Deer, Angel, Faerie

Deer, Angel, Faerie
Today’s Walk
June 9, 2012

The doe and I startled each other. She bolted, took off into dark parts of the forest, white tail flashing, massive limbs pumping. Gone. 

I saw an angel. He roller skated past me. Across his t-shirt were the words, “Love is the answer.” He was at most a third my age – – in his twenties, maybe as young as 16. He was ageless. He was an angel.

Moments later, I wanted to turn around, go back, catch up with him. But I could not, I can only hobble, slowly and carefully along. I wanted to find out if his hair was as pretty as it had seemed, his smile as pure. He’d flown by so fast that I could not tell. Did he really have the innocent friendliness that the quick passage of his face past me had intimated?

I wonder if, later, he thought with wonder, “I saw a faerie today!” Did the doe tell a buck, “That human was so quiet, I didn’t even know she was there until she was almost right by me”? 

I started a blog on my other site. Two separate blogs, two separate RSS feeds. When you go to that site, the RRS feed for the new blog is in the right hand sidebar (on a phone or Ipad it might be at the bottom) here:   I hope you join me there, I am having witchy fun.

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  1. I love this! All these beautiful small blessings in everyday life!

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