Social Media Scenario


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Social Media Scenario

Ever seen the following between relative strangers, online?

Person A: “I’m scared!”

Person B: “Yes, life is scary sometimes. But I bet you have inner resources to overcome your fear.”

Person A: “Wah! Person B is mean! They told me life is terrible. They’re living in their fear. I’m not like that. I am free of fear and positive about life.”

Person B (silently): “Sigh.”

Person A: “You know what else Person B did? (Insert additional shadow projections here.)”

Person B walks away to cook dinner.

Person A: “I will pray for Person B because she is un-evolved… (Silently–>) Hmm, I better find someone else’s blog to plagiarize instead of Person B’s, before she catches on.”

Person B is having great sex.

Person A (subconsciously:) “I better post more lies about Person B, so no one believes her if she does catch onto my plagiarism.”

Person B is asleep in bed, dreaming of golden light and magic mist.


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2 Responses to Social Media Scenario

  1. Holly Soutar says:

    Well, I certainly can say I’ve experienced the general gist of it many a time, same general scenario and – ain’t it sad? I’d like to share some general riffs/impressions. (There is so much that is lost online when attempting to communicate; this is a great part of the problem, I think.) We can be willing to clarify and go deeper – but people’s Critical Factors often go up before anything is able to pass the barrier. The same Factor preventing us from, say, jumping off a cliff, is now becoming a problem. It’s reactive. We cannot then access our inner resources. So the “positive” becomes a fear-based thing.
    At some point it’s possible to realize that people have chosen, at times, without knowing it, (because of their internal blockages and stoppages), to only pretend to listen, even to themselves, or even be open to ideas from others. I have done this myself, and changed my mind completely later when I could see what I had been doing – my filters weren’t allowing me to receive some excellent input. Words can become frameworks that are used as an excuse to eliminate, or block out, what’s being said, the true communication that’s being offered. Or the opposite. Thing is the ego thinks it knows all there is to know, and that the person hasn’t got a lot going for themselves, and that knowing is based on the past, not the actual field of possibilities, and your insightful offering as a part of these possibilites. It’s that ego, their false self, which is afraid! Afraid of the “dark, Shadow Self!” “Chil’, that ain’t nothin'”, you want to tell them. But this ego, it thinks it’s all alone and separate from the universe and others. We all do this to some extent; however, what it boils down to is that at that point, we can’t help ourselves! Yet this is certainly a good opportunity to open up discussion of how our minds work…how the full picture is rejected in favor of the quick fix due to pre-framed assumptions and the “fight or flight” mechanism – even in this arena! This is a need for a quick right/wrong answer, not a relaxed, inner knowing and consideration of all of the aspects of reality. If something is wrong, invalid, negative, why be afraid of a verified falsity? Certainly any attempt to ignore, demonize, persecute or reject any aspect of the so called “negative” aspects of existence indicates a spiritual immaturity. Whatteva happened to nuance?

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Holly, thank you, you have given an excellent and compassionate outline of the issues, fleshed out with beautiful detail. This would make them a useful reference whenever the topic we are discussing comes up!

      I am happy I am becoming aquainted with someone who both knows all you stated and is willing to examine themselves for the shortcomings you delineate. Too few are aware of all the issues you state, and fewer still able to look into themselves for their own false ego, etc, or to attempt compassion when other people display these shortcomings. Major kudos to you.

      The human mind fascinates me. In this particular instance, I love that I delineated the issues with humor and a scenario, that you addressed the topic with a theoretical explanation, and that the two together are a great combo, and that other times I approach these topics through theory (like when I lecture about them in a class) and, knowing you, you probably talk about them through humor sometimes. Brains are interesting! 🙂

      Thanks so much!!!

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