I Do Not Seek War, But Dappled Light

ButDappledI Do Not Seek War, But Dappled Light

I see dappled light and go to rest in it. I am fierce, when needed. I live a warrior’s life, so know to seek peace when at all possible. There’s glory in war, but I do not seek war, only the glory that is mine for fighting well. I ignore petty jibes of a would-be warrior who longs for fights to distract himself from his own poor stature of spirit. Or who antagonizes others in hopes of stealing their position or their goods.

When I fight, I fight with clear conscience, and so can be ruthless in my tactics and my aim. I long for the day when I never fight again. But it will not happen until I reside in the Western Isle. This life has demanded I be a warrior though, in fact, I don’t have a warrior nature. I am a healer, a spiritual guide, a pagan artisan, a Faerie poet, a sensual baker, a gardener. I honed my fighting skills, studying with masters, to protect my healing work, my tribe, my culture, my hearth, and my herbs.

After battle, I revel in flowers that rain down on me in victory parades; I laugh, hugging the bard who improvises songs about my feats; and I boast of my prowess, pointing out my numbers and bravery. So I recognize when a claim of ferocity is not honest warrior bragging, but frightened posing by someone who may not even realize he feels powerless. I honor his fears, and might even protect him. But I recognize the danger: He will be quick to lash out at supposed injury or non-existent threat. Yes, I ignore his petty jibes; I ignore his antagonizing.

I see dappled light and find peace in it. Goddess, bless me.
I am not a pacifist, but a warrior who prefers peace. Over decades—and lifetimes—of battle, I evolved a warrior philosophy for my personal use. The above piece represents part of it. To learn more of this philosophy and related battle skills, take the Third Road Spiritual Warrior class. To be notified when the class happens, sign up on my mailing list at www.stardrenched.com

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4 Responses to I Do Not Seek War, But Dappled Light

  1. Dee Melton says:

    I love this philosophy. It speaks to my soul!

  2. Meaux says:

    Beautiful. May you be blessed.

    Also: KITTY!

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