Imagine a World . . .

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Imagine a world in which, instead of judging others, we accept ourselves . . . And self-acceptance can help us stop judging others.

Note: I’m so happy there are folks living an integrated life I can share with. I’m not alone, whew! I try to integrate the “disparate” parts of my life, e.g., calligraph my thoughts, use art as meditation. And all my classes are about integrated being, even if that is not in the description for a given class. To be kept abreast of classes, click here.

If anyone wonders why I made a blog category called “The Whole Thing,” you can tell them that, often there is such a weave that the category is needed. Oh, so I don’t have many out ‘n’ out gallery posts—to see my visual art, browse my blog.

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One Response to Imagine a World . . .

  1. Leah O says:

    I love this. I shared it on my Facebook page. Thank you for posting this online for the world to see!

    Is it really that hard to accept ourselves and not judge others based on something as arbitrary as skin color, weight, personal beliefs or personal choices. Since when are you so bored that you have nothing better to do than be judge and jury for another soul? Love yourself and let others love themselves.

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