Star Goddess Necklace

RegalNecklaceSmI guess it was inevitable my love of vintage jewelry would have me integrating vintage style metalwork into my wet felting and needle felting.

I needle felted merino top (yum, merino top is luxuriously soft) into stars by using star shaped cookie cutters, then wet felting a bit. Using more merino top, I made a tube bead to hang the stars from, plus some round beads.

Next came working out a design to integrate the metal work and some seed beads into a felted piece, which was more challenging than I’d expected, technically speaking, but a good lesson.

I call this piece “Star Goddess Trickster Necklace.” I hope it is fun and playful while also being stylish.

I’m enjoying felting myself pieces, and look forward to being good enough at felting to make felt talismans for my clients. When acting as a shamanic guide, I sometimes make charms for my clients, channeling a charm relevant to the specific issue(s) we’re working on together. Even when the clients can make charms, they find it useful to have someone else make one for them. Blessed be!


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