Talisman Set #11: Gorse, Alder, Willow

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This one-of-a-kind set is available exclusively to one of my newsletter subscribers.

Consisting of three unique handcrafted talismans, the set is suited to one buyer who’ll think, “This is mine.”

Each amulet is a different wood:

I ritually blessed all three amulets in a major Faerie rite.

The willow piece in this set is a lintel ward to bless and safeguard your home. This talisman will do its magical work placed by or above a door, another opening to the outdoors, or anywhere else you choose in your home.

The talisman will also work for a building other than a home.

Willow protects and blesses those who are fey-touched and childlike, and empowers their magic and other endeavors. I think these magics perfectly suit a threshold piece for someone who is Fey-touched. (These magical sensibilities in Lady Willow are ones I perceived myself; I’ve never read about them in a book or heard of them anywhere. I love getting to know the magical properties of wood through visions and other direct experiences.)

Lady Willow also provides a threshold into Faerie—a place between the worlds—and safety while there. Using Willow as a threshold protection and blessing seems to me a lovely pun and enchantment. Again, I’ve not read or otherwise heard of the functions of willow mentioned in this paragraph, but for decades Lady Willow has performed them wonderfully for me.

Ogham letters going down the center of the willow spell out the Gaelic word for love. That seemed a perfect word for an amulet to safeguard and bless because the Old Gods take good care of us in Their love for us, and because love in a home is among the greatest blessings.

The pyrography is my original one-of-a-kind shamanic design that adds to the wood’s powers. My pyrography is done ritually to add yet more power. (Pyrography is the art of burning designs in wood.)

On the back, I pyrographed the Ogham that corresponds with the willow tree:

This set also includes a gorse wood pendant.

As I said, I learn the metaphysical properties of a tree directly from it or its wood. What gorse has told me, and here says to you:

“You are beautiful exactly as you are. Your face, your body, your DNA, your mind, your feelings, your bones, your veins, your breath, your heart, and your soul are beautiful.”

When you need a reminder of that message, and magic to reinforce it, wear this gorse charm.

Gorse also said:

“Serve others generously; whatever you have, give; use whatever you have in service; every part of you is beautiful, so do not worry about whether what you give of yourself is good enough.” Wear this amulet to help you live as gorse suggests.

On the top, I wood-burned the gorse Ogham:

The set also includes an alder amulet pendant.

When I tune into alder, I sense the essence of magic that runs through all things. I also notice a sensibility of being magic rather than doing magic. (I love doing magic, I do magic all day long. But being magic is entirely different and core to my existence.) Hence, an alder amulet helps you be magic and tune into the essence of magic.

I sense alder’s magic is powerful, rich, and complex, but also subtle, not flashy or obvious. It is below the surface. Someone whose magic is akin to alder’s can seem like there’s nothing enchanted in them at all, that they might not even have the potential for magic. Alder can remind such a person of their power and boost it.

When I asked Alder Spirit if it protects the person whom I’ve described above as akin to it, Alder said, “Yes.”

I pyrographed the alder Ogham on the back of this nice thick chunk of wood. … And maybe you want to wear the back as the front. The wood is gorgeous either side.

To benefit from the power of either pendant, when you don’t want to wear it or otherwise carry it on you, put it on your altar.

Cost for the entire set is $130 plus $5 shipping. I ship only to U.S. non-military addresses. Scroll down to pay securely with PayPal.

If this set calls, grab it. I’m constitutionally incapable of repeating my designs.

Your set will arrive with simple care instructions to keep the wood beautiful. I’ll also enclose a print up of this post.

All wood was ethically harvested. Each amulet is finished with a natural beeswax and oil treatment, then strung on waxed cotton cord.

I put my heart and soul in these pieces because I’m an old-fashioned witch who believes I was put on this planet to serve you. Now the amulets will flow to whomever they are meant to serve.

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