Career Success for Introverts

Magic Spells: Career Success for Introverts

Shamanism for the Introvert Entrepreneur

Note: As a person who is both introverted and shy, I do not consider shyness synonymous with being introverted. However, much, if not all of, this article can be applied quite effectively by folks who are shy.

I asked friends, “Would you like a blog about how shamanic ritual empowered me to serve community in the profession of my choice, despite my being both an introvert and painfully shy?

I was met by a resounding Yes. So here’s how introverts can use shamanic rituals and wisdoms to succeed in business.

Some individuals want to make a positive difference, in a professional capacity. For example, they want to sell art, or be a professional psychic, coach, or doula, or be innovative in the way they offer more typical services or goods. Such folks are often introverts. That can cause processional challenges. I’ve learned that, if I can overcome those problems, anyone can.

I spent my last lifetime as a monk who never left the library, never put my energy out into the world. This lifetime, one of my major life lessons has been to really become a part of and serve the larger community. That includes mundane chores, like learning how to sell online.

It has been a long process for me to integrate my quiet magical nature and commitment to run an ethical business with things like marketing my services, being interviewed in major media, and otherwise really putting myself out there.

I had to grow so much as a person, because I am very shy, a major introvert, and had paralyzing fears and self-doubt.

Below are four pivotal realizations I had in that journey. They help me serve others well in a professional capacity while also taking good care of myself.

Each realization is part of my shamanic philosophy as it applies to the marketplace. Please note: I often convey my philosophy through inference, instead of spelling it out.

Each realization is followed by a related magical spell.

About the combination of realizations (philosophy) and magic: I usually teach rituals in the context of a way of life. As I’ve carefully channeled rituals over the years, I’ve also carefully channeled a shamanic philosophy, which is tantamount to my sense of shamanic culture, because for me philosophy is live and embodied, not an abstract intellectual concept. I believe a spiritual and magical context is a foundation that empowers a magical spell. A success spell is a lot more powerful if rooted in the Tree of Life.

Shamanic Wisdom for an Introvert Entrepreneur. # 1:

An Introvert Can Run a Successful Business Their Own Way

Many introverts, when considering the best approaches to business, leave behind the ways they’ve managed to serve community and family quite well. How do you go about taking care of family, planning a party, choosing gifts for friends, or otherwise making your way through life? If it’s a successful approach, you might apply it to business.

How ever you manage life, don’t assume it won’t work when it comes to business. Do business your own way.

If you align yourself to methods and approaches that bend you out of shape, you’re in no shape to serve well and earn well. Your services, goods, and marketing won’t be your best.

I speak from experience. I’ll always be grateful that Be a Goddess! and some of my other books were best-sellers, since they were able to help a lot of people and give me name recognition that boosts my career today. However, dealing with corporate media burned me out badly. This significantly contributed to illness that left me with only months to live. I managed to recover (I now have a good 20 years left in me; more about that below) but serious health problems remain. E.g., I use a wheelchair.

Corporate media doesn’t fit my particular shy, reclusive nature so tended to exhaust and terrify me most of the time. I prefer fun. I was put on this planet to have fun and be of service.

Before I entered corporate media, I earned my living teaching Goddess Spirituality in my living room. It suited me beautifully.

After my media success, a marketing consultant advised me, “International authors do not teach small groups.” Instead, I was supposed to tour, lecturing.

But my heart is in working with small groups, in which I can really connect with wonderful individuals and do old-fashioned magic. So I continue to quietly teach small groups, in my living room, sitting in my rocking chair, earning my bread-and-butter, except now lessons are long distance. I’m really happy. I didn’t need corporate media before I entered it, and I don’t need it now.

Some creative folks, even if they succeed in media like I did, are better off arranging their lives so they have plenty of time for vitally important activities like playing with beads or wandering around in the forest looking for pretty pieces of wood. Moving to live with trees and making other significant changes to my lifestyle saved my life. Almost 70 years old, I get healthier every year.

