Teddy Bear, Mother’s Helper

Everyone needs a teddy bear, even big capable guys! People especially need a teddy bear when far from home. I have a bear the size of my thumb. It was perfect when I used to travel—I traveled light, and it took up no room in a suitcase.

I just made a wee teddy for a friend. I’m excited about making a one-of-a-kind critter, my design, hand-painted. So I thought I’d share pics. I also thought you might enjoy making one too, so there are instructions below.

 The one I made is under 5”—bigger than my ol’ traveling companion, but still easily tucked into the corner of a backpack.

1) Using Jacquard’s Auto Fade Pen, I made a rough bear sketch on a gorgeous scrap of probably vintage cloth. Yay, I got to upcycle!

2) Next I painted my new wee friend, using Jacquard’s TeeJuice Pens. For some of that, I squeezed TeeJuice out of a pen so I could dip a brush into the paint.

The spiral on its tiny belly is because it is a cosmic bear. 🙂 A traveling teddy bear is God’s little helper, adding a bit more security wherever you go. Heck, toss it in your purse to go with you to work and the rest of your day!

The first known image of Madonna and child—Goddess and son—was a bear with cub. For me, teddy bears represent that huge all-encompassing maternal love, and are mother’s helpers, assistant to both human moms and to the Great Mom Goddess. Divinity is always with us, sometimes via the comfort of a stuffed animal.

3) Next came cutting. I pinned the bear to another piece of cloth, so I could cut front and back at the same time. When I cut out the bear, I left a seam allowance all around the painted area.

4) Then I stuffed and stitched! If it’s hard to get a lot of stuffing into a tiny bear, just keep at it. It helped me to only stitch as much as needed before starting to stuff.  

Doesn’t he look proud to be helping? Doesn’t She look proud of him? “Never doubt the power of one wee creature,” says Outlaw Bunny.

5) Finally, I wrote a message to my friend, which I put in tiny print on a little scroll that I attached to one of the bear’s arms.

Note: I integrate art with the rest of my life—eg, use crafts as meditation, use my art to illustrate blogs. I’m so happy there are folks living an integrated life I can share with. I’m not alone, whew! That’s why I made a blog category called “The Whole Thing.” Often, there is such a weave that category was needed. In this vein, all my classes are about integrated being, even if that is not in the description for a given class. To be kept abreast of classes, click here.

Oh, I don’t have many out ‘n’ out gallery posts. To see my visual art, browse my blog.

Jacquard supplies for this project are found at www.jacquardproducts.com or 800-442-0455.

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4 Responses to Teddy Bear, Mother’s Helper

  1. This is so cute and such a great idea! I need to make myself a small cute dog that looks like my Pepino for when we are traveling. I always miss him like crazy!

  2. Robyn says:

    Oh Francesca,
    He is so cute!!! I made a little mouse from an old terry sheet for my boyfriend last Christmas 🙂
    If I manage, I’ll send you a picture!

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