Spiritual-Material Schism in Business


Spiritual-Material Schism in Business
Micro and Macro Combine for a Better World

The schism between spiritual and material has horrific consequences in business. People work three jobs but still do not earn enough to feed their children. Corporate cronies foster war to profit from mass murder. Clearly money and Spirit need to become joined in the contemporary business paradigm. We can all help create this shift, each in our small way.

Trying to do my part, I felt driven to write A Sacred Marketplace, my vision of micro and macro combining to help remedy the fractured business world. Here’s the link: https://www.outlawbunny.com/2015/10/15/a-sacred-marketplace/

There are gifted people in the arts, spiritual healing, and many other areas. The world desperately needs the benefits they can provide, but financial obligations trap many of these individuals in jobs other than their life’s work. This requires they pursue their true calling in the few meagre hours left over from the rat race. Their communities suffer as a result.

Some of these loving, ethical people are additionally stymied about their dream career because they’re put off by the greed often seen in marketing. A Sacred Marketplace teaches the marketing skills to make their dream careers financially viable, without having to lose moral integrity. I know they can earn a good living doing what they love.

Another division of material and spiritual: many individuals have been crushed by the systemic belief that they could not or should not earn their living doing what they love. A Sacred Marketplace has shamanic material to heal that schism in a reader’s psyche. Other inner blocks to success are also addressed.

More talented, ethical people engaged in commerce will automatically shift the dominant business paradigm from uncaring and greed to love and ethics.

Doing what you love for a living will improve the world for everyone, not only because your services or products will make a positive difference, but also because your presence—along with that of other caring individuals—in the marketplace will automatically shift society’s business paradigm, without any of you even trying to do so. Your sheer presence in the marketplace will create the shift. If you believe in following heart and soul in business, A Sacred Marketplace will provide you loving support.

Only in the micro of our own lives can we change the macro of the world, because our lives are not actually small. We each contain the universe.

I’ve always felt strongly about doing my part as a priestess to help shift the marketplace’s rift between the spiritual and mundane. It feels wonderful to have put material I developed for clients over the years into A Sacred Marketplace, and to be getting word out about the book.

If you only have a bit of reading time, get A Sacred Marketplace regardless. Its powerful text works even if you only read a few lines quickly now and then, without even trying to absorb them, analyze them, apply them, or memorize them. Third Road shamanism is experiential and energy-based, which means you absorb on a gut and energetic level, by making no effort except reading.

Also, by simply reading, you take in a lot of the material on a cognitive level subconsciously; that material will rise up from the subconscious, so you can apply it.

Casually reading a page when you can also helps ready you to use all the great stuff in the book.

Change starts today, with the first small step: https://www.outlawbunny.com/2015/10/15/a-sacred-marketplace/

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