A Mystic’s Life Is Absurd

May 1, 2012: I take my spirituality seriously. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have fun with it. Decided I wanted a silly meditation. Sat on the floor (which I can only do on a good day, and then only for a minute or two, given my disability). Taking a pseudo-Buddhist meditation pose, I started doing fake chanting, making the sort of ridiculous sounds that oldtime Hollywood would have fake monks make in a movie.

This amused me, improved my mood, and distracted me from worries about the day’s various and sundry problems. 

My Cat Teenie, Francesca De Grn=andis

My Cat Teenie

Then, I swear to God, my cat started circling me, walked a full circle around me. She slowly oh so slowly walked a total of 3 to 4 full complete circles around me, processing like a hierophant as I continued my innane chanting! I couldn’t believe it. I started laughing so hard. I could not stop laughing, I laughed and laughed.

This lightened my spirit tremendously. My heart had wings. Desire for those wings is one reason I meditate. Also, instead of having to start a meditation by struggling to become centered, the cosmos had sent kitty to make me relaxed and in the moment. I was easily made ready to do a more serious meditation. I lay down on the floor, for a beautiful peaceful meditation during which guidance I needed about how to approach the rest of the day came. 

May 2: There are hundreds if not thousands of ants and their eggs in my mailbox! (Rural living!) I was so happy yesterday when we staved off the beginning of an ant infestation in my kitchen, before it had a chance to cause trouble. But now, all the way across the street from me (I lived rurally so my mailbox is across the street), there are way more ants than the few that were in the house. 

Looking into the mailbox, I kept saying, “Little gods, they’re little gods, little gods come to visit me.” (I’m a pantheist.) And chanting “Little visits from God,” and “God’s Little helpers” (I also serve the Goddess, whom I often call God, as well as have a pantheon of Gods who run my life. Obviously, I live in contradictions. I do it happily) as I doused the critters in the mailbox with vinegar that was scented with peppermint essential oil.

Merry Prankster, Kathleen Marshal, with her permission

At the time of writing this, I’ve only just finished cleanup on the mailbox. I don’t know yet what message the little gods were trying to give me. But my point here is: I have to share the two events I’ve recounted because they’re typical of my whole day—it’s like I live in a mystical three ring circus. I think I’m its holy clown but my cat is the better trickster. And she is not alone, because my day by day is filled with the wondrous absurdity of life. I constantly experience outrageous synchronicities, a continuous kaleidoscope that is fun and funny and reveals a beautiful yet absurd cosmic pattern. This pattern, or call it a flow, fills me with love and joy from the Divine and offers its guidance. If I abide by the guidance, it is so abundant as to smooth my every step. Of course, I’m typically human so I am far from perfect in following the wonderful input. But bit by bit, I grow.

I’d love it if you posted below, and shared a time when the Divine used humor to give you guidance or power or just just plain ol joy!

I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

I started a blog on my other site. Two separate blogs, two separate RSS feeds.  The RRS feed for the new blog is in the right hand sidebar (on a phone or Ipad it might be at the bottom) here: http://www.stardrenched.com I hope you join me there, I have wild plans.

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8 Responses to A Mystic’s Life Is Absurd

  1. BB says:

    to make it short, I offer 2 encounters of hilarity:

    last summer I was writing every day, 4 hours at a time and eating large amounts of tootsie rolls as I did this. I finally told myself, you can’t keep eating these like this, you’re going for a walk. I get to my destination and begin to jog when I see something on the path in front of a bench up the way. As I get closer I see that its brown and then when I get closer I see that there white surrounding the brown and as I get to the bench I look down and to my surprise its a larger tootsie roll STILL IN ITS WRAPPER. I laughed, I laughed. The fey can empathize with an addicted sweet tooth.
    the second encounter: During a blood and bone ritual out of Goddess Initiation I wasn’t as awake and focused as needed and half way through I saw a man on a horse and then I nodded off and was awaken by a loud yelling in my head GERONIMO, GERONIMO, GERONIMO. And I thought that’s interesting. So the next day I went to the library and looked up Geronimo and the meaning. Geronimo means he who is yawning.

