Secret Angels

The info below is for a client who commissioned a spirit portrait. I posted it in case my poem or the rest of the post interests other folks. For information about your own portrait, click here:

My dear,

Here is a gift. I wrote a poem from a vision about you:

Magical beings move among humans unseen.
The Fey-touched pay taxes,
sit in movie theaters,
and comment online.

Goodness is often hidden:
an angel standing next to us at a counter,
waiting to get his coffee.
He is an innocent bestowing acts of kindness.

Ancient enchantment appears unexpectedly:
an unaffected Fey warrior running to us,
she will fight the good fight by our side.

Sometimes, these otherworldly beings are almost see-through:
you might not notice them,
or they may be so loud that you notice everything in them
except them.

If you really look—really look—
you see flowers in their shadows,
love in their eyes,
mischief in their quiet affect,
and power in their atoms.

I’ll put the poem in a suitable Book of Shadows frame I painted a while back, and send you two digital versions—a png if you want to print it and a jpg for digital viewing.

Usually my spirit portraits are overtly otherworldly, e.g., I turn someone into a fairy or mermaid. But the “normal” photo of you was already so magical that I wanted to capture the subtlety of a magical being walking among us unseen. You’re like an angel incarnated in a physical body, a true innocent.

To me, the portrait looks very mystical, but if you want its magic to be more overt, let me know.

I titled it “Secret Angels.” Scroll down to see it. It’s nowhere near as sharp or large as the final version you receive via email. Otherwise you’d have waited forever for this page to load. Your final piece won’t have my URL across it, LOL.


If you approve the sample, here’s the link to send the rest of the payment:

If you don’t like the sample, phone or email me to discuss changes. I want you 100% happy.

Mind you, as a perfectionist, I’d offer this only when I saw nothing to improve. (When I paint, I take breaks to let the piece sit so I can see it with a fresh eye, then tweak it, then let it sit, then tweak, sit, tweak…).

A change can necessitate more changes. E.g., if I lighten the mouth color, the hair color can appear too dark so also need lightening.

If it’s relevant: you know my portraits don’t always portray mundane appearances but a person’s hidden essence. I tried to depict your actual physical eyes because they show great sweetness, caring, and mysticism. Then I enlarged them in proportion to the rest of your face, to emphasize their power. If you prefer, I can try to return them to their original size.

Thank you again. Painting your spirit portrait was a wonderful way to get to know you more, during meditation as I painted.

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2 Responses to Secret Angels

  1. Kathy Crabbe says:

    lovely lovely energy in this portrait and so interesting to hear about your process – thank you for sharing Francesca!

    Kathy Crabbe (soul reader/artist)

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Kathy, thanks so much for checking out the post and for your kind words. I’m so glad you like it. I find reading about other artists’ processes really interesting.

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