The Dark Is Still Deep

Happy new year! A blessing on our 2014: Music about post-Yule darkness and light.

The Dark Is Still Deep
Francesca De Grandis

The light returns.
My friends draw near,
my friend the deer,
my friend the air,
my friend the Bear,
my friends who care.

The dark is still deep.
The snow is still steep.
My soul will still sleep
in dreams of a God who sleeps
in dreams of me.

The Light returns.
My friends draw near,
my friends who care,
my friends who care,
my friends who care.

Written/recorded 2011. What I said about it then: “Day after solstice. I needed a new song to sing to God and self tonight, so had to write it. I look forward to when I have time to get into my recording studio, cause I want to build harmonies and instrumentation and, oh, I am jazzed. But tonight, I recorded with the app built into my iPhone. So forgive audio quality, but it’s that or nothing. The skull is so you have something to look at other than me desperately trying to read lyrics and melody while holding the camera. I love writing complex melodies but wrote a simple song tonight, bc I needed something to sing right away. Had the simplicity not worked, I would have stopped the project, knowing it was not meant to be. I am not saying I give up on difficult writing; I will take forever to get a song; but I wanted a song to use right away, and if I could not write something worth singing, I would have stopped the writing.”


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2 Responses to The Dark Is Still Deep

  1. hank says:

    nice song 🙂

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