    It only confirms for me how much fun life is meant to be. I still have the tootsie roll as a reminder to relax and enjoy and no ones going to yell at me because I wasn’t as awake as I needed to be, instead it was a friendly and funny wake-up call. HA!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      LOL! Thank you so much, I luv yr post. It also makes spending a decade writing Goddess Initiation worth it, bc I get to hear stories from its readers, who are the coolest people, like you, sharing wonderful things about life.

  2. ellen says:

    Ok. Here is my most recent absurdity. Background: 1. I have had the same two pieces of Visions cookware (the brown glass see-through type) for many, many years… and 2. I have a phobia of FOOD MOLD. Just to LOOK at it makes me want to gag.
    So, a few weeks ago I was loading dirty dishes off the counter into the sink of hot, soapy water. I almost always RINSE the dishes before I create a dirty stack, so that when cleaning day comes… no big deal. Well, I must have missed one. 🙁

    Even though it was a bowl I really like – white, ceramic, perfect for cereal – I decided to THROW IT AWAY rather than deal with the nastiness. I paused momentarily to wrestle with my conscience concerning wastefulness, landfill space, tossing away of a beautiful thing, etc…. then disgust won out and into the trash it went…

    IMMEDIATELY, the LIDS to my two favorite Visions pots – which had been comfortably stacked on top of the stove for days – CRASHED TO THE FLOOR, shattering into innumerable tiny glass shards!!! There was no apparent mundane reason for the shift. I interpreted this as instant Karma concerning the old “waste not, want not” instruction. The message was obvious, so I took the bowl back OUT of the trash, filled it with water, and set it outside to deal with later. Then I set myself to sweeping up broken glass.

    Happy ending: I was driving past my favorite thrift store the other day when I heard the voice say, “Stop at the thrift store – the lid to one of your pots is there.” And, of course, it was… I am expecting the other one to show up soon 🙂

  3. Lucy says:

    I feel a huge sense of relief that it isn’t just me who has such random happen absurd things happen to her.
    Everything from a harrier hawk landing in my garden and staring at me while I was drumming (I live in a very dirty uraban city in the uk), to my magickal garden or werid (things grow I haven’t planted/random plants just “arrive”) to giant sea shells turning up behind my altar.
    Also crystals and stone disappear and re-appear in my house too. It isn’t the husband or child it happens most when I am make an healing altar then go to bed.
    My favourate one was we left Father Yule “aka Santa” a mince pie and a drink. While the drink wasn’t touch the pie was gone. My daughter didn’t eat it, we only had a fussy cat at the time and she only ate chicken, my husband HATES mincemeat and I didn’t do it. It was definately gone though.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Hi, Lucy, nice to meet you, thanks for coming by and reading and sharing! I think these sort of “random” things happen to a lot of people. I hear about it all the time, but only after I started confessing that it happens to me. I guess that made folks feel safe about admitting it too. I am lucky folks like you do speak of it, so I know I am not alone!!

  4. Michelle says:

    Love, Joy, Peace; All the yummy things we want to feel. Glad to hear you had a good giggle. Smiling and laughing are tonic. Some smiles are hard to create, but like all good medicine, so worth the tempory discomfort
    Clever kitty-cat, that friend of yours. One of my best mates is a poodle [we dont use the adjective dog for her!!]. Her excitement and joy are so delightful, acrobatic circles and leaps that make you wonder if her skelton is rubberised.

    Hi OutlawBunny, let me introduce myself ~ I’m Michelle sometimes {I felt kinda weird naming myself then. I wanted to use one of my on-line names, I dont know why. Perhaps a text thing.} I feel very priviledged to be typing to you. I read your Goodess book 2005/6 . I’ve been having so much fun since 🙂 Today reading your blog for the first time, I’m feeling extra specially blessed. I started a twitter account a few weeks ago and found you, I do feel like a lucky girl. I wanted to add a few more positive words to my days. thanks

    Looking forward to whats next too
    Cheers me dears 🙂 Shel

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Yr poodle sounds fabulous. And thanks for saying such nice things about my work, I am happy that my book helped you have fun, I think having fun and being of service r y we r put on this planet. I hope we connect again. Cheers back at ya!

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