Our Bodies Are Sacred

All Our Bodies Are Sacred,
Exactly as They Are

Knowing our bodies are sacred can give us greater confidence in our physical, emotional, intellectual, and creative competency.

A figa is a talisman for protection, good luck, and fertility. The amulet is shaped like a closed hand to represent a woman’s genitals.

My recent post The Figa: Reclaiming Women’s Power and an Italian Amulet shares:
* my belief that the amulet also symbolizes female empowerment
* my reaction to finding a figa pendant that is feminine and elegant
* the implications of figas usually looking like a man’s hand and being coarsely rendered.

Click here if you want to see the post: http://stardrenched.com/2017/09/14/the-figa/

That new pendant and what it meant to me impelled me to paint a figa. I wanted to render one that is feminine but in a different way than the one I bought. Here is my painting:


It is based on my own hand, which is not what some people think of as feminine. But it’s my hand: strong, somewhat androgynous, a hand that does a lot of work, and has been weathered by it.

All our bodies are sacred, exactly as they are. All our bodies are sacred, each in their own individual ways. Our bodies are holy in all their phases and in every moment of the day. In these truths, we find power throughout the day and the seasons of our lives.

In knowing our bodies are sacred, we find powers that may seem unrelated to that knowledge. For example, we might find greater confidence in our reasoning or trust our hunches more. We might believe more in our overall competency when facing life’s many challenges, whether they are physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, professional, personal, creative, …

Goddess Diana, your strega thanks you. (Strega means a witch who practices traditional Italian magic. Diana is a Goddess many a strega honors.)

Check out The Figa: Reclaiming Women’s Power and an Italian Amulet: http://stardrenched.com/2017/09/14/the-figa/

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2 Responses to Our Bodies Are Sacred

  1. suzanne says:

    Thank you for the email you sent to the email list with a link to this post. 🙂 I was feeling really down about the many things wrong with my own body (many 🙁 and they are real and tangible things wrong, not just me playing around in a pity party because i don’t look like a kardashian), thank you so much for helping me to feel better! <3

    Thank you 😀 <3

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Suzanne, I am so glad the blog helped you. I also really appreciate you letting me know. That sort of feedback helps keep me going. Blessed be.

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