A Seven-Week Fairy Witch Ritual

Magic For Business Success

Spells & Wisdoms for Career, Money, & Self-fulfillment

Join in this very witchy seven-week ritual. I mean witchy in the sense of nitty-gritty, practical magic combined with starlit Goddess mysticism. Apply shamanism to business so you profit and serve in your dream career.

Begins Thursday August 20.

Enrollment ends August 12.

Here are lies I’ve been told to keep me from succeeding:
* You have to put your vision of your ideal career aside. It is impractical.
* Your work is too innovative and ahead of the curve to succeed. Products or services that come from the heart won’t sell.
* To be a successful professional artist (or healer, etc), you have to sell out.
* A zillion people promote their work online. You can’t compete with that.
* Promoting your work will be impossible for you because you’re an introvert.
* You can’t start a business unless you have a lot of money to invest in it.
* Your dreamer visions of service will keep you from succeeding in business.
* You can’t serve your community by expressing yourself through doing what you love for a living.
* Choosing joy and expressing yourself are selfish.

And those are the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t let naysayers and marketing “experts” make you doubt yourself.

If you want to earn a good living doing what you love, while making a positive difference in your professional capacity, this event is tailored for you.

For example, if you want to sell art, spiritual classes, or vintage jewelry, or be a professional psychic, coach, or doula, or be innovative in the way you offer more typical services or goods, Magic For Business Success has the shamanic rituals and wisdoms to succeed.

Our seven-week shamanic journey helps your unique nature, your commitment to serve in an ethical business, and your desire to enjoy life combine with financial success doing what you love for a living.

As a Fairy witch, I believe happiness, service, and self-care (self-care includes abundance and enjoying my workday) are not opposed to each other but are all part of a beautiful dance. I believe our work day can be mega fun, and there is no authentic spiritual dictate that our work lives must be constant pain.

Whether you’re wondering whether to start a business, already have one that’s struggling, or run a successful one you want to take a step further, Magic For Business Success is perfect. Faerie magic to create profit and peace for free-thinking, heart-centered you.

You needn’t procrastinate or give up just because it is easy to be confused about:
* how to implement your vision
* what to charge
* how to promote your work
* whether your work is good enough
* how to run an ethical business when you only see unethical promotion work
* how to be of service while also taking care of yourself

The seven week event helps you push through—or even circumnavigate—such confusion and doubt. Inner power!

You can cleave to your vision of creating a product or service that you believe is valuable, and get it out in the world, with financial success.

If I sound too foo-foo to be practical, I can assure you that using magic, running an ethical business, and following my dream career helped my book Be a Goddess! become a longtime bestseller and has allowed me to pay my bills by being a professional shaman for decades. Magical spells can be practical. Ethics don’t leave me lagging behind the competition.

You’ll learn magic rooted in the mystical, ethical business perspective that has centered me into self-confidence, Divinity guiding my work, monetary success, and joy.

Shamanic ritual empowered me to serve community in the profession of my choice, even though I am an introvert, painfully shy, had paralyzing fears and self-doubt, and faced immense economic challenges, competitors who played soooo nasty, and other major road blocks. Magic for success!

The Magna Mater, Great Mother Goddess Who created all, gives me the strength to do it my way. She’ll hold us safe, empower us, and give us good luck in this seven-week sacred circle.

Her living presence is in everything and is pure magic. That enchantment flows through all existence. Magic For Business Success helps settle us into that immense, everpresent flow of Goodness, whereby She can take wonderful care of us.

We will also work with another of the Old Gods: the ancient Celtic Goddess of commerce and marketing.

Ancient shamanic business models will guide us. Way back, studying urban anthropology, I became fascinated by the ancient MetzoAmerican concept of marketplace, because it was integrated with city temples as well as with sacred goods.

Our seven-week circle is based in those sacred commerce models so their powerful ancient forces can empower you today.

We’ll be rooted in our ancestors’ lore and magic in our every step. Faerie magic! Goddess witch spells!

During every meeting, I also give a spiritual transmission. Spiritual transmissions are an old Faery Faith method I use to bless you. The blessings tailor themselves to what you need each week, e.g., regaining hope and confidence. Transmissions also increase the power of our magic and the experiential depth of lessons.

My transmissions also increase the serenity, strength, and safety of your shamanic journey, further personal growth, and add luck to your process.

I’m also available for one-on-one support by phone, should you want to privately discuss a problem, or you have a concern that’d take too long to discuss in a group meeting.

The group meets by phone. Just dial your phone.

We meet seven consecutive Thursdays, 3:00 to 4:00 pm EST, starting Thursday August 20. Reserve Thursday Oct 8, same time, for a makeup session in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned sessions.

Tuition is $400. Your service provider might charge you for the call.

Pay securely with PayPal. Which of the following options work for you?

1) Use the Pay Now button below to send me $400, and you’re taken care of!

The drop-down menu lets you pay half-price if you participated in this event before. I radically changed its title and description because they didn’t represent the event as well as I’d like. It used to be called Shamanism of the Marketplace: A Seven-Week Ritual Empowerment that Helps Healers and Other Entrepreneurs Promote, Profit, and Serve.


2) Or use the Subscribe button to make two equal payments of $200, one now and a second one automatically a month later. Easy!

Upon payment, your place is reserved. A few days before the first meeting, you receive event phone number and other details by email. No refunds. To discuss payment plan, trade, reduced tuition, or scholarship, or if you have other concerns, call me.

A personal aside: I had decided not to offer more business empowerment events because not many people sign up for mine. Most people think of me exclusively in terms of the Goddess, not in terms of business. But the Goddess has everything in Her. And She is in everything. The mysticism in Goddess witch spells is down-to-earth.

Luckily, when I lead my regular events, they help participants in every aspect of life.

But that’s not the same as magically focusing on business. I changed my mind and decided to offer Magic For Business Success at least this one more time because it feels more important than ever to support folks who cleave to moral practices in the marketplace. If there’s only a handful of us, we’ll be one powerful, special handful.

I believe in greatness. I want to support yours. Did you tell yourself “I’ll put this off until I’m ready?” This is how you get ready. And I may not lead this rite again.

Did you think, “I’ll wait till I have a business”? Or “I’ll wait till I know what business I want“? Enroll. Now. The ritual can help get your special business going.

Magna Mater, may Your beauty create a path whereby the individuals who will benefit immensely from this event can find it. Thank you.

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