Talisman Set #17: Wild Cherry, Rowan Root, and Ivy

This talisman set has sold. Read this post anyway to learn about one-of-a-kind sets. Most sets are shown through private viewings, e.g, my free newsletter. I list a few sets here to introduce them to site visitors.

This one-of-a-kind set is available exclusively to one of my newsletter subscribers. Crafting amulets only for folks traveling alongside me feels true to who I am. If you don’t subscribe yet, click here for a free subscription: https://www.outlawbunny.com/newsletter/.

Consisting of three unique talismans, the set is suited to one buyer who’ll think, “This is mine.”

Each talisman is a different wood:

I ritually blessed all the amulets in a major Faerie rite.

This set includes a threshold talisman to protect and bless the home: pyrography on wild cherry wood.

(Pyrography is the art of burning designs in wood.)

This lintel amulet will do its magic when hung by or above the door, another opening to the outdoors, or elsewhere in your dwelling. You could instead use this threshold charm as a protection and blessing for a space other than a home.

I like to learn the magical properties of trees directly, instead of secondhand. To that end, I woodwork and sit with trees. Here’s what wild cherry has told me about itself:

“I bring you strength and comfort. I bring richness to your days—richness of wealth, of fulfilling activities, of lush surroundings.

“Not all extravagance is purchased. Enjoy the extravagance found in the dark depths of the forest. Plunge into winter’s icy ocean water, so its chilled currents can thrill your skin. Hike into the mountains and keep going higher, until there is no one but goats and sheep and Fey Folk and you.

“Sing an extravagant song of praise for the hustle and bustle of an urban street.

“Enjoy an extravaganza: study everyone who passes you on a city street and realize each of them is a cosmos unto themselves.

“Be adventurous. The strength to do so is within you.

“My wood is a talisman to help you do all I have described.”

From the middle of the cherry to its top, Ogham letters spell out the Gaelic word for love. That seemed a perfect word for an amulet to safeguard and bless because the Old Gods take good care of us in Their love for us, and because love in a home is among the greatest blessings.

The pyrography is my original one-of-a-kind shamanic design that adds to the cherry’s powers. Home decor with mojo. My pyrography is done ritually to add yet more power.

This set also includes an amulet pendant crafted from ivy wood.

Ivy is commonly known as sacred to the Green God. This ivy wood could give you vitality and free your energy, so your confidence, determination, and overall power come forth more fully. Ivy also revs up your sexuality.

Since ivy “belongs” to the Green Man, I think it should also belong to the Green Woman: Elen of the Ways. For me, She has all the powers of the Green God. My sense of Her also is that, for those who want nature’s power but need it channeled to them gently, She can do that for them. He can too, but sometimes a person finds it easier to accept that gentleness and sensitivity from Her.

Since the Green God and Green Goddess both embody living fully, I feel this ivy amulet would help you be in the moment.

This is good jewelry to wear in honor of the wild Green God and Goddess.

Toward the bottom, I pyrographed the Ogham letter that corresponds with ivy. Again: the pyrography is executed ritually.

The set also includes an amulet pendant crafted from Rowan root.

I am delighted to share that this pendant is rowan root. I’ve become obsessed with tree roots. Here’s what I sense about tree roots I’ve encountered:

Those tree roots had energy almost visible to the eye. Their energy bypasses time and anything else that could completely block or even delay one’s goals. In that vein, using tree roots magically (which could mean simply wearing a tree root pendant), I experience the archetype of magic: miracles come to pass against all logic and reason. This occurs in a specific manner:

Obstacles to the fulfillment of my wishes become a non-issue. I reach goals regardless of obstacles, and without acknowledging them or otherwise dealing with them.

I’m not suggesting tree root magic, in ignoring an obstacle, blasts through it without even noticing. I’m saying I needn’t concern myself magically with an obstacle to my desired goal—needn’t remove barriers, circumvent barriers, or deal with them any other way. I needn’t limit myself by fixating on the route to my goals (in the sense of believing I must remove blocks in order for the route they are blocking to open for me); magic will get me there along the route that magic chooses. Roadblocks are a non-issue because, even if all impediments remain in place, my wish is fulfilled because tree roots are truly magic, the essential archetype of it, fulfilling my wishes against all reason, helping me live in a world where I’m not hemmed by in living in the logical world—and the road blocks it insists will hinder me—but can instead trust in an enchanted world.

My experience that tree root magic can bypass obstacles without necessarily even removing them affirms my belief about life overall: I find it vital, when at all possible, to leave the parts of life that aren’t “mine” as is; that includes neither removing blocks or otherwise dealing with them, but just going my merry way; a focus on removing blocks or otherwise dealing with them distracts me from living my life and working toward my goals. Of course, there are times we have to remove blocks, but I’m not addressing those times here.

