Free Ritual: Freedom from Complex Traps

Perpetrators of oppression do everything possible to keep us ineffective so that we cannot live in freedom, focusing on our dearest goals.

Shamanism can help us escape complex snares. The upcoming one-hour ritual fosters freedom through simplicity. We will do magic to bypass the complex weave of traps that keep us from power. Then we will be more able to have a simple life of freedom and power.

I am not suggesting that magic works 100%. No human effort does. Magic is a tool, like a hammer. It’s important to pick up all the tools that the Gods give us.

I am saying the goals we will work toward during the rite.

I am saying this ritual is effective and can make a vital difference.

Historically, fairy witches have used magic to successfully overcome oppression. Even the best magic does not always work, but it has repeatedly succeeded, creating miraculous results.

A one-hour ritual can make all the difference. Or can be an important start.

One of my favorite quotes is “The last thing we learn is simplicity.”

Simplicity. The ritual will streamline our days, letting all dross fall away. This will free us to work more on our most important goals and succeed at them.

To streamline one’s day includes focusing one’s energy. We will do simple, effective fairy magic for focus.

Crisis can make one mentally, emotionally, and psychically scattered.

For example, hours spent snared in medical or governmental red tape tailored to keep one from getting necessary services can be traumatic. Trauma can make one lose the power to keep fighting the good fight.

Then there are mental rabbit holes, like endlessly scrolling through social media. They distract us day after day from transforming our lives and psyches and doing our best to take care of the people love.

The ritual will help us bypass all these complexities that trap us—the rage, despair, red tape, mental and emotional distractions, and other societal obstacles created to waylay and imprison us. Instead, we will have an abundance of peace, love, hope, power, and sincerity.

No experience needed.

The event will be via teleseminar—aka group phone call. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you have the information about how to attend.

If you haven’t subscribed yet and want to attend future free rituals, click here or the banner at the bottom of this post.

PS Sources contradict who authored “The last thing we learn is simplicity.”


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