Shamanic Retreats in Happy Fey Realms

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for 2022 Shamanic Retreats

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Overview: 2022 Shamanic Retreats in Happy Fey Realms
You Attend by Phone. It’s Easy!
July 2 Retreat: Faeries & Other Ancestors
July 31 Retreat: Faerie Magic and Neurodiversity
August 27: Fairy Flower Magic
Sept 24: Birch, Hazel, and Apple
You Get a Lot Because I Apply Four Shamanic Powers
A Retreat Day’s Schedule of Sessions
How to Enroll

Shamanic Retreats in Happy Fey Realms

Four daylong virtual retreats are scheduled for 2022.

Each one surrounds you with magic that frees you from inner and outer limits, while adding luck to your life. So you reach your dearest goals.

Spend the day being taken care of. Fairy Secrets lovingly hold you, centering you into your Fey self—the part of you who is relaxed, grinning, balanced, powerful, miracle-making, serenely in control, and able to achieve daily and long-term goals. That you always exists. I’ll help you be in touch with it. After a retreat, that part of you can more easily emerge regularly.

Every retreat, we draw on Faery Faith Mysteries to receive Divine guidance about our challenges and life path.

I also channel material during gatherings, to ensure the day is relevant to your needs.

The events are held by teleconference: simply call the event phone number to attend.

Each retreat has a theme and offers specific empowerments along with the above-mentioned benefits all the retreats provide.

Here Are the Four Retreats in Faerie Realms:

Saturday July 2

Faeries & Other Ancestors:
I Believe in Greatness. I Trust Fun.

Our ancestors include the Fey Gods. I believe in greatness. I feel all ancestral abilities within me; I can create as I will. This is true for you too.

During this retreat, I’ll lead ancestral rituals in which we call on ancestors—your familial line, Fairy Gods, the stars in the sky, the first cell ever created, or whatever ancestors feel right for you.

In those rites, Fey and other ancestors will guide us and help us claim our power and rights as descendants of the Old Gods, find joy, and reach life goals.

We’ll get to play in Fey magic’s quiet, subtle, robust powers with our ancestral visitors. To reach life goals, you don’t have to obey the capitalist code of work work work to the bone.

Sure, work is needed, but not endlessly. Instead, we can play with the Fey. That fun can be a significant part of achieving goals. And so it will be during the retreat.

And that’s why, my dear one, oppressors are afraid of Witches. We tell people, “Okay, enough work, you did a good job, now let’s go frolic with Faeries!”

If some people in your familial lineage were awful, no need to invite them. We’ll invoke good energy only, to affirm our beauty, glory, and strength.

Sunday July 31

Faerie Magic and Neurodiversity—
Autistic Mystic Joy

Being autistic makes me happy. Speaking only for myself, autism is not an illness. It’s a gift I’ve been given.

I was born way along the spectrum and am lucky I survived. People weren’t diagnosed much in my childhood days. (I’m in my 70s and received a diagnosis a few years ago.) However, in my childhood, because of my mom and my belief in myself, I kept on, didn’t abandon who I essentially am. And, as I grew older, I just got more and more in touch with myself. I am a happy Witch, and my neurodiversity is a magical asset.

Let’s celebrate autistic mystic happy Witchcraft in rituals especially for us!

We’ll do spells to heal from clichés and other negative messages about autism.

We will also do rituals based on my personal experience that neurodiversity can be a huge part of Faerie magic and its joy. I will lead a guided visualization for us to travel into Fey realms, the very air of which celebrates diversity. In that otherworldly land, I’ll show you how to center into your unique autism as a magical strength that helps you manifest your hearts’ desires.

I’ll also show you how to use that magical strength to be the you who is you, contentedly you, grinning with pleasure at being you, smiling with childlike pride about being you. (You are fabulous!) Expect a mystical experience of wholeness and freedom in the sense of honoring and drawing on all your aspects. This experience will help you be the fullest, free-est you on the mundane plane so that in your everyday life you can be the you who is you. (I sound like Doctor Seuss.)

Happy magic! Faerie Witch neurodiversity!

The Old Fey Gods created all. That includes diversity, so They are always aware of it and bestow power, insights, and beauty that suit the recipient. We’ll visit a mystical place that has substance, where Gods offer each neurodiverse participant gifts they need—not the same as what neuro-typical and other people might receive.

On top of everything else, all the retreats offer camaraderie. You get to be you, in the company of people who understand.

