Magic Bananas (Dark Chocolate Mojo)

Magic Bananas is a stupid name for a recipe. That makes me happy.

I made this dessert up in celebration of shipping my manuscript off to the layout artist. This is serious dark chocolate, unmitigated by sugar, honey, or the like. I enjoy chocolate this way (which is fortunate, given my inability to eat sugar, etc. without ending up at the hospital); it is dark mojo.

Later: Oh my god, this came out well. A friend stopped by; she and I had to keep eating one piece after another. It tasted like the sugarless Faerie had taken over Willy Wonker’s factory. (Supposedly, I shouldn’t say that about something I invented. But it was so good. I thought maybe I was imagining it, but my friend doesn’t like dark chocolate, hadn’t wanted a taste, and then kept eating it, then asked for the recipe. Let’s pretend I got the recipe from a book. Fact is, last night, I really wanted a grimoire like in the movies: massive, leather-bound, metal lock and ornaments; when I open it, spirit winds whip its pages, the ornate text suddenly glows, and illustrations leap from the page. Since I have never seen one of those, I created one in my mind, deciding that when I open it, I will find the exact ritual I need. I tried it out; it worked! Maybe I subconsciously got the recipe from my mental grimoire. Hmm, which still means I made it up. Oh, oh, I got it: Ultimately, all things come from the Divine­—scientific, culinary, poetic, etc—so ultimately I did not make this up; the Divine did. That means I get to proclaim how good it is! God is good! BTW, I do enjoy a good verbal ramble. Did you notice the couple of lessons I stuck in there? Ssshhh, it’s a secret.)

* Melt 1 oz. baking chocolate with 1 T sweet butter.

* Add 2 ounces goat milk. If it is straight from the fridge, it may cause the chocolate/butter mixture to cool and therefore clump up. If so, reheat and stir till it’s smooth again.

* Put 1/2 ounce frozen orange juice concentrate and 1/2 ounce frozen white grape juice concentrate into a small saucepan. Heat until at least room temperature. Mix it into the chocolate blend.

* Butter the bottom of two pie tins.

* Slice 2 bananas crosswise (into rounds). Place the banana rounds on the pie tins, with as much space as possible between each slice.

* Put some chocolate blend onto each banana. The mixture was very liquid, so the chocolate flowed down over the bottom of the pan. I don’t care: I’ll just scrape it up to eat with the banana slices. I never complain about chocolate all over a plate. Later: When u eat a banana piece, eat it with some of the chocolate that dripped down onto the pie tin; I am not sure it will be as lusciously yummy otherwise.

* You’ll still have a lot of chocolate left. Lick the bowl. Or use a third banana instead of a spatula to wipe the bowl clean. (Do I need to add that you should eat the chocolate-laden parts of the banana between swipes?) My chocolate banana spatula tasted nowhere near as good as the final dish. Still, I enjoyed it. Licking a bowl or spatula always has its charm.

* Put the pie tins into the freezer. Eat when frozen.

Let me know how it comes out for you.

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  1. Sandra says:

    ~* mmm … sounds so nummy!


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