Small Loom Weaving

This post is for a friend of mine, but I thought other folks might enjoy it.

Hey Kathleen, I just made a birthday present for you and Ken. Would you like it? It is little and cute. I think it’s magical.


I spun all its yarn on a pencil, except maybe spun a bit on a drop spindle.

It’s somewhat become a ritual now, when I try a new art form, to send you one of the first—if not the very first of the—pieces I make. Have you noticed that?

I am so glad we share our art journeys with each other.

Since I’ve only been spinning a few weeks, and this is only my fourth weaving, I don’t know how durable it’ll be, but it’s going to hang on the wall, instead of being used as a dog chew, so I think it’ll be OK.

There are various fibers. I made the bottom yarn from my friend Jenn Campus’s gorgeous undyed Shetland roving. The predominant yarn is Romney wool spun with orange and yellow bamboo fibers. You saw a picture of that yarn earlier; it’s the stuff you didn’t want because it is so thick. Since I know you like those colors, I put it in the weaving. There’s also a bit of other homespun yarns I made; the green is probably Merino top. I also wove in some locks, including the purple fuzzy stuff.

The stick is from the oak tree in my backyard, which means something to my druid heart.

Here’s a picture of it with a quarter for scale.

If you like it, I’ll enclose it with the yarn I spun for you.

If it’s easier for you, just respond by email or Facebook.

As you always say: smooches!


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