Fantasy Spring and Summer Wreath Tutorial

Being a fantasy artist influences how I decorate my home. I might start by imagining how Faeries would adorn their abodes. In the case of a Spring and Summer wreath, I think they might make it sparkly, wild, and whimsical. (Click on a photo to see it full-size and unblurred.)


PlainWreathI made a wreath of grape vine from my backyard. But you can buy a grape vine wreath from a craft store.

I decided that the combination of the wild vine with Jones Tones Foils and Metallic Paints would look magical. Choose three foil colors plus three metallic paint colors that you think combine well and that represent the spring and/or summer, e.g., soft pastels. This project easily adapts to an Autumnal or Yule wreath, by changing the seasonal colors. Here are the initial foil colors I chose for a spring/summer look, they are so pretty that it was hard to narrow it down to three:Choose

Apply Jones Tones Foil Glue on some of the wreath’s thicker stems. No need to cover the whole wreath, just give it accents. On any part you do glue, apply glue to its front and sides, because it’ll be seen from different angles. (Remember to use the various products in this project as instructed on their package.) The glue is thick in this pic, but you can do it much thinner:GlueWreath

Foil is started:FoilStarts1

I applied foil glue, and hence the foil, in stages. Seeing how the foil looked bit by bit gave me a sense of how to proceed best. I also re-foiled areas that didn’t get enough the first time. Here I am adding more glue (you can see the subtle Bronze foil near where I am applying):MoreGlue

When I’d applied as much foil as possible, I applied metallic paints to places that were too hard to foil. The metallic paint nozzle could reach into places I couldn’t reach into with my finger to press the foil against the glue. I also used the paints on places too fragile to foil. PaintingWreath

Again, don’t worry about a lot of coverage or whether your project looks great at this point. You’re just trying to wake the wreath up a bit visually. Here is the wreath after I finished foil and paint:WreathProper2

Find card stock that’s the right color for whatever leaves you want. Any Faerie decorating their home will tell you, “You probably have something on hand whether you know it or not. You are more likely to recognize it if you choose what looks right to you, instead of worrying whether it is ‘proper.’” For example, I considered paper bags because they look earthy and natural. Maybe ask yourself, “What in this room would a Faerie make leaves from?” Faeries are so DIY.

Draw leaves on your card stock, some with metallic paint and some with foil glue. Note how simple mine are. Don’t slavishly imitate mine. Make leaves your own way, that’s how Faeries do it. 🙂 Give them good length stems. Outline the leaves and draw all the way to the bottom of each stem to add stiffness to them.LeavesCollage

When they are dry, place them into the wreath by their stems, as suits your taste. Go with the flow; the vine will not let you put leaves some places. This project combines sparkly, bright colors with earthy, funky aspects because, for me, that creates the fantastical. Paper leaves and flowers bring a touch of whimsy, which adds more otherworldliness.Wleaves2crop

I’d thought I’d stop the project at this point but it clearly needed more. Flowers!

I made flowers the same way I made leaves. This time, I upcycled greeting cards I’d received for birthdays. You know those cards you can’t bear to throw out? And when I look at the back of the wreath, I see my friends’ writing, which I love as a memento. I used the blank back of some cards because I liked the lavender or cream color. Some of my flowers became more elaborate than my leaves, but these foils and paints make even simple flowers fabulous.Flowers2OB

Arrange the flowers in the wreath however you want (you might have to move some leaves). Inserting all the flowers I made looked cluttered. I even removed a few leaves. Now I have flowers and leaves for other projects.DetailsFinalWreath

If you want to adapt this wreath, ask yourself at any point, “What would a Faerie do at this stage?” You could, for example, add flowers made of ribbon or lace. Or a bow that you also foil and paint. What about embellishing with Swarovski crystals?

It looks so magical, I’m hoping that the wreath is a doorway into Faerie. Sshhh.

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