Divine Art

An Interview with Kathy Crabbe

Kathy Crabbe is a soul reader, artist, writer, and teacher. She has been in business since 1993, which I think is a real accomplishment.

Kathy lives with her husband and two dogs in Temecula, Southern California surrounded by ancient oaks, native prickly pear cactus, and an elfin forest. Her equally magical home online is kathycrabbe.com.

I love the big grin in Kathy’s picture below. As her shamanic mentor, I’ve experienced her passion for her work, and I wanted to interview her today so you can feel how her inner beauty and her power to help others really shines through when she shares.

Kathy Crabbe

Francesca: Tell us something not commonly known about you.

Kathy: I was adopted as a tiny baby into the Crabbe Family. Determined to find my roots, I found my birth family when I was 27, and they became my family too. I was lucky.

Also, I know what it’s like to be an outsider. Along with being an adoptee and a geeky kid, I was a U.S. green card holder for many years after moving here from Canada.

Being an outsider has allowed me to view life in a myriad of ways.

Being an outsider is a good position from which to delve into creative and spiritual work. I have always looked for answers outside of the norm. I dig deep for secret knowledge, and I do not accept the status quo.

If you too feel like an outsider, it’s okay; you are not alone.

Francesca: Your newest project is a real example of going your own special, wonderful route and helping others do the same. Talk about it.

Lefty Oracle Card 87kbKathy: My Lefty Oracle Deck launched on the Spring Equinox, 2017. The deck is a 16 year labour of love that I began in 2000, when I first started painting with my non-dominant left hand.

The Leftys have led me into so many adventures. I’ve seen them change lives. In 2008 I began a writing group and had folks pose as a Lefty card while I snapped a Polaroid that they signed with their non-dominant hand. I encouraged folks to take a chance, be silly, and be in the moment.

I’ve experienced very heartfelt exchanges between lovers and friends as they partake in Lefty Games and Performances, eager to share their hearts with each other while on stage.

I’ve also given over 1000 Soul Readings with the Lefty Oracle Deck.

I ask clients to self-interpret the Lefty cards they pull, to prove to themselves that they are intuitive too.

In Moon Circles and classes, I’ve had many students discover new sides of themselves. Once a group of us ‘became’ our favorite animal and made sounds to go with it.

Francesca: Animal noises, yay! It’s so awesome that you’re able to evoke that, not to mention help people become comfortable enough to really share openly onstage.

One reason your work is effective is that you put your whole self into it, all the different parts of you. I really want you to talk about how your art, spirituality, and intuition inform each other. You know from studying with me that I feel it is important to honor all of one’s aspects and bring them together. Your journey combining your mysticism and creativity might interest my site visitors a lot.

Kathy: I recently realized that my soul readings and artwork are one. They are both creative processes.

I often felt like I had to distance myself from the psychic side of my work because so many folks disapproved. But my clients LOVE their readings, so I need to LISTEN to my clients! Thank you, Francesca for always encouraging us, your students, to listen to our clients first.

Francesca: Thank you, I feel honored by that comment. What’s your next big project, Kathy?

Kathy: My dream has always been to certify others in leading Moon Circles. I’ve been teaching my eClass “Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul” along with the Lefty Oracle material at the Wise Woman University since 2010 as well as in Moon Circles, college classes, art classes, museum exhibits, and art shows, and I’m ready to share this with others.

So many of you out there want to start facilitating creative, Goddess, moon circles so that you can build community and make some extra income. I’ve got all the material, and I love teaching the teachers so stay tuned for my Moon Circle Leadership Certification program.

Thanks for this interview, Francesca.

Francesca: Kathy, thank you. For more about Kathy and her projects, check out kathycrabbe.com.


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  1. Kathy Crabbe says:

    Thank you again Francesca for interviewing me for you blog – it was a delite and I’m sharing this madly <3 Big hugs, Kathy C.

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