Today’s Walk: The Forest and I are Angry

Today’s Walk: The Forest and I are Angry
May 29, 2011

I have a new friend, a wild rabbit. Met Peace yesterday, and today Peace was waiting for me in the same place. This time, I was able to get closer. (A few years ago, I fed a wild rabbit from my hands. It only took a week or two for the rabbit to trust me enough to do that. City girl that I am, I was quite impressed with myself – – lo, wild woman of nature. Grin.)

 Peace gave me a lesson in stillness today, including transmitting the power of stillness to me.

(As I type this, I think of the ancient Faerie Faith, imagine a maiden gathering mushrooms in the woods, a Fey being granting her power.)

A few minutes later, I saw a white cat on the side of the road. It was motionless, and flat along the ground, so I became worried. Oh my god, is it dead? But when I got close, it got up and leapt away like a deer. Another lesson  in stillness.

 I walked on. The forest here is angry. Like me. My anger doesn’t devastate my internal landscape like it used to. But anger has crept back, crept up on me recently; I realized yesterday that I was carrying a lot of anger that I was unaware of, and it was messing with me. So I started working on that.

Not that I consider anger bad. It depends. It’s not bad per se, but it’s not always good. It can be self-destructive, tighten my innards til my body’s crippled.

So the forest and I were angry together, as a mutual healing.

Then I found a small feather. It looks like pigeon, morning dove, raven, or blackbird. But it could be none of those. It is small and beautiful. At first I discounted it, because it was not large and bold – not overtly shamanic. But I always tell my students never to discount a small mystical feeling or event, because it may be the opening to a larger one. Besides, larger is not always better or more powerful. I took the feather home.

I love my life. And give a prayer of gratitude to the committee of gods that runs my life, is connectivity, is creativity, is a source of secrets that surround us. Sshh.

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4 Responses to Today’s Walk: The Forest and I are Angry

  1. thomas byrnes says:

    Dear Francesca , LOVED the video of your mandolin playing ; how can we arrange to get you to make another album ? I want to be in your crip chorus ; I’m a semi -ambulatory ( with the aid of my beloved Hawthorne walking stick ) 60 year old crip . The weird thing is that when I try to dance , I have almost no trouble at all ( except for the occasional balance problem ) ; how great is that ? Loved your album & books for years ( and the website & emails ) ; dying to take one of your courses ( when finances allow ). You ROCK , WOMAN ! Bright Blessings and Health , Tom Byrnes

    • francesca says:

      Are u a doll or what! Have actually recorded about half an album, but now it is on hold for maybe a year, sigh. But this is so I can do things like proof book galleys and other stuff writers have to do to get their books out, so that is a good reason. U r a flatterer re the mandolin playing, though! Consider yrsrlf an official member of my crip chorus line! And, hey, I do have scholarships for classes. Rock on.

  2. Nina says:

    Anger is the messenger, the protector.


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