Finding the Spiritual Center of My Art
AKA I’m Giving Up Fabric Painting

The past four years have been an amazing journey for me as an artist. It’s been a time of exploration and finding the spiritual center of my art.

BeautyMoi2OB2010, I found out I can draw ‘n’ paint, and started painting on cloth. (Click here for that story.)

Previously, I’d enjoyed making talismanic jewelry, but decided to paint instead, because I enjoyed it even more.

For me, it’s important that art is functional. Talisman jewelry fit the bill. Then fabric art did too; for example, I made altar cloths.

So why am I moving away from fabric painting?

My art studio was without heat during a long freezing winter. That was the tip of a synchronistic iceberg. Long story short, my Gods made it clear, through one mind boggling event after another, that it was time to do something different as an artist.

I am blessed that my fabric art sells. In this economy, it’s hard to leave behind that source of income. But, if I forged on with it, I know the income from it would evaporate, as further reinforcement of my Gods’ message that I should move onto my next creative stage. Heh, my Gods communicate in an utterly clear way when I get stubborn.

2ndYuleWrth1EditedOBI have no regrets about doing fabric art for four years. It was a joyful way to learn to draw and paint. I made myself and other people beautiful items that have spiritual meaning. For four years, I joyfully experienced meditative immersion in paints, dyes, and silks. But self-expression requires admitting when an art form is no longer working.

The freezing studio and other road blocks to fabric painting affirmed a longing that had been growing in me a long time:

I want my painting to be more closely aligned with the rest of my shamanic work. Yes, my fabric art and jewelry, etc., are expressions of my shamanism—e.g., I transmit blessings by making an altar cloth or wearable talismanic art. But I want to tie it ALL together—the blessings, my teaching, my counseling, my art. Digital art suits this to a T, at least for me.

So now I’m focusing on digital art, which I’d started shortly after fabric art. Even when I first tried digital art, I found it organically integrated directly into all the rest of my shamanism. Now I want to focus on that!

One of my first ways to integrate it all together is the Faerie Ritual Set: For Spells, Divination, Soul Journeying, and More. E.g., The set has a magical training in it, along with prints of my digital art that are central to the magic.

Sampler of art by Francesca De Grandis,  from the Book of Shadows in the Faerie Rifual Set

To see details, click on this sampler of Francesca De Grandis’s art from the Faerie Ritual Set Book of Shadows.

The Faerie Ritual Set proved to me how much I want all expressions of my shamanism together, in the strongest possible weave. Creating the set made my heart sing, and using the set myself curls my toes! 🙂

I’m grateful my Gods gave such clear guidance, so fabric art does not distract me from this more integrative process. Following my heart is improving how I serve my wonderful community as a shaman.

That wraps up my discussion about finding the spiritual center of my art, but I want you to know that important pieces of my fabric art and talismanic jewelry are still available. If you liked that phase of my art, it’s not too late to acquire pieces.

Some of the remaining items are in my shop, and I’ll add another one every day: Check daily for these shamanic artifacts, while they last, because they support your unique journey. Blessed be.

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