The Figa: Healing the Wounded Anima

We can gain our fullest possible power to use in our careers, family, magic, and the rest of life, to create a better world for oneself and for All Our Relations.


Everyone has a female aspect, which is called the Anima. An oppressive society has wounded the Anima of almost every person, because this can disempower an individual in every arena of their life. Every arena.

Though I’ve never read it anywhere, it seems obvious that the figa, which is an Italian good luck charm, must have once symbolized having potency in all parts of life: family, career, creativity, social action, spirituality, magic, …

The figa is in the shape of a closed hand, to represent female genitals.

I had the idea of taking my recent painting of a figa and adding shafts of sunlight extending out, radiating from the closed hand, the way they would in a depiction of a Christian saint’s face, those rays of light that represent Divinity and Divine power.

My hope was such a painting would convey a sacred primacy of the feminine force. This doesn’t exclude the primacy of the male force. I’m not going from one extreme to the other here.

In other words, the painting includes the Feminine in the Divine, not as secondary, God’s little helper, but as a force unto Herself, in full power.

In this full power, she helps all genders embrace their full authority in career, family, sexuality, creativity, and any other arena of life.

Female genitalia given such primacy visually seems a healing balm, so the Anima is freed and made whole. This gives an individual more power to create a beautiful world for oneself and for All Our Relations. So mote it be.

For more of my experiences with and theories about the figa amulet, read the post The Figa: Reclaiming Women’s Power and an Italian Amulet:


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  1. Andrew Davis says:

    Blessed Be Francesca, Many Blessings, ((((((((((((Many Long Tight Loving Healing Warm Continuous Bear & Dragon Hugs))))))))))))

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