I Need Help with My New Book

I need help with my new book, Share My Insanity: It Improves Everything.

 Indie culture relies on community support.

 Share My Insanity is self-help humor. Transformative fun. Trickster spirituality.

Spread divine madness:

* Midlist and indie authors rely on their community to buy their book. Each book makes a difference.

* Order Share My Insanity from Amazon soon as possible. The sooner the sales, the more likely Amazon’ll treat the book well—e.g. showcase it so that people know it exists.

* If you prefer a signed copy: http://etsy.me/q20PGk

* Buy a copy or copies as birthday and Yule gifts.

* Most authors don’t break even on a book. Share My Insanity isn’t about money. It is about community.

* Great American novelist May Sarton said something like, “I made friends with the wrong people. I befriended my readers, not the book reviewers.” Yes!

* I love my community—old personal friends, my readers I’ve never met, my students, colleagues, online buds. You—my peers—are it! It isn’t a large community. I’ve never been one to network.

* Midlist authors often have no promotional budget or publicist. We ask our community to help promote. It is you and I doing a guerrilla thang.

* People will only find out about this book if you help. You do have that power. Do not fall prey to the hoax that the book world’s mysterious ways require hours of study before you can help me.

* “Promotion” in this context is not anything fancy or incomprehensible. It is simply telling friends or other potential readers that my book exists.

* Elaborate, special words aren’t needed, just say that my book is out. Simple. Via Facebook, Twitter, email, phone, whatever.

* Mention it at your church, coven, motorcycle club, or gym.

* Or tell one friend. One person connecting with another. Not mass media or massive numbers. Readers not reviewers. Indie culture = people.

* It is enough to say that the title is Share My Insanity, and that it is available on Amazon. Or just send them this link: https://www.outlawbunny.com/share-my-insanity-it-improves-everything

The book is drawn from my marrow, so it frightens me to reach out for help. But I wrote Share My Insanity to be of service. The whole time, I was writing to the sort of independent-thinker and stardusted traveler that visits this site, reads my books, attends my classes, lives in my heart. The help I need to be of service can only come from that same beloved circle. I’m doing all I can to get word out, but have to accept I am only one person. So I’m learning to ask for help: Help this book help readers.

When you do anything to support Share My Insanity—no matter how small—tell me, so I can thank you. And knowing what you did will bolster my spirits—so I can keep fighting the good fight. Each small thing adds up. Feel the power of that.

Share My Insanity.  It improves everything. In gratitude and fellowship, Francesca

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6 Responses to I Need Help with My New Book

  1. thomas byrnes / Chicot le Fou says:

    See , I really did finally figure it out . Je suis bouffon ; quel imbecile ! Chicot

    • francesca says:

      Oh, Chicot, I won’t try to respond in French, my French is so bad that Parisians wld actually speak English to me! LOL, and they do not like speaking English to tourists, at least not back then! But you are nooooo imbecile.

  2. thomas byrnes says:

    Hi FDG . There is a Unitarian church near our shack in the oak grove . I don’t go to church ( got an oak grove ! ) but I’ve met a lot of cool people who go there so send me the flyer and I’ll help spread the good word . Have barely made a dent in the book yet ; so much happening so quickly & when I’m not busy I’m paralyzed with depression but when I finish it I’ll put my review on Amazon under the name ” Chicot le Fou “. Be well .

    • francesca says:

      Depression? Let’s talk, by ph. And thanks re flyer! In the meantime, there may be a way to get a bit of inspirational reading in despite the depression if you consider Share My Insanity for spiritual bathroom reading, LOL. One Amazon buyer reviewed the book as hard to put down, she was guzzling it all down at once, but many folks say they read it a bit, then are full and need time to digest what they read. (I am flattered beyond words!) Anyway, I read Thomas Merton and Rumi that way: a bit at a time, then digest what I read. Not that I put myself in the same class as them. My point is, I keep them by the toilet, otherwise I may not have time to, motivation to, or remember to, read them. Voila, Share My Insanity – – spiritual bathroom reading! Ok, now let ‘s talk by ph!

  3. mae anna says:

    Francesca – I will be happy to send out an e-flyer. I participate with Goddess Leonie’s site and there are about 4800 women sharing creativity and insights together. They are young, old and in between. If that is cool with you I will give it a shout out on my sit blog as well. – Mae Anna
    P.S. I started Be a Teen Goddess with my daughter and she is loving it.

    • francesca says:

      Thank you so much for your offers and kind words re Teen Goddess! And for contributing to the fun I am having promoting this project with my community. Let me know when you give the shout out on your blog. I’ll pimp it for you if you want! 🙂 Your fool, Francesca

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