Rewriting Hell. Writers are Crazy People: Part 2

“A picture is worth 1000 words.” But in this case, you may need another picture, as well as a few words that are not this page. This page is a follow up to — and may not make sense unless you first see — part one.

The tall stack is all notes I went through for my final rewrite on the manuscript. Note the word “final.” Been rewriting for years. Writers are crazy people. But don’t worry. It’s not catching (I am fibbing). Two days left (I wrote this blog Sunday, but posted it Monday = now there is one day left) to finish the rewrite, so I put some flowers and pretties there to motivate me. 

I put a measuring tape by the stack because it made me feel good to see how tall it is. This is the sort of thing that madness drives you to; writing is hard! This is not the only huge stack related to rewrites on the manuscript. As I said, this has been going on for years.

When a book of mine is finally published, I throw out all its stacks. This time, it will be quite a celebration, after all the roadblocks to this project.

The project spread around the house, but here’s a picture of the actual manuscript.  (I have no idea why I have to show it to you. It is some primitive need to share my process, not only with this picture, but also by talking about what’s going on lately while I’m alone, working.) It is on an old chaise lounge in my office — ladeedah, some crips need a chaise lounge in their office. (Joking aside, some of us crips do!)

It was supposed to be a month for the final rewrite, but I had to get an extension, so it’s been closer to two months.

Bit by bit—unless there’s an act of God—the book will be out in September. In two days I send the manuscript to the layout artist. Then I can catch up with my other work, as well as move onto the other steps of publishing, like talking with the book’s cover designer. 

I wish someone reading this lived close to me, so you could come over to celebrate in three days. If you are nearby, give me a call!

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