Garden Adornment: Commissioned Art Piece

Angela, your commissioned talismanic art piece is called Garden Adornment.


Every woman is a goddess. Every woman deserves a special piece of jewelry that honors her divinity, her inner and outer beauty, her innate elegance, and her female power. I hope this one-of-a-kind design is that piece for you, Angela.

GardenAdorn3Click on any photo to see it larger and unblurred.

Gallery quality, free-form peyote-stitch three-dimensional bead-weaving, intricately woven. Clasp and crimp beads are sterling silver. If memory serves, most of the beads are Czech. I can’t vouch for the three glistening faceted beads because I upcycled them, but I am almost sure they are Swarovski crystal. The cord is about 17”.

My original design. I designed this piece as I wove it, deciding the best place for each bead, one after another. No one can imitate this piece by reducing it to a technique, pattern, or trick. Thank you, Angela, for supporting creativity! I channeled a blessing as I wove beading-thread or bead wire through beads. Weaving so many beads together made a lot of blessing!

GardenAdorn1I also wove the pendant to look good from the sides as well as the front. I am proud of that. Check out the pic to the right.

Can be worn for work, costume, couture, or with jeans. Arrives enclosed with care instructions for gallery quality jewelry.

Be assured, Angie, if you do not 100% love this piece, I will make you another and put this one into my Etsy shop for whoever it is meant for.

GardenAdorn5CropYou can just post your decision here, if you like.

Made with love and gratitude for you.

To my other wonderful visitors: For info about commissions of beadwork or fabric art, post below or email me.

Scroll down for last photo of Garden Adornment.


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2 Responses to Garden Adornment: Commissioned Art Piece

  1. Angela says:

    You got it exactly right! I am so proud to own this.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Oh, Angela, you just made me so happy with your post! Love you bunches! Thank you for letting me be of service!!!!!!!!

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