Ritual #1: Magic to Run a Successful Business Your Own Way

The Goddess gives me the strength to do it my way. She is pure magic and utter love, so when I pray to Her, things change for the better. Often, it’s miraculous. Click this link for a liturgy to ask for Her help:

Shamanic Wisdom for an Introvert Entrepreneur. # 2:

An Introvert Can Trust Their Business Ideas to Succeed

In other words, trust yourself. Don’t discount your own ideas out of hand. And let your intuition guide you.

An introverted child is often met by mockery and even hatred. They might be called a dreamer and told their thoughtful nature is unrealistic and absurd. Thoroughly discounted, they can internalize that by ignoring their creative impulses, ideas for marketing, dreamer view of what’s possible career wise, and dreamer view of how to market.

Not every idea is good, but if you squelch ideas automatically, you’re losing out on two of your greatest assets: your own fine mind and hunches.

The Muse and common sense will let me know what I’m meant to do. Part of trusting your fine mind is trusting your common sense.

Let yourself dream. Trust your dreams. And use your common sense.

Most introverts have an immense inner life and very thoughtfully perceive their circumstances and life as a whole. If that describes you, take advantage of it. If that doesn’t describe you, this shamanic wisdom and its related ritual work for almost anyone.

All the tips in this essay support you to do things your own way. So when the tips overlap, that’s good. They weave together.

Ritual #2: Magic to Trust Your Business Sense

Recite this affirmation. It is magic for success:

I trust my ideas and intuition.
I trust myself and the Muse.
I let myself dream.
I trust my dreams.
I trust my common sense.

Then pray:

Please transform my inner blocks that stand between You and me. Please guide my every step.

Inner blocks between self and Divinity includes blocks to trusting yourself. The Goddess’ living presence on earth is in everything, including self-trust. The prayer will help you with any problems discussed in this essay, as well as with any other part of your life.

If, like me, you constantly forget to trust yourself or otherwise stay on course, the above quick, effective prayer—done on its own without the affirmation—is a nice way to get the help needed.

Shamanic Wisdom for an Introvert Entrepreneur. # 3:

You Don’t Need to Be Everything to Everybody to Succeed in Business

You don’t have to please everyone, serve everyone, be everything to everyone.

Develop the products or services that come from your heart, not from the dictate that you have to suit everyone. Market your own way, coming from your heart, not from the dictate that you have to reach everyone, convince everyone, sell to everyone.

Many marketing “gurus” tell you that the more social media followers you have the better. But large numbers are not the end all be all. They don’t spell success.

I instead want the right clients. And they find me.

Trying to please everyone can have you scrambling and frantic. That can fry the nerves.

Be you. The right people will find you.

When I first started teaching, Goddess witch spells was an utterly obscure topic, and Faerie magic was an even rarer topic. Academics were teaching a more theoretical aspect of Goddess spirituality, but I was offering a traditional perspective on Her, which included combining the spiritual witch path with down-to-earth practical spells.

Today, a zillion people teach some form of Paganism online. But I managed to earn my living teaching Goddess spirituality way back when, sitting in my living room. Plenty of people must’ve thought I was crazy for talking about fairies and the Old Gods (and have you heard my song about being a changeling?), but plenty of other people signed up for my courses. My tribe found me.

Ritual #3: Draw Your Ideal Clients—Find Your Tribe

Supplies: three flowers or three separate photographs, each of a flower.

Step 1. Put one of the flowers or photographs in front of you.

Step 2. Recite aloud or in the quiet of your heart:

I am a beautiful flower.
I need my own style of growing and thriving.

Step 3. On each side of the flower or photograph in front of you, place one of other two flowers or photographs.

Step 4. Recite:

My beauty and uniqueness
attract other beautiful unique individuals.