When I told a student of mine (who prefers to remain unnamed) that I felt tree root magic bypasses obstacles without even removing them, he immediately had an brilliant insight: roots, as they grow, move around stones and other impediments, which become part of the foundation of the tree, holding it firmly in place. I love that idea. It affirms my desire to leave what isn’t “mine” as is, and affirms my belief that everything has its place so if, in my magic or another part of life, I fuss with something that’s “not mine,” I might actually harm myself in the long run, e.g., pull a foundation out from under me. I don’t move something to get it out of my way or to make it part of my foundation. (There are, of course, exceptions to this.)

I once felt rowan wood’s dominance as the witches’ wood undeserved, and its power greatly overrated. And … well, I felt modern use of rowan was simply trendy. Oops! Eventually, I understood rowan’s many benefits and why it deserves its prestige. I’ll address two of its traits here.

Rowan protects from evil magic. That’s commonly known but, duh, Francesca, so important for witches because they are constantly in the realm of magical doings! Plus … drumroll … I intuit rowan fosters the ability to spot evil magic.

Why the drumroll? Ability to spot negative mojo and protect oneself from it is pivotal to me because I’ve repeatedly seen great suffering for witches who either didn’t realize the prevalence of nasty magic or recognize it when it manifested in their own life. I suffered myself until I learned to spot it more consistently and protect myself from it more effectively. Sadly, I’ve learned that discernment regarding evil magic and protection from it need more attention than some Pagans realize.

As an example, my warnings of negative Fey and their human agents tend to be ignored or minimized. I have repeatedly experienced, after explaining the prevalence of Unseelie (Unseelie is the term for evil Faeries) and other negative spirits, someone not quite hearing me. They respond that they are sophisticated and insightful—or quite intuitive and experienced magically—so not easily duped. Fact is, they’re no one’s fool, but they don’t understand how easily mal-intended magic can slip past even a consummate psychic unrecognized. Or they’ll understand my warning in one context, but not in others.

I am sophisticated, I am intuitive, I was raised in a family tradition of witchcraft. I nevertheless fell prey to evil magicians before I learned better.

Overconfidence isn’t the only reason some Pagans don’t realize they might need help spotting negative energy. To continue using my example of negative Fey, a person might not know the Unseelie weave a glamour to hide their true nature. Another person might not be able to admit when someone’s deeds are thoroughly and consistently evil; such a reality can be just too much to bear. Yet another person might not understand the magical realm is, like the mundane world, a constant weave of good and bad; so during the day it can be hard to notice all the evil threads the Unseelie weave into the fabric of the enchanted world that day.

The list of reasons go on and on, but I’ll stop here. My point is that the ability to recognize evil magic is not as easy as most magical practitioners believe, and far more important than most magical practitioners think.

Sidebar: Unseelie are highly invested in distracting us from our true selves, including our true Feyness, go to great lengths to create such distractions, and are quite skilled at it. They and other negative spirits with whom they keep company will lead a person on a wild goose chase for decades, convincing that seeker they’re traveling a rare path to power, while in fact they are on the road to complete self-destruction. That’s only one example of the harm Unseelie cause.

Ask the Faerie Queen, also know as the Seelie Queen, to protect you from Unseelie. And wear rowan. End of sidebar.

Rowan gives good witches an edge, fostering the discernment to spot evil magic of humans and of otherworldly beings, and providing protection against it. Rowan even helps you spot when a person is harried by a negative entity.

About the beads: I love them. I’ve been hunting down designer beads that I can use in talismans to create the looks I envision. I do mean hunt because it takes time to find the right beads, let alone with large enough holes for what I construct.

Even the smallest of these beads are designer. That costs me more but I want to create dreams with jewelry, and the wrong beads might pull someone out of their dream.

Most of these beads were artfully crafted to have an aged look. E.g., the larger bead reminds me of old glass that acquired a shimmering patina by being buried in the earth for years.

I pyrographed the rowan Ogham on one side. Both sides are lovely wood so either can be worn facing front.

To benefit from the power of either pendant, when you don’t want to wear it or otherwise carry it on you, put it on your altar.

Cost for the set is $130 plus $7 shipping. I ship only to U.S. non-military addresses, via USPS priority. Pay securely with PayPal:

Your set will arrive with simple care instructions to keep your talismans beautiful. I’ll also enclose a print up of this PDF.

All wood was ethically harvested, finished with a natural beeswax and oil treatment, then strung on waxed cotton cord.

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