Finally Telling

Finally Telling What I See, in Hopes You’ll Let Me Know What You See

 Just to be clear: I see this drug-free.

 I tried to portray what I see—as opposed to making a good painting. So I do not know if it is a good painting unto itself.

But I try to create functional art, sometimes that is my definition of “good art,” anyway. I hope this piece serves its purposes. The first was to share something private. It was a bit scary to risk revealing this painting, which is probably why I am not blogging it until it’s a few months old. (Not to mention that it can take me years after I write or paint something to blog it!) My second goal was to nurture an environment in which you feel safe sharing about your own modes of perception and states of consciousness. I hope the painting helps you make the same risk I made: please use the comment field below to share something about your mode of perception. I look forward to reading it!

 A related note: Mystical and shamanic perceptions that are transformative, joyous, and informative can be gained without drugs. It is a matter of training. I offer this training. This is rarely mentioned in a class description, but most of my classes really help with it. If you can’t figure out from its description whether a specific upcoming class has this sort of material, feel free to call me: 814-337-2490. If you do not already receive announcements of upcoming classes, go here

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6 Responses to Finally Telling

  1. Robyn says:

    Dear Francesca,

    I love seeing all the layers that make up the painting – so many colors, shapes, all piled up. While I find it sometimes quite frustrating to deal with all these layers of life (because often I mix them up and then get caught up in them), your painting has something very consoling to it. It makes these layers visible and thus I can perceive and distinguish them better which helps me to tackle them one by one 🙂

    So much love!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Wow, Robyn, that is so interesting (and incredibly flattering), thank you!! It is so cool that when we share our process instead of wondering if it is good nuf, someone might benefit! I really almost didn’t post the painting, feeling it was not good nuf. Thanks for being willing to risk sharing experience! I am going to try to see the painting the way you do, meditate on it, to see if that helps me break things down into manageable parts. Thanks again!! 

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Ok, it was an interesting experiment. It did not result in manageability but in joy! I rested with each layer and was able to sing into it, feel it sing, dance with it. I did something similar when painting it, but this time was different: it was like visiting a friend and enjoying new facets of her, very a la Chase’s above remark. Thanks so much!

  2. chase says:

    I love that you posted this and that I am seeing this today. The days leading up to this week and this week have been a doozy. Lots of energy and opening and I feel like a juggler catching balls I threw into the air and others I know I did not put there but are mine. Brushing up on my modalities of consciousness work and am feeling a little overwhelmed. You know… Like calling a bestie who you haven’t talked to in ages and it’s like no time has passed except time has passed and there’s just SO MUCH TO SAY and do and be and catch up on… Getting current in my hood and holy crap there is so much. Taking it one thing at a time. I’m learning I’m built for comfort not speed. XO loving your work! Excited for Thursday and Friday.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Chase, I adore you! We live full, huh? And yes, am looking forward to teaching a class Friday with you in it, and doing a transmission session Thursday, it is a joy working with you! Thanks so much for yr post, it makes me happy!!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      I gotta add that between yr comment and Robyn’s, I better understand my own mode of perception as it is represented in the painting. Funny, huh?

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