My style of growing and thriving
makes my part of Gaia’s garden special,
attracting special people.
Thus I can serve them.
Our corner of the garden is beautiful,
happy with our shared activity
and our shared blossoming.

So mote it be!

Shamanic Wisdom for an Introvert Entrepreneur. # 4:

Stick to Your Guns, Keep Marketing, Keep Growing Spiritually

In other words, if you’re an independent thinker whose products or services meet immense resistance, stick to your guns by continuing to produce products or services you think are valuable, work at getting your work out into the world, and grow spiritually so you have the inner strength needed to remain true to yourself and keep at your business.

Mind you, sometimes resistance means you need to tweak something you’re offering. Sometimes, resistance can mean your offering is not needed by many people, or that the world is not ready for what you have to offer yet. But, too often, resistance simply indicates the status quo is fighting healthier alternatives that many individuals would embrace.

Here’s a personal story about that. It took about eight years before a publisher bought my book Share My Insanity because it goes against the hipper constructs of Western consciousness. I refer not just to the book’s ideas but also to the way the book is written. For one thing, every publisher said they didn’t have the faintest idea of what I was trying to pull off.  

It was awful to write from the heart and be told over and over that no one understood what I was doing. Eight years of rejections had me thinking that maybe I’d climbed into an ivory tower and could no longer write anything that had to do with actual reality. 

Finally, a publisher said, “ Share My Insanity is so accessible, yet so deep.” My gratitude to her is enormous.
I’m not telling you the story in order to complain. Getting published is a privilege. My point is: I choose to fight the good fight. Here’s a ritual to help with that.

Ritual #4: Business Success for an Introvert Entrepreneur

This spell can help you with almost any business challenge an introvert might have. You’ll see, in step one, how to apply the spell when your products or services meet resistance.

Step 1. Select a business challenge you want to address—specifically a problem related to being an introvert. The problem you choose can be your products or services meeting resistance.

If you haven’t started a business yet, this ritual is still relevant. Select a problem that’s keeping you from starting your business.

Even if you run a successful business, this ritual can be great. For example, perhaps you have challenges that you haven’t addressed. Or you mitigated a obstacle but want to stop it completely. Or you want to take your business a step further while taking good care of yourself.

Select only one problem. You can do the ritual again later for another challenge.

Step 2. Write the problem on a tiny scrap of paper. No need to word it perfectly. A rough idea written in a few words will do.

Step 3. Flush the paper down the toilet. If you’re concerned about clogging the pipes, cut the paper into tiny pieces. If you prefer, bring the paper outside, rip it up, and throw it in the air.

Step 4. Recite the following:
I let go of the paper.
I let go of the problem,
giving it to the magic that flows
through all of creation.

Step 5. Though the ritual ends with step 4, follow-through is needed: try to let go of the problem, to give the magic that abides in all of creation a chance to solve your dilemma.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take mundane actions to solve your problem. Just try not to obsess about it, worry yourself sick about it, or otherwise hold onto it so tightly that magic doesn’t get a chance to sweep it up and carry it away or otherwise fix it.

Successful business is usually portrayed as a matter of dominating a situation and always maintaining control of it. Some introverts find that exhausting because they often need to deal with life differently, and they understand that they’re part of a larger flow. This ritual has an additional benefit for them. It helps them all the more be part of a larger goodness that takes care of them.

This essay covered a few crucial aspects of how an introvert entrepreneur can use shamanism to succeed in their dream career. That’s a good beginning, but it’s a journey. Keep going, keep growing spiritually, and keep serving community while you also take good care of yourself.

You don’t have to go it alone. Purchase my book A Sacred Marketplace: Sell without Selling Out or Burning Out. It’s not just about marketing; it shares a life philosophy that helps with business as a whole. It can even help get a business going in the first place. If you’re not ready to start marking yet, the book can also get you ready, emotionally and practically.

The book is not for the introverted per se, but it works for shy introverted moi, so it might work for you. It works for a lot of different types of people.


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