Receive Fairy Blessings

Receive Fairy Blessings: Abundance, Peace, Fulfillment

Fairy (Faerie, Faery) Blessings:
Abundance, Peace, Fulfillment

No need to attend an event, meditate, or do anything else. I do the work for you.

I’ll do a Fey blessing ceremony for you every week for six months. You receive the benefits of all that magic.

Begins April 22, 2024.

Enroll by April 17.

Recipients usually experience substantial results immediately, with more and more occurring. After the six months, benefits tend to remain and increase.

You receive the abundance you truly desire. An abundance of love, satisfaction, achievements, for example. The ceremonies help create whatever bountifulness you want.

In the same vein, fulfillment can be sexual, creative, professional, mystical, spiritual, and more.

Profound spiritual healing occurs if needed for you to have abundance, peace, and fulfillment.

My magic meets you exactly where you are. These rites help you with whatever you are going through.

Total cost: $169 a month, for six months of ceremony.

Pay securely with PayPal: click the Subscribe button.

You don’t have to delay receiving support until you “measure up” to some inhumane standard that has nothing to do with real life.

Magic loves you. You. Magic won’t exclude you. Ignore so-called spiritual teachers who insist that magical spells can’t help you yet because you’re “fat,” “too upset,” “too emotional,” “new to Paganism,” or whatever other condescending description they give. It’s an excuse to exclude or debase you.

Ignore Pagans who say that Fairy magic is only for northern Europeans. Fairy Folk appear in most cultures’ lore from Polynesian to African to Chinese to Italian.

The old Faery Gods love you.
Magic loves you.
My ceremonies help you.

The Great Mother Goddess, Creator of All, is known as the Fairy Queen in language after language. You are Her beloved child. She holds you sacred and wants you to enjoy a bountiful, peaceful, fulfilled life. She’ll add Her immense enchantments to the work I do for you.

Another term for my blessing ceremonies is spiritual transmissions. However, I don’t know anyone except me who defines a spiritual transmission the way I do:

I’m a good-luck charm: I was born generating a beneficial Fey energy that adapts to your needs, e.g., financial well-being, physical health, safety, mystical insights, removal of self-defeating beliefs, or the strength to get back up after life’s knocked you down. These examples are types of abundance, peace, or fulfillment, so the upcoming ceremonies can deliver them.

I don’t have to know what you need because the transmission’s energy automatically adapts to help create the specific changes you need in you and your life.

My spiritual transmissions (or call them direct spiritual transmissions) bless you as a whole being and add luck to your day.

From birth, I was raised to hone my gift.

From my earliest memory, my mother wrapped the ancient Faery Faith around me, not as an abstract idea but as a living, loving magic. My Fey-touched mom’s extraordinary, all-encompassing maternal love provided a role model for direct spiritual transmissions.

Most recipients experience very personal energy from me, including a sense that I care about them as individuals. I think they sense intimacy and kindness because I love each client. My mother embodied loving magic. You don’t even have to tell me anything about yourself to receive a transmission.

Francesca emanates healing energy. She can’t even help it, it’s her. There’s an awesomely deep love within her that heals people.—William Michaels The transmission was so good it was seriously ridiculous! Within a few days, I got a job, a new truck for the exact amount I’d wanted to pay, and sold our old truck without even trying.—Julia It was an eye opener, I’ve grown in ways I didn’t know were possible and I was so grateful.—Catherine Mills

My explanation of transmissions isn’t as good as I would like. They are impossible to convey in words, even when I write at length. They have to be experienced. The important thing here is that you receive immense benefits.

Every week for six months is a lot of Fairy magic—a bounty of blessings for the now and the future.

Enrolling for these ceremonies is a way to grab hope, pull it close, and affirm you deserve lots of good things.

Enrolling lets Divine love embrace you and open doors to miracles. Choose the “impossible”—a Fairy-blessed life of magic in which wild-hearted dreams come true.

Click the Subscribe button.

If you don’t receive an email confirming payment within a few days, check your spam. If the email isn’t there, or you want to discuss a scholarship, semi-scholarship, trade, or payment plan other than the subscription, or you need additional information, please call me at the number below. You can cancel your subscription at any time but no refunds.

Francesca De Grandis is the best-selling author of “Be a Goddess!” Her work couples Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. She was raised in an ancient European witchcraft tradition that is a multicultural Faerie shamanism. Biased scholars argue that there are no centuries-old European shamanic traditions. Or that they could not have been multicultural in the distant past. Or that shamanism and witchcraft are never synonymous. Trained from birth in a Strega (Italian witchcraft) family tradition that also has Celtic and other shamanisms in its heritage, she also trained in non-European magic, including an African-based tradition.

Magic is not a substitute for psychiatric counseling, medical care, or other therapeutic treatments. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their participation.

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