Otherworldly Adornment

Otherworldly Adornment

Fey Camaraderie, a Luscious Word, and Flowers Sprouting from My Head


I made a teeny tiny hat for myself. (Later, I made a somewhat similar one you may have seen here: Wyrd Witch at https://www.outlawbunny.com/2017/04/03/wyrd-witch/.)

In 2016 ( 2015?), I started letting my bangs grow out and wanted a fun way to clip them back out of my eyes. I thought a trio of spikes on a tiny barrette might look cute, original, and … hm … phantasmagorical. Yes, that’s the word.

I sculpted wool into spikes, decided one spike needed a flower sculpted at its tip, attached the spikes to a base I also shaped from wool, then sewed the whole thing to a barrette.

I wanted to look like flowers and organic spiky things were sprouting out of my head … as if I were a Faerie … because I am a Faerie. On the magical plane, flowers, as well as organic spiky things of an indiscriminate nature, are growing from my brain!

When I clipped the construction onto my head, I realized my barrette is a fascinator. (“Fascinator” sometimes refers to a Lilliputian-sized hat.) That made me happy! I had a tiny wee Faerie chapeau!

Having never seen a fascinator that looked like this, I was grateful to be able to design and construct an unusual fascinator that “expresses me.”

So I just had to adapt my design to make two more. One is in the aforementioned Wyrd Witch post. I’ll post the third one soon because I just have to show it to you. I love wearing them.

I savor the word fascinator. It’s luscious. Plus, fascination is a term for magical spell, so fascinator kind of suggests I’m wearing a bit of magic on my head, LOL.

Do you find your own ways to adorn yourself with magic? Do you wear items that reflect the magic in you? Do you do it subtly so no one knows but you (having that secret is so much fun)?

I’m grateful my particular approach to Faerie shamanism draws students who are not put off by my eccentric dress since they too march to their own drum. We celebrate eccentricities.

Some people in my classes dress conservatively—I’ve been known to do it myself (it’s a magic of its own kind). We each have our own ways of expressing our individuality and our shamanism.

Goddess, thank you for the wonderful fellowship of such independent thinkers. During classes, we foster our individual magical paths, enjoy good company, and support each other’s journeys. … And dress however we want!


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