My Marketing Bio

ASM4As a shaman, I support clients in everything from their love life to creative blocks to soul healing. This post demonstrates my ability to support your marketing.

Sell without selling out or burning out. Here’s proof my shamanic expertise combined with my business savvy can make your career successful. They created the following for me:

* I authored three best sellers.
* I indie produced a best-selling album of my music.
*How to Write a Book Proposal, a publishing industry classic by Michael Larsen, included an excerpt from one of my book proposals as an example.
* Guerilla Marketing for Writers cited me for my marketing savvy.
* The New York Times, USA Today, NPR, and Cosmopolitan featured my work.
* I scripted a TV segment produced by Barbara Walters, and I did not have to approach them to pitch to them. They found my website, which they liked so much they asked me to script for them.
* Most important credential: because I market my work well, it’s been able to help thousands of people. I feel blessed by that, beyond all measure.

SmYlwRctnglProfit from my abilities. Whether you express yourself as an artist, doula, or anything else, buy A Sacred Marketplace: Sell without Selling Out or Burning Out. It combines easy marketing tools with down-to-earth shamanism, to make your dream career a reality. Available only from the author at

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