For every one of my events, I can assure anyone who attends,

This is a haven where you get to feel how fabulous are. Here, you get to shine as fabulous you—without even having to make a point of it—just by coming here. You’re innately awesome, so you don’t have to do a single thing to shine.”

If you don’t yet feel how spectacular you are, I’ll teach you how. If you cover up your shine in fear that someone may want to attack such a bright light, I can help you with that too.”

Faerie Witch diversity!

Saturday August 27

Fairy Flower Magic:
Wishes Granted in the Goddess’ Garden

We spend this daylong retreat with four flowers, getting to focus on them so your experiences and empowerment can go deep. Be utterly embraced by the loving magic of roses, dandelions, irises, and Saint John’s wort. There will probably also be time to visit a surprise flower we find in the Fey realm.

Each flower will teach us their wisdom, impart their magic and another strength to us, and grant us a wish.

In a vision, I was shown how loving nurturance from these four flowers is an antidote to the biblical myth of the garden of Eden. In it, an angry deity throws Adam and Eve out of the garden. That wrathful, brutish deity is the model of our too-often mean-spirited selfish society.

The myth also has the deity declaring that Adam and Eve must toil horribly. That part of the myth reinforces the society-wide lie that we are obligated to work too hard and forgo self-care. Even if we disbelieve the lie, it might remain in our subconscious, making it hard to slow down and take care of yourself.

The Goddess always welcome us in Her garden, and this retreat will be in that sacred space. She created gorgeous flowers there, flowers filled with Her generous magic. They offer us the wisdom and power to meet our life goals. Not only is that wonderful in itself, but experiencing it helps heal you from the nasty biblical lies so you are more able to
* Allow your generous heart to flourish instead of shrinking to protect itself from the cruelty and selfishness you encounter.
* Stop overworking.
* Nurture yourself as much as you need.

My happy Witch heart! So mote it be!

I’ll share traditional flower lore as well as material I channeled. The channeled material is unavailable elsewhere.

Saturday, Sept 24

Birch, Hazel, and Apple
Three Sacred Trees and Their Oghams

This retreat focuses on three trees historically known as sacred to Witches and Druids: Birch, Hazel, and Apple.

I will lead Fairy rituals in which we visit these three beautiful spirits of nature, who have agreed to join us as our magical allies. They’ll empower us, guide us, and restore us.

This retreat is an otherworldly festival held in a Druid grove that we will travel to in a guided visualization. We are old souls, children of Gods who will attend our festivities, bless our Fairy magic, and spin enchantments that take care of you.

The Oghams are an ancient alphabet of 20 letters, each corresponding to a tree Druids hold sacred.

I’ll email you an image of the letters that correspond to Birch, Hazel, and Apple. As part of our tree magic, you’ll learn how to use these three Oghams to bless and deepen your shamanic experience of the rites.

I not only studied traditional understandings of these three trees and Oghams, I channel material unavailable elsewhere. During our retreat, I’ll channel information directly from trees, Gods, and my past life memories as a Druid—information specifically meant for attendees.

When channeling, I’m in Fey realms, which helps ground my original material in the power of the Faerie Faith.

One of many benefits you receive from that is practical mysticism. The old Fey worldview doesn’t always divide spirit and matter into two separate things. The retreat can improve anything for you, from inner growth to great sex.

You Get a Lot Because I Apply Four Shamanic Powers Every Retreat

1) Faerie Rituals

I’ll use master-level shaman techniques to create healing and empowerment ceremonies safe for beginners and substantive enough for adepts.

Enrollment is limited in each retreat, so we can perform powerful ceremonies that can only occur in a small group, and so each participant can receive individualized attention should they want that support.

Every retreat’s rituals will include the ecstatic, the restful, the solemn, and the silly—all of them transformative.

On the day of a retreat, we meet five times to enter sacred space for ritual. You’ll see, in the meeting schedule, breaks between rituals, so you’re not overwhelmed.

Please note, this schedule is different from last year’s. We’ll meet for the same amount of time, but this schedule is easier to do. Times are Pacific time. We meet:
10:15 am to 11:15
12:15 pm to 12:45
1:45 to 2:45
3:30 to 4:30
5:15 to 5:45
Possibly 6:15 to 7:15: On the off-chance I’m unavailable for one of the day’s sessions, we’ll use the 6:15 slot.

Reserve about three minutes after each session to do a special grounding I teach.

2) A Psychic Reading about Your Life Path

I’ll channel about your life path. Your psychic reading happens in a ritual that empowers you to apply the channeled material, instead of being stuck with information that is useless because you don’t yet have the confidence or other strength needed to follow through on the reading. You receive a reading each retreat you attend, during one of the group meetings.

Whatever’s going on in your life, it is likely I can intuitively address it.

My work draws individuals who want to show up for life big-time. My intuitive readings are a way I help them achieve major accomplishments and keep doing so. I’m usually capable of reading about your specific concerns, no matter how sophisticated or unusual they are.

3) Direct Spiritual Transmissions

During our meetings, you receive direct spiritual transmissions—in other words, blessings that deepen the empowerment, healing, and pleasure you find in the rituals.

The blessing also adapts to your needs, e.g., personal growth, peace, a soul healing, physical health, safety on the mundane and etheric planes, the strength to get back up after life’s knocked you down. The transmissions don’t focus on one benefit alone but bless you as a whole being. They also add luck to anything you do to improve your life.

4) One-on-One Shamanic Support by Phone

I’m available, should you want to privately discuss anything related to the retreat material or that’d take too long to discuss during a group ceremony.

I will address your concerns not only with common sense but with a spiritual transmission while we speak. Good chance you’ll also receive some channeling from me.

Our private talk(s) must occur within a month after the retreat.

How to Enroll for So Much Happy Fairy Magic

Each of a retreat’s four aspects constitutes major power in itself. Together, even without the one-on-one work should you care to forgo it, they weave into a mind-blowing whole greater than its parts.

I do a lot for you, you get a lot from it, and the price you pay is so good.

Total for a retreat’s rituals, transmissions, psychic reading, and one-on-one support: $225. Your carrier might charge you for the calls.

Only 16 “seats” in each retreat.

Limited time offer: Select the All Four Retreats option in the dropdown menu below by June 22 and save $100.

The menu also includes a Two Retreats and a Three Retreats option. If you choose one of them, I’ll email you, so you can tell me which retreats you want.

Otherwise, select the single retreat you want in the dropdown menu.

After making your selection, click the Pay Now button to enroll securely through PayPal.

Faerie Retreat Options

Upon receipt of payment, your seat is reserved. You receive event phone number, etc., by email. Refunds unavailable. Call me at the number below if you want more information or to discuss payment plan, trade, or scholarship.

Gentle Magic Is Power.

With good-sized breaks, we can manage four hours of ritual in one day at a gentle pace. We’re less likely to become overwhelmed, exhausted, or achingly stiff from sitting on the phone for too long.

We’ll have richly enchanted experiences, not despite their gentleness but because of it. Gentleness isn’t milquetoast or weak. Fairy secrets are not phrases boasted like passwords. Fairy secrets are the lightest touch of the Goddess’ breath on my forehead, followed by Her kiss there, utterly transforming me and my life. Faerie secrets are living Mysteries, experiences that gentleness can help happen, so ritual goes deep within minutes, making these virtual daylong retreats remarkably effective.

During breaks, go rest, stretch, eat, work out, run errands, or do whatever else you need to accomplish that day.

I look forward to each retreat. It will be a Faerie sanctuary and powerhouse of magic, Spirit, and camaraderie. My happy Fairy heart!

Feedback about a Retreat
with Shaman Francesca De Grandis

I am very new to Francesca’s world, but have already been deeply touched and inspired. … Francesca’s care and pacing was magnificent. … She took the time to help me feel at ease, and throughout our time together she made sure not to leave anyone behind. … Francesca facilitates with a light and gentle touch but her magic has deep roots and power in the subtle realm. … The retreat was a special experience.”—Stephanie Elizabeth Briggs

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3 Responses to Shamanic Retreats in Happy Fey Realms

  1. Kathy Crabbe says:

    I just participated in the Autistic Mystic Joy Retreat with Francesca – what bliss! At one point in between sessions I felt more relaxed and stress-free than I have since Covid began and I watched clouds for 20 delicious minutes. Francesca’s retreats are pure magickal healing for the soul.

    Luv Always,
    Kat Crabbe
    Soul Reader + Artist

  2. Kathy Crabbe says:

    I love these day-long retreats for their healing, magickal insights that are both profound and fun! What a treat to spend the day with a group of like-minded souls on a journey into spirit and the fey realms where all is possible and real change begins. Francesca is a magickal guide and a life-changer for all who work with her.

    Love always,
    Kat Crabbe
    Soul Reader & Artist

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