Domestic Warrior

Between being a poet and feeling the world needs lots of changing, I’m compelled to make up terms, LOL. I’m not saying what’s right for others, but I personally need a term other than housewife. Domestic warrior works beautifully. 

Right before I posted my painting with its little self-help suggestion, I thought I’d better Google domestic warrior first, just in case there would be a problem. I did not see one. But I did feel encouraged to see that various folks have used the term before I ever thought of it. Yay and yaya—it is not just me who feels it has value! They may not use domestic warrior to mean the exact thing I do, but it is still encouraging.

I used a pic of Jenn—the Leftover Queen—as the model for my Viking painting. No one better than Jenn as a domestic warrior.

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4 Responses to Domestic Warrior

  1. Sandra says:

    ~* I used to call myself a Domestic Goddess…

  2. Wow, Francesca, just WOW. Thank you so much, I am truly honored. Hail to all the Domestic Warriors!

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