so much. I’ve been in labor-of-love heaven, then suddenly they were gone!

I’m finally starting to feel like myself again. Maybe postpartum depression for authors is inevitable. But it passes. Today I woke up centered and happy like a kid—myself again.

Goddess, I cannot release these Third Road books into the care of my beloved readers yet, because I still have to proof galleys and then enter corrections all we proofers find. But I celebrate with You having released the texts to my fellow proofers with love and trust. I affirm my constant releasing of the project into your care—I am in peace and joy, so mote it be.

I mentioned marketing: am working on creating the books’ official webpage. For now, you can get a bit of info about the set in a post about my experience of a delirious—and delicious and magical—celebration of the project. When I first sent off the galleries, the postpartum blues had not hit yet: Also, preorder the book set at a reduced